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    Nadine would love to mentor him! She’s trying to get as many connections as she can to Jace’s kids for her own horrible, self preserving reasons, so bonding with him after a torture would be especially wonderful in her eyes. Who makes + what should their first thread be like, since she’s hasnt met Indy yet?

    Oooh that’d be cool for her to have a little follower, especially if Nadine can eventually persuade Lithi to like,,,, kill people in honour of Nadine. Mostly she’ll just passively learn to love herself/have dummy thicc self confidence/etc but she’s might witness some good old fashioned murder and stuff like that!!

    To say she's excited for this is an understatement, though she can't decide if this is the stunning dress, the crowd of people here to see her, or the promise of forever wrapped up legal jargon and far too many clothes. Fancy pieces of material that she'd been all too happy to spend money she'd earned at the bar on (and the notes she plucked from Veronica's hands when they'd been undressing in the dressing rooms), and it felt so undeniably right. This dress might be layers upon layers of gentle gold but it still hugs her form carefully, shaped under specific desires to show as much skin as she could while still holding that aura of refined elegance. It'll look so much better after the ceremony, lying in some heap with her wife's black dress, but at least Nadia looks as beautiful as ever with it on.

    She brushes away the urge to toy with the ends of her dark hair, reminding herself that the soft curls and pearl-adorned gold clips will still be there. Gold, gold, gold - the woman adamantly refused to go with a white wedding when so little else was traditional. Red had been forgone (the little number she has planned for the reception is positively alight with the colour, but it can wait) to avoid any negative associations, but she had held dearly to her gold. It flatters her skin tone, and everyone deserves to see it. Almost everyone, Nadia corrects herself as she fixes a smile on her face, stepping forward to walk down the isle alone. Almost everyone.

    Nathanial and Lola, Elijah and Jace, Ria and Nami, are picked easily from her peripherals and the crowd. The crowd! Faces she doesn't even recognise, wouldn't be able to pick from a lineup, all drinking in the sight of her marrying one of the most prolific women in the Agrelosian State area. The very idea is enough to pick up her steps just so to add to the gentle glide of her dress down the isle, walking towards Veronica and Sangria with the strongest sense of pride and love and happiness easing the trip. Marriage isn't something she had even imagined herself being wanted enough for before she took the name Nadia for herself, but here she is. She holds the too-sweet smile back with something almost coy but safely proper.

    Hello, lover, Nadia mouths, rich brown eyes focused solely on Veronica despite the crowds. Even with the rehearsals this coming part sends a thrill down her spine. Something about vows seems so wonderfully final that she's almost willing to ignore the convenient excuses and lines it would provide. Almost. Those almosts have all amounted to this moment and she'll be damned before she misses it.


    Majorie could maybe try teaching Sleepingsunrise how to swim :0? I’m cool with it being a human au if that’s easier for you, but dumb baby dog has no clue how to swim and would be mystified by the fact that she could learn that skill

    Because I'm a simple fool who loses things easily (mostly links/art/ideas that I know I'll need later) I'm going to be using this as a storage thread - very creative! There's no order here, only chaos. Uhhhhh feel free to post if it's related to m e, my characters, anything you need me in or whatevers, but this is Not a reliable way to contact me.

    Confirmation of power use- S can possess people and teleport away with their body yeehaw


    GEN 1 --

    Founder: Violeta Tormenta-Kenway - Sanguine Ruiners - First Tier - violeta.

    Head: Incarnadine Tormenta-Million-Deadmist - Sanguine Ruins - Queen - NADINE --

    Ver Million-Tormenta -Sanguine Ruins, Solaris Kingdom, Shadow Veil - Regent, Member, Shadowkeeper - Ver Million

    GEN 2 --

    Sangria Tormenta-Million - Solaris Kingdom, Sanguine Ruins - Healinghand student, Lightbringer, Suncircle Knight, First Tier - SANGRIA .

    Showpaw Tormenta-Million - Sanguine Ruins - Second Tier - SHOWSTOPPER T.M

    Carmenere Tormenta-Million - The Cartel - Capo - CARMENERE T.M

    Merlot Tormenta-Million - Solaris Kingdom - Member - MERLOT T.M.

    Arya Tormenta-Million - Sanguine Ruins - First Tier - arya.

    Marmalade Tormenta-Million - Sanguine Ruins - First Tier - marmalade t.m

    Ver Junior Tormenta-Million - Sanguine Ruins - First Tier - junior t.m.

    Cherrywine Tormenta-Million - Sanguine Ruins - First Tier - CHERRYWINE T.M.

    Mint Julep Tormenta-Million - Sanguine Ruins - First Tier - Mint Julep T.M.

    Cinereous Tormenta-Million - Sanguine Ruins - First Tier - cinereous t.m.

    GEN 3 --

    Bourbonkit Tormenta-Million - Solaris Kingdom, Boneclan - Sunchaser, Member - BOURBONKIT

    Zinfandel Tormenta-Million - Solaris Kingdom - Sunchaser - Zinfandel T.M

    Carmine Tormenta-Million - Shadow Veil - Member - carmine t.m.

    Alabaster Tormenta-Million - Solaris Kingdom - Member - allie!!

    Brandy Tormenta-Million - Solaris Kingdom, Sanguine Ruins - Member, First Tier - brandy t.m.

    Vodka Tormenta-Million - Solaris Kingdom - Member - Vodka

    Whiskey Tormenta-Million - Solaris Kingdom - Member - Whiskey T.M.  



    The Tormenta family name first started in 2017 with the birth of a litter of Tormentas born to two loving NPCs. Violeta (penned by mercibun ) carried the name to Sanguine Ruins after the world shift, climbing the ranks steadily. She returned to her family intermittently to tell them about the wonderful clan she had found, gushing to her sisters about the opportunities it offered. From here the Tormenta family became steeped in anti-clan ideals, producing several skilled and ruthless strategists. In honor of old Bloodclan traditions their Bastet was chosen as their associated patron: a protector and mother goddess, the solar patron of cats.

    After many months Nadine arrived at the border, seeking Violeta, and the two sisters made the Ruins the main basis for their family. What better place to say that blood is thicker than water?



    1. Loyalty to the family comes before loyalty to your group.

    2. Acting against the family will result in your Tormenta name being stripped from you after a vote – however, the head of the family can overrule the vote.

    3. Adoption into the family is rare and can only be approved by the head.

    4. Social appearances are vital – being exiled from your clan can result in having your name stripped if the family votes on it.

    5. Those born into the family must carry the Tormenta name publicly. It doesn’t have to be announced with every introduction but it can’t be denied, either.

    These rules can be broken for plot reasons but will have IC consequences.


    1. Please contact me ( foxglove. ) if your character has been promoted, demoted, died, or had children! It helps to keep the guide up to date.

    2. Characters inactive for four weeks+ will be noted as such.


    -members of the family typically have unnaturally coloured eyes

    -mutations are common, especially horns [the tri-horned crown is most common]

    -small cat bodies, with serval and sand cat being most common


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    2. [b]Character account:[/b]
    3. [b]Main account:[/b]
    4. [b]Parents:[/b]
    5. [b]Clan:[/b]
    6. [b]Rank:[/b]
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