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    I'm just eating a bunch of sour sweettart chews and it's making my eyes water

    how is everyone?

    i'm trying to regain some muse for London but i'm having no luck so far, my ghosty child Aileen is stealing it all away now that i decided to play her again rip

    hope I can manage two characters now because i don't want to give either of them up.

    but german is the best class!

    Especially for me cuz I be fluent and it's just an easy A for me lol

    I think I'll do office aid next year lol it seems really easy (still a junior rip)

    still need to grab the form thingy for it tho

    ooh can't wait

    ahh i have an idea for london's 1.5k too but it's uh...

    lol my poor child, why do i do this to you?

    ah that's nice of him, you have a good son lol

    i just have a ton of homework and I'm spending a lot of time with my boyfriend so it's pretty smooth i guess


    fabrie we're the same height yeet

    i wish I were shorter tho, being short was fun lol

    omg peen i didn't recognize you with your new bts aesthetic

    it's cute i like it

    oof i feel like I'm never on this chat anymore rip, been so busy lately

    i forgot about this lol