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    (im crying beats)

    i loVE JERSYE ok

    i loved him and imperia when they were together

    i lvoe jersey even tho he’s a ho

    i also enjoy that you’ve? had him react realistically to unplanned kids, which sometimes means lowkey rejection (ri p to the kids)

    n e wahs now that ive said i love him three times

    tags — Sinking his teeth into as many as he could, tarnishing Malkyn's reputation, her image, her trustworthiness. Alienate, isolate, push her further into the image of a monster, a villain. How many of her precious clanmates would accept her if they knew the things she'd done? Granted, it had been under his influence and guidance, manipulated and turned into something she wasn't, but would they believe her? After the things he was doing, after the things she was doing?

    The massive hound had been following the connection to Sola absently, not really having a reason to be at the Cartel except to keep tabs on her. She could feel him, however irritating that was currently, but he didn't particularly care. As he lingered on the fringes of the territory, humming absently, caught up in silent thoughts, his mind wandered back to the BlizzardClanners, to the very little he knew about each one. Through the grapevine he'd heard of Cannon, and his vague attachments to this place. Not the place itself, no, but some members within it. He knew there were kids involved, and a woman, though past that, he didn't know much. Children were always a good way to get Mal to do what he wanted her to, why wouldn't it work on someone like Cannon? Someone.. normal. He uses that term loosely, referring to him not being a hound.

    Roy takes a few steps on to the territory, his head low to the ground, a low rumbling in his throat to get a quiet attention, to lure someone out to the sound. It wasn't quite a growl, it wasn't menacing, more of a low gravelly humming.

    [ yelLS i almost forgot about making this ]

    i lov aleksei... i love his design and the fact that he doesn't tolerate buLLSHIT

    note for the next person: u can comment on roy or mal, doesnt matter which one kfdjg

    tags — He hadn't really known what he was going to do had he managed to shove Malkyn out of the body and get rid of her once and for all, besides manipulating Talia and turning her into the thing Malkyn wasn't. Mal was yet another failed project, yet another failed experiment, another failed Alpha, another failed... him. What he did have in mind currently, however, after seeing the accident infecting turn into something.. useful. Seeing through Malkyn's head, her morals had managed to get one in particular stuck in his head.

    She was weak, ill, prone to sickness, but wasn't that just what he needed? A weaker link, an omega, something to turn to when things didn't go his way- a punching bag, that's all omegas were. The size difference could easily make it so he could just pluck the young savannah from the ground with ease, but he didn't feel like getting physical. Instead, he reached out tentatively, brushing against Mija's mind with his telepathy and speaking through it to her. "I heard you liked books? I have one for you if you want to come check it out."

    There was already Darkness on the ground beneath him, massive paws hiding it for now while he waited for the injured youngster to make her way over.

    [ yells bc this Sucks bc im rlly tired but i needed to reply to this to stop procrastinating shit ]

    tags — [ mm... using roy with this thread bc he popped up after she lost her eye; i lied about going to bed i cant sleeb so time to Reply, im bound to forget tmrrw anyway ]

    Roy himself, hadn't had many.. problems in his life. Perhaps his father's disdain for him, and Malkyn's incessant need to save everyone and everything and not listen to what he had to say. Malkyn, on the other hand, had quite a few problems- mentally, physically, emotionally. Too many to list, too many that he didn't care to think about. She was gone, dead at the bottom of the territory. He wouldn't be surprised if the tigress ended up a meal for the raptors, considering he hadn't seen them in a while and they were probably starving.

    Roy's too into his thoughts to notice Mazikeen, not until his foot knocks into her side, and he abruptly looks down. The male takes a step back, pursing his lips slightly. "I don't believe you're a stepping stone." He rumbles, taking another step back and tipping his head at the smaller hellhound. "What're you doing, love?"