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    Hello && welcome back to FeralFront, Doctor Scar, I’m Rebs it’s hella nice to meet you. Like these guys, I’m totally available for any and all inquiries regarding the site! (:

    Yo, welcome back! I’m Rebs, a staffer here on FeralFront. Please don’t hesitate to hmu with any questions!

    I only roleplay in Blizzardclan these days so I recommend that clan for sure, we have a lit OOC community and hella diverse characters. Although we are fast paced, so if you’re not comfortable with that then I suggest a slower paced clan to get you started.

    Shadow Veil’s also on the faster side with awesome people and angsty plots so you’ll never be bored.

    Also tossing in The Riverside, Hawkclan, The Thunderlands, and The Renegades, all of which I’ve been hearing nothing but good things about!

    I remember a Shiningspirit! Welcome back to FeralFront, my name’s Rebs and I’m a Community Engineer here for our lovely site. If you have any particular questions don’t hesitate to ask!

    Here’s a guide to the site’s layout for you!

    Oh dear. Try drinking some water and laying down for a while? Maybe take some Tylenol or Tums? Normally I would suggest a warm cup of tea to help out but that seems to be the cause of your discomfort. o:


    Yo, love me some Artemis art! Could you maybe draw my babs, Alonzo and his sis?

    Fullbody or Headshot?: Headshots

    Character Description/Ref: Dark smokey grey with sprinkles of silver, the female has more silver, especially her tufts of fur sticking out of her ears.. Alonzo has yellow-green eyes and his sister has striking emerald green eyes. There’s a ref in the spoiler below!

    Shading (minimal or none?): Minimal

    Background (transparent? white? some kind of colored? mixed colored & white/transparent?): Transparent

    Anything Else (text, etc?): Could Alonzo’s expression be loving/playful and his sister’s be sarcastic, maybe with a smirk or a raised brow? Based off their personalities lmao. a&& also maybe have them looking sideways at each other? Like, a sidelong glance?

    Thank you!

    Sister’s on the left, Alonzo’s on the right.


    Aah thanks for the advice! The swelling’s already going down. :^)

    && pen in case you were still wondering, it happens by just eating salted foods. I have a habit of putting salt on a lot of things I eat,,It basically means you’re putting more salt in your body than anything else (especially water whoops) and it starts to build up, hence the swelling, soreness, etc. in my digits and hand.

    It’s not fun but luckily there’s usually an easy fix! As long as I lay off the salt for a while, drink plenty of water, and eat me some bananas. If I don’t I have to go to the hospital so they can give me fluids.

    Salutations and welcome back, Millie! I’m Rebs, a Community Engineer here on FeralFront. Hmu if you ever have any questions. (:

    Are you planning on getting back into roleplaying?