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    I'm just comming back onto the site recently. An old friend of mine dragged me back here after a hiatus I've been takeing trying to improve my writing recently and- I've been on a few days now- started around this month with one of my long standing characters Argus M. When it showed this 'confirm new device' popup. Which seemed pretty normal, it's email attached to it is the internal one for the account. So Argus m's email is her actual account. So I don't get the 'code' that i am suppose to get to get rid of the page. even when i click the 'request code via email' button, and when i close out of the tab and reset my internet with a new tab- it takes me back to the same page.

    I was wondering if there was a way someone could help me change the account email to an actual gmail or help me take down this page from my computer.

    Either way- thank you for the help!


    Argus Mortem is a Ghost taking the form of a white wolf, black curved horns, and deep crimson eyes. She is visible to everyone around her. Behind her Apathetic and Aloof facade Argus is a genuine and fierce protector with a volatile nature.

    @mention if attacking or color text #cc3232


    Headcannons for bell;;

    -bell stays away from water mostly out of spite of the fact she has a sea sprite body

    -Whenever she touches water her body instantly turns into a sea-sprite, it's highly annoying / reason why she stays inside when it rains

    -Secretly screaming why is everyone around her an idiot

    -Pretends to be a lot more mellow that she actually is

    Okay so I'm gonna shoot some abstract ideas;;

    - Showing ranks from melted down/ colorful glass

    + If we've got a lake/ river area the beach can be littered with multi-colored glass/stones. When someone is given a new rank a specific stone is picked (based on color/ shape) and carved with a rune - that signifies the rank

    - Vine like ropes ladders / Areas

    +If we're living in a jungle/rainforest this would make sense. Also I really like the idea of living in a giant warped hollow tree with floors.

    + Also We can use the hollow like holes of the tree to climb on instead- and vines just to travel from tree to tree. Where we could have different trees for different reasons ''leader's tree'' - ''healer's tree''

    + Or we can have one big tree where all the clan functions are set up (Leader den/meeting place/healer den/ect) And then different clan members live on different tree's where it's branched from the min tree with vines.

    - Hawk ceremony

    + So- instead of offering prey to hawks maybe we offer something of our character's that signifies them/ an object they hold dear? I feel like this way it'd be more meaningful

    + Also if we take a hawk feather it only makes sense that they take something in return - either a fur scrap/bracelet or one of our possessions

    Um i think that's all I can think about for now

    She was a breth of fresh air. Bright and kind- a beacon in compariason is what some clanmates tell. The one's who know who she used to be. Who connected tales of woe- of a monster slayer and equal parts monster in their own rights. White fur and too many eyes. Of a beast under three names.

    Whisper was bright.

    Whisper didn't know who she used to be.

    Did she?

    Alrighttttt, well here's a new writing storage for this one. Since Whisp started new again I thought it fit to start new again with a writing storage. Feel free to track- if your interested in looking at past stuff- go here


    character name: Tenubis

    new or premade?: Newish

    age: 11 moons

    rank wanted: fury

    backup rank: Oracle

    brief personality: Tenu isn't the most kind or accommodating, but what he makes up for in his first impressions he makes up for in lasting. The snake is steadfast and loyal. Caring for his clan and family while remaining an aloof distant persona

    other notable quirks (powers, body, etc.)?: Experiments on a lot of stuff

    I know you can use internal feralfront email, but it only let's you use the internal email once. I only have one actual email which i use for my main account. But I can't use the same email again to create a new account so :/