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    From the way Nicklaus spoke, Talia can tell she's gonna like him already. He's the type of character she would've loathed to be paired with as a kit (she can imagine it now, a tiny little Winterkit complaining that she should've been paired with a warrior and not an elder, only to have her ass handed to her with a strict lecture on how age isn't everything) but has learned to appreciate over time. He reminds her of their old medicine cat in Tidalclan, Klondike, but she isn't entirely sure how. Still, she appreciates the vague similarity and lopes after the older Blizzardclanner, flashing a dazzling smile to the others in farewell. "I'm an amateur at herbs - I really only know about the basics, my wife is the one who knows all about them - but if we do encounter that polar bear, I'll make sure we don't have any problems with it." She takes on a confident look, one that betrays some of her age. At times like this, unburdened by gods and demons and the like, Talia looks younger than she is, an adolescent instead of an... adult? She isn't quite sure what to call it. Mid-adulthood? Time and age does not mix particularly well with immortality. "Besides, I don't think polar bears would be a problem. If anything, they're a quick meal and a nice pelt we can take home as decoration."

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    "Valerian..." Talia cocks her head to one side in contemplation, reaching as far back as her memories would let her to try and remember if she's ever encountered them before. When she recalls none, she purses her lips and listens to Chess' description of the herb, tuning out the familiar crops and honing in on, as he put it, cotton-like plant. When the mental image is in her head, the six-foot hellhound turns to her paired companion (a stranger to her, really) and offers a shrug. "Guess we're a duo, stranger. Talia Pendragon, pleasure to meet you. Nicklaus, right?"

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    Talia had been out of comission for the past couple of weeks as she spent the time healing by Malkyn's side, but she figures it's time to get some fresh air. After all, staying cooped up isn't doing her limbs any good and she needs to start getting active again if she wants to make sure none of her muscles start sagging on her. Malkyn specifically told her not to overexert herself though so she decides a herb patrol would have to do. What could possibly go wrong with that, right? Herb patrols are as peaceful as they come, and it's not like she's gonne be fighting anyone except maybe a low-hanging branch or two. Plus, patrols usually mean a lot of walking, and that sounds like some pretty good exercise to the recovering hellhound. "Count me in."

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    Oblivious to what had been happening in the waking world, Talia continues to sleep off the effects of the divine battle that had only recently transpired within her flesh. Hosting two gods at odds with one another hadn't been a fun or relaxing experience, and the consequences of her misfortune still shows in the way she sleeps through the light scuffle just an inch or two beside her, the sudden disappearance of the massive body curled up next to her, the absence of warmth. She's stuck in a dreamless sleep until she's feeling Malkyn relax beside her again, fur brushing against fur and sending a chill down her spine.

    It's only then that she's roused from sleep's clutches with a groggy harrumph, still clueless to the demise of her wife, her wife, still unknowingly left alone in the company of a murderer until she feels warmth burst forth from the bond like a tidal wave, washing over her and nearly drowning her with emotion until finally - silence. For a second, she wonders whether Malkyn just wanted to be sweet, to send her soft reassurance to lull her back to sleep, but any tug she makes on the tether between them is met by nothing, nothing, nothing but deafening silence. Malkyn..?

    She blinks open her eyes and raises her head, swivels the angular muzzle around to face the elephant-sized hellhound by her side, formidable and scarred and so, so beautiful. Talia almost allows the rising and falling of Malkyn's chest to rock her gently back to sleep but - but the bond, why is the bond not responding to her beckoning? It's as slack as a piece of dead rope in her grasp, so unlike the live wire that used to connect her to her lover and she wonders whether it's Freyja stopping her again - after all, when Freyja had tried to possess her, the bond was as dead as it is now. But no, she reaches into the far depths of her being and confirms only the presence of Ghil in every cell, every fiber of her being, thrumming with anxiety that bleeds into her core. Ghil, why are you afraid? Ghil provides no response.

    Talia leans forward to bury her muzzle into Malkyn's neck, to let her wife's presence soothe her worries, but she smells something else on the ragged pelt beside her, something familiar and oh so distant a memory, one that takes her back to the very mall where she and Malkyn had first met under the watchful eye of her brother. She remembers a look, a small room in the corner of a shop, a cliff, the cliff, Malkyn murmuring that she hoped Talia had better not jump (or something to that effect). The smell is of herbs and strength and fear and a shadow and a kiss in the forest with claws buried in her chest and 'I don't know if I should kill you or kiss you' but the line is blurred and the words are scrambled and leaping clumsily off the tongue.

    "Mal?" The name is shaky on her breath, trembling as she pulls away from the pulse of Malkyn's neck to face the massive beast beside her, so beautiful but almost... almost a dream. Is she dreaming? She tugs on the bond again but no response is given. Something's wrong. Something's missing. Something was given and then taken away and she doesn't understand what it could possibly be. "Malkyn, the bond... is everything okay?"

    She revels in what physical attention can be provided to her at the moment, letting out soft huffs of breath as she tries to sink deeper into Malkyn's form, as if it would hide her from the horrors of the world she wasn't inclined to take on in her current state - part of those horrors were strangers who would try to poke and prod around her body and the thought of it happening tasted vile and bitter on her tongue. Unable to respond with the lingering fear stuck behind her teeth like morsels, she isn't able to respond until her lover is gently nudging her away from underneath the much larger hound, maneuvering her until she's settled comfortably on the ground. That's when Talia realizes that no stranger would be touching her; Malkyn would take care of her herself and she relaxes, happy to find some peace.

    Unable to respond nor to explain her predicament, she watches and reacts as her wife tries her best to heal her, the smaller hound letting out chuffs of amusement at Malkyn's musings. The herbs do seem smaller now that they're both larger; Talia can remember a time in Klondike's medicine den when she would look at the herbs and lament their bigger size than her. It's what that happy, nostalgic thought that the marigold is applied to her wound, and while she'd gotten used to pain all through her life she shudders and lets out a soft whine anyway. It's rather pleasurable, however, the sound she makes, pleased because the sting of the herb on her flesh feels... clean. The pain is clean and so unlike the dirty agony that she'd gone through under Freyja's assault.

    At the mention of girls, Talia lets go of the memory of the pain and rumbles out a soft, sweet chuckle, matching her wife's tentative mirth with her own. "Oh yeah? You liked being able to 'apply' all these poultices on them, huh?" The sides of her eyes crinkle with the amused smile on her narrow muzzle, and then she's turning her mismatched gaze to Malkyn before reaching up to rasp her tongue across the hellhound's cheek. "Or was it the gratitude. Tell me, did all your patients give you a kiss as thanks?" Her voice takes on a raspy tone, and she settles back down with a sigh more comfortable than the last.

    Sleeping sounded good now that she was safe and in the company of the only person she trusts, but she doesn't want to leave her wife in the dark for far too long. Talia moves slowly, careful not to make a mess of her wife's work, until her muzzle is pressing against the side of Malkyn's leg, an unspoken invitation to join her, a silent plea not to leave her. "Before I do - Freyja tried to..." She clears her throat and continues, the marred runes on her chest briefly flashing into existence before dimming back into plain old scars. "Freyja didn't win, though, and Ghil... is still here. I'll tell you more about it later but I just didn't want to leave you in the dark about it."

    With that out of the way, she lets out a short, crisp breath, noise soft and delicate as she looks up at the hound almost expectantly, pleadingly, not wanting to sleep with too much of her fur not pressed up against something - she needs company, she needs to fell small and safe and secure in her lover's grasp, she doesn't want to remember what it's like to feel so vulnerable again. Ignoring the rising and falling pains in her stomach, she settles a bit more comfortably, waiting for Malkyn to figure out where she wanted to be, burying her muzzle underneath a dainty paw.

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    "Well now, that kind of enthusiasm is something I haven't seen in a long time," rasps the hound as she wanders over with a look of mild interest glowing in her mismatched gaze. The silver-pink discs move from the caracal to the hare, to the patterns of blood on the cold and supple earth, and she thinks back to a time when she lived quite comfortably in BloodClan, where such attitudes were met with a degree of normalcy, and even worse acts were the standard. While certainly aware that she now lives in a Clan far different than one of her most favorite places on earth, it's a refreshing sight to see.

    Straightening up, the six-foot creature looms over for a second before bowing again, keeping her head low when her antlers almost tangle into the branches not too far above. With a tsk, she shakes her head and re-focuses on the group, absentmindedly stroking the bond between her and her wife so that she doesn't feel so... bare. The discomfort is lost on her serene expression, however, lips flickering into a carefree smirk that fails to tell the story rippling in the confines of her mind. "If you're here to join, you should probably say so now before you get chased away. I don't think they'll let you bring your little toy, either. Better make it quick."

    Happening upon the group is an odd creature herself, the six-foot hound not exactly the type of being that someone would find conventional. Being rather large, she often finds it in her best interest to keep her head low and away from any branches that might catch and tangle in her antlers, although she doesn't like how submissive she must seem with her head sweeping the floor. Still, the fox-like hound doesn't show her discomfort, even with her backleg still limping and sore, and instead greets the group with a graceful smile and a tilt of her lowered head, flashing sharp teeth and a flick of the ears. "I hope you guys don't mind if I join in on your little conversation," comes her mirthful chuckle, settling herself at the edges of the little gathering and rasping her tongue across her chest, carefully dodging the runes carved into her skin which sputter light in shades of silver and pink before dimming again. "I'm Talia Pendragon."

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    At Malkyn's reprimand, the hellhound stilled and turned, ears twitching with bashful guilt as she murmurs, "Yeah, I know, but..." Really, she has no excuse - not a good one, at least. Talia had wanted some air, had wanted to stretch her legs and feel the soft, supple earth beneath her feet and that was it, and while she doesn't like being in the wrong end of her lover's ire, she doesn't regret her decision. It feels nice to be able to wander for a bit, even if she's stuck with exploring confines of the camp. There is a pang of guilt, though, when she notices her wife's distress, and she is quick to move forward and press her muzzle under the larger hound's jaw in an affectionate gesture. "Thank you for caring and bringing me something to eat, my love," she murmurs appreciatively, allowing herself to stay there for a few seconds more before pulling back to turn towards her meal.

    It would've looked delicious had Talia been stronger, but she's still healing and she's not sure whether her stomach would take too kindly to it. Still, she doesn't believe in food going to waste, and so she leans forward and slowly, carefully, takes a bite out of the tougher, leaner meat on the lion's shoulder, gamey but familiar on her tongue. As she chews, her mismatched silver-pink eyes rise to meet the bright, tangerine discs looking back at her almost fearlessly, something the hellhound can't help but smile appreciatively at. "Mija. Isn't that Spanish?" She offers the young Savannah a dip of her head before continuing. "It's nice to meet you, Mija. I'm Talia Pendragon." Almost as an afterthought, she adds, "You have very vibrant eyes. They're nice."

    And just like that, Judith's caring attitude towards his brother brings Talia back to a time when she was being fussed over by her sister. Little Winterkit, back then, had too much of a hunger for danger for her sister Fayz, who worried too much and over things she shouldn't even be worrying about - but Winterkit had loved her sister all the same. In another time, Talia would've shared those memories with the warmth of nostalgia but she doesn't know if it's a good idea, not in her current state. Still, she can't help but smile at Judith's little display, and giggled melodiously before dipping her head towards the pups, meeting Judithix's nose bump with her own heart-shaped one.

    "Talia Pendragon. Talia. I promise I don't bite," she introduces lightly, ears flickering when she rights herself again and presses closer to Malkyn, as if even just the small space that formed between them from her bowing gesture was too much to bear. Despite a smidge of distress, the graceful hound kept her happy expression, undaunted even when she absently strokes the bond to gain reassurance from it herself. Pups - when she looks at them, she can't help but feel the tiniest of pangs in her chest, remembering a time when - I can't. Even now, the memories are too hard to swallow, and so she focuses on the present instead, stroking the tether, steeling her state of mind. "It's nice to meet you both."

    The holidays are closing in and Talia's not one to slack on her Christmas cheer, past days of hell aside. There's just something so vibrant and pleasantly atmospheric about the falling snow set alight by the Christmas lights wrapped around the storefronts, a welcome change from the harsh neon lights she'd grown used to in her old city. It's certainly made even more delightful by the fact that her fingers are tucked comfortably between Malkyn's own, hands pressed together as they lightly swing to and fro from the matched footsteps between them. For a moment, Talia tears her gaze away from the glistening decor to look at her lover in the dying light - she flashes Malkyn an equally vibrant smile from behind the comforting warmth of the wooly blue-and-bronze scarf around her neck before her expression changes to one of ample curiosity as she eyes the pizza parlor across the street.

    Without another moment's hesitation, she makes sure there are no vehicles crossing before all but dragging her wife across the pavement and to the store, pushing open the door and purring softly at the smell of pizza in the air - ah, who wouldn't love to chow down on a slice? "I hope I didn't yank your arm too much, love," she murmurs jokingly, standing up on her tiptoes to brush a soft kiss across Malkyn's cheek. When she drops back down, she tugs off the beanie she had shoved onto her head early that morning and fixes her long, blonde hair into something that isn't a mess. Green eyes bright and twinkling, her hand wanders to twist around Malkyn's again, much more gentle as she slowly leads the way to a corner booth with a rather good view of the snowy street, thumb brushing against her wife's knuckles.

    She settles down and let's out a relieved sigh, untangling the scarf around her neck and waiting for Malkyn to sit either beside her or in front of her, Talia didn't really mind, as long as Malkyn's hand found its way into hers again - it'd been a while since she last held it, and now she refuses to let go. "Do you want pepperoni? I think I'd like pepperoni," comes her quiet contemplation, brushing a golden lock away from her eyes to stare at the menu. Almost mindlessly, her knee starts jumping up and down, fidgeting softly as she tries to settle and calm herself, empty hand squeezing the air in her grasp before releasing with a soft shudder. It's empty. Too empty. She looks at Malkyn hopefully and offers a shy sort of smile. "Or anything with shrimps on it."

    While Talia hadn't been around when the little pups were born, she'd heard of their little yipping late through the night, heard stories told from tongue to tongue as she passed by the obelisk on her daily morning walk - it's the first time she's meeting any of them and the large hound is... just as hesitant, to put it lightly. It's been a while since she last saw any kids around, certainly she didn't come across them during her months of solitude, and she's almost forgotten how small and tiny they are.

    Perhaps it's a good thing that Talia is a being of careful steps at the moment, soft and unsure as she skirts around the group to stand beside her wife, fur brushing together as she ever so slowly presses the side of her muzzle to Malkyn's shoulder. The regal hellhound offers the young little kids a playful smile, albeit quite unsure, still unsteady from her recent bout of weakness and healing. There's some distress in the bond, from what she gathers, and she gently grasps the tether between both her paws to remind Malkyn, ever so gently, that she's here. Whatever is happening, she's here now, and she's not going anywhere anymore.

    Turning her attention to the two pups, she can't help but take note of both their feisty nature. Once upon a time, she'd acted just the same as little Winterkit, indignant whenever others took note of her smaller stature. With a raspy chuckle, she glances quickly at her lover before turning her gaze at the pups again, a soft snort sounding in the air. "Would pipsqueak be a more appropriate term?" She purses her lips and hums thoughtfully. "You'll both grow big and strong soon enough - for now, you're still a kiddo to all of us."