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    oh idk if u still want suggestions or if you'd like any of these buttt i'll list some of my faves


    NAME: calderakit - "caldera" for her orange and black fur that resembles lava; a caldera is a type of volcano

    possible warrior suffixes: leap, fall, heart, flare | nickname: callie

    GENDER: cis female | ORIENTATION: mega lesbian

    ALLIANCE: riverclan | RANK: kit



    calderakit is a calico maine coon mix with deep amber eyes. she is larger than average for her age and gender, and has a toned figure underneath her long fur. she is currently in perfect physical condition.



    POSITIVE TRAITS: intelligent, tough, responsible, efficient, confident, brave

    NEGATIVE TRAITS: irritable, sarcastic, grouchy, arrogant, downright mean

    LIKES: cats who can hold their own, her family, kits surprisingly, being the best

    DISLIKES: close-mindedness, unnecessary violence, most toms

    FEARS: never finding love, being ridiculed

    GOALS: to instill some common sense in her clanmates, to feel truly confident, to become nicer


    - developed a superiority complex because her fathers are high-ranking and she's a natural at hunting and fighting

    - doesn't act like it, but she has a heart of gold

    - struggles with her appearance, feel like she's too large for a she-cat

    - wants to be soft and loving but she feels silly doing so


    - starts to realize how much better than the other kits she is at a young age and gets cocky

    - as an apprentice she's a natural at warrior skills, which fuels her arrogance more

    - becomes a real menace to her clanmates to the point where she's just a bully

    - a tom comments on her size and says something like she'll never find a mate which makes her insecure for the first time

    - starts to really hate a certain she-cat for being nice all the time but eventually realizes she has a crush on her

    - eventually makes friends and becomes a little nicer


    General Clan-Wide Favorites

    (these can be PAST AND/OR PRESENT characters)

    1. Overall Favorite ThunderClanner: asphodelpaw

    2. Overall Favorite RiverClanner: tempestwing

    3. Overall Favorite WindClanner:

    4. Overall Favorite DarkClanner:

    5. Overall favorite BloodClanner:

    6. Overall favorite ShadowClanner: ratstar

    7. Overall favorite SkyClanner: lilysong

    8. Overall favorite Tribe Member:

    9. Absolute favorite character:

    Clan-Wide High Positions

    (remember: for all clans.)

    1. Favorite overall leader: nightstar

    2. Favorite overall former leader: doestar

    3. Favorite overall deputy: twistedtail

    4. Favorite overall former deputy: glacewing

    5. Favorite overall medicine cat:

    6. Favorite overall former medicine cat: bluefrost

    7. Favorite overall medicine cat apprentice:

    8. Favorite overall former medicine cat apprentice:

    9. Overall favorite HP:

    10. Overall favorite former HP: wheatbloom

    General In-Character Categories

    (remember: for all clans, can vote for past or present characters)

    1. Kindest Character:

    2. Bravest Character:

    3. Most generous character:

    4. Wisest character:

    5. Funniest character:

    6. Most serious character:

    7. Saltiest character: venomkit

    8. Most sarcastic character:

    9. Most frightening character:

    10. Most dangerous character:

    11. Most harmless character:

    12. Most mysterious character:

    13. Most memorable character: larkthroat

    14. Most intelligent character:

    15. Most devious character:

    15. Most quiet character:


    17. Most badass character:

    18. Most developed character: gladefall

    19. The grumpiest character: whitepaw

    20. Most adorable character:

    21. Most charming character:

    22. Most evil character:

    23. Most morally neutral character:

    24. Most morally good character:

    25. Favorite overall character:


    1. Favorite official pair:

    2. Favorite ship: beeflight + toadjump

    3. Two Characters you wish were shipped more often:

    4. Favorite crack-ship:

    5. Favorite former ship:

    6. Favorite former crack-ship:

    In-Depth IC

    1. Most likely to destroy the entire forest: sheogorath

    2. Most likely to sacrifice themselves for a stranger:

    3. Most likely to start a war: cedar

    4. Most likely to accidentally kill everyone:

    5. Most likely to unite all the clans:

    6. Most likely to crash your birthday party!?:

    7. Most likely to be the devil in disguise:

    8. Most likely to be an angel in disguise:

    9. Most likely to fall into the gorge:

    10. Most likely to die a horrible death: ashfolly

    11. Most likely to get slapped:

    12. Most likely to get kissed:

    13. Most likely to die alone:

    14. Most likely to be the literal devil (not in disguise):

    15. Most likely to be a literal angel (not in disguise):


    1. Best plot maker:

    2. Most active:

    3. Most welcoming:

    4. Funniest:

    5. Nicest:

    5. Angst - Master:

    6. Fluff - Master:

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    everyone wants them to hunt!! if u didn't that would be dumb of COURSE riverclan would use them for a good reason cuz they're known for their cleverness

    thunderclan already stole skyclan's old land do they really need more


    yeah thunderclan needs to hunt and wants to be ~warm~ but the FUCK so does riverclan!!!

    they can also SWIM and it's right by the RIVER

    -- thunderclan goody two paws don't interact --

    i love fruity pebbles

    they’re basicallt rice crispies but rainbow and sugary

    also i started eating vegan a couple months ago and i feel a lot better about myself!! i lost like 10 pounds to and i don’t even exercise v much