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    if you're looking for pranking partners, I can offer up my girl S! she's wind haven's ambassador for sk && has some littol feelings for sythia's mum, so her motivation to prank isn't exactly based on friendship. but!! it could still be chaotic n fun

    a possible prank could be s possessing a small bird and luring people to a trap sythia made?? s would probably play her possession ability off as like,,, The Ability To Talk To Birds, but it could still be cool :0

    Alrighty, I believe I've got everything up to date but feel free to reply here, in the family discord, or message me if I've missed something/one!!

    && Sin unfortunately Rhodo isn't a Tormenta :c that litter was born before Ver had the Tormenta last name and she wouldn't have been able to pass it down. in the future they might be able to ask the head [currently Arya] for the name though!!

    GENERAL - you've always been my north star

    ◦ Andromedae Leonidas / the follower

    named after the stars that form the Andromeda constellation

    — female [she/her] / undiscovered sexuality

    — 4 months / may be born august 9 2020, aged 4 months

    ◦ Sanguine Ruins / first tier / no titles

    RELATIONSHIPS - and i have to tell you something

    ◦ Evangeline xx Constellationdreamer [gen 6] / undetermined siblings

    ◦ single / uninterested / no crushes / ½ ship

    — can be wooed with very minimal kindess / very easily persuaded/dissuaded to act on feelings / will be a bumbling fool around crush

    ◦ too young for a mentor

    APPEARANCE - i'm still afraid of the dark

    ◦ striped tigon with blue eyes / golden tiger x mountain lion hybrid / fullbody ref/ headshot ref (thank you meg!!) / health: 100%

    — At a first glance it's a bit hard to disentangle the tiger and mountain lion genetics that make up Andromedae. Her coat appears blatantly tiger-like, deep orange hues pooling long her tail, back, and the top of her skull before dripping down in traditional stripes. The base colouring beneath her stripes fades from the burnt shade to pale orange, then cream and finally ivory. The lightest of her pelt resembles a mountain lion and can be found on her stomach, the backs of her legs, her muzzle and around her light blue eyes. Among her blended features is one defining: her skin. The skin of her nose and pawpads is a mottled black and pink, the colours much less organised than those in her pelt.

    Andromedae isn't sickly enough to pass as a runt but she is certainly one of the smaller of her siblings. Her stature is more fitting for the smaller of her mothers, though the potential strength of the larger is there and untapped. It's entirely possible she won't grow much past two feet or 150 pounds.

    — will try to match the accessories of whoever she's with, but in blue. has an extensive collection of accessories purely for this

    PERSONALITY - but you take my hand in your hand

    ◦ mbti? / hufflepuff / phlegmatic / neutral good

    ◦ persevering / trusting / adaptive / loyal

    ◦ familial / follower / neutral

    ◦ easily manipulated / naive / mimic / inconsistent

    — At her core, Andromedae is a follower. This comes from her having two strong role models to look up to in her life, who undoubtedly encouraged original thought but were very easy to follow. Once she is allowed out into the Ruins she continues to find people she can cling to and be guided by. Her mannerisms will change to best suit whoever she's chosen to follow. This does not always last long, as her chosen 'guide' might get sick of the child, but she's always happy to find someone new to follow when things don't work out. She views the people she follows favourably, even when she stops following them for any reason.

    She's very trusting, and therefore easy to manipulate. Many things that Andromedae wouldn't do by herself, such as kill without the intent of eating or take risks, she'll do in a heartbeat if her 'guide' tells her to. Her habit of following people often results in her picking up their ideals - or at the very least, not speaking her own. Her idea of what 'good' is is one such ideal that she'll keep to herself as it evolves over time. Even then, her idea of good is shaped firstly by Eva and Con and secondly by the Ruins at large.

    Despite how happy she is to follow others, she is a big believer in hard work and has enough of a good heart to be giving to others. Hard work and perseverance are the only things needed for success in her mind, even if the success she wants is as little getting a nod of approval from whoever she's following at the time. She may stoop to lying to achieve such ends, and lying well is hard work itself, but only when it's necessary.

    MISC NOTES - could you make this cold world beautiful?

    ◦ plot ideas

    — someone outside the Ruins tries to explain to her that the Ruins are an anti-clan, and therefore bad. will ask her mothers about it and, depending on the outcome, either recognise that anti-clans are 'evil' or be confused about the fuss. intended to develop her loose sense of morals.
    — her follower mindset escalates to copying what other people do, because if they're doing it they must want it done, and she can help get it done. for instance, examplepaw hosts a meeting and greet; andy hosts a meet and greet the next day.

    — someone tells her that she should be dating a particular person and, in total agreement and confusion, she agrees. she confesses to the person and they potentially end up dating for a short while. the purpose of this plot would be to show how willing she is to do what others say.

    — develops a power (undecided which one) a few days after getting a mentor, struggles between showing off for her friends and obeying her mentor.

    ◦ notes

    — because of her name she assumes that she is meant to be a part of something, not the whole of something. doesn't see this as a bad thing!

    — isn't phased by gore, but like Evangeline isn't too keen on performing tortures/sacrifices herself

    — probably an annoying younger half-sister

    — will not sacrifice for the red god [unless asked to], but likely to offhandedly use his name to explain why the ruins does what they do or to curse

    pinterest board

    Hi there! I'm looking for someone to capture my Shadow Veil HP, candyhearts - , for her dev. I'd like for the capture to be RPed, and for her to be maimed, and for her to be let go at the end. I'd also really appreciate it if whoever captures her has a grudge against SV or her family so that it has a little more motivation.

    There's a few specifics I'll go over (probably on-site) once we have a capturer/torturer organised, but for now I'm just keen to see who's available to capture/maim Candy :0

    Hi everyone! It’s been a while since we’ve had a mass adopts/HP tryouts, so Rayton and I are looking to set one up! If you have any characters you’d like to put up for adoption (siblings, parents, children, plot characters, etc) please fill out the form so we can add them up <33

    We’re also happy to put links to any adopts you already have running so people know to check them out :eyes:

    1. [b]Type of adopts:[/b] (children, siblings, plot characters, etc)
    2. [b]Relations:[/b]
    3. [b]Age:[/b]
    4. [b]Species/Genetics:[/b]
    5. [b]Any Rules:[/b]