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    lowkey pitch being mads like,, little helper

    brinign him the bodies he needs to experiment on or w/e bc it gives him the opportunity to let off steam

    aLSO eternal sweetie im so osrry i didnt read ur tags before typing out pitchs dialogue that was a MISTAKE

    whats up gaymers its ya boi here comin at ya live

    to start off, pitch is closed to romantic reltionships as he is taken by duskmire and lowkey dex as well

    being killed or maimed is also closed off

    he IS open tho to meeting other exilers ofc! short-term and long-term plots, rivalries (if they work) and while unlikely, enemies as well

    aaand anything else you can think of bc atm im very tired but! plot away

    pitch audibly gagged at the mention and description of this woman's family. it seemed so utterly perfect, and happy, and god did he want to tear her vocal cords out at that moment. pitch wasn't rather fond of the fact he had mommy and daddy issues, it really only made things worse when he heard shit like this. where he was brought back to the moment he had been dropped off at shadowclans border and left to grow up into... whatever he was now. whatever jabberjaw had raised him to be.

    "listen, lady, the more ya talk the more fuckin' pissed we get. got it? so for the love of the gods shut ya fuckin' trap already." the tom cat as he prowled forward, his lip curled and tail lashing in irritation. "thanks for givin' us your family's location, though. sure your family will love a little welcome from us." he hadn't had the taste of canine in a while, not since he started cannibalizing again after meeting dex. he wouldn't mind the change at the moment.

    pitch was terrible at paying attention in these sort of gatherings. the droning of listed herbs and often elaborate explanations of what they did would always send the ex-third tier into a doze and he would pass out right in the middle of a lecture. he didn't really think anything truly important came out of learning about medicine, especially since he normally counted on dusk whenever he was hurt. the cream tabby had, without fail, healed all his wounds during his time in bloodclan. before that he normally kept out of people's hair long enough that he didn't get into deadly situations, and the enemies he took on were normally weaker beings. then again he probably shouldn't rely on dusk anyhow, and try to learn something here.

    "what do ya mean by change? like, you're gonna come up with new ways to heal us? do they involve dissecting our insides?"

    blizzardclan used to be a 'no touchy' zone to pitch, considering bloodclan had allied with them. though the domestic was not displeased to see that it wasn't the case here in the exiles, now. the entire situation with blizzardclan being allies with both of his former homes had been rather... uncomfortable, to say the least. the tom was still stuck in his old way against proclans, and it seemed not even the self proclaimed anticlans could remain that way for long.

    a bit of an excited step in his gait, pitch approached the warden with an expectant twitch of his tail, making sure his bone ax was secured in its harness before setting off.

    the black smoke nodded slowly at alcibiades. so he could organize his own, and boy was that good news for him. while pitch indeed wasn't someone who dove into the fight until his very last breath, there were times where he wouldn't mind using his clanmates as his own little militia when he needed to let off some steam. "here ya loud n' clear, cap." he flashed the wolf a grin, taking a small appreciative note in the warden's added advice.

    shit, he was late. was that okay to be late? maybe he could say he was 'immersed' into his fake background and persona, see how long that would last for him. the black smoke listened for the last few bits he had arrived for, discreetly acting as if he didn't miss the majority of it and nodded his head in a very serious manner like the others did. mainly just copying their movements because he wasn't sure what his reaction would actually be. pitch couldn't really come up with any, appropriate or otherwise, questions to ask, so he remained silent.

    "i'd take up on that offer lizard-man, but i'm not sure if i'd keep my dick afterward." pitch remarked with an easy smirk, padding to the meeting and glncing away from vanari to alcibiades. he seemed chill, a pretty cool guy. "oh! i have a question my dude- what are the extents that a regular guy like me can go? as far as holding raids and stuff; gotta clear that with you, right?" he knew he forgot to ask something when they had joined, but dex's collapse had taken his train of thought completely.

    oh my goodness

    when i move out in a few months im hoping to get a hedgie eventually! theyre so cute and snuggly

    also!! last takeover i was in was probably when serp took over thunderclan :') that was years ago and with pitch technically bc hes a reincarnation of the char i used

    oh jeez i know how terrible canada $ is in comparison to usd :/

    like an order on amazon worth $50 is like $62 for canada and its bullshit!!

    ntm anything for exotic pets almost always cost more than regular house pets like cats and dogs its wild!!!