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    Yawning some, the young brown haired ghoul Dante had just woken up to snow on him. Of course he had slept outside in winter time that was a TERRIBLE idea. Shaking it off, he managed to warm himself up some before he put on his cold jacket and bandages as he began to walk away to a nearby shop. He still had some money he had managed to "Acquire" the other day and just needed something to warm himself up. A coffee would do fine for now as he walked over to the place shivering. Today should be... interesting he felt as he soon walked out with the warm nectar drinking it as he walked around town. Not to find a quick score and perhaps a meal while he was at it.

    Sitting at her desk, Laura had been typing away at her report on the last ghoul she had taken down. It was a simple ghoul that was just ripe for the pickings. A ghoul that was disguised as a waiter. Probably was there to scout his next victims was her conclusions to the report. After a few more minutes, she shut her laptop and sighed some as she stood up walking to the break room. She didn't have any trips with her quinque until the evening. True last time she caused SOME damage to the restaurant but she got the job done! Grabbing some water, she sat down sighing some. She hated paperwork but knew she had to get it done before she would be allowed to go out on patrol. Today could not get any worse.

    Taking notes, Shiro noticed the yawning teacher over and over. This was not unfamiliar as the teacher also taught day classes. How did he survive with so little sleep? Shrugging, he soon saw Mie walk out as the teacher picked a random student to go check on her. Shiro just happened to be the teachers choice as Shiro shrugged and got up walking out of the classroom. Looking around, he saw where Mie was going and started to follow her. He was glad there was no other students around as they were either in class or not there. Whatever was going on Shiro would figure it out and get the class president back to class. After all, her skipping would look bad for the school.

    Yawning some, Shiro walked into the classroom barely awake. He had spent most of the morning doing chores around the house while his aunt seemed to do some work online. He didn't say much about it as he was living with her after all. Seeing others get buddy buddy, he ignored them for now as he attempted to walk pass Mie before he was tripped and landed face first right next to her. Groaning, he glared some at the guy who tripped him, a very pale faced kid, as he soon got up and brushed off his pants trying to ignore what just transpired. "Sorry about that class prez." Is all he said as he went and sat near a window. He was still getting used to these night classes as they were somewhat long. Even after a year in these classes he was still struggling some with everything. If it wasn't for his looks and his training in martial arts, he would of been beat up and picked on a lot more then he was now. For now though he ignored the banter around him and just looked out the window at the night sky enjoying the stars and the colors around him. It may be dark in this place but the sounds and looks of it made it all the worth while. As well, it was worth it to be able to see this place all the time not instead of a month at a time like he did before. Who knows, maybe this evening was going to be special.

    Life was not always easy for me. I had been going home to home when my parents passed leaving me with relative after relative. I didn't mind that to much as it meant I met quite a few people. The only thing I found strange about my family was their obsessions with bats and crossbows. Heck they even had a sword or two in their places. Anytime I asked about this, they would say they will explain when I get older. It was whatever to me until I hit 13... and was sent to live with my aunt that I didn't even know existed.

    My aunt was somewhat strange in my opinion. She lived in a dark colored building that was almost all black. Heck even the windows were all tinted making little to no sunlight come out of it. I was used to seeing weird things but this was overboard. Another thing that I noticed about her when she introduced herself was her strange red eyes. She had somewhat pale skin and seemed to like to wear black. Heck I was taller then her and she looked almost like she was a teenager in age. She quickly made up some reason why she looked the way she did but I said nothing at all. After all, I was probably just going to be kicked out of this place and sent to a new home any day now.

    That was not the case however. I was surprised when my aunt asked me if she could adopt me as her son. I never expected that but, maybe because I was tired of leaving places, I agreed. So after some paperwork and all that stuff, I was officially my aunts son who I now called mom. It was strange living with her as she did not like to go out into the sun and even signed me up for night classes instead of going to school during the day. I would of questioned this but decided not to. Heck, if I could ignore the red drink that I was not to EVER drink myself in the fridge and also ignore her when she goes to get more of it.

    I never expected to learn what I did. Heck, I never expected to bump into someone that had "picked" me. Maybe it was my new mother who had 'trained' me to be this. Heck maybe it was just random chance that I was picked and made into one of them. Made into something that I never believed was real. Made into a creature of the night... made into a vampire.

    Plot-My guys new mother turns out to be a vampire. Your girl, one of his fellow students, knows this and for some reason she decides to make my guy into a vampire. We can both work on other plots but to start we will have my guy and your girl after school and go from there.

    (I will make a starting post after you post your character. Just a picture and name is fine)

    (Well time to reply)

    Grumbling some, the red haired woman known as Clair was walking down the sidewalk. She was annoyed that she had just lost her third job this month. "Why did I lose my freaking job. That guy deserved the broken nose for trying to flirt with me!" She grumbled loudly as she soon checked her wallet. She had about enough money for lunch but also would be getting her last check soon. Not knowing where to go, she noticed a pub nearby and shrugged as she walked over to it. At the very least she could get something to drink to forget about the day.

    After a while, Yu woke up yawning some. Looking around, he saw his master and also his opponents master. Sitting up, he stretched some and bowed some. "I'm sorry I lost master monkey." His master chuckled some as he helped Yu up. "You both tied surprisingly. So for now let it be as we get some food." Yu nodded and followed his master out to the noodle shop.

    Monkey stood up and nodded. "Seems we both lost this bet. If you desire you may accompany me and my disciple to the nearby noodle restaurant." With that he went to check on his disciple and Yu was carried out to the medical unit as he was placed on a bed next to his opponent as both were left to rest for a while.

    As both of the fists connected to the others, Yu saw his opponent be launched backwards as he did also. Hitting the wall hard, he felt himself go unconscious as he thought he lost. The refferee who was watching over this looked at the two and nodded some. "I declare this a double knockout out!"

    Master monkey blinked at this and tilted his head. "Seems your pupil has some skill."

    (cool! Now for the most epic double knockout ever seen)

    Dodging and matching blow to blow, Yu was evenly matched with the tigress. Jumping back panting heavily, he had enough stamina for one big hit. If this didn't work then he would surely fail. Howling to pump himself up enough, he used the last of his stamina to run at her and aimed a punch at her. This was all or nothing for him.

    Noticing her balance was off, Yu managed to dodge and smirked some. He was holding it back but the hit from earlier was starting to get to him some as he was panting slightly from it. He knew this fight could not go on much longer as one of them would soon fall. He was determined for it to not be him. He soon got on all fours and closed his eyes. Concentrating, he opened them letting his inner wolf out as he ran at her fast and aimed a punch. With added velocity this should finish her.

    (Kinda want to try and end this in a draw for the big lots)

    Smirking some as she fell for his trap, he soon had claws come out of his feet and arms as he got on all four and climbed onto the wall. He learned how to do this from his master as he was good at techniques like this. He soon jumped off and aimed a kick to where she landed. If this hit it would be a good hit.

    Realizing to late that he left himself open, he got hit as he managed to flip and land on his paws. That hurt and he now knew to keep his distance. Running around, he soon went to the nearby wall and stood there smirking as he waited for her. He had a plan as he stood there waiting. He was ready for her next attack.

    (well congrats on that!)

    Seeing her attack, he jumped back and smirked some. So she had some kick to her it seemed. Getting into a stance, he decided to go on the attack as he soon ran at her and aimed a punch while he launched himself off the ground. Just something simple for now as he needed to test her reflexes some more.