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    Hi, and welcome back! If you’re looking for an active clan I definitely recommend Sanguine Ruins - it’s an anticlan, but definitely one of the faster paced clans lately. Volley Flights is a medium-active neutral clan with a big bird theme.

    And depending on how old you want your character to be/what you want their relationship with their family to be like, I can offer you a sibling of Nadine, one of the current leaders of the Ruins. If you’re interested just shoot me a message so we can iron it out <33

    edit: MASSIVELY ninja’d by hyb ooPS

    It could be interesting for her and Nadine to interact, since Nads falls broadly into the 'arrogant young folks' category with 3 years of age and an ego the size of the world. Maybe Cal has a weird internal struggle over hating the ego and respecting the Queen, depending on how her like for loyalty works?

    Either way, it'd be fun for them to interact :0

    She definitely needs more interactions with Nadine! I'm not entirely sure how they'd mesh now that Nads is even more full of herself and ignoring her past, so it could be interesting even if it's just explored in open threads :eyes:



    NAME; Candypaw > Candyfields (subject to change)

    GENDER, PRONOUNS; Female, she/her

    SEXUALITY; Asexual biromantic

    AGE, AGING RATE; 8 months, ages real time

    AFFILIATION, RANK; Shadow Veil, Member

    FAMILY; Mercy Reaver x Charlotte Aeternum, many siblings and half-siblings

    appearance - tabby point with yellow eyes

    Candy takes after both her mothers in equal measure in a way that makes it impossible to deny her family on an aesthetic level. From Charlotte she gets her dark colouration and stunning golden eyes; Mercy's genetics morph this into the form of a point appearance. As a result, her face, paws, and tail are a dark tabby pattern and the bulk of her body is a pale cream that borders on fawn. The bridge of her nose is concentrated with darker stripes and almost looks like it's been covered in a band-aid. As she ages the fur on her hind legs will grow to be lightly longer than that of the rest of her body, making her look slightly disproportionate.


    I Just Want To Be Normal - Hidden Depths - Missing Mom

    Not ambitious: Her mums have set a wonderful precedent for the Reaver-Aeturnums; each of them have been leaders, multiple of their other children have climbed to similar such positions, and they're all wildly regarded by their clans as upstanding members of the Veil community. Afraid of putting this lineage to shame, Candy simply doesn't try to excel and actively turns down any meaningful promotions. She would much rather be a passive, steady background image than to climb and fall worse than anyone else has.

    Niche abilities: Candypaw isn't what most would consider typically excellent. Her green thumb has led to beautiful gardens of flowers which can't be eaten or used medically. She's your go-to huntress - if you're only interested in catching rodents. Whatever she tries her hand it she is able to achieve in small, measured areas of expertise and tends to fail in any other aspect of the same vein.

    Obsessive: Due to her limited range of abilities, she tends to capitalize on them by becoming incredibly well informed on these topics. At times her interests will become laser focused on her latest obsession, from her casually dropping facts about it in conversation to forgetting to eat and/or sleep while she learns more about it. Once her attention goes to the next 'big thing' she still retains the information and skills she had learnt, but it's a cyclical, vicious cycle.

    Family matters: Losing both her mothers to mystery makes family incredibly important to Candy. Most things can be forgiven when she's told it was one of her half- or full siblings. Those siblings who entertain her obsessions are repaid in kind with favors and IOUs, which could get her involved in many dreams or schemes. However, she's also still looking for a second figure to fill the maternal role alongside Ver and forms too close relationships with older women too fast.


    AESTHETICS; beehives, pastoral scenes, wide rimmed hat, light summer rains, old books, worn furniture, white and blue, denim overalls

    FUTURE PLOTS; 1) gets captured and is surprisingly neutral over the whole thing on her return, but breaks down over something seemingly insignificant and confides in someone over it

    2) is dumped by a romantic partner due to her unwillingness to have children/aversion to intimacy

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