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    yo yo! so i have eaglespirit here, who is the senior warrior and a very respected member of windclan. he came from this city (not the bloodclan one), from a very abusive and very cruel rogue group, where he was the son/heir to the master of it all.

    yet, unbeknownst to him, the story wasn't so clear cut - his 'father' wasn't his father, his 'birth place' wasn't his birthplace. See, him and his brother Sparrow[song] were born as Eagle who Battles the Storm and Sparrow who Calls in Warning - two tribe cats kitnapped very very young. And their father wasn't their father, but a tom who became obsessed with their mother, who didn't care for him in the slightest and loved another tom who also loved her back. But 'Creed' as he called himself was very selfish and awful, and thus stole her and her mate's kids so that he can hurt them both as well as pretend that the two kits were really his and the molly's kids. His original plan was to raise them in his imagine, before sending them off to kill their true father and his 'rival', but that never came to be as Eagle murdered him to break up the awful group he had and escape with all the other children underfoot.

    And, well, Creed's plan worked, somewhat. The molly and her mate were devastated to find their two kits, the only two alive from their first litter, gone in the night. After searching the mountains and coming up with nothing, the two were declared dead, must've wandered away somehow during the night and died a very numerous number of ways. It caused so much tension and grief between the two, that they almost broke up.

    Yet time heals, and despite the tragedy, they eventually stopped blaming each other and looked to each other for solicit, their bond and relationship now stronger than it ever could before. And, after forever they finally decided it was time to start a family again, and while they never could forget about Eagle and Sparrow and the 'death' of all of their first children, they were ready to love and heal by another batch of children.

    Yet, as you might recall, Eagle and Sparrow didn't die. (Well, Sparrow did but much much later). Eagle is actually in the clans as Eaglespirit, and sometime soonish I'll try to find a way for him to visit the tribe/find out that he came from there, and the whole family will get the shock of their lives. Old wounds would be uncovered, an older brother previously only stories will be in there in the flesh, just general high moods would be anywhere. they can react however when the time comes!


    - stay pretty active, please! the tribe isn't the most active so i don't expect super big activity, but they should at least be around

    - for the siblings, please have pretty nice names! they were the 'good' one, the one that the parents put so much hope into

    - if you fall inactive, i have the right to rehome them

    - as eagle and sparrow were both norwegian forest cats, everyone in the family must be as well. that also means, due to their large size and strength, the whole family would most certainly be cave-guards

    - eaglespirit [windclan senior warrior] - son/older brother

    - buzzardflight [windclan medicine cat] - grandson/nephew

    Dnd is a game based on like, Tolkienish fantasy, with humans as well as elves/dwarfs/hobbits (halflings)/other high fantasy creatures. You form a ‘party’ of charas who different people play, and go around having adventures. It’s actually a bit more like a board game in that to do stuff you roll dies to determine the outcome but there is also rping

    A unique aspect is that there’s one player who doesn’t really play, and instead controls what’s happening - this player is called the dungeon master (dm) and is in charge of plotting out what happens, as well as just generally directing the game

    Tbh I’ve always wanted to try it. I’ve been thinking also of doing a hybrid-sorta game with our windclan charas, where I’ll probably dm bc i was the one who started this so might as well and see how playing a dnd game but in the typical rping fashion is gonna work out. Also it’s funny, I think onos literally the only one here whos ever truly played the game

    well the mother then can be really most things, as long as she has some black-factor to pass on (ie, not a red/cream tabby), and has white on her! the father would also need some white as well to be genetically sound - but other than that, she can be really anything

    Oof I’m sorry I have to go to work now, but np!!! And you aren’t dw we love to have y’all around

    But ;))) I might ;)) have something planned for everyone who creates a dnd chara and adds them to the campaign I linked to a bit ago ;))

    np!!! always glad to help - after all, everyone was new and confused at some point lol

    but yes, i love that about trad too - once you start rping around you'd notice that everyone's pretty much everywhere around this place, and everyone's close and like a big happy family. like i always say, we're just all big nerds over here rping warrior cats online with strangers, the only requirement to be here is to want to be here <3

    yeah but like amy said, there's no requirement for muse/post length in the slightest! heck ive known rpers to only give a sentence or two in their posts and get along fine. the average is around a paragraph or two, but from what i've seen there's no problem with length from you! and, if you ever do want to flesh out your posts im always happy to give some pointers!

    plus you always tend to improve in your writing and writing length the more you rp, and the more you get into your chara! so that's always a factor as well

    Basically, sometimes people do a plot point but still want to do a couple threads before that’s implemented, they can say their post is retro to [whatever].

    If it’s after a plot point that hasn’t happened yet, then you simply say their post is after [whatever]!

    aaaaa welcome!!! im so excited, so many new faces here, im so pumped rn!!

    and he sounds great - eagle was a former loner from the city (not the bloodclan one/the twoleg place in the books), he'd probably be tough in the beginning to see if he's up for clan life, but once he proves himself in eagle's eyes i can see eagle semi-adopting him lol