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    “Excuse me? I was being polite and only stood my guard when you yelled at me for having some common decency, so don’t act like you’re the complete saint with your condescending ways.” Emma sighed, rubbing her temples. “Look, I know we both don’t want to be staying in the same, temple, but looks like we have no choice. Now if you may please let me stay here, go to YOUR own room, and let me sleep here in peace, that would be very much appreciate it. And if you could cease your attitude, I might even thank you.” She said, pointing her clawed finger to the door. She was the type of person not to take anything from anyone. Not even from a god. “Besides, at least we’re not sleeping in the same bed.” She fired, rolling over in the bed to face the wall as opposed to his face.

    Emma eyed the cat as it jumped on the bed. She picked it up and placed in on the floor, before laying in the bed on her own. “Don’t you have a bedroom of your own? One that’s bigger with gold ceilings and drapes to spare?” She asked, a bit of annoyance still in her voice. She normally wouldn’t act this way around cats, but she knew it was obviously Anubis. After all, no one had stepped foot in the temple. Probably not even Animals.

    Miranda made a quick peak around the tree to see where the hunters were, and quickly made a run for it. She didn’t care where she was going or if they were following her or not, she just had to get out of there. Miranda ran for what felt like hours through the woods, until she stopped and found a familiar lighting. She realized she had just stopped at the backyard of their house.

    Miranda scampered through the forest a bit more, her nose sniffing as hard as it could. Dang it. No more deer. She thought to herself. She scoured the area for something else and found a little rabbit in the middle of the field. “It’s not a deer, but it’ll do.” She murmmered to herself. She lowered herself to the ground, ready for her next move. She slowly inched closer and...WHAM! Miranda kept in mid air and tackled the rabbit to the ground. It was squealing until Miranda put it out of its misery by biting onto its neck. Silence. Miranda wolfed down the carcass, when suddenly she heard a noice. At the corner of her eye, she saw a tall figure carrying a gun. She ducked behind a tree, starting to hyperventilate, her tail between her legs. Hunters had arrived.

    Emma sauntered through the hallways, until she realized something. What am I doing? Even if I find a way out, where would I go? I’m not human anymore, and it’s obviously dangerous for a jackal woman to be out in the open, so what would I even do? She thought to herself, conflicted. She sighed, annoyed. Guess I have to stay here for the night until I can figure out what to do. Thankfully, her prayers had been answered as to her right was a room. Emma peaked inside and realized it was a bedroom. It looked too small to be the bedroom of a god like Anubis, but it was still a fair size, so she assumed it was some sort of guest room. Emma walked inside and began to look around a bit more.

    Emma sneered and walked off in the other direction. She had noticed that the door was locked, or more accurately blocked, so she had to find another way out. She wandered the hallways, looking from room to room, both for an exit but also to explore this ancient temple. She wanted to get her mind off of Anubis, as insulting a god was sure to get her in trouble, but she just had to. She had to stand her ground against him.

    She knew he was a god, but Emma was disgusted. “Excuse me? I’M the one that’s disgraceful? Oh yeah, forgive me for not feeling comfortable for marrying a man I know nothing about! You know, I’m not sure if the gods have this or not, but us humans have something called human decency.So Yeah, forgive me for not wanting to marry a man I just met because he could’ve potentially been an arse, which guess what? He is!” She growled.

    Emma noticed Anubis’s dismay at the way she was talking to him. “Sorry, I just never talked to a god before, and I didn’t want to sound like I was patronizing you.” She explained. She continued to listen as Anubis explained his plan. Her stomach sank at the realization he wanted her to be his bride. Be married to a god, and have anything I ever wanted...that’s not a bad deal. Emma thought before shaking the thought out of her head. No she couldn’t do it. She barely just knew Anubis, she couldn’t get into a long term relationship with him. “My godliness, I am very honored by your request, but I sadly cannot take it. I just feel, well, wrong about marrying a man that I’ve just met.” Emma tried to explain to the best of her ability.

    Naturia leaned over to nuzzle Dalia. “Of course you are, my little guard dog.” She said, chuckling warmly. She turned to Ivory, a bit of concerned stretched across her face. “You sure my dear, you look rather tired. If you wish, you can take a quick nap while we go to grab breakfast.” She suggested.

    Sorry Alaska, but I’m playing as Artemis.

    “Oh okay. The name’s Emma Jean.” She said, responding to both statements. She then was interrupted by her clothes being magically brought back together, well sort of. They had transformed into a fancy ancient Egyptian garment. Emma was astonished, never seeing anything like it in person. “Woah, authentic Egyptian wear. Thanks.” She said, trying it on. Never knew the god of the dead had the powers of fashion. She thought to herself, amused. “So I’m not one to jump to conclusion, but I’m going to assume you’re the one who’s released the gas who turned me into this. I don’t want to question a god, but why? Why do you want me to become, well, a anthropomorphic jackal like you?” She asked.

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    Were Dalmatian Form

    Ann Marie||23||Female||WereDalmatian||No mates, Adopted Son: Beowulf

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    IC: Ann began to cough some extra water out. She was a bit surprised when Natalie ran to hug her, but she gladly returned it. “Yeah, yeah I’m fine. Thank you for the concern.” She said, weakly but warmly. She then turned to Natalie, a worried look growing on her face. “Is my little boy okay?” She asked, her voice serious, but a bit shaky.