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    Will walked over to him, setting a stuffed animal he'd gotten for him on the bed beside him, he had one for Morgan too. He pulled a chair over and sitting beside the bed quietly. "Hey." He said quietly.

    Amara squeezed Adelaide's hand tightly, she could feel the tears building up but she tried desperately to force them away. She'd been really scared, afraid she'd never see Morgan again.

    Amara walked over to her desk, clearing everything off so they wouldn't break anything as they moved it. She had the other agents move it into a corner and watched as they brought in Adelaide's desk. Amara moved the whiteboard to one wall she was currently struggling the small couch to face it.

    Will nodded, walking off to see Charles. He was very quiet when he walked into the room. He was worried and for some reason, very nervous. He knew there was no reason to be nervous but hospitals and labs made him a little nervous.

    Amara quietly stepped into Morgan's room. She felt like crying. She didn't though. She'd been feeling like she was going to cry since they'd found her. She didn't think it was fair that she'd gone through this. She was just a kid and Amara wished she was the one suffering instead. Morgan shouldn't have had to deal with this. She'd gone through enough. She didn't need anymore.

    When Amara finished her sandwich, she took her inside, explaining what some things were. Soon they got to her office, a group of agents was already there to help move her desk and bring in her new partner's desk.

    Min was asleep in a chair in the waiting room. Will sitting quietly and waiting room he refused to relax until he know for sure that his friends were okay.

    Amara couldn't sit down she kept wandering around or pacing or messing around with anything she could get her hands on. She was very worried.

    Will quietly got Charles off the car he was struggling a bit because he was very skinny but he was impatient and he wanted to get his friends inside already.

    "I know." She said quietly, quietly picking her up to take her inside.

    "But you're going to be okay." She was terrified and worried but she was sure she was going to be okay. She looked over at Adelaide, messing around with a bit of Morgan's hair.

    "Thanks." She said.

    Edgar actually ended up crying running to cling to Morgan. He was scared. He didn't want to go back with Dawson.

    Lilith didn't cry. She didn't really cry. Not as much as a preschool aged child normally did. She was scared though, clinging to her stuffed bat.

    Will didn't really know how to comfort but he decided to try to help, even if he had no idea what he was doing.

    Min quietly walked over to try and distract the kids with illusions he created. Random animals or cartoon characters, flowers and rainbows, anything he could think of.

    will was quietly sitting with Charles, trying to make sure he was okay. He was a genius. He knew ABOUT medicine. But he didn't really know how to actually DO anything. He had never practiced it before. He was terrified. Will was quietly trying to keep Charles from moving around as they drove.

    Min was the driver. Teddy was passed out in the passenger seat and Amara was in the back, she took Morgan's hand and squeezed it tightly. She looked like she wanted to cry. Sge refused to. Morgan was the one who was actually hurt. She was jus scared. She was fine.she was just worried and wanted to get to the hospital already.

    "It is." Lilith said, staring at her stuffed bat. She refused to look up at anyone.

    "They're sending him back forever." She explained. Edgar suddenly looked terrified.

    "He's sending people to get us. That's why we can't go out." Edgar looked like he wanted to cry. People were coming to get them!? Will sighed quietly. He guessed it was best they stayed in the basement.

    "Fine. We'll stay then, I guess." He said, but he wasn't very happy though.

    William shivered slightly hidden somewhere in the facility. He hated it here. He and Min would be going to get them, Amara and teddy would handle the scientists. He hoped this plan would work. Teddy stepped out, burning as many scientists as he could. He could burn them with just a glance but when he touched them was when it became incredibly gruesome. They seemed to melt like in Indiana Jones, rather than turn to ash. Will had never seen his father do something so horrifying, he had to turn away. Amara clearing their path, he ran after her once one section was cleared, slowly they made their way to their rooms. When will came across a computer, he placed a hand on the screen, stealing any information he thought was useful, then caused a surge of electricity, causing it to explode. He did it for every piece of technology in that building. When they finally found the rooms Min manipulated gravity around them to make it easier to carry them both out as fast as possible. They had thirty seconds to get out before Teddy set the place on fire when from overuse his ability. Soon they were safely outside and on their way to a hospital. Min was very drained and tired but he was glad his friends were safe. Will had taken too much information and his head ached. He felt like he was going to faint. He wouldn't though. He wanted to know if his friends were going to be okay.

    "Possibly." He said running he had a way out but needed a way to distract the agents standing outside.

    "Will. No. " Min sat up and pulled pillow off his face but will wasn't listening. He was standing by the window, counting the guards and trying to think of a way out.

    Edgar got bored of playing with the Legos, knocking over the tower he'd created. Lilith jumped a bit when the Legos crashed on the floor in front of her. William glanced at the basement door leading up to the reason the house, then at the window it was just big enough for him to fit through. He waited until he heard the car drive away. He didn't want to stay in this basement.