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    Unlike Cal, Talia's favorite spot is the border - mostly out of the reassurance it brings that it's something physical that she can watch over and protect. Ever since coming back with her wife, Malkyn, Talia has spent the better part of her days patrolling the border over and over and over again until the dreary desert landscape is burned into the back of her mind and forming a thick, raised scar where her fear used to be. Of course, the moment she steps away and takes the time to take care of herself, the image of bodies squirming and writhing across the border is popping up in the back of her eyes again, and the cycle repeats itself - get up, go to the border, go home, get up, go to the border, go home.

    It's during one of these routine checks that the six-foot vulpine hellhound comes across Cal and one other that she doesn't exactly recognize, but figures is likely a new joiner - they've had a couple the past few days and Talia's pleasantly surprised by this progress. She's not against having a bigger clan, there is safety in numbers, but she wonders how much of the people they let in have the clan's best intentions at heart? She presses her lips together and pads closer, listens to the words quickly being exchanged between both young women at first, ears flicking to catch each one uttered from their lips.

    Quietly, the female, lost in thought not that long ago, pads up behind Cal but makes it a point to make her steps heavier to inform the other Ruiner of her presence. Talia gives the panther a once-over, trying to see if her specific figure and scent match up to anything in her memories. She finds none, and figures that that's okay. She's been gone for a while, anyway, she wouldn't be surprised if there are a lot of new faces around that she won't be able to recognize. With that, she dips her head slightly in greeting, blinking mismatched silver-pink eyes at the newcomer. "Talia Pendragon. I'm surprised you came to the Ruins of all places. Not that I mind, in particular, but it's not every day somebody's willing to even enter the desert."


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    cal. TALIA P. you guys are so sweet! <3 i genuinely appreciate your words, it is nice to know my efforts are noticed! i personally decided to be an active leader after many people in the past complained about it/noted it to be a general issue with leaders as their character is now at the top and does not need to interact with others beyond the occasional post and meeting! && i genuinely and so invested in hypo's character and have so much more development room for him i'd hate for him to just be left on the shelf as the one dimensional "good" leader who magically appears whenever he's needed. i love interaction and depth and the bonds developed between characters! i'm just glad all this hard work has payed off <3

    ahhh! pls like,, i have to agree? some leaders tend to rly forget about forming connections with the clan and, in a realistic setting, that kind of leader would've been overthrown or brought down looong ago because they don't have their people's vote!! but then here's hypo, striking up a bond with everybody, weaving thicker and longer and stronger threads, and it makes the clan as well as every individual in it be and feel as important as they actually are and i,, lo v e it so much

    i got a 70% on somebody's (i did a loooot of guesswork)

    i got a 91% on cherry's (mostly because i,,, once really read cherry's tags - but i got the "who she loves the most" part wrong because i answered jamie)