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    mood mal's gonna STAB sugartongue she doesnt like being smaller esp cause she has her own pack mentality/alpha complex
    but for the sake of the kids she'll just shoot daggers her way dkfjhjgfd

    i just imagined all 5 raptors coexisting just enough to start swiping food from mal
    mal is practically laying on top of her lion carcass or smthn and they all start hounding her for food and shes just trying to eat in peace and swat them all away

    tags — It takes the hellhound a little longer to cool off, to calm down, to come back down from the Darkness' grip, her breathing heavy and ragged as she fights to contain the flames. Though, Talia takes control and the aggression, the hostility, turns to exhaustion and a drained mental state. Mal doesn't- can't- say anything to Thea although she too understands and only makes a vague gesture that Talia can clarify. Her jaw is locked closed, bright eyes moving down to Hazel just for a second before she's brushing the edge of her wing against the younger raptor, a soft gesture to follow her back to camp, Mal making sure to, at least, keep herself between the other pack and Hazel despite them being concerned more with the food being offered to them.

    crawls in here on my hands and knees
    mal will Eat echo or any of the other ones that touch her belly/abdomen scars buT shes willing to.. at the least, forgive bc she understands feral behavior n can communicate with the raptors better than talia (currently, just cause mal's been a hound for 3 years, talia only a couple months)

    tags — [ trigger warnings for child loss, ptsd, and use of the word r.pist ]

    Dirty. She feels dirty, disgusting, horrible. Digging, ripping, tearing, yelling, screaming, swearing, crying. Her breath catches in her throat, a violent situation only a mother with traumatic losses would understand- a mother that's loved and loved, and loved only to lose over and over.

    Coming face to face with the situation, watching as a mother realizes the baby she held within her never took its first breath of air, would never feel her warmth, her love, would never feel.. anything. Perhaps, once, she would have been able to comfort the mother, tell her that she's sorry for her loss, sorry that she had to experience it. Once upon a time maybe she'd be able to be a medic in the face of anything and everything, unaware of the traumas soon to come for her throat, come for her unborn children from someone she trusted, loved even. She can wail, cry, scream at any one about what she's been through, about what happened to her and what deep physical and psychological scars it left on the once golden hearted hellhound. But they wouldn't understand, would they?

    Talia had lost children, Kari and Addy, specifically, but she'd never really understand her trauma, her pain, the fear and the absolute agony that ripped through her at the sight of children. Even if they were hers, like Hazel. She can put on a happy face, she can laugh and smile and have a good time but deep down inside, behind the twisted thorns and branches squeezing her heart, they grew a little tighter on the remembrance that she can't. The guilty feeling carved into her memories and mind that she deserved it, she deserved to have them ripped out, killed, and eaten in front of her. She deserved to lose the few things she held on tightest to. She deserved to be branded a r.pist by someone she trusted with her life, she deserved to be betrayed and belittled- after all, children made her a bad hound, right?

    They made her weak, useless, disobedient. And what was she if she wasn't following orders? Reckless, a liability, dangerous, stupid mutt, bad hound.

    Her toes and claws dig in deep into the soft, hot sand underfoot, feeling it burn the sensitive pads on the bottom of her feet. She doesn't move however, her expression.. distant, exhausted.. damaged. Her bandages from Echo's claws hang loosely beneath her, dirty, unclean, wounds and scars crisscrossing in a nasty pattern over her stomach and abdomen, blood crusted and painful in her fur. But she doesn't move, she doesn't react, she sits in numb silence, eyes clouded and unfocused.

    She's clawed her wounds back open, tearing one of her ears in half trying to make the crying stop, trying to make them go away. She can't find them, desperation and agony building up in her chest until it spilled over and she stopped reacting, her ears no longer twitched at the increasingly piercing cries around her, she longer looked around her, worried, upset.

    Until she is moving, slow, painful steps back towards a more secluded space, painstakingly digging out a "small" hidey hole, getting down to the cooler parts of the earth. The hound moves off at one point and brings back softer things she's found around camp, not able to venture far with every pull of the crusted blood on her wounds. Gently, she puts them down in the hole, making it as soft and comfortable as she can, her expression slowly gaining back what emotion it had been lacking in the previous.. what felt like hours of staring blankly at nothing.

    At first she's hidden what she's done and what she's currently messing with, but prying eyes would find the hound carefully tending to, what appears to be, small babies that are settled at her side while she fixes the nest, pulling out soft down feathers from her wings and shed from her coat to put in the nest. With the raptors from earlier having intruded, she would've rather to make the nest in the trees but seeing as where she lived there weren't very many that would hold her weight, she decided digging down would be a better idea- at least for now. Malkyn sits back and checks over the nest once more before grabbing the little babies next to her and setting them in the nest, brushing a tongue over them before laying down next to them, her body visibly shuddering and relaxing.

    [ cherrywine (: - your choice, she can approach mal about it here or in a private thread; also i didnt mean to write this much but i got carried away, anyone is welcome to ask mal about the "babies" but she'll likely react aggressively/protectively and deflect questions. bushbush. shes free to go in and out of the nest, as long as she doesnt monch on the stuffed animals kdjfhgk ]

    you just summed up her entire personality honestly
    but rlly tho technically speaking, shes eaten gods/destroyed gods before bc shes pissed they had a hold on herself or talia so she would deadass offer to Nuke the red god even if it wasnt possible