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    "We're only taking what's needed for us. The rest of the body we use as an offering to scavengers... They need to eat, too." Her knife slides out of it's pocket, and she begins to cut into the flesh of the animal.

    Unbeknownst to them, a rather large scavenger was nearby, and it picked up on the scent of the fallen's blood. Rather like a shark, it followed the trail of the wounded parasaur, to the thing itself.

    Looming over them, the T-rex showed no fear. It's eyes bore into the two small living creatures accompanying it. It let it's presence be known with that of a load roar, trying to scare the small creatures away.

    For a moment, Vanya's eyes we're wide, and then they narrowed, impressed. The parasaur flopped onto the ground, spared from the bloodshed of a future battle.

    Vanya smiled and patted her human friend's back, praising him, "Nice shot! I was worried there for a second..." She naggingly Joked.

    In the creature's panic to be safe, it's neck stretched out and turned in wary half circles, exposing it's neck and chest. However, Vanya held back, curious to see what/how Azrael would do.

    Being a dinosaur, the creature's skin was tough... So after a couple arrows, she may need to intervene and finish the job with her knife. However, if he hit it just right, he might be able to kill it.

    Vanya led Azrael further into the jungle. So far, not many creatures appeared. They have all probably hidden themselves in their den for the night.

    The sky was darkening quickly, and they still haven't made a kill yet. However, the dark would make a good mask for Azrael's oddities.

    Then Vanya stopped, noticing a young and wounded parasaurolophus limping along a little ways to their right. The creature was probably going to die tonight anyways: lost and confused, losing a lot of blood.

    However, this juvenile was not to be taken lightly. The crest on it's forehead could crack a skull if swung just right.

    The parasaur, alone and afraid, sniffed the air like a maddened cow. Vanya nudged Azrael yet again and pointed the creature out, "You think you can help me take it down? I usually work with smaller, but with two people, we may be able to pull this off." She smiled, exited. Her adrenaline pumped through her, preparing her for battle.

    When they met up on the ground, the woman nudge Azrael. "Hey, I was just messing with you... stop acting all grumpy. It's not like I let you fall and die." She said it so casual... god this women. She then brought out a vial of some sort that held a yellow liquid. "Come here." She motioned. She then proceeded to spread the yellow liquid on Azrael's neck and shoulders. I stank horribly.

    Afterwords, she rub some on herself.

    "Alright, then let's go before night falls." She seemed to look behind him and noticed he was standing near the exit. A wicked grin crosses her face, and she shoves him hard.

    Azrael fell backwards out of the shelter, and through the air a little (Only, like, a couple seconds), before Vanya lept out like a jaguar and wrapped her arm around him and grabbed hold of a branch with the other. Setting him on a branch of his own, Vanya let out a chuckle as she scampered down the tree trunk like a squirrel.

    (I don't mind it, but the bow and arrow isn't that old of a weapon, surprisingly)

    She motioned for him to wait as she climbed up to what appeared to be something like a loft area in her tree shelter. A bow, and a fur satchel of arrows came flying down at Azrael, nearly hitting him. "That good?" She called as she climbed down. It , surprisingly, wasn't that bad looking of a bow: The wood it was made out of had carvings of some sort of long necked animal. Now standing next to him, she voiced, "Be careful with it, ok?" (girl, you just threw it lol) "We're going to have to climb down... do you thin you can do it without getting stuck?" She seamed a little on edge, though the reason wasn't certain...

    She was still a little suspicious, but she let go of the knife and gave him a glance signalling (This is what the glance meant), "I don't know if I trust you, but we're cool for now." She then noticed that the meat had been burnt in her little fit about the furry human. "Great, just great." Her eyes drifted, irritated at herself, over to azrael. "Do you know how to hunt at least?" She patted her knife out of habit.

    Vanya seemed to freeze at his question, as such an out-of-place question it was. It was natural for humans to hide from predators, them being lower down on the food chain. This was just a principle of life's itself! And then he asks... Vanya couldn't speak, couldn't make a sound. She found one more exception to her fearlessness.... him. She just couldn't place it. The strange "clothing", the way he acted, the way he looked at her... The only thing normal was his voice, but even then the accent was off.... "Who are you?" She asks in fear, backing away to the wall... "What are you?" She shivers, "Are you truly a demon, one-who-does-not-fear-death?" She grabbed for her knife at her side, just in case.

    The meat was burning without her tending to it...

    Demon!? Her eyes widened for a split second, until she realized that the name had nothing to do with him. "My name's Vanya. It means savage and wild..." Her mind seemed to drift a little until she came back to reality. She then again grew interested in Azrael's fur. Getting up, she didn't hesitate when she walked forward and pet the man's chest and shoulders, "Do you grow this? Is this part of you?" She pulled at his shirt. (What is Azrael wearing?)

    Vanya just shrugged while turning to look at him. "I'm not used to furry humans... I just had to ask... It's convenient that you can understand me."

    Being a wild jungle girl, she didn't look that bad. Sexy even? Though she doesn't try or care.

    Sitting cross legged on the floor acrossed the room from him, Vanya became, again, very curious. Tilting her head, she asked, "Where do furry humans came from? And what does Azrael mean? I've never heard that name before... Is it from furry human language?"

    The beast outside, a quetzalcoatlus, flew by right as they made it inside: shaking the whole place in the process. Vanya didn't fear very many things at all... But quetzalcoatlus was the exception.

    The giant flying lizard was larger than a t-rex! And its wingspan was the width of five elephants! They would have been an afternoon snack to that thing... yet only Vanya knew this.

    Heaving a sigh of relief, Vanya took one last glance at the furry human before preparing a fire.

    "Fire? In a tree?" You may ask? Well, she had crafted herself a furnace, and many other things, out of clay. The fire going, she asked, back facing him,"So, do you have a name, furry clumsey human?" She threw the meat she got earlier in the fire to cook...

    "Work?" Vanya was thoroughly confused, "How can you go to work? You do work, not go to it..." Then something seemed to click in her mind. "Oh, your brain must be confusing you... Your..." She paused to think, " 'fall' must have bruised it..." She chuckled to herself, "Go to work? Hah! One of the craziest things I've ever heard!" She was... Laughing? More of like a snort and a chortal.

    However, an earth-rattling screach sounded overhead, and Vanya froze, her face turning blank. She grew very serious when she locked eyes with the man. "We need to get out of here. Now." Grabbing her knife, she cut the man loose, catching him by the chunk of mane around his neck, and without struggle, set him on a sturdy branch. "Come on!" She demanded, anxious to get inside her home.

    When the creature began talking, Vanya nearly jumped right out of the tree. Her eye wide, "You can speak?! Can you understand me?" Then it really is a human... a furry human... Her eyes narrowed and she leaned her face in close to his intimidatingly. Their noses were touching. "Where do you come from, furry human!? And why are you at my home!?"

    Vanya sped through the jungle full throttle. She had ventured out far this time, and wanted to get back home as soon as possible before the predators awoke. However, what she wasn't expecting was to find a... well, a thing, hanging from her home in the trees. His feet seemed to have gotten entangled in the vines and beaches... somehow.

    Vanya observed from below for a minute, trying to decide what this creature was, and what it was doing here. It wasn't trying to break in, because there's no damage... And it doesn't look that dangerous... Maybe a closer look?

    Almost like that of a cat or lizard, Vanya scampered up the tree until she was close enough to reach out and touch it.

    It looks almost human...? Odd... But what's this fluffy armor? She poked and prodded the man in many areas, some maybe awkward or uncomfortable to the poor creature. She then leaned in real close, uncomfortably close, and sniffed him, but then shot back with a look of desgust. If this a human, then what's that horrid smell?

    I'll get right to it :)

    Vanya, वन्य when written in Sanskrit(the native language), was keeping herself crouched low to the ground and concealed behind the wide, jungle leaves. Close by, a pack of velociraptors had just taken down a tripped up gallimimus. They had chased it into the dense jungle, where it's fast legs weren't of much use to it anymore. The females (dominant) were now feeding while the males kept a look out.

    The jungle girl wasn't stupid. She had covered herself in voli scent just recently, and knew that the males thought she was one of their own. She waited patiently as each rank fed: females, then their young, then the weak/injured, then the males (don't know if this was actually how it went, but there... *shrug and smile* I'm trying to make them look orderly and at least slightly decent). Once all was finished, the carcass was left behind. It was no longer any use to them, the only meat left was thin and hard to get to. But, it was an easy meal for Vanya, and she greatly appreciated it.

    Hesitating just a little while longer, just in case, Vanya finally decided to gather up the remaining meat scraps. While doing so, little rat-like creatures peeped their heads out at her, curious and hungry. She snarled at them, and they backed away, frightened. The meat was stored in a fur pouch attached somewhere at her hip.

    She decided to hurry back to her shelter, before the day grew dark, to build a small fire...