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    hey y'all! in case you didn't already hear about it in the discord, we are going to have a theme week all next week - Pokemon week! If you want to participate, you can change your profile (avatar, signature, etc) to reflect the pokemon you think your character is most like! You are also free to make pokemon AU threads or whatever else your heart desires! Obviously not everyone knows/enjoys pokemon so participation is not mandatory - however, if you do decide to join in on the festivities you can earn the little badge shown above to commemorate the event! The theme week starts officially tomorrow [ June 9 ] and will last the whole following week - have fun! If anyone has questions, feel free to ask here! <3

    also if you need help deciding on a pokemon for your character - the randomize button on the official pokedex helped me hehe

    ALSO if you want an avatar made?? tell me the pokemon + background color (or pride flag bc it's pride month baby!) and I'll make it for ya right in this thread! examples below!

    anyways other than that go wild!! and feel free to use this thread as a chat thread for the event!! love y'all! <3

    sketch of a human dusk. very not finished and never will be

    used a ref for the pose

    no i dont know how to color why do you ask

    EDIT: i liked the first sketchy sketch better so here's that also


    badges should all be distributed - if I missed you, tell me here!

    also if you got a weird like. pee-yellow badge first. that was the test one and I didn't mean to assign it OOPS so uh enjoy that limited edition....treasure...

    were there only three entries? yes fhdjafjsh HOWEVER here are the results!!! i hope to get a new one of these up for june or july now that we have more members, but badges from this one will be out soon! <3


    Favorite HP: Jailbreak

    Favorite non-HP: Honeyguide

    Best name: Englishivy

    Best developed: Duskmire

    Favorite male: Tie between Sevrin, Viktor, and Jericho

    Favorite female: Cass


    Most likely to set something on fire for fun: Cass

    Most likely to set something on fire on accident: Lisette

    Most likely to sleep through the end of the world: Viktor

    Most likely to lead a rebellion: Tie between Aradia and Cass

    Most likely to be grumpy about the coming of summer: Tie between Sevrin, Cass, and Lisette

    Most likely to be afraid of Mt. Kodiak: Englishivy

    Most likely to try to climb Mt. Kodiak by themselves: Lisette

    Most likely to use "yeet" in every other sentence: Tie between Cass and Dusk


    Character you'd most want to date: Dusk

    Character you'd least want to date: Tie between Jesse, Aradia, and Cass

    The 3 characters who would make the worst road trip ever?: (no consensus gfhjdkjhsjda)

    The 3 characters who would make the best road trip ever?: (also no consensus)

    Official clan parent: Tie between Honeyguide and Wash

    Official clan sweetheart: Tie between Viktor and Bali

    #1 problematic fave: Cass


    Best ship: Wash and Honey

    Best crackship: n/a

    Best friendship: Dusk and Cass

    Best ship that you want to see happen: n/a

    Best ship that should never, ever happen: n/a


    Most welcoming: Sam/Merioneth

    Best writer: Everyone :) <3

    Best art/design: Zephyren

    Most helpful: Seleste

    Best at plotting: Tie between Rae and Weiss

    Most active: Weiss

    Cutest: whoops! you already won this category <3

    would it be possible for characters in agrelos to keep like.... chickens?

    looking into doing some farm themed stuff in wind haven and i was wondering if it would be possible for characters to essentially keep prey animals as 'pets'