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    This rp is about Voltron Crew gaining some new members and even different pilots compared to the original timeline. These new crewmembers join for various reasons ranging from being requested to by their bosses to simple herorics to paying back a debt from being rescued. These crew members will assist them in various ways ranging from combat support to even working in the kitchen. They will have to bond with each other over their goal of saving the universe from the Galra and spreading peace across it. They will form various relationships with each other ranging from romances to familial to even rivalries. They will be traveling across the universe encountering various new societies and races while developing at people from various encounters.

    However the Galra Empire have gained new allies ranging from monsters to other tyrants which will pose an even bigger threat to the crew. They will be in serious danger at times due to them. Hopefully they will be able to defeat them or die trying.


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    Voltron Crew

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    Galra Empire

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    Richard Whitman

    The Goblin let out a grunt as he looked towards Parker. Easily one of his good Pals but he wasn't in the mood today. Even if it did make him chuckle. "Eh might as well try Dear, might get to headbutt my lad Connor, he owns me a quid" he joked knocking his own forehead before grumbling. A bit too hard. He rubbed his eyes again before he waved at Rosalia. He was always glad to see her, she was a good pal.

    He looked towards Astrid as she started to plan. She was brilliant with this stuff honestly. He honestly got excited when she said he and herself would be going in guns blazing. It would let him test some new team up attacks. Especially one he called the 'Header Canon'. Then again that could be painful to him at it's current state. "I'm up for that Ast, just how I like it, especially if my bud is going all out with me" he stated with a chuckle. He already felt a bit more awake. Richard was always up for a tussle with his mates by his side. He might be able to keep awake now. Maybe. Probably not.

    The jungle area presented some opportunities. He might be able to use some of the branches and vines to assist in attacks. Instead of his glider shield he could swing and jump for momentum to make his hits more impactful. Might even be able to make himself harder to hit. Then again Asanga and Lincoln where agile themselves so they might be able to reach him easier. "Asher could come with us, I personally know he has some good moves, especially his left hook" he joked. He had definitely been hit enough to confirm that.


    This is set in a mismatched city where people from various worlds and fandoms live together in an amalgamation of their worlds.

    However one of the most mysterious areas of the city is a massive abandoned pizzeria, one where a series of horrific incidents and murders occurred. One full of old animatronics and now worn out electronics. It was easily larger than most would expect from a pizzeria as it actually was a mixture of things from various other restaurants the company owned. However this has made it more mysterious to various people with people often investigating it going missing soon afterwards. It's believed they just ran off and hid away.

    The truth however is that the place is full of various old, maniacal, possessed or monstrous animatronics who still roam the building. They are mostly violent and willing to kill any intruders they come across, there are exceptions that show more intellect and even help some of the explorers in an attempt to keep them safe. They are some of the few that know the mysteries of the pizzeria. Especially around how some of them seem more monstrous than others or ghost like.

    Well one day a group of friends decide to investigate the place for a range of reasons such as curiosity or a personal reason. They have brought various tools and items to help the exploration. However they will soon find themselves trapped in the building with the animatronics and monsters that stalk the place. They'll have help every so often but they will have to be careful as they try to find another exit. Eh might as well try to discover more about the place. Especially some of the weird smells and noises in the place.


    The Investigators

    Courier Six (cyberelite2k)

    The Animatronics

    Withered Freddy (cyberelite2k)

    My forms

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    Richard Whitman

    The englishman turned towards the asgardian voice he heard. Astrid, easily one of his favourite people in this place. Probably why he's still functional half the time. He raised his hand in response to her greeting. He was chugging some coffee currently. The raid boss took a while to be beaten last night, he was still regretting bothering. He didn't get anything too good. He nearly didn't have time to get his hoodie on. Heck he was probably going to knock himself out soon.

    He drained the last of his coffee as he chuckled. The paper cup was crushed and thrown towards the general direction of a bin. It landed right in front of it. "I practically am still asleep Ast, if I went on the jog I would've probably collapsed in three seconds" he said both tiredly but with quite a bit of joy behind it. Natural for being around the asgardian and the young Stark. He rubbed his eyes briefly before chuckling again. "Hey how about to make it up to ya we go get some food, my treat" he added before he turned to Coleson.

    He wanted to both cheer and bash his own head in. A capture the flag game with most of his Pals on his side which should be fun as hell. On the other hand he's fucking exhausted and can't use his gear or armor. This might go badly. Eh he'll try to have fun with this. "well let's head to our flag, I'm just going to say I'm just going to charge in, it's always the best plan" he joked as he walked towards the flag putting his hood up. He couldn't wear his mask so it's better than nothing.