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    hampshire nodded. it might have been a good idea to stop and rake a quick nap so that he wasn't driving tired, but perhaps his mind was so semi-delirious with sleep that it hadn't had the time to ponder that thought. "we're all going to get busted," he said, almost grinning. he glanced in the mirror, catching a fleeting glimpse of lili's tired face, eyes closed. brown. he sighed, pressing a hand to his chin thoughtfully. "only half of the people are going to show up to the seven and eight am classes. maybe not even that," he muttered.

    honestly, hampshire wasn't sure if he was going to his 8am. if they got back at 3am and he got his four hours of sleep, he would be fine. but really? 8am for decoding victorian literature? he wasn't sure he could do it without anchor of vodka burning his throat, clearing his sinuses.

    parties weren't even really his thing. he would have much rather preferred to stay in his dorm and torch various things, including but not limited to plastic clothes hangers, saran wrap, and his fingers. but would he rather stay back and burn materials, or drive a stranger into the middle of nowhere, have his first kiss, share a bottle of liquor? all of his thoughts seemed to conflict with each other all at once, swirling around, and the alcohol wasn't even talking.

    "what now?"

    hampshire nearly laughed. now, he would have to deal with tomorrow, with the three bigs that threatened him early today, with potentially missing his first class that he didn't really care about. he'd have to deal with lili, and that kiss. kisses, plural. kisses that nearly became something more, something he could have had if he wanted it, probably. he knew he wasn't a good person. but he was charismatic, and smart, and conniving, and manipulative, and charming. he got what he wanted.

    but now...he didn't know what he wanted, not in the slightest. he didn't want lili. he didn't want to get beaten to a pulp, and he didn't want to disappoint his father. "now," he said, finally, softly, "we pretend we care about our classes tomorrow," he chuckled, glancing back at her. he wasn't quite sure if lili was awake or not.

    im not quite sure! maybe he realizes how sneaky and careful she is and first uses her as like a lookout/spy for the group, and then he realizes how much he likes her or smthn?

    i think cato and vivian wouldn't really form a bond before, but i think nixon and fran could have an implied one night stand if we want to have it happen and just not roleplay it out and we can just start with the arena?


    cato benedict ivelyn

    district 2, masonry / 18 / brash, merciless, two-faced

    cato shrugged, crossing his arms, letting his muscles bulge. "three usually isn't in the career pack. they do technology, nothing physical. they're not very strong." he stole a glance at the girl from district 3 - bony, tall, brown hair. cute, but not his type. not someone he could compete against. "look at her. she's a twig. bet you she won't last two days in the area." he chuckled and sauntered off, trying to form a game plan in his head.

    nixon was a good person to be paired up with. he felt it. he knew it. he and nixon, it wasn't unlikely that they would be the last two standing, and then it would be a grotesque face-off to the death. while nixon was skinnier than he was, anyone coming from four had a good amount of strength, even if they didn't show it. fishing was laborious work and anyone who did it needed muscles to help pull up nets, and tight muscles for swimming. cato just had muscles and mass and a wit to match the others.

    so that would be the plan, perhaps. he and nixon would team up within the careers and one night decide to take them all out, all at once, and then in the next half hour, there would be one victor remaining. he took a glance towards the brunette girl from three and found her sitting with the pip, the girl from ten. cato chuckled. sure, she did show some strength, but ace was a horny bastard. tributes from district 1 often were, since they had nothing else to do but laze about in their jewels. they would not be hard to take down.


    francesca marie leopold

    district 3, technology / 17 / collected, brave, methodical

    "vivian..." francesca softly said. "that's beautiful." a gentle smile wilted onto her face, eyebrows knitted together. there was no way she could do this. she couldn't kill this girl. she could only hope that someone else did before she had to. and she knew that she would have to kill someone, in order to win. if she played it right, just one person. one person who, considering the circumstances, she might be able to get them to kill themselves.

    francesca knew her way around words. she knew how to get people to do things. simple manipulation. because who wouldn't do something for a girl with an angel face, who could turn on you in seconds? she didn't know. she didn't like manipulating people, but in times like this, it would have to be done. francesca looked up from her hands as vivian asked her a question. "a career? oh, no, district three usually isn't. we're 'too small'," she said, making air quotes with her fingers. "besides, nobody wants kids who deal with wires. they was brute strength. half of our district is starving. we don't have strength, but we have wits." she tapped her head, grinning. "brain over brawn, right?"

    she stood up and extended her hand to vivian, pulling her up off the ground. "come on. let's not waste any more of our training time," she said, towering over the girl. yes, she wasn't strong, but she was tall, and she was fast. "we're going to need it if we stand a chance." truthfully, francesca thought she could win. if she could kill, she could win. she had the smarts. she had the traps, the plans. but did she have the guts? she wrinkled up her nose. carefully, she scanned the room before stepping into again, catching Nixon's eye. four. self-centered. easily manipulated. she looked away and made her way over to the archery station, brushing up against him as she went, tossing an absent-minded glance at him over her shoulder, a small pout forming on her lips.

    //wanna skip to the arena? or if there's anything else you wanna put between the pairs

    hampshire's eye popped open as she kissed him, and he slowly let his mouth melt into hers, let her guide him, let her alcohol-fused breath mingle with his. he would never admit it, but he didn't kiss girls. he didn't kiss boys, either. he simply didn't find himself drawn to that path - but for whatever reason - maybe the time of night, or the booze flowing through their blood, or the excitement of skipping an early class - he didn't stop lili, instead wrapping his hand around the back of her head, pressing her into him just the slightest bit. her lips were soft on his chapped, scarred ones. and he'd never admit it, again, but he forced back a smile that threatened to play on his features as she pulled away and half-heartedly apologized.

    he looked down, rolling on his side to face her, letting the grass tickled his face. the moonlight bounced off of hampshire's pearlescent teeth as he smirked at her. "you don't mean it," he whispered. suddenly, his left hand found her right, and his right hand found her tousled hair as he pulled her into him again, pressing his lips to hers. his. hers. his. hers. it almost seemed like a game that they were playing, plucking petals off a flower, he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves no one. she seemed like the kind of person who could easily be swept away with a wink of the eye, a couple of late-night rendezvous. but how much of this was real? hampshire wondered. how drunk was she really? he could smell the alcohol on her breath but surely it was on his as well, he hadn't shied away from his own flask once they had reached the field. he had to take in that they had left the part at nearly 11.30, and now it was past one. had most of the influence the booze would have had on her faded away at this point?

    he was overthinking. hampshire had a habit of that, and he silently cursed himself for it, moving slightly away from lili as his thoughts ran over themselves again and again. telling her to go home right at this moment would tell her that she did something wrong, and it was just him. but nothing was wrong. everything, for the first time in a long time, was completely right.

    he looked over at her again, her brown tresses, brown eyes. brown. it suited her. he wasn't sure why, but it certainly did. he ran a hand through his dark curls, illuminated by the moonlight. "come on. it's a long drive back. there's a few blankets in the trunk - i won't tell anyone if you want to go to sleep," he said, grinning. hampshire stood up and brushed the dead grass off his trousers and reaching a hand to hers, pressing a hand to her back as they walked back to his car, just in case she was a little bit tipsy from drinking. he grabbed a thick woolen blanket from the trunk and tossed it to her before getting in and turning the ignition on, turning the radio completely off. the drive back to her dorm room was silent, and it gave him time to think.


    cato benedict ivelyn

    district 2, masonry / 18 / brash, merciless, two-faced

    cato watched the fighting unfold with a heavy sigh. this? this was his competition? surely the games would be over quickly. there was no competition. he watched carefully at nixon gave the brute from district 1 (ash? asa? he wasn't quite sure, since that was the only district reaped before his own and he was too busy making himself look beautiful for his own) a good talking to, and walked up to him with a satisfied smirk afterwards. it was traditional for districts 1, 2, and 4 to team up in the beginning - the "careers", if you will. cato wasn't sure he wanted to pack bond with district 1, but he certainly wouldn't mind having the fierceness of nixon on his team. at least, until he had to kill him, of course.

    cato placed a hand on the boy's shoulder, politely spinning him around. "i don't think we've officially met yet," he said gently, his voice dripping with honey and charisma. "i'm cato. it's traditional, of course, for one, two, and four to team up, but i suppose i should get to know my teammates a little first, yes?" he let a smirk settled on his chiseled features and the two talked for several minutes before cato sauntered off again, looking for something that he was good at, something that would intimidate the other players and let them know that he was a threat.

    the weaklings, of course, got picked up first, so they might ignore him for the first half of the games, while the strong weeded out the weak, and then turned on each other, until only the strongest came out on top. cato found himself at the axe-throwing station. district 2, masonry. he knew his way around heavy objects and even though he had never actually thrown an axe before, the practice came easily to him.


    francesca marie leopold

    district 3, technology / 17 / collected, brave, methodical

    francesca, of course, tried to avoid the commotion and instead tried to focus on the knots that toran was showing her, surprised at how good he was at it considering he wasn't from four. nixon joined her by her side and made no comment toward him, instead focusing on the ropes. she was good with wires, hooking things up to one another, not ropes. a heavy sigh left her throat and she turned around just as nixon went to berate the boy from district 1 who had been harassing the girl from? 10? 11? it was hard to say, but she was small, runt-ish. she wouldn't last long. she looked like she hadn't eaten in days, and apart from the food provided from the capitol, that was probably true.

    wait, where had she gone? francesca glanced around the room and not seeing her, decided immediately she wanted the girl on her team. honestly. francesca could run fast, faster than anyone in this room, and she could throw a few decent punches, and with her knowledge of wires and how things reacted to each other, physics, yaddah yaddah, she could probably set a few traps. maybe, just maybe, she could win the games without directly killing anyone. yes, that would be ideal .

    francesca darted out of the room, into the hallway, where she found the girl. a small smile formed itself onto her soft face as she slumped down the wall across from the blonde. "i saw you take down that big guy out there. his name is ace. he's kind of an ass, so even if you didn't really hurt him, you probably shaved a bit off his ego," she said, laughing gingerly. "i'm francesca." she reached out her hand across the hallway, eagerly awaiting a reply.


    cato benedict ivelyn

    district 2, weaponry / 18 / brash, merciless, two-faced

    cato had been ready for this moment since his birth, practically. so when his name was called, he could hear the whoops and hollers from his family to the side. the youngest out of four children, and the only one to be selected for the games. running up to the podium, he found himself beaming on the stage, beaming. he glanced at the girl beside him, a raven-haired girl with pasty white skin, her arms crossed with a defiant sneer plastered on her face. she, too, had won. but he would become the ultimate champion.

    the celebrations commenced, and cato found it calming to watch the other player be selected. he shook his head. there would be no competition. the boys looked terrified to death and the girls couldn't have weighed more than 110 pounds a piece. he almost wished that the choices had been different, that he would actually have someone to fight. nonetheless, he was sure the competition that he was about to enter would be over very, very soon.

    as he stepped into the training room with lona, his district partner, he caught the eye of nixon, who nodded at him. four. not very muscular, but there was something about him that cato couldn't quite place, comething that told him he needed him on his team. cato nodded back and turned away. of course, all the careers banded together at the beginning. for the most part, it kept them safe. then, after everyone had had time to bond and protect each other for a while, they would break up, and they would kill each other relentlessly. brutal, he knew, but it was the way it had to be.

    cato searched around for an unoccupied station, well aware that his chiseled figure showed through the tight suit. as well as he liked it, he nearly wished it could be a little looser, just so he felt like his movement wasn't restricted. an empty station caught his eye - knives. however, just as he was about to join it, a blonde girl stepped up and took his spot. instead of causing a commotion, he simply watched her throw the first knife, landing it directly in the target's heart. he placed a hand to his chin, thinking. perhaps now would be a good time to watch everyone else for the first fifteen minutes. he already knew what he was good at. he just needed to figure out his competition (i mean, if he could really call it that.) if he knew their strengths, he knew how to play them. if he knew their weaknesses, then he knew how to kill them. he knew that the games were as much strategy as they were skill, psychology as they were physical. and he was ready to win.


    francesca marie leopold

    district 3, technology / 17 / collected, brave, methodical

    francesca would have liked to have had an emotion prepared to appear on her fact once she got selected for the games. after having six years of standing in the queue only to watch her peers chosen and murdered, you would have thought that she would have enough time to think this through. the opposite appeared to be true as a blank look crossed her face as she heard her name called. the name that meant so much to her. hers. francesca barely felt her body moving up to the podium. her footsteps leading up to the stage were heavy, off-kilter, like she was going to fall over. die, right here, right now, and someone else could take her place.

    the next few days seemed a blur. saying goodbye to her father was the hardest. make him proud, he said. don't kill anyone, he meant. her father was a doctor, one of the best in the country. he worked in the capitol. they knew her name, her face - it stuck out more than the others, the daughter of revered dr. jameson kelley leopold. she had been trained her entire life to save people, not harm them. her father didn't believe in the capitol's ways (her mother's opinion, while the same, didn't matter: she was dead). francesca couldn't believe the thoughts that her become her reality in just seconds. would she? could she kill another person if it meant staying alive herself?

    the suit, as she entered the training room, clung to her body in an unfamiliar but comfortable way, like that was the way she should have always been wearing her clothes. she could feel the eyes on her athletic figure as she walked across the floor. at first, her eyes gazed solely at her booted feet, and then they worked up to eye level, glancing around the space. francesca was tall, for a girl, standing at nearly 5'9". it gave her a good vantage point. the sizes and builds of every person in here was different - a girl from six who she recognized by the blue streaks in her hair; a tall boy from...four? high cheekbones, dark hair. bronte, from her district. her best friend. her first kiss. as she thought about it, he turned to look at her, and she quickly glanced away.

    francesca swallowed and glanced around the room again for something that she could work on. something she was extremely good at, that might intimidate the other players? one of her weaknesses that she could hope to improve? the brunette settled for a skill smack-dab in the middle, wandering over to a ropes-tying section in the corner, unoccupied. she looked up at the mentor manning the station, and couldn't help but to smile. "hello, toran," she said, recognizing the young man. winner from her district at fifteen, nearly nine years ago.

    "hello, francesca," he politely repeated back. "i'm sorry that we haven't spoken in so long and that we meet again under these circumstances," he said, sighing. "i take it you'd like to learn more advanced techniques past the ones i've already showed you?" a smile grew on Francesca's face as she nodded, allowing her nimble fingers to pick up a piece of rope and follow the instructions that toran was providing her with.

    @ bite - i really like the 3rd idea!! would you mind making the thread?

    @ raini - hey! that sounds great and i would love to hear your plots!!

    awesome ok! do we want to start now or do you want to do a little more planning? i think with the way it's set up it makes more sense for you to make the first post, if that's okay?