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    Marking while I gather up some pictures.

    I just. I love pets. So much. What the fuck these babes are all so cute I love them with all my herat,,, the sneks and the fish and the turtles and thr cats and the dogs I'm ghonna scREAM. What a good contest. All of you are winners.

    Yes, she does have tags! I was actually working on getting them updated when you posted. I was gonna link them once I finished the first post, but I got caught up redoing the entire thread then I tanked after I finished it. xD Anyways, the link is here: Caera's Tags & Storage ★ February 04, 2018

    She doesn't have a current home, but she'll be visiting The Cartel to start things off. She used to lead the group so she'll just want to check in and see if they need her to help with anything. The method she's going to use is possessing her old body (which will definitely be gross by now) and then dropping it once the conversation is over.

    Hypebeast could be attracted by the natural corruption surrounding The Cartel and be intrigued by the dark energy Caera left on her old body? Then he can begin tracking her as she moves throughout the clans. (I can tag you in the threads I make.)

    Haha, I was thinking that might be a problem as well. For the "trail of chaos" it would basically be her doing things that will make others suffer. At this point, she's still a monster of purgatory, so it's basically programmed within her to make other people suffer. She could find out dark secrets and spread it to harm a character, kill a close friend/family member, etc. I was actually thinking of making a plotting thread for this, where people sign up their characters to have Caera do something life changing (in the wrong way) to them. So, basically, that part is just her go around making innocent people's lives hell or the fun of it while she does her job.

    and i think i got her hair because that was the real struggle. here's how caera looks! feel free to ask for any modifications. ^^


    Yeah, that looks fine! Most of the artists I contact struggle with the curly hair so I was worried about that, but the way you've done it looks great! Everything else looks spot on as well. :D

    Woah okay, so I saw this thread yesterday and I got immediate plot vibes for my babe. I killed her when I left the site a few months back, but with my return I've also been itching to bring her around again. She's a monster of purgatory (technically created by the ruler of purgatory, Radioactiveplague, as well) and has been confined there ever since her body was killed off. I'm thinking that she can come back up with a mission that leaves a lot of destruction in her wake and catches the attention of Hypebeast. She's still technically a kid but has been through a lot, so she would definitely send other souls off to purgatory for her mission.

    That was a quick recap, but if you want more details I've got it all planned out (along with alternatives if my original place doesn't work out)! I also don't have a strict plan for how long this all takes; I'm only roleplaying casually, so my posting isn't going to have a strict schedule. We can play it by ear or have a strict date set,m if you'd like.

    Anyways! Sorry for posting so much, I just love Caera a lot so I've got a tonne of muse for her. Let me know whether ot not you like this plot! (:

    Unfortunately, I haven't tried my hand at art in ages, so I won't be able to offer you an art trade. Sorry ;;w;;

    I absolutely love your style, though! Do you have a DA, or some other account I can follow you on?

    If you find her interesting (and not too difficult), I'd love if you could draw Caera! I've decided to bring her back to the site and she's my absolute favourite character so I can't resist the urge to spoil her with good art. if she's too difficult, I totally understand!

    If you're looking to mass unwatch threads on desktop, you can also use the following:

    Forum (on the top bar) -> Watched Threads (the bottom selection)

    Then, you can click the button besides the threads you want to unwatch. That'll add a checkmark to the box and, once you've selected all the threads you wish to unwatch, scroll down and press Unwatch Marked Threads. Click OK, and you'll be unsubscribed from all of them. (:

    Image 1 & Image 2 & Image 3 (screenshots, just for reference. all images are here)

    I also have a tag template on my old thread, though it's not advanced. ( static palms melt your vibe [★] immy's template storage )

    I also just created this the other day for my character. If you like it, I can write up the blank code for you & you can add anything as you see fit. ( LYRICS NEEDED [Ion's bio page] PROBABLY FROM RIP 2 MY YOUTH )

    If you want the information from this template but don't like the "prettying up" (basically, fancypost) that goes with it, I can get you the plain code for that as well. :)

    I can also help you create a bio if you can't find anything!

    I might be reading this wrong, but if you're asking whether or not the other servers you're in can see you're in the FF server, no they can't. The only way other people will know is if they're in the FF discord server as well. (:

    (Apologies if I misread your question. ;w;)

    Star I always do that on the weekends. I end up sleeping in until 3pm the next day and ruin my sleeping schedule.

    As long as you don't do that, you should be fine. c;

    D.BWOLVERINA Hey, welcome to the site! I'm always looking to make friends myself. :'D

    So what brought you to the site?