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Let's Share! has (finally) launched! Our first article is a World of Tanks Guide by Enderclaw!

    I'm looking for some advanced character templates that I can fill out for a litter, as well as to start up my own character gallery yet again, but I'm having no such luck. Is there anyone that can direct me to some of their favorites or any recently newly made advanced character templates, since I know with the site's change over, fancyposts work differently now. It'd be greatly appreciated!

    I'm looking for an advanced character template that's fitting for the traditional clans.

    Track! I'm interested in the very last litter; however, I just recently returned and don't know what powers are available in the traditional clans; so, I don't want to go ahead and apply for the litter until I know what those powers are, just so I don't end up getting in trouble with staff if I pick the wrong thing.

    i think when the site switched over, those posts became "invisible". they'll still show up in your post count but they aren't exactly there. try searching your posts maybe?

    That's what I mean is when I search in my posts, nothing appears, not even the more recent posts.

    Litter Name: NPC x NPC (Twopaw's Cousins)

    Character Name: Seapaw

    Age: 6 moons

    Gender: Male

    Just a small note that this used to be a character I played until the family fell inactive, so I'm gonna try to bring him back.

    So, I have a little over 26,000 posts, but every time I go to check my posts that have been more recent, to find a post I'm looking for, it tells me nothing is there. Is this a glitch, can it be fixed, or is it supposed to do that?

    Sorry for so many questions. x.x

    The coding for the profile is the same for how you post! There aren't any profile customization skins anymore if that's what you're looking for, sorry.

    Just go to your profile >> Customization >> Edit Profile

    Unfortunately, I don't know those codes. Is there a guide for it?

    I don't think there's a guide on profile customization with the new format, but when I get home from camp in august I can definitely work on one!

    That would be nice of you!

    I managed to get music on my profile, but now I want to pretty my profile up. Yet, because the site has changed so much, I no longer know the codes to use. Help? Is there a list or guide somewhere that'll reteach me how to customize my profile?

    Just a small note that what was written in here was as if he was a warrior already. It's how I write all my bios.

    Not all too certain what accolades are still around/request-able, but here's a short list of the ones I would like to have:

    Certified Active Member

    Silver Member

    Golden Member

    Amethyst Member

    Azure Member

    Emerald Member (used to have an account by the name of Sludgepaw; evidence)

    Epic Uber Poster

    Epic Startup! Poster

    Advanced Roleplayer

    Uber Advanced Roleplayer (I can not locate this thread now after the forum change. :( )

    Star Referrer (My two, now inactive, friends that joined: Kokidei and Beechsoul)

    These were all on my account from the old FeralFront site. I wish I had more evidence, but I can't access any old posts.

    You don't need to upload the mp3 files anywhere. Simply go to Control Panel > Profile Customization > click the 'Choose File' under Theme Song (MP3) and hit Submit.

    As for music, I use this site to download music from YouTube. But you could also buy music on Google Play or iTunes (I think, never actually bought music before).

    Ah. I didn't mean upload as in upload it to another site. I meant uploading it to here. Thanks though!

    I'd like to add music to my profile, but I'm unsure if it has gotten up and running since I was last here. If so, what sites can I use to find and upload the music? I, honestly, don't know any sites that have mp3 files to download.