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    i really like animated movies so if that's not your thing just ignore me lmao

    some good ones imo are princess mononoke, howl's moving castle, your name, captain underpants, the boss baby, and killer bean forever

    killer bean forever is on youtube and is rly funny, it's about mafia coffee beans

    a funny youtube series is the most popular girls in school, which uses stop motion barbies and seems really dumb at first but the plot is actually pretty complex and the characters are great

    also captain underpants is a super underrated movie, it's actually good

    BASICS —

    FULL NAME: akilina alaniz

    NICKNAME(S): aki

    AGE: 16

    DATE OF BIRTH: april 2

    ZODIAC: aries

    GENDER: female

    GRADE: sophomore

    TALENT: you wouldn't know it because of her abrasive personality and constant yelling, but she has an amazing singing voice and hopes to pursue it professionally.

    ROMANTIC ORIENTATION: probably homoromantic



    FACE CLAIM: wip

    HEIGHT: 5'9

    WEIGHT: 130lb

    VOICE CLAIM: wip

    BODY MODIFICATIONS: she has red streaks in her hair, but other than that, none.



    POSITIVE TRAITS: ambitious, confident, independent, smart, strong

    NEGATIVE TRAITS: abrasive, arrogant, disrespectful, impatient, judgmental

    MORAL ALIGNMENT: chaotic neutral

    MBTI: entj

    TEMPERAMENT: choleric


    BIOLOGICAL MATERNAL: ethel alaniz

    BIOLOGICAL PATERNAL: alex alaniz

    CARETAKER(S): her mom is her main caretaker; her father isn't really present in her life.

    SIBLINGS: none

    LOVE INTEREST: herself



    > curses like a sailor

    > there are often ripped holes in her assignments because she writes too hard

    > very athletic, but is absolutely not a team player

    > it's not enough that she wins, others must suffer

    > will shamelessly exploit others' weaknesses for her own gain. or just for fun

    > her dad is an alcoholic douchebag but her mom just takes it, which infuriates her

    > she grew up poor, is very angry about it, and intends to change that

    > has an edgy backpack that she thinks is really badass but everyone else probably just thinks is cringey

    > was a gifted child and it went to her head

    > stronger than hell, faster than fuck, mad as all shit, very peaceful to dogs


    > no filter - black coast

    > i don't fuck with you - big sean

    > oh no! - marina and the diamonds

    > young and menace - fall out boy

    > anything - hedley

    > legend - the score

    OTHER:: this is gonna be my first time roleplaying a human so sorry if i suck lmao

    1. NAME: raccoonmask
    2. AGE: 18 moons
    3. GENDER: male
    4. APPEARANCE: long-haired black smoke tabby with yellow eyes
    5. PERSONALITY: raccoonmask is highly introverted, but he likes to observe others and is a great listener. nevertheless, he can be very sarcastic, especially with younger cats who think they know everything. he doesn’t care much for fighting, which is why he’d like being a medicine cat. he was never taught about herbs, but he’s quick to learn. he can come across as cold and calculating because he doesn’t feel the need to let others know how he feels, but deep down he cares a lot. he’s tolerant of cats from all backgrounds, considering he himself used to be a rogue. he thinks of the windclanners as his adoptive family and wants nothing more than to keep them safe and healthy.
    6. POSSIBLE PLOTS: (not necessarily in the order they’re gonna happen)

    — he isn’t able to save someone and it bothers him deeply

    — he accidentally kills someone close to him after his repressed af emotions come out and he gets really mad, after which he becomes an all-out pacifist

    — falls in love but probably won’t act on it since he’s shy and it’s against the rules. he only likes toms though, so even if something does happen there won’t be kits

    — maybe he adopts a kit tho? like he rescues them and they get closer

    — he never dreams about starclan for a long time and comes to believe that they’re not real or that he just isn’t meant to be a medicine cat; angst ensues

    — his past comes back to haunt him

    — after so many bad things happen to him, he develops depression a really pessimistic attitude

    — someone helps him to see the light again gradually and get inspired to do his job again

    — becomes a grumpy elder

    1. OTHER: boii i’ve been wanting to make this character for so long... even if he isn’t chosen i’m prolly gonna have him join windclan anyway


    cactus --> cactuswater / cactustail / cactusflower

    - prickly fur, tough on the outside, sweet on the inside

    raccoon --> raccoonmask / raccoontail / raccoonfoot

    - heavyset tom with raccoon-like features, sneaky, somewhat gross

    sparkle --> sparklesun, sparkleheart, sparklefur

    - majestic red ticked tabby, vain and self-obsessed

    squid, worm, clam, python, viper, mamba, cobra,

    animal names

    birds: buzzard, condor, crane, crow, cuckoo, duck, eagle, egret, falcon, finch, flamingo, goose, gull, grebe, grouse, harrier, hawk, heron, kestrel, kite, lark, loon, osprey, owl, parrot, pelican, penguin, puffin, raven, sparrow, stork, swallow, swan, swift, tern, toucan, vulture, wren

    bugs: ant, aphid, bee, beetle, cicada, cricket, fly, hornet, mantis, mosquito, scorpion, slug, spider, tarantula, wasp, worm

    mammals, large: bear, beaver, bull, cheetah, cougar, cow, coyote, deer, doe, elk, fox, goat, horse, jackal, jaguar, leopard, lion, lynx, monkey, otter, pig, ram, sheep, stag, tiger, wolf

    mammals, small: bat, gopher, hare, lemming, mole, mongoose, mouse, possum, rabbit, raccoon, rat, shrew, squirrel, stoat, weasel

    reptiles/amphibians: cobra, frog, gator, gecko, lizard, mamba, newt, python, salamander, toad, viper

    water/fish: clam, crab, dolphin, eel, guppy, pike, salmon, squid

    zodiac symbolism

    aries: onion, cayenne, dragon, wasp, electric, garlic, spicy

    taurus: cow, bull, apple, grape, pear, licorice, fig, almond, cypress, vine, flax, beaver

    gemini: nut, parrot, monkey

    cancer: melon, lotus, crab, frog, squash, milk, papaya, cucumber

    leo: ginger, gold, lynx, bay, palm, citrus, salmon

    virgo: eucalyptus, corn, bee, rice

    libra: plum, swan

    scorpio: hibiscus, radish, scorpion, steel, lava, poison, gecko, gator

    sagittarius: tomato, clover, rat, marble

    capricorn: mushroom, magnolia, pansy, goose, goat

    aquarius: orchid, kiwi, otter, lime, lemon, dolphin

    pisces: echinacea, coral, salamander, flamingo, pelican

    multi-cat name theme ideas

    - salt and pepper: salt is a grumpy white cat, pepper is an energetic silver ticked tabby

    - tiger, lion, and bear (oh my!)

    - fruit names

    - herb names

    - prey names (mouse, bird, etc.)

    so today i was remembering how i used to play questionpaw in tidalclan/the rift and i kinda missed playing in extended so i wanted to get back into it. ques had a daughter, tropicalkit, but i never really even played her so i wanna jump in with her but as an older cat, probably late apprentice aged. i'm trying to piece together what happened to her so i can formulate a personality but all my old posts are gone so it's a little shaky. what i remember is that after questionpaw died she possessed tropicalkit's body to come back to life? sooo i think i'm just gonna say tropicalkit managed to expel questionpaw eventually but now she hates her mom and changed her name because she wants nothing to do with her.

    as for placement, i was thinking a slower-paced group, maybe on the backboards? idk. i think i'll have her visit the rift first to try to remember her life before her crazy ass mom possessed her, then have her become disgusted with the place and move out.

    also i just have a few questions about extended since i haven't played here since like 2014 lmao..are powers/other animals in the clans still a thing? also do most people use clan names (like with the prefixes and suffixes) or is it just kind of name ur character whatever the hell u want?

    aww...i’m at a state university in the middle of a city so it’s not thaaat boring but i’ve lived in said city my whole life so there’s not really anything new to do

    yo i'm finna join darkclan but i need some help with a name cuz i've come up with too many. she's apprentice aged, scared of fighting, and has depression but she makes jokes about everything. also is pretty smart but lazy. appearance will be determined by her name

    1. daisypaw (daisyfrost or daisyberry) - ironic since daisy symbolizes happiness

    2. irispaw (irismoon) - iris symbolizes wisdom/creativity

    3. pansypaw (pansyflight or pansydapple) - pansy because she's a pansy when it comes to fighting

    hey i wanna make a she-cat character since i only play toms rn but idk what group to put her in. it would preferably be a slower-paced clan and prolly not river or thunder cuz i already have characters there. she's late apprentice/young warrior-aged and hates fighting. help? ouo