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Check out this announcement about new leadership limits in Agrelos

    "YES I AM TOTALLY FINE!" Sheena blurted out before covering her mouth when people were staring. She soon was beat red and fell backwards almost fainting from embarrassment.

    Hiroshi tilted his head and raised a eyebrow. "Whats wrong with waterbenders?"

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    Not paying attention for a bit, Sheena soon blinked when a guy walked over to her. From what she saw she guessed he was looking for a team and wanted her on it? Blinking, she just stood there saying nothing as she tried to act qll cool but mentally was freaking out. She really needed to get better at interacting with other people

    Seeing people joining different teams, Hiroshi was left by himself as he blinked a bit. Walking around, he eventually saw what he thought might be a opening as he walked over to Zorvin and Ally. "Hey you guys need another partner? Kind of looking for a team to join."

    Yawning some, Sheena continued to follow the others a bit bored at the moment. The fire benders were beginning to show off with their fire. This was making her roll her eyes. Just because she was not a bender like them did not mean that she was weak! They were all looking down on her; well, that is what she was thinking anyways. Whether it was true or not she did not know but she was sure they were looking down at her.

    Humming some, Hiroshi was looking all around the cave in wonder. The few rocks he could see he was wondering if they could be any good for materials. Having to remind himself to maybe look later if he could, the young male just continued to walk with the others as he enjoyed the very little things he could see.

    Blinking at Zorvin, Hiroshi nodded at him. "Y-Yeah I am." He wasn't technically lying. He was just a first year in this academy but had already been helping around during the break. He just stayed at his parents place though so he did not actually have a room yet. Not saying anything else, he hoped they would buy it for now as he kept following them.

    Rolling her eyes, Jade got up and put Corrine into her backpack before she started to follow the others. Staying silent, she said nothing at all as she began to get somewhat excited. This was going to be interesting to see what the others could do and, at the same time, this would maybe help her break out of her shell. She didn't show it on her face as she still had a scowl on it but she was growing more and more excited.

    After working on the new students weapons, Hiroshi blinked as he looked up. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN I HAVE TO GO TO CLASS?!" He exclaimed as he was soon dragged out of the workshop and placed outside as the door was locked behind him. Blinking, he soon sighed as he got up and began to dust his pants off before looking for a group to join. He was just told to go to class but was not told what they were supposed to do so he was basically left in the dark. Walking around, the young earth bender tried to sneak into another group and soon thought he did it sneakily as he remained silent walking next to the person in the back of the group. (There we go. Hiroshi is with the others now)

    Groaning, Hiroshi slowly got up and started to gather his things. Now he was going to be even more late then he already was. He really needed to hurry up and get everything ready for the new students but was, yet again, frantically trying to get everything in order. Sighing, he ignored the introductions and began to walk inside and head towards the armory. Man he was going to get yelled at yet again but he just sighed and made it to the place. He just sighed as he was scolded about being late as he soon was allowed to begin work on the weapons.

    Seeing a group of students introducing themselves. Jade just sat back away from the others holding her little fox Corrine. She did not do well around others and struggled even being anywhere near them. Not wanting to bring any attention to herself, she tried to put on a tough persona on her face trying to look intimidating. If anyone was any good at reading emotions, they would know that she was just acting right now and was honestly just scared and nervous.

    "I'M LATE!" Yelled a frantic Hiroshi as he ran passed the gate and was running to the school. He was supposed to show up early to help the new non benders get their weapons and repairs but he had slept in working on his inventions. He was freaking out HARD as he soon realized the door was closed as he ran face first into it as he started to twitch some before falling backwards. The box of materials he had was laid on the ground as he had Xs in his eyes as he was seeing double. This was totally going to be a interesting year.

    Looking around, Jade had been hiding in a bush near the school. She was practicing her stealth skills and was surprisingly doing well about it so far. Her little fox pet Corinne was hiding in her bag as the little guy was looking around and told her the close was clear with a paw on her. Nodding, the young girl slowly ran towards the school and hid in the shadows of the wall. Thinking she was being sneaky, she went to get closer to the gate but soon blinked when someone waved at her causing her to sigh. "Well guess I fail this time." She mumbled to herself as she soon just walked in the front gates and began to head towards the academy building.

    Just sitting there, he was unsure of what to really do at the moment. He knew that she would have to go to her classes soon and was feeling somewhat down being away from her for it. However, he knew that eventually they would have to part for a bit as she would be in her classes and he would be with his commander. Shrugging mentally, he turned around looking at her as he sat there waiting to see what she was going to do. Just being around her was making him feel warm inside.