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    Briella nods her head as she peeks her head to look at his burrow. Its was dark inside so she couldn't see the bottom. "How deep is it?" The white haired witch asked as she snapped her fingers which caused a fire ball to form in her palm as she lowered her hands, as much as she could, to try to see if the light would allow her to see the bottom. "Will you be adding anything to your burrow? Or you just be leaving it like this?" She asked once more as she cut off the flame making it disappear and turned to face Myst seeing as he had finished eating.

    Briella released a breath of relief when she didn't find her little home burrowed under a mountain of dirt. She heard Myst move and appeared in front of her. She heard his voice in her head and nudged the barrel towards him. "It's a barrel of fish. It has different types that Damien brought since we don't know which type you might like." The witch used her magic to make the barrel grow in size to a decent height so it could satisfy the large dragon. "How are you doing with your burrow? Still digging or have you finished?" She asked

    Just to clear something up. There has only been one leader and that is the demon that has possessed her. The demon entity is one of the few that hold great power, which is why he is considered an entity. He was dying which is why he forced himself into Juliette's body so he could continue on living. This made her the new ruler. Just to clear up somethings

    Sora and Zione stood up from their kneeling position and stationed themselves on each side of Juliette as she stared at the new demon in front of her. Her violet eyes took in her appearance and could read her body language. It didn't take much to know that her new guard was forcing on a smile and radiated an agitated presence. Sora glanced at the Queen waiting for a command, but also waiting to see how she would react. "Stop faking." Were the words that came out of her mouth as she kept eye contact. "There is nothing good about the situation so there is no reason to smile." Sora had a faint smile at his lips and he faced forward and Zione didn't react. Nearly dying and always losing control, Juliette had enough and wasn't surprised by anything anymore. She was being agitated, she was tired and still has blood all over her to which she is in a desperate need for a bath. Before the short haired queen could do anything, she needs to get herself clean before anything else. "Leave."

    So you could interact, you can play as Zione. He is the silent and thinking type of the two. Sora is more talkative

    The twins watched his retreading figure. "We'll need to get someone to watch over him." Sora spoke as the small creature at his shoulders shook its head, while Zione remained quiet. Zione kept to his own thoughts and headed down the hall to where they had left the queen in her chambers. Sora understood what he was doing and followed after him and only moved to knock on the door when they had arrived. The two guards paid them no mind and continued on looking out. "My Lady, are you well?" Sora asked as he used his heightened hearing to listen for any movement that he might hear inside.

    Juliette hadn't moved from her spot as she heard the knock. She stared at the nod of the door and didn't take her eyes away from it until it unlocked by itself and opened a fraction of an inch. Juliette kept her eyes on the door as she waits for them to enter to which they do, but stay near the door as it closed behind them. They each kneel and say," Sorry to intrude, but we came to make sure everything was to your liking. Also, if we may speak freely, what happened when you got possessed."

    Briella could ear him stiff and dig into the ground which caused her to have a small smile at his lips. "There he goes." She chuckles slightly to herself as she grabs snacks for herself and brings a barrel of fish with her. "This barrel looks a bit dusty... Where did Damien even get this?" The young witch mutters to herself when she touched the top of the barrel resulting in her fingers getting coated in dirt. "Speaking of dirt... I didn't tell Myst to watch out when he digs..." Afraid that she'd find her home under a pile of dirt, she hurriedly casts a floating spell on the barrel so she could push it out of the cottage and looked around for Myst and his burrow. But she mostly went out to make sure he didn't accidently bury her home.

    The twins shrugged off his out burst and looked at him with a bored expressions. "My Lady is being guarded by two others and isn't alone. But we want to know is-" Zione continued where Sora left off " What happened in the human world that caused her to end up in such a state? Physically it won't be long before she's fully healed but her mind is in shackles." Zione didn't like the state their new leader is in and nether did Sora. They are both doubting his credibility to watch over her and are coming to a decision to have her with a new guard or at least they'll watch over her. "Try to not leave any details out." Sora stated remaining still, but his attention was on Kano. "What caused her to end in this state?"

    For the first time, there was silence. It was bliss. No voices calling out to her. No force feeding. And no more temptation to kill. Silence... Juliette sighed as she opened her eyes and frowned, "It's too quiet." Too quiet and she didn't like it. Why wouldn't she? Isn't this what she wanted and what she craved her every since the mouths first spoke. The burning and churning in her stomach were completely gone and she felt lighter than usual. Juliette sat up from the bed and allowed for her eyes to wonder and try to find something to distract herself as to not let her mod wonder too far and question.

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    Briella swung her leg around so she wasn't holding onto his spike and slid of his back and onto the ground. Her feet wobbled a bit from her being up in the air, but she was able to regain her footing and looked towards the front of the woods. "You should make your burrow since you still have enough daylight to see." Briella looked towards the sun to tell the time which was high noon. "I'll be inside and get a few snacks." She smiles at the dragon as she walks into her small home, leaving Myst behind to search for a spot to make his burrow. She passed by a stack of books and remembered that she had an assignment to do, but got side tracked. Damien had instructed her to do a bit of research and to send it to him in her, "I should really finish that up..."

    Briella looked at the sun to determine which way was north. "Just fly East from here. We'll reach home shortly, but fly above the clouds so you aren't spotted." The witch was cautious and even though she knew that no one would venture this far into the woods, she still didn't want to risk getting spotted. With her hand she motioned which was was North and held onto his scales when he lifted off into the sky.

    Disregarding his retreading figure, Zione followed after Sora and Juliette. He had sensed the power as soon as they entered the dimension and he was sure that others did as well. This was good since there could finally be a sense of order around here since things have gone crazy without a ruler. Sora made sure to avoid Juliettes wounds and entered a large room and placed her on the bed. "My lady, your wounds should be closing on their own now since you've arrived. Everything is organized and well taken care of." The white clothed demon spoke as he kneeled before her with Zione doing the same. "Is there anything else you'll need?" Zione asked in a gruff voice as he kept his gaze down out of instinct and respect.

    She still felt dizzy, but welcomed the softness of the bed. Juliette was surprised to see that the alike demons weren't as horid as she thought they'd be. Nevertheless she wasn't completely sane yet and she didn't trust her voice. With a shake of her head, she dismissed them as she fell back against the bed closing her eyes. The twins gave a nod and slithered out of the room in silence. "We're going to need to speak with Kano and to know what has happened." Sora agreed with Zione words as they closed the door to Juliettes room.

    AO Fujimaki

    History: Ao is a violinist who is known in her town and has been studying to attend performing arts University. She loves her violin that her grandfather gave her as a present and plays for her family when they ask. She's an only child and even though her parents are scientists, they each support her on her choice of career. She's won competitions and her small group of friends are always there with her. But Ao has a little secret. She has a voice inside of her named Sam who speaks to her and has the ability to moves things. Tecniqually Ao also can, but it's mostly Sam who does all the work, but he doesn't mind. He loves Ao and would do anything to protect her. Ao once told her parents about when when she was younger, but they dismissed it as her simply having an imagination.

    Personality: As stated before Ao loves to play for her family and has a kind soul that always wants to see the good in everyone. She's not naive, but her kind gestures can be taken advantage of. Ao is a happy child and hasn't suffered from any hardship other than being kidnapped once for ransom since her parents are known scientists. She's a sweet girl and always tries to put herself in someone else's shoe to better understand them so she could help them. SAm, however, is the one most cautious one between the two. ONly Ao can hear him, but he always has an eye or ear out for any sort of danger to keep her safe.

    Likes and dislikes: Loves the color blue and small animals. Can play many string instruments but her favorite is the violin.She loves to read but hates fish. She isn't a fan of sour or needles and hates the sight of blood.

    Plot: You're cherrie and mine have already known each other and are close friends. Ao was the first to really want to know your cherrie and she isn't afraid of him. My cherrie met him when per parents held a party in their backyard and she found you hiding behind the trees feet away from her home. Your cherrie was injured as my cherrie was able to bandage you with the help of Sam and make you better. From than on, they both continued on seeing each other, but did it in secret. I'll let you decide on how your cherrie ended alone and injured in the woods, but make sure the story is linked to her parents. Parents were involved, but Ao is left in the dark. My cherrie has feelings for your cherrie, but mine doesn't know how yours feels. From there some bad stuff will happen to Ao casuing her to lose her parents and home which leads to her living with your cherrie and the others. (I kind of imagine this as them living in the mansion where the creepypastas are living. ) (The plot I;m basing this off a book that I read)

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    Juliette slumped against the ground as she allowed her eyes to wonder to the ominous castle before them. The green glow that is was giving added to its creepy affect and Juliette was positive that id she was fully conscious she would be yelling and screaming to get away. Lovely isn't it. The demon manifested next to her smiling as he looked at his home. I was starting to get a bit home stick from being away for too long, but all is well and things can go back to normal. Juliette would've insulted him if it weren't for two demons showing up. They each kneeled putting one hand to their chest while the other went to their back, "We've been waiting for your arrival my lady." This unsettled Juliette, but was too weak to deny. The one on the right was named Sora and had a small dragon perched on its shoulder. He was dressed in white while the other, Zione, was dressed in back who gave off a malice ura as they both kept their head down in respect for their ruler returning.

    "Everything has been arranged and your room is ready for you as well as a bath." They spoke in perfect unison as they both stood up having their heads slightly bowed and didn't meet her eyes as they each went to her side to help get to her feet. Sora wrapped his arm around her back and legs so he could carry her while Zione went to Kano. "You need to also get yourself treated. You look bad, but it seems you didn't do your job well."

    As Myst breathed his fire and practiced on the trees she wrote down everything she saw. The temperature of he fire and how quickly it spread. Satisfied with her results she closed her book that floated next to her and looked back at the dragon beside her. "Now, we need to get you a place to sleep. You aren't a baby dragon anymore so you won't be able to fit in my room. Luckily you learned how o burrow so it should be easy for you." The witch smiled and used a spell on her feet to allow her to jump onto Mysts back. " Time to go home."

    Juliette felt tears run down her face as she moved her eyes to stare at a worn out Kano. Defeat and self disappointment were present in his eyes as she reached forward. Her hands shook as her blackened tears continued on trailing down her face and grabbed hold of his face in her blood stained hands while she said," Let's go. There is nothing left here..." Her voice trembled and couldn't bring herself to know the state of Kylan since the only heartbeats that she could hear were her own and Kano's'. The teen pulled herself to a sitting position, but clung to Kano as she kept her head low as to not let her eyes wonder. You'll finally be going home, Juliette. You'll like it in my home. Very spacious and anything you want at you beck and call. The demon grinned from behind them as Juliette was the only one to hear. Her arm shot out trying to stab the demon beside her, but he was just in her mind, he didn't have an actual body so all she did was hit air. Feisty, he laughed before disappearing.

    As Myst breathed his fire and practiced on the trees she wrote down what she saw and drew a picture on the corner as a visual for the effect. "Nice job Myst." She praised when he finally got the hang of it and smiled at him. Luckily no one was around and the nearest town was miles away so they wouldn't see the flames or the smoke. "It is really hot" She muttered backing away from the growing flames

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    Juliette slumped to the side not expecting to be hit and fell to the ground. Her voice had gone quiet as she took in abnormal breaths unable to control herself. She was still covered in blood, but her once elongated nails were back to its normal size, and Juliette remained looked up at they night sky struggling to breath as her hands clenched together. Everything was spinning and she couldn't make sense of anything. She could see black spots around her eyes which freaked her out even more since she didn't want to sleep in fear of what she'll be dreaming of. Her body began to tremble her mind wanting to shut down and rest, Juliette wasa physically, mentally, and emotionally worn out. Kept looking at the sky with her breathing coming out in pants.

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    The creature wasn't expecting its prey to fight back. It jumped back and looked at its side from where Kano had struck. It laughed as it watched Kano struggle and hastially get on his feet. The demon inside of her looked over at Kano and noticed the gash on his back. That guard is going to die if you don't snap out of it. Or don't and let him die either way it is really up to you. Juliette stirred at his words and looked up at the demon before looking forward to see Kano holding a staff. The scene wasn't right, she could smell the blood and could hear the rapid beating of heart, but wasn't sure if it was hers or someone else's. She screamed that caused her outside body to screech as well as its hand clutched her head. It was too much strain on her mind causing her to really lose it. The demon just watched with a malice smirk as he was finally able to push her towards the edge.

    It screeked as it watched Kano run and quickly chased after him. The nails of the creature were sharpened to a point as it grew closer to Kano with the speed it had gained. Juliette was still buried beneath her mind that she failed to notice what was going around her. She had blocked out the world and didn't bother to fight back the mouths as they got in a frenzy killing three teens. In a way, Juliette had trapped herself and just wanted to disappear.

    The creature quickly caught up to Kano and lunged at him landing on his hand as its nails scrapped against his back and shoulders. Will you really let the mouths take over? The demon asked as he appeared inside Juliettes mind. I thought you said you wanted to be normal, or that you wouldn't let it take you. His words echoed in her mind, but she still didn't stir.

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    The mouths were able to latch onto two more teens, easily tearing them apart with her quickened speed. Its clothes were soaked with blood, and chunks of flesh were everywhere. The mouths heard yelling and turned its attention to Kano as he raised a staff. The creature laughed as it stood on its legs and moved towards Kano with a slight sway on its steps. The mouths changed Juliettes mouth back to its original position and tilted its head as it eyed him. Waited for his next move. Waited to see if he would charge or run. Either way, the mouths were excited to have another meal.