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We've done a few more changes to the site you can read about HERE

    No, I'm afraid there isn't a way to recover it without knowing the email. If you want to shoot me a conversation with the situation, I can hopefully help more to recover the account. :)

    Hey FeralFronters!

    Some options have been removed from the site, due to a lack of use and we wanted to let you guys know about them.

    1) Profile customization was removed because not a lot of people were able to figure it out. Perhaps it was too complicated based upon our restrictions, but with the code built the way it is, there has to be those restrictions in order to keep the site safe. Due to the lack of use and staff not wishing to explain every key aspect of the customization, it has been removed. One day in the future, it may be more compatible a project that somebody wants to take on to teach the member base about CSS. For now, that is too large a task and with our upcoming upgrade becoming complicated, the less we have to upgrade the better!

    2) Member advertisements have also been removed, simply due to lack of desire or use. Nobody was purchasing them besides the occasional rare one. Even then, we searched the database and the only member ads on there were three. All of which were from staff. To free up space with less stored code, again for the upgrade but also for the database in general, we've removed this option as well. We also have replaced the member advertisements with regular advertisements (like you'd see on the top) to hopefully garner more interest to fund FeralFront. But don't fret, we have no intention of shutting down whether we get additional funding or not. :)

    We've also re-enabled the ability to use the personal text replacement! You're limited on how many you can use, but this will give you the option to replace a phrase, word, or something that you do not want to see. This will be personal to THAT account only. You will need to set it up to all of your linked accounts manually. You'll find it under Settings -> Text Replacements.

    Thanks guys!
    - Staff

    Staff are okay with the proposed idea! It would need to be a strain to maintain it though - lots of energy used to put into this thing. Therefore, it couldn't last a terribly long time. And we do ask that it mostly be used for aesthetic reasons to not break the realm of 'no armor'! :)

    If you’re looking for a group to play outside the realm completely with nine lives for leadership or not interacting with the realm of traditional, you’d go to other roleplay! In traditional, there are no extra lives for fan clan leaders. I think I’m understanding proper at least.

    Hey guys!

    I just wanted to make a quick announcement about some changes we've implemented on the site!

    • Post character limits for every account have been upped from 30,000 to 50,000! It's not a huge increase, but we've received some complaints about it being too small for one-shots, adoptions, family histories, etc.
    • Every single account now has a unified amount of post templates available to save and a new character limit for post templates themselves. They are as follows:
      • Post template limit is now 15!
      • Post template character limit is now 3,000!

    Please message a member of staff if these do not seem to be accurately changed!

    Thanks for being awesome. :)

    Oh I gotcha, I misread. Sorry, I was on lunch break and it was a looooong day. StarClan/Dark Forest had their own section before. But it only got like 5-10 posts a month per board and we couldn't justify keeping them both.

    What do you mean it doesn’t? Bloodclan is still there just as much as any of the other clans. It was brought into existence just the same as the others. Dark clan is an entirely different clan from the past and was brought in at the same time as all the other clans.

    I put the ‘if’ because I wasn’t sure based upon the wording. It wasn’t intended as a yes this will be removed or no this won’t be removed. More so a statement that we are watching posts based upon the statement you made of the clan being inactive.

    Also I was trying to accurately answer the question while also trying to get ready for work. It may have come off as more flippant or snippy due to that, which wasn’t my intention.

    I hope I’ve been able to explain well enough on why the clan exists in trad.

    I'm afraid that isn't something that we can do. You have over 10,000 posts and to delete everything would take a lot of staff's time. :( They have to be deleted manually if the account is still in existence and even if the account is deleted, it leaves the posts as a "guest" post.