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    Yes!! Sorry for the late response I thought I’d already replied ahhHHHH

    I would love a thread between those two because I think they would have a really weird/good dynamic. I’d be totally down for a retro thread where he’s teacher her how to use her powers if we can’t think of any current thread ideas :0

    Whenever I try to send a conversation to someone, it comes up with an error. Sometimes just opening the conversations tab is enough to do it tbh. I haven't used the conversations/messaging system on site for quite a while so idk if this is a new issue but?? I figured I could at least ask

    I've added a screenshot of the error in case that helps at all <33

    aesthetics notes ig?

    Nadine - neon lights, red lipstick, body suits, broken glass, knives, silhouettes, heels, red

    Sleepingsunrise - pink skies, candy, motivational quotes, pastel pink, confessions

    S - lonely terrain, faceless models, white linen shirts, newspapers, lies, skulls, decay, coffee, beige

    Cinereous - butterflies, ballet, unrequited love, the moon, dark spaces, inner demons, stars, death, black and white

    I would love for someone to get killed in front of her!! And Freyja will have a uhh,,,,, interesting time interrogating Sleepy, since she doesn't know a lot, gets confused easily, and really just wants to help everyone in any way she can

    I can make her disappearance thread in VF if you can make their arrival/capture thread in PB?

    She's already been captured once for that plot, but doing it again would really drive it home! It would have to be a relatively short capture, so would Freyja have any reason to let her go after about a week?

    It also wouldn't take much effort to get Sleepy to go/be captured since she has weirdly good associations with her past captors ooPS



    A collective religious neglect has spurred the Red God into vengeful action against those who reside in His desert to remind them of His bloody eminence. The Blood Nile has flooded, it's crimson waters seeping over the sands as a reminder of what should be given to its depths - sacrifices. All crops touched by the flood have withered and died; all prey who drank from its waters have succumb to it's strangely hallucinogenic properties. Any Ruiner who has tried, against reason, to eat the dead crops and prey has suffered from hallucinations, cramping, vomiting, and in some cases, death.

    The only way to make it through the rest of the month is to appease the Red God and rely on others in the meantime.

    THE EVENT --

    Due to the flooding and poisoning of the Nile, the Ruins need to find a way to make it through the coming autumn with lower supplies than usual. For some characters, the best way to do this might be to stop the problem at its roots and appease the Red God in hopes that that will cleanse the Nile and allow harvest and hunts to return to normal. For others, this might be to outsource resources by raiding enemies or asking allies for assistance. Both methods will contribute points towards a counter updated every Sunday until the event ends, which is decided by having either total (Religious or Resourceful) met.


    Earn points by completing tasks! Points are stackable; for example, creating a thread where your character makes a sacrifice to the Red God would be worth 15 points instead of 5 or 10 for either task.

    Religious Tasks
    Points: 119
    -Post a thread relating to the event: 5 points
    -Reply to a thread relating to the event: 1 point
    -Sacrifice an NPC to the Red God: 5 points
    -Sacrifice a non-NPC to the Red God: 10 points
    -Build an alter to the Red God: 2 points
    -Reflect on religion in the Ruins: 2 points
    -Spread the Red God's name to allies, enemies, or fellow Ruiners: 5 points
    -Make a 500+ word post relating to the event: 5 points
    -Make a 1000+ word post relating to the event: 10 points

    Resourceful Tasks
    Points: 57/300

    -Post a thread relating to the event: 5 points
    -Reply to a thread relating to the event: 1 point
    -Ask an ally for assistence: 5 points
    -Successfully raid an enemy for resources: 10 points
    -Create a connection with an ally/enemy: 2 points
    -Reflect on religion in the Ruins: 2 points
    -Solve a problem caused by the event: 5 points
    -Make a 500+ word post relating to the event: 5 points
    -Make a 1000+ word post relating to the event: 10 points

    REWARDS --

    Most points earned overall: TBD!

    Second most points earned: TBD!
    Third most points earned: TBD!
    25+ points earned overall: a headshot of your Ruiner by foxglove.


    Please keep track of your own points so they can be tallied at the end of each week <3

    1. Character:
    2. Religious points + proof:
    3. Resourceful points + proof:
    4. Total points:

    She takes great joy in breaking hearts in any capacity so alas, poor child will be emotionally destroyed if it comes down to it. She'd definitely offer to teach him some better moves and eventually find some poor prisoner/loner for Indy to practice on (someone weak so her teaching skills and his learning looks even better lmaO) to make sure he's got the skills!!

    Ahhh if you don't mind making it that'd be awesome, thank you <3