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    *Calliope!* called Lully, using her mind to communicate with the foal's--she might not be able to physically hear, but there was a better way...

    Kersten stood on her own two feet. She was feeble and wobbling, but she still stood.

    Calliope looked confused and at Lully's direction. She had heard something. She had heard something. That was a pretty big improvement for her, at least. *Mmmmm,* she thought, unable to really say much because she had heard nothing.

    "When you rest up you'll feel stronger," said Chaos. "Your goal is to train and work to your uppermost limits! Then you gain an understanding of who and what you truly are. Then and only then. And be glad. Not everyone can do it. From there you take COMMAND of the powers that rule you. Now you rule them! And the rest follows. Insanity becomes a threat no more!"


    Lully gasped a little as she looked over at Calliope. "What's happening?"

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    Obsidianmagic found himself believing in his father's words. "Did...did this work for you?" He wasn't clear to if his father was insane, or simply just crazy in nature.


    Calliope began glowing with a neon green color, and the color left her, going to surround Kerstin. She attempted to heal her sister, though she had no idea what she was doing.

    "Nothing," said Chaos, grinning calmly at his son. "I was just seeing how quickly you could stop. Tired? We can rest here and I can talk a while."


    "I'm here!" Lully, it turned out, was not far off. She zoomed over and landed before Kerstin, who lay on her side not getting up. Lully reached out to her with her life force. "I don't know what's wrong, but I can try and give her strength."

    "A bit." said Obsidianmagic, panting.


    "That'd be good," murmured Shadow, looking at her daughter with concern.

    Calliope exploded looked at them inquiringly, then began glowing oddly.

    "Kerstin! No!" Shadow looked around frantically. "Someone! Please!" She didn't know any of their names, at all. The Refuge seemed a little empty.

    Calliope, sensing something, turned around, and trotted over to her sister, feeling the vibrations.


    Obsidianmagic sped right past Chaos as he halted suddenly, then went back. "What?! What is it?!"

    *N-No...* said Shadow, taken aback. *Yes, you can see them, Ralishaz. They're beautiful.* Transmitting a picture of both of them to him and letting him sift through her memories, she sighed.

    Obsidianmagic followed, wondering what this could be about. He shot after his father, though with a little less intensity.

    "I know, it's a bit of a shocker I guess." Chaos drifted up and away from his ever-changing floating platform. "But this other you is trying to reach you for a reason. Let's go have tea with it."

    *I love you,* he sent to Bluemagic before a portal opened up before him and his present son. Chaos flew through.

    Bluemagic sighed, almost sadly, as they flew into the portal. *I love you too.*

    Obsidianmagic followed, a bit tentative.

    [justify][fancypost borderwidth=0][font=georgia]Nostalgicskies padded into the den, having just collected a plethora of herbs. "Hello - what seems to be the matter?" she asked, noting that Articpaw was waiting.

    "What? Me from another life?" He was dumbfounded, but nodded. "Okay. I'll try." Understanding it seemed quite hard to do at the moment. Obsidianmagic looked at his mother, who nodded.

    "Be careful," called out Bluemagic.

    Shadow felt tears streak down her face. "Ralishaz...I miss you lots. Our daughters need you. One of them is named Calliope, and she's deaf - the other one's name is Kerstin, and she's quite weak. I don't know how to raise them properly, Ralishaz. I'm...I don't know how to teach them the methods of the arceus. I' absol-arceus hybrid thingy. Ugh. I just...I just miss you lots, okay? I'm going to find a way to set you free. I love you."

    hey guys. c:

    i'm going on hiatus, and i don't want my poor bby nostalgicskies to be abandoned. nostalgicskies is the skyclan mc, and the sister of habitmirth, another skyclan mc. she has had an identity crisis in her life - before she was bright and happy with the name zodiacpaw, though after the crisis she turned into a cold mean cat with the alias nostalgicpaw. however, after her death-experience { she had possessed more than one life }, she turned back into a happy, bubbly cat, though is more cautious.

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    It's a very simple form, but I'll be judging on how well you capture her personality. c:

    hey guys. C:

    recently IRL, as some of you know, i've been having a lot of personal issues outside of the site. due to this, i'll be going on hiatus for a little bit - i'll still respond to threads, but they'll be one-liners and have less quality. i'll mostly be responding to the pokemon thread that i have with wynn, fuzzy, and the dark type. c:

    nostalgicskies will be rehomed { i will make a thread in the adoption board }, trigger goes back to incognito, and mayday may be killed off / returned to deer.

    if you need anything, you can pm me. c:

    thank you all for understanding. 8D