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    xayah. hey, he has standards xD he's not that much of a dick that he'd hit a girl, angelique taught him better then that lol he's all for feeding off other people's anger and need for vengeance or revenge, but he doesn't want to be harassed or beaten xD even though he's over here decking flocks

    imha makes it a bit too obvious xD but he thinks nobody else knows about it but him just because ayanna doesn't know about it lol

    i love roleplaying imha and anpu, omg they're my sons

    ahhh thank you~ i love your posts too xayah!


    Cat & Dog

    Feel like I'm your cat, I'm your dog


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    Chinyama, Goddess of the Wildlife (Diane Mun)- interacting with: Ciene

    Chinyama quietly stroked the feline's head as she listened to the sound of Ayanna's voice echoing and bouncing off the walls of the large building. She blinked a few times, listening as the feline's soft purrs kept her somewhat occupied. Its tail was waving in the air for a bit, as everything seemed to be going by smoothly with no one trying to bother her tonight. But then her wishes shattered right in front of her eyes when a familiar voice reached her ears. Because she had been so surprised, she almost dropped the cat that was nestled in her arms, trying to sleep through the noise and commotion, but after Chinyama's tiny mistake, the feline opened its eyes and was now on high alert as he looked around, wondering what was going on

    "A-Ah!" She gasped until turning her body a little to look at the much taller goddess that approached her. It took her a minute to realize that this was Ciene, one of her best friends from the pantheon. When seeing the bright, familiar face, Chinyama sighed and closed her eyes. "It's just you, Ciene. You really startled me just now." She laughed a tiny bit, soon moving her gaze downward and watching as Ciene's hand found its way on the head of the feline that was in her arms. The stray cat didn't seem scared as it took a moment to sniff Ciene's hand before lowering her to touch him, purring as her hand stroked his head and scratched behind his ear. The tail raised and was back to swaying peacefully in the air.

    Moving the attention from the feline back to Ciene, her eyes studied the goddess. It has been a while, no scratch that, it's been forever! Chinyama couldn't even count the months (or even years) since she last seen the tall woman. Now that she was here, the shorter goddess took a moment to look the other up and down, taking in her appearance as if he had to make sure that she was real and not just Chinyama's imagination or something. She couldn't understand the reasoning behind having to confirm the other's legitimacy. It wasn't like she had died or anything. But maybe that's what she had been looking at her so intently for. The wildlife goddess had been slightly afraid that the other had indeed died or something. But she quickly realized that silly that was, and she calmed down. She needed to chill. But she found it rather hard when hearing of how the deities were, one by one, being picked off besides of lack of belief. She kind of envied the deities who she knew would survive the mess. Shaking her head, Chinyama sighed. But that wasn't important. She shouldn't think so much about this, especially when now she had some company, and thank the heavens it was someone that she knew and liked.

    And not Xinthe.

    "Yea, it's certainly been a while." She laughed softly, smiling at the other goddess. "How are you doing, Cici? Enjoying the party so far?" She asked, tilting her head to the side a bit, continuing to listen to the cat's purring as Ciene stroked his soft fur. "And I think Midnight really likes you." She pointed out, looking at the dark black cat that looked very happy with the affection. "I actually didn't expect him to be so quick to let you pet him, he's usually very... cautious with strangers, but he seems to already not mind you." She chuckled softly. She would have expected this kind of reaction with Felin, but seeing the tom so accepting towards Ciene, she felt this was a good thing for the feline. At least this showed he was comfortable. "Don't ask me how he got in because I really have no idea." She joked with a small snort.


    Imha, God of Destruction (Min-Su Yi)- interacting with: Anpu, Xinthe, Liantis, Alelia

    Imha snarled a bit but before he could make some kind of snarky comment back at Xinthe; arms wrapped around his midsection, causing him to flinch a bit. He was caught off guard and at first thought someone was trying to pick a fight with him, or mess with him; in the back of his head he also thought he was being flirted with, but he didn't dare to consider the thought much longer as he knew that wasn't the case. Though when he heard the voice, he blinked and turned his head. He knew that voice. Staring at the shorter figure that was hugging him, he took a moment to let the voice repeat in his head. The dress threw him off a bit, but he eventually seemed to realize who this was. "Alelia?" He asked. He was surprised. Really surprised. He didn't think he'd see her here. His eyes - which he had put blue contacts in to hide his usual dark brown eyes - scanned over the small figure for a moment as if he couldn't believe it was her. But that voice certainly belonged to Alelia. He knew that.

    Without saying a word, he turned around to face her and grinned widely, completely forgetting about his one-sided argument with Liantis. "Ah, it's been so long, what's up!" He chuckled. "I should have known you were nearby." He huffed, frowning a bit. It was true, he tended to be able to sense when death or disaster was nearby, though suppose he was too caught up in arguing with the sun god to even notice. "How are you doing, little sis?~" He cooed, crossing his arms over his chest. "You know, I'm pretty glad you're here." He hummed, as his eyes slightly glared in the sun god's direction before moving back to focus on his "little sister." He truly did miss her after the pantheon separated. After that, Imha was kind of on his own for the most part. Didn't help that he wasn't sure where Alelia even disappeared off to after that or else he would have visited her often so that the annoying feeling of homesickness didn't fuck with him. But Imha was also, knowingly, very stubborn. Who knows if he'd even admit to being homesick let alone visit Alelia to the point where it'd be obvious he was missing the others. Because he wasn't! They all annoyed him except Iias, Xinthe, Alelia, and Xither. They were his only friends after all, with Xither being like a father to him. But he didn't care about how small his group of friends were.

    They were all he needed anyway.

    His nose twitched as those swarmed in his head like a bunch of angry bees. At some point, he felt like his entire body fell asleep. The stabbing feeling you get when your leg falls asleep pretty much surrounding his entire body, but he refused to show that he was in any pain whatsoever. That was weak. And he wasn't weak. Swallowing hard, he narrowed his eyes before shaking his head vigorously to come back to reality again. Shut the fuck up thoughts! He cursed, hoping that maybe his brain would realize that he didn't want to think too much about this and shut off. Maybe even shut off to the point where he could-

    Before he could finish that thought, Liantis voice reached his ears. He glared at the sun god again, finding his voice to be the most annoying thing on Earth right now. "I'm not frightening him, and why do you even fucking care? All you care about is how many people you can get to pay any attention to you." Imha spat. His eyes never left Liantis, even after he had stated he was leaving to go somewhere else, Imha's dark gaze just followed him until he was out of his 100-yard radius. He huffed before crossing his arms. "Jackass..."

    When Xinthe brought up Liantis, his nose scrunched up and he seemed slightly disgusted. "No? Why would I fucking care?" He asked, narrowing his eyes but Anpu seemed to be thinking about it. Imha sighed heavily and turned his head. But now that Xinthe brought it up, his eyes had moved to where Liantis had wandered off to. He couldn't help but kind of scan the other male, but because he was pretty far away at this point, he couldn't exactly see what Xinthe did, and he couldn't recall back because he was too pissed off to remember much other then a small argument. When Anpu spoke again, he turned his head to the shorter male and scoffed. "Yea, right, Liantis is nothing but an attention whore." He growled, shaking his head as he looked at Xinthe when he addressed his little sister figure.


    Anpu, God of Marriage (Shōhei "Ren" Maeda)- interacting with: Imha, Xinthe, Alelia

    Anpu had watched Liantis walk off after Imha pretty much shooed him away with his attitude. Which was probably for the best. Who knows what Imha would have blown up if he had gotten any angrier. The god blinked a few times before turning his attention towards Xinthe as he raised a brow. "That was pretty heated." He muttered to his friend, referring to Imha and Liantis' exchange. "Imha is quite stubborn today. More then usual at least." He added, smiling softly as he watched Imha who was much too distracted with Alelia to hear what he was saying.

    When Liantis was brought up again, he looked at Imha who had immediately turned his head to look at the lust god and making a sour comment. Anpu raised a brow, lifting his head a bit as he began thinking. Now that Xinthe brought it up, he kind of did notice something off about the other. He wasn't too sure what it was but now he figured that was it. He hasn't seen Liantis a lot, so that could have easily flew over his head if Xinthe hadn't said something about it. Though Imha didn't seem all that worried. Or at least, that's what he said, but Anpu wasn't a fool. He could easily tell that Imha cared. Maybe not openly, but inside he did. It also helped that he caught the male glancing to where Liantis walked off to as if trying to find him and confirm what his friend had said. "I'm sure you do actually care, Imha, your ego is just telling you not to." He chuckled. Hearing Imha's response only made him giggle at his lies, but he waved off the conversation just to keep Imha from popping off.

    "You think he's sick or something?" Anpu asked, looking over at Xinthe. "I kind of did notice he was a lot more moody then usual... and he seemed to get annoyed easily with Imha today." Anpu knew that it took a lot to get Liantis annoyed with Imha, but the fact he already seemed to be upset enough where just one comment from Imha got under his skin, he was a little concerned. But do deities really get sick? Human physically or not, he never once fell ill.

    "It doesn't seem to be bothering him though, and he isn't acting like there's something wrong, moody, yea, but he's not showing pain or anything." He said, blinking a few times as he stared in the direction that the sun god wandered off to. Frowning a bit, he crossed his arms and tilted his head to the side a little before looking back at the remaining three he was with. "But now I'm worried that something is wrong with him and he's just not wanting to show it." The rather old god hummed softly. That seemed like a very Liantis thing to do. Hide the fact he didn't feel well. Or maybe he wouldn't. Like Imha said, he did love having the attention on him, and being sick would make people worry and pay attention to him. Though that wasn't saying that Liantis is faking it or anything, he really did look kind of... off.


    Somni, God of Sleep (Young-Ho Kang)-

    Somni had indeed walked over towards the bar and found himself drinking a few glasses but eventually, he had grown tired and next thing he knew. His head was resting on his arms and he was fast asleep like always. His hat had ended up covering most of his face as his back rose and fell, inhaling and exhaling through his nose. It was to be expected of Somni to have fallen asleep at a time like this, but the strangers in the casino who had been sitting at the bar with him were either concerned by the face he was sleeping, or just assumed he was dead and were struck with worry. At some point, he had been shook awake, lazily opening his eyes to stare at who woke him. Any of given situation, he would have snapped at the person and then made them drop dead asleep the next minute, but because there were eyes on him, he refrained from making a scene. When he had been questioned if he was alright, Somni just nodded before yawning. "Just tired..." He reassured the stranger.

    "Tired? You're in one of the greatest casinos ever, how could you be tired?!" The man, who had been the reason for his awakening, began questioning him as if he was an idiot. Somni frowned. "I'm always tired. Now can you piss off?" He asked, his eyes still half-lidded as he waved the guy away from him. When he had muttered something under his breath and then left, Somni sighed heavily before resting his head back on his arms.

    Good, now he could sleep again.

    Who knows why Somni was invited. It had to be known that he was always sleeping, and it wasn't going to be a surprise when he was caught by one of the gods or goddesses sleeping at the bar. He's sure someone was going to notice. But that didn't bother Somni, maybe it annoyed the others, but Somni enjoyed sleeping. He had been aware that during the pantheon he was hated a lot because he was so lazy and always slept, and had a rather snarky attitude. Not like he could help it. It was just how he was. He expressed himself very differently then most people. Truly, his only real friend had been Fia and Xither during then, along with Star, but sadly, he hasn't seen any of them since the pantheon disbanded. Maybe he was a little concerned, despite his sleepy and nonchalant behavior making him look as if he didn't care in the slightest. That was far from it. Besides, he only came here wanting to see them anyway.


    Kisasi, God of Revenge & Vengeance (Jeong-Hun Mun)- interacting with: Ayanna

    If you knew Kisasi, you know that he has the reputation of being violent. So, when Ayanna placed her hand on him, there was the natural instinct to turn around and deck whoever it was that laid their disgusting hand on him. But when he turned, he came face to face with the goddess and had calmed himself down since he knew that if he had decked her in the face, he would get harassed for the rest of his life for hitting a woman. A small snarl escaped his lips at the fact she almost towered him with her stupid high heel shoes. He couldn't understand the need for woman to wear them, but he wasn't going to comment. His gaze shifted away when she started talking to him, but immediately he looked back at her again when his name was uttered. Another snarl that almost sounded inhuman. "Why does it matter where I am and why I'm there?" He asked. His eyes narrowed. "It's none of your fucking business..." He muttered after that, now crossing his arms.

    He huffed, sighing heavily. "Why don't you go off to that little boyfriend of yours?" He asked, his eyes now moving to where Imha was, probably picking a fight with Liantis by now, which his eyes only confirmed when he saw the pissed off expression of Imha and the amused smug smirk of Liantis. Thankfully, nothing seemed to happen since LIantis eventually left the scene and allowed Imha to calm his nerves. A shame. He would have looked forward to feeding of Imha. He always was the most angry and negative of the deities. Though suppose that time would come some other day. When the small argument ended, he looked back over towards Ayanna again. "Like I said, why not go check on your boyfriend or something."

    And that was all that left his mouth as he turned his head. He obviously wanted nothing to do with Ayanna, that was for sure. But he knew that she wasn't going to be so easily swayed into leaving. And because he knew this from how long he's known Ayanna, he sighed in slight annoyance but gave into her presence.

    "What the hell do you even want?"


    Nahi, God of Prayers & Wishes (Juro Mochizuki)- interacting with: Fonn

    Nahi yawned. He had just woke up and was already wanting to go back to sleep, though he was much too hungry. So he waddled his way over towards his friend's house. He had grabbed himself a banana and was currently eating it as he approached Fonn who was on his game. He had already downed a glass of milk so he wasn't really thirsty even as he ate the piece of fruit. He walked up from behind Fonn, his free hand on his hip as he watched what he was playing until he crouched down to the other's level a bit. "Hey, Fonn~" He cooed, trying to get the other's attention, seemingly unaware that he was so focused on his game at the moment. But then again, Nahi was known to be not the brightest of the gods, but it wasn't anything that brought him down. Or well, he didn't even seem to realize he was so dumb sometimes.

    "What are you playing? Can I play?" He asked, suddenly bombarding the other with questions, and not even giving him time to answer between them. He munched away on the banana before finally sitting down on the floor, with his knees close to his chest. Nahi was probably the only one complete unaware of the party that had been going on. Mainly because he wasn't invited because of his association with Zyla and Fonn, but also because he never checked his phone or social media. His phone had been taken away from him after he almost got himself in trouble because he was talking to some random stranger that was trying to lure him into trouble. Thank god Fonn had found out and kept him from going anywhere. Sure, it resulted in his phone being broken, but at least he wasn't kidnapped.

    His eyes never left the TV screen as Fonn played away on his game. His brow raised a bit. The game that Fonn was playing was kind of weird. There was a lot of shooting and a lot was going on all at once. Though, Nahi was aware of Fonn being really into violent games like this, but he's never actually spent the time to watch him play them. It was kind of why he was having a really... iffy feeling. Maybe it was him being uncomfortable, he wasn't sure. And his brain didn't even give him any time to think about it as his attention was suddenly onto something else.

    He had realized that he was halfway done with his banana now, and a small frown came upon his features. At least a sad baby face. "Fonn!" He cried. Nahi could be really annoying, that was another thing that kept him from befriending many of the other deities. Nobody wanted to deal with his shit. But somehow he managed to befriend Fonn. And he couldn't remember how, actually. Maybe it was Kuro's doing? Kuro was always so nice! Helping him make friends! "Kuro says get me another banana." That was a lie. Kuro didn't even say anything since he woke up. And honestly, couldn't he do it himself? Yes. But Nahi didn't want to walk all the way back to the kitchen again. He figured Fonn would be kind enough to do it for him. Maybe he put too much faith in the fact they were friends.


    Ignia, Goddess of Fire (Fiammetta Drago)- interacting with: Zyla

    Ignia hummed softly as she stared at her phone, scrolling through it quietly. She had heard people whispering about the party that was going on at some casino, and really she was pissed off that she didn't hear about it sooner, though she knew exactly why that was the case. She associated herself with Zyla and her brother, causing the other deities to not want to associate with her. Not that she cared though. She thought Zyla and them were pretty cool. She couldn't understand what they had against them. As she walked, her free hand leaned over to grip her jacket that was hanging off her shoulders and only still holding onto her because her arms were still in the sleeves, keeping the jacket from falling off and hitting the ground. She pulled a bit on the orange leather jacket since she felt it slipping a bit. After the jacket was secured again to where it wouldn't slip, her hand rested itself on her arm, half crossing them.

    She frowned. The more she read on social media about how people were jealous they couldn't go, or were there and having a blast, the more she got annoyed. Immediately, she got off her twitter page and then went into her contacts. Her eyes scanned through the contacts she had saved into her phone, trying to find a specific one. And when she did find it, she stopped, and without much hesitation, pressed the call button. Hopefully Zyla would pick up.

    Continuing to walk, she held the phone to her ear and quietly waited for her friend to pick up.

    Soft humming left Ignia as she listened to the phone ring a couple of times. She lifted her hand, checking her nails and grimacing a bit when she saw that the nail polish was slowly cracking off. Great. She was going to have to get another manicure. Maybe she could see if Zyla wanted to come with. Ignia did miss hanging out with her. It's been a long time since they've last hung out anyway.

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