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    Kaison N. Lights | 19 | Job; Bartender | Knight of Articuno | Power(s); Ice & Air Manipulation | Weapon; Bat

    Kaison's Theme Song

    - Kaison was... actually pretty surprised when Devin responded with that. He stopped walking for a moment, standing in front of the tunnel to Couriway Town. He seemed to be thinking this time now. Maybe because he was so taken aback by the response, that he had to take a moment to process it. "Really...?" He asked. He didn't think Devin of all people would be someone who would be into that kind of thing. Kaison blinked as he stared at Devin. Though it began making sense the more he thought about it. Though he couldn't say it was anything extreme, probably just lack of confidence in himself. Pretty similar to Kaison, actually. He blinked a few times before sighing softly, lifting his hand to mess with his bang. "Well... I don't think it's something you should be into." He said but then shrugged. "But it's your... kinks, I suppose, so I'll leave it at that."

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    Kaison N. Lights | 19 | Job; Bartender | Knight of Articuno | Power(s); Ice & Air Manipulation | Weapon; Bat

    Kaison's Theme Song

    - After hearing that, Kaison was taken aback and then sighed heavily, shaking his head. "You're hopeless..." He muttered, though he obviously didn't mean that. The small smile of amusement on his face pretty much showed this. He crossed his arms and then raised a brow when he said that he liked whenever he called him an idiot. "Really? Devin, do you like being degraded or something?" He asked, cocking his head back.

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    Kaison N. Lights | 19 | Job; Bartender | Knight of Articuno | Power(s); Ice & Air Manipulation | Weapon; Bat

    Kaison's Theme Song

    - Kaison blinked, widening his eyes a bit when Devin showed him the flask that he had brought with him, which kind of confused Kaison to when he even brought that along. "Devin, when did you bring that with you?" He asked. He sighed heavily, shaking his head as he watched him drink from the flask before he lightly flicked the other on the forehead. "Idiot, why are you getting drunk?"

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    Only the forgotten are truly dead.




    Hecate | F | Unknown | Quirk: Demonic Energy | Interaction: Apollyon ( Casphian )

    Hecate stood close to Apollyon, her arms crossed as she glared down at the school. Her tail swayed behind her. Her head lifted when the leader began speaking, blinking a few times before grinning widely when he had stated that she would be going with him. Eagerly, she nodded and clasped her hands together. "Of course, Apollyon!" She giggled in excitement. Finally, she was going to be able to show just how much she's learned from Apollyon and put it to good use. She was going to show these heroes that she was to be feared. Her eyes glowed as she giggled, almost bouncing up and down like a little kid, as her tail began wagging now.


    Kage Igarashi | M | 24 | Quirk: Death-Force | Interaction: --

    Kage stood silently as he stared at the school. He blinked a few times, his eyes scanning around before he sighed heavily. Suppose this was when his gas mask would come off, huh? Though he was supposed to be enemies with the heroes, he didn't feel the need of having to expose them to that much of his power. His smoke would definitely black them all out. He frowned. He would resort from doing that just to be safe. Plus, it wouldn't be very fun to win so easily. He shoved his gloved hands into his pockets as he waited for Apollyon's cue.


    Remy Ambrosia | F | 16 | Quirkless | Interaction: --

    Remy stayed close to Yoichi, her eyes on the school. Her head tilted to the side a bit. She had a wide smile on her face, mainly because she knew it was time. Finally, she was going to be able to fight. She's waited so long for this! Sure, she had her practice spars with Yoichi, but that wasn't exactly as fun as a real fight was. The adrenaline flowed through her entire body, and she was sure if Yoichi wasn't here to keep her situated, she would have ran down there and started the fight herself. Remy bounced in place, her hands clutched into fists. She was already scanning over the students that she could see, hoping to pinpoint a few that she could fight against. Honestly, she'd be glad to take them all on, but she was going to follow Yoichi. She felt as though fighting alongside him was better then her just fighting alone, since she wasn't sure what these students could do, she had to be safe about it, right?


    Makkenyū Yoshida/Horizon Blade | M | 27 | Quirk: Blade Summoner | Interaction: --

    Makken blinked as he stood quietly with Tomo. His arms were crossed and he seemed to be patiently waiting, whereas Remy and Hecate were pretty much bouncing with joy. He sighed heavily as his shoulders lowered. He tapped his foot on the ground, glancing over towards Apollyon when hearing him speak. He nodded at his words before looking back over towards the school again. He could see a few students wandering about outside, a few of them catching his eye but he wasn't too interested in fighting with a student. He more wanted to target a teacher. He felt the need to fight a pro hero, not a student. It wouldn't exactly seem fair on their part, would it? He sighed heavily, rolling his shoulders before exhaling through his mouth.

    It's gone, nowhere, I can't find it anywhere at all. The pain is all gone now, no more hardship anymore.




    Chuya Abiko/Swift River | F | 16 | Quirk: Siren Song | Interaction: Drew ( Evil Angel ), Koi ( Nobody Special ), Lacy ( Rayl.99 )

    Chuya smile had faltered when Drew began speaking to her directly now. Her head seemed to tilt to the side a bit, not at all seeming to be really bothered negatively at his deep voice. She was a bit taken aback by it, but didn't show to be against the notion. When he had introduced himself to her, she tilted her head to the side a bit. She blinked a few times before straightening her head and then smiling softly. Though she was nervous about trying to communicate with other people. She often tried to avoid males, but she was really making that difficult, and she wasn't even using her quirk, she was just doing it to herself. As her gaze shifted away for a moment, as if trying to think about something, she finally looked back towards Drew. Before she could do anything though, Koi had piped in and began introducing her to their classmate. She blinked, though smiled softly at the energetic female. She was glad she had done the introductions for her. Though seemed to get a bit worried when Koi when on to explain her quirk in some kind of horror movie fashion which made Chuya quickly raise her hand and wave it as if to say 'No' or 'Wait.' She has a rather embarrassed look on her face, but that was to be expected from what Koi had just said.

    She looked over at Drew, blinking when he just smiled at her. Her eyes gazed at him for a moment before she smiled when he didn't seem that bothered by what Koi had said, nodding her head. Her hand lowered when hearing the sound of fork hitting plate, turning her head and looking at Koi. She blinked at her almost confused reaction towards the sound which also seemed to confuse the siren as well. Her head tilted to the side until she perked her when Koi patted the spots on the couch that she opened for them. Oh. Chuya was taken aback but smiled at the caring gesture. She couldn't help a small giggle from escaping her lips after hearing the comment the other student made as well. Nodding in thanks, she walked over and took a seat with Koi. Once she was seated, she quietly began eating. The minute she had put a piece of her breakfast into her mouth, her eyes widened a bit and she seemed to have went into complete bliss at the savory taste of the food. Her tail swayed a bit, though was also mindful of possible obstacles it could hit. Or even people. Just as large as her tail looked, it really packed a punch. A soft hum left Chuya as she closed her eyes, obviously enjoying her meal.


    Melanie Mars/Lady Web | F | 27 | Quirk: Spider Control | Interaction: --

    Melanie was quietly sitting in the teacher's lounge with her legs crossed. A book was secured in her hands and she had her glasses perched on the bridge of her nose. She quietly read, allowing the peaceful silence of the room to surround her for the time being. It was the only moment of peace she got to actually be able to read, so she was taking it into her advantage as best she could. The woman's eyes scanned over the words in her book as her foot kicked slightly. She had woken quite early, but not too early so that she get this alone time to read before the teacher's lounge got too crowded for her to concentrate on reading. Usually, Melanie would have used her spiders to startle the students awake, but she had been much to immersed in her book to really do any pranks at the moment. Her purple eyes scanned over the last few words of the page she was currently on before she lifted her free hand and quietly turned the page to the next one, continuing to read once more. Her hair hung over the edge of her seat, almost reaching the floor. Though she wasn't going to use her spiders to startle the students up, she did allow one of her critters to roam around the teacher's lounge. Though it didn't take the creature long to return to her and quietly settle itself on her shoulder and make itself home there.

    She eyes raised however when she finally took notice to Kurz. She stared at him for a moment before raising her head and then lowering her book a bit. Silence surrounded them for a while longer until she had finally opened her mouth to speak. "You seem to really be caught in your thoughts today, Kurz. What's the matter?" She asked, tilting her head to the side. She couldn't help but be a little concerned. They were former classmates, so it made sense that she cared for him. Knowing someone for that long and now working alongside them, it was interesting to say the least. It was just really different from being normal classmates. But she didn't hate it. Kurz grew a lot from back then. She was proud of him.


    Zachery R. Bemis | M | 19 | Quirk: Aura Manipulator | Interaction: Myouri

    An equally unamused Zachery raised a brow, shifting his gaze to Myouri after hearing the news. He allowed this to process a bit until he sighed, shaking his head. "Should have figured..." He muttered under his breath. He had hoped he'd be able to have a separate dorm from everyone else and not have to deal with waking up to another person in his space, but he supposed he shouldn't have expected his wishes to be granted. Not like he had a quirk that could even grant them. Or well, anyone in general having a quirk as such. Even with this new information given to him, he still showed no signs of being bothered by any of it. He just shrugged after a while and closed his eyes once more, inhaling the cool breeze into his lungs before exhaling through his nose again. "Very well... I won't question what the school wants, I suppose..." He muttered. "Not like much will come out of complaining to them about it." He added, slightly tilting his head. Suddenly, he looked up at Myouri who was still standing a few feet away from him. "... you seem... far less annoyed then when we were in class a few days ago..." It was strange and sudden that he had brought this up, but Zachery soon elaborated on why he even spoke of his current mannerisms. "You don't have to speak about it, I just happened to notice... it's hard not to when your quirk is to pretty much read auras... suppose I am just intrigued by your sudden change in mood today when the last few days were rather... hectic. You seem more... relaxed. Has the outdoors calmed you down, or perhaps someone else has done so?"


    Koushi Mashita/Mavrica | M | 18 | Quirk: Rainbow Fire | Interaction: Zen ( Casphian )

    Koushi had been peacefully playing with the boy's ear, but his smirk faded when his hand was grabbed. He seemed confused, but then yelped loudly when his finger was bitten. He quickly pulled his hand back and began rubbing it, staring at the limb. It wasn't bleeding, thank god, but it still stung. He frowned. It was pretty much the same as getting bitten by any other animal. He was just glad Zen didn't melt his finger off with his toxins. Koushi took a moment to nurse his finger before a soft chuckle escaped his lips. He leaned back a bit, now full out laughing. "Aww, seems I upset you, fluffybuns." He hummed, resting his hands to his sides as he used them for support so that he didn't fall backwards off the counter. "I'm sorry, I should have expected you wouldn't like me talking to other people like that~" He frowned, pretending to be disappointed in himself. "I'll be sure to be mindful of your jealousy next time." He promised. Koushi laughed again, staring at the fluffy-tailed boy before smiling. His eyes closed however, crossing his legs as he kicked his foot. "But you know... it's nice to know that you're into biting now~" He purred as he went back to eating his apple again. Koushi was enjoying this far too much. He wasn't sure why he was drawn to Zen so much, but he suspected it was just because it was fun to mess with him, and his reactions were pretty cute. Before he could be victim of another attack, he stood up. "I'll leave you to eat and daydream about me, Zenzie Poo." He hummed, waving his hand as he turned to leave.


    Kaison N. Lights | 19 | Job; Bartender | Knight of Articuno | Power(s); Ice & Air Manipulation | Weapon; Bat

    Kaison's Theme Song

    - Kaison raised both his brows now as he listened to Devin and his odd behavior. He blinked a few times before shaking his head as he laughed a bit. "Are you drunk? Did you somehow get into alcohol before we left Snowbelle?" He asked. "It'd explain why you're being so weird." He joked. His hands left his pockets as he now crossed his arms and continued walking alongside the other.

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    Ooo, if Yoo is gonna wanna wish to be a knight, Lek can be a friend to him and talk to him about his knight duties and attempt at teaching him things if Yoo wants to. Lek likes to always look up to the higher ranked Knights, so he probably looked up to Yoo's dad until everything went down, probably also believes him killing someone was for good reason so he isn't rude towards Yoo like some of the others are.


    *:・゚✦ Luken

    —— Roses are red and

    Violets are blue

    Honey is sweet,

    But not as sweet as you. *:・゚✦

    NAME / NICKNAMES Luken, Lulu, Lu

    NAME ORIGIN The name Luken is a Latin baby name that means Light.

    AGE & DATE OF BIRTH 19 & Feb 14th

    SPECIES Half Nymph

    CLAN OF BIRTH + RANK Outside the kingdom

    — rank Group

    GENDER & SEX Male

    SEXUALITY Closeted homosexual


    FAMILY His mother was a nymph while his father was a human, his father is deceased but he doesn't know the whereabouts of his mother. He doesn't have any siblings that he's aware of.

    FRIENDS Open

    ENEMIES Open

    PERSONALITY Luken is shy and a quiet guy. He keeps to himself for the most part, not exactly being the type to get involved with confrontations or violence. He is a very pacifist person and enjoys having peace. He also seems to really enjoy nature as he has a strong connection with the plants that live around the Kingdom, inside and outside. Luken doesn't talk much, but when he does, his calm and secluded nature is easy to pick up from the way he behaves around human interaction, being rather awkward and shy about answering or being around other people, and how much he cares and shows great concern for the wildlife around him, often times talking about different types of flowers and plants when he sees them. Even though he can be a very passive person, he does show to have tough skin. He shows that he can hold his own and isn't someone who you can easily push around. He isn't easy to control either, having a very balanced personality of obedient and independent. He's protective of the people close to him and will do anything to keep them safe, even if it means his own life will be on the line.

    POWERS Flower/Plant Manipulation

    OTHER Dogs