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    Hi everyone! It’s been a while since we’ve had a mass adopts/HP tryouts, so Rayton and I are looking to set one up! If you have any characters you’d like to put up for adoption (siblings, parents, children, plot characters, etc) please fill out the form so we can add them up <33

    We’re also happy to put links to any adopts you already have running so people know to check them out :eyes:

    1. [b]Type of adopts:[/b] (children, siblings, plot characters, etc)
    2. [b]Relations:[/b]
    3. [b]Age:[/b]
    4. [b]Species/Genetics:[/b]
    5. [b]Any Rules:[/b]

    you could try Cinereous, maybe? although she's a Bit Odd Looking so if you look at her and decide not to I get it asdjasjdasjd

    She's a serval x GSD mix with black black wings on her back and black crow wings by her face and lil horns. Also her eyes are just. Black. The entirety of her eye.

    Some references: here, here and here!

    I'd love something of S if you can give me a reference of Absinthe so I can give you a headshot in return <3 S is a somali with heterochromia and I have a few references here and here. A general rule of thumb for her is: she looks pretty, and is kind of pretty, until she starts talking asdkjhasjdkh

    Ahhhh if you feel up to it, I'd love a headshot of Candy :3 HERE is a reference for her, and the only thing to note is that her main point marking on her face should be kind of heart shaped.

    I'd love to do a headshot of Fiore in return <333


    GENDER: Female

    SPECIES: Serval

    COLOR SCHEME: bright reds, blacks

    MAJOR PERSONALITY TRAITS: self-centered, strong, hot-headed, ambitious, romantic; horny

    HOBBIES / SKILLS: long walks, hooking up, collecting jewellery, politics

    LIKES: women, drugs, herself

    MISC SYMBOLS / THEMES: knives, neon signs, lingerie, drugs, lips, short dresses, heels, feminine danger - current board

    CHARACTER NAME: Cinereous

    GENDER: female

    SPECIES: [mutated] serval x GSD

    COLOR SCHEME: greys, blacks, white

    MAJOR PERSONALITY TRAITS: blunt, certain, weird, composed, bad at lying, romantic, distant

    HOBBIES / SKILLS: exploring, playing games, social butterfly, listening to stories

    LIKES: butterflies, space/night sky, her siblings/family

    MISC SYMBOLS / THEMES: butterflies, ghosts, skulls, ballet, space, 'the moon', unrequited love - current board

    if two is a bit much, I'd love just Cin's done <3 it's really sweet of you to make these!

    Track until I’m off mobile - I’ll edit my form in here <33

    Not to be dramatic but I'm hyped for this okay even though I'm meant to be writing an essay asjfbasjfdajf
    If it's alright I'm going to throw two characters at you because I really love the concept so: Nadine and Cinereous! Nadine is very self absorbed and currently leaning into madness - I think I've got a very old playlist written up in her tags for a vague idea of what I associate with her. Cinereous is kind of just odd. She sees dead things, she's big on thinking her opinions are facts, very judgy, but also very much a child. The only thing I can think of for her, musically, is some of The Fratellis earlier albums and probably Cornflake Girl because it's got that weird vibe to it.

    I'm v excited to see what you put together for them!!