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    Litter: saltedwounds x valentine

    Name: Lullaby Harbringer | "Baby" "Lulu"
    Gender: female

    Appearance: a young serval with a few distinct, key-features - folded, puppy-like ears, a long forked tongue, protruding upper canines, color-changing eyes with heart-shaped pupils, and a row of scales down her spine. Her tall, thin body is covered in soft golden fur, with inky black markings. The most notable being the three stripes down her back - one down the center of her spine, and one beside it on each flank; her nose, the star-shaped spot at the center of her forehead, the backs of her ears and the thick rings marking her entire tail. the rest of her dark markings are simple - just small, scattered dots and spots. Her underbelly and the fur between her toes is white, as is a large spot on the back of each of her ears. Her eyes are a stunningly vibrant no matter what color they change to, and have distinct, heart-shaped inky black pupils. Her eye-color often depends on mood - anger and hate is a toxic yellow-green, fear and sadness is a watery turquoise, passion and trust is a warm pink, love and respect is a jewel toned purple, and joy and excitement is a stunning honey-toned orange. Her eyes usually change when the emotion is extremely intense, as they otherwise appear as a soft iridescent silvery-white with pastel hues flecked here and there, rather like an opal or a pearl. Down the middle of her spine-stripe is a row of small, round-tipped triangular spines that stick out; which are rather iridescent but most often appear white with flecks of pastels - a lot like her eyes. Her tongue is black in color - a stark contrast to her pearly white teeth - and her blood and other bodily fluids are a sickly, toxic, neon yellow-green (like her eyes when angry).
    Personality: Emotional, hot-cold, temperamental, crybaby, usually a sweetheart, extremely genuine and open with her emotions and thoughts, often times is naive for her age, insecure, playful, passionate, kind, hard-working, intelligent, stand-offish at times, selfish, childish, dependent, clingy, loyal, loving, self-sacrificing
    Other: Project & Manipulate emotions (10) + Telepathy (10) + Super Senses (30) + Character Bond (10)

    Notes: cheerful, over-eager, over emotional, cryababy, anxious, playful, bouncy, bubbly, eager to please


    -- Dreamkit / Dream, Dreamy, Daydream / later to be Dreamcatcher / named for her midnight-hued pelt and her optimism

    -- cisgender female / feminine pronouns such as she or her / demisexual bicurious

    -- unborn / spiritually 00 months / ages real time on the 00th

    -- shadowclan, kit / no mentor / no titles


    [ DOMESTIC FELINE ] -- MH TORTOISESHELL ORIENTAL MIX -- HEALTH __100% -- ref one. ref two.


    -- accessories;



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    -- ( adopted or otherwise ) parent to?

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    Didn't find much on Ivet so hope this form is okay! (it's also a wip atm)

    NAME: Ivet

    APPEARANCE: a tiny black laperm with faint mackerel tabby markings and wide mauve eyes. Her neck is permanantly shaved in a collar-like shape, and her ID # tattoo is visible in black ink. Her entire upper-left ear is torn off jaggedly.

    PERSONALITY: bubbly, cheerful, feisty, sassy, trouble-maker, strong-willed, stubborn, easily angered, prideful, active, sporty.

    i could find a way to forgive all the lies and stupid things i say

    IC. Kitty was tired from the long journey - she lived almost an entire state over, but had volunteered for this... thing... anyways. The money would be well worth it - and she'd watched so many horror and 'ghost' movies that she was sure that even on the very, very, very, off-chance this place's supposed "haunting" was real? Well, let's just say she wasn't stupid enough to go searching through the basement for random strangers who she was competing against. Humming to herself as music pumped through her ear-buds, the currently pastel-goth clothed girl would step out of her sleek, inky black car, watching the others who had arrived with wary blue eyes. This money would be hers.

    OOC. text here

    maybe i could love myself like the way that you love me

    NAME: Bittersweetvictory Dynamis | "Bitter" "Bittersweet" | formerly Bittersweetpaw

    GENDER: trans female | born and biologically male | changed gender identity at 1 year old

    SEXUALITY: pansexual demiromantic | very uninterested in long-term relationships

    CLAN: current loner | planning to join the exiles

    APPEARANCE: A small, muscular spotted hyena with pale sandy-cream toned fur marbled with thin bands of orange. Her body markings are the usual muzzle, ears, and stockings of black, with flanks spotted in rusty-brown and a spine striped with a fiery bright ginger. Vivid golden yellow eyes nearly seem to glow with emotion, and sharp off-white fangs glint inside his jaws. Her tail is a bit shorter than average, but otherwise her build is normal for her birth-gender.

    PERSONALITY: violent, tense, constantly on-edge, usually quite and observant. Bitter is extremely cunning and intelligent, able to adapt and improvise as the situation requires. Her first instinctive reaction to most conflicts, problems, or differences in opinion is violence - but usually it's more out of habit that anything. She has strong fight-or-flight instincts and is a bit paranoid at times, but tries her best to be a 'normal' and 'functioning' member of society. She's also a major sugar-addict and would probably (litterally) kill over anything sweet or with a high sugar-content.

    OTHER: ref.

    // edit: added clan and added to the personality section ut this is finished!

    LITTER: hollypaw x eelspots

    NAME: Cherrytwist (formerly maplepaw)
    GENDER: female

    APPEARANCE: ref. a tall, long-bodied calico with mint-green eyes. She has a distinct scar across her throat and her left hind-foot is slightly twisted, causing her mild pain and to limp when the weather is too cold.
    PERSONALITY: Egotistical, arrogant, prideful, flirty, feisty, cunning, driven, hard-working, calculating, goal-oriented, ambitious, brutal, head-strong, non-stop, rough-and-tumble, and passionate. She's a bratty, egotistical, arrogant flirt - but most of the time her claims are backed up by actions, and despite her original clan-upbringing she's got very few morals and has become somewhat of an anti-hero. She's a survivor, strategist, and an adrenaline junky - she thrives on the thrill that fighting, hunting, and plotting bring her. She's loyal to whatever group she is in, but self-preservation will always come first in any situation in which she feels cannot be won.

    BACKSTORY (let me know if i should change anything): Maplepaw used to be a shy, kind, awkward, generally nervous wreck - but when all of her siblings except one decided to go on an adventure, she decided she'd follow them in secret just to prove to herself that she wasn't a fraidy-cat. However, she got separated from the group and was eventually attacked by a random bloodclanner - which lead to her being taken in by some alley-cats. She grew up on the city streets, avoiding bloodclan, dogs, and fighting other cats for scraps of food and was given a new name when she joined. She's now heard that her brother is in fact deputy, and she's found herself once again interested in being a darkclanner.

    OTHER: she's about a week pregnant rn, and doesn't know it yet.

    god help me i really don't need more darkclan babies but I CAN'T RESIST

    LITTER: 3 moons
    NAME: Clearkit // Clearpaw // Clearday? Clearsky? Clearflower? Clearmorning? Clearmist?

    GENDER: female

    APPEARANCE: a soft furred she-cat with a pelt of ash and snow - one eye a bright gold and the other a pale silver. She's small, short, compact, and very underweight - hardly weighing more than a pound. Her body is nearly split 50/50 between her two colors - with her belly, chest, tail, and a ring around her neck being pale white, as well as front mittens and back stockings. Under her throat is white as well, as is the left half of her chin. Her upper lip and muzzle is white, and a large splash of white covers her right cheekbone and the bridge of her nose. The rest of her pelt is a soft, pale grey-blue tone that reminds one of mist and early morning skies.

    PERSONALITY: shy, stealthy, secretive, polite, distant, intelligent, cunning, attentive, adaptable, studious, obsessive, focused, talented. Clearkit isn't one much for crowds, making friends, or anything overly social. She's put a lot of distance between herself and her clanmates in the short amount of time she's been alive - to her, knowledge is more meaningful than social standing. She's very polite when interacting with others, but others have to approach her first in order to start a conversation. She is very intelligent, and enjoys learning as much as she possibly can about the world around her. She's very studious and obsessive - often focusing on one specific topic of interest until she feels she has learned all she can about that topic. She is very quite and shy, and is physically quite stealthy and attentive - a trait that especially helps in her 'studies'.

    OTHER: ref one. ref two. ref three.

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