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    The poodle wip


    made three years ago-Legion Control-Defence Systems

    "Weapons test alpha successful...weapons test beta successful... I hate these" The AI stated as they sat in the bullhead as a couple of scientists touched up on their systems. Due to this being a long stay mission as they put it they wanted to perform touch ups as her crew wouldn't be around to do so later. Annoying.

    Chary luckily distracted themselves with the scroll in their hands. Despite them essentially having an inbuilt one they prefer this one. Due to it being gifted to them for their birthday by their friends. Apparently they had beamed wildly after realising what the box was more than the item. So instead they often used it despite the cracks and scratches. Currently they're sending various of these cute images of penguins to one of their closest friends Daiki. It made then way less nervous about this mission.

    Chary felt the Bullhead land and the screwdrivers and pliers being removed from the back of their head and their lower back. They almost shot up and walked over to the large metal crate with them. A folded up backup body, some tools if self repairs are required and some dust for weapons... alongside their stuff and gifts for their friends. Despite looking like a thin human they managed to casually lift the crate and walked from the vehicle.

    "bye bye guys, see you when Im finished and for my mission reports" they yelled back to the crew of the bullhead. They moved towards the meeting area and managed after a bit to push the crate through the front doors.

    They pushed the crate into a corner before jogging over to the group of people. They would check the files Atlas had on them all but that would invade their privacy. Time to be friendly.

    Chary looked towards Ozpin and gave him a quick salute "um i am um honoured to meet you headmaster Ozpin" they said quickly. They felt their face heat up out of pure nerves. They quickly backed away towards an empty space and perched down with a series of scan results from the surroundings and the people around them. They looked around quickly before spotting a member of Daiki's team. Lyacon they believe they're called. They tried to sneak through the group of people and just simply stood next to him. A bit more comfortable and a higher chance to see her best friend. "um hello Lyacon, just wanted to be near a semi familiar face".

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    Ok nearly there. It's been too long since she's seen her pals so of course the racer was speeding through a off-road forest path. Her baby Stormbreaker (nerdy name she knows) managed to tear through the terrain quite well. As well the grimm in the way. It's strong enough to do it quite well especially with the ignited wheels.

    "back off you skull faced wanker, no touching" Artemis yelled as she threw a punch into a beowolf's head using a tremor to shatter it to pieces. Nothings getting in the way of her seeing not only her bro but her team. She definitely missed those blokes. Far better than her old one. made her feel loved and in the case of one well has made her a bit hopeful about something.

    The biker eventually arrived at Beacon and managed to stop the bike quickly before kicking the stand down as she got off. She popped her helmet off before placing it on the back of the bike. Needed air and time to rest her hand. She might be used to injuries but it still hurt using a mildly strong tremor punch. Hmm a dislocated index finger from what she could tell but no problem. Just relocate it back. Like usual. Thank god Aunt Athena taught her that.

    she made sure her ruffled hair was calmed down as she walked towards the entrance. Looking presentable is not required but eh force of habit. Then again her leather biking gear was quite scuffed from her ride here. Soooo, not the most presentable. But made her look tough at least.

    She entered the meeting area while unzipping her jacket to cool down. Good for road protection but not heat. She saw the place was full of a lot of students and some huntsmen. She saw her bro and his team. Smiling like the dork he is. However she's the one with the hotter team. Thank god no one could read her mind. Especially them themselves.

    She looked towards Ozpin and gave a lazy wave as she sat down and leant against a wall. She was keeping an eye out for her team, she wanted to see her boys again. don't read too much into that at all. She had to say quite an odd group.

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    The clown let out a internal chuckle at teenager. Quite a serious lad. Odd if he said so himself. Nice sounding though. "That's interesting, must not know of my hometown then" He responded to the guy not knowing of him. Judging from the faint accent hes Italian, at least he suspects. Not many chances to learn the small things about the accent.

    "Well a pleasure to meet you Giovanna". Nice name honestly. Alliteration is interesting.

    He turned on his heels towards the newcomer seeing the rabbit like being. Not too surprising. He's seen clay men and aliens. This wasn't new. Seemed nervous. Huh kinda smart. He's been told he's 'very unnerving'. Eh what do they know.

    "Nice to meet you Clover, this bloody place seems to be a mall, probably the letter writers base" he answered her while rubbing his pointy chin. This place was a odd choice of location. Not too fun and had no pizaaz. Quite dull.

    When the blonde talked again the clown looked around. Trying to spot anyone. No one. He hadn't seen anyone before hand. "Honestly G-Lad, you two are the only outward voices I've heard" he answered as he put the knife away. Didn't feel necessary yet. "Looking around could be fun, might find this bastard blackmailer"



    The clown turned when he heard a voice behind him. Young but assertive. Interesting. He saw a blond teen with a quite fit build. Tall too. Odd hair though almost like tubes at the front. Odd clothes as well. Admittedly fashionable though.

    Judging by his questions he was asked to come here as well. So it wasn't just him. Maybe the letter was a bad scam. Trying to get money from multiple people or kidnap them. Then again there's no one else around and no threats yet. Might be somethin else.

    However he might as well answer the lad. Could be interesting or funny.

    "Now boyo I'm not the one who brought you here, another blackmail victim" he answered putting his pistol away and dusted his blazer. "Assuming you got one of these here letters" he added pulling the battered letter from his pocket.

    He let out another chuckle before bowing his head briefly. "Ah nearly forgot, people call me Joker, might've heard of me somewhere" he answered the second question before gesturing to the boy "what's your name then blondie"


    The Joker

    So this was the place. Dreary and quite a sad sight. Just like gotham. Might need some paint or a couple of bombs to improve it. He'd have to get some later anyway. Ol batsy needs a gift now and again. He walked up to the door and wanted to gag a little bit. No janitors here obviously.

    Then again he wasn't here for a health inspection. He was hear to beat this blackmailer. Thought they could blackmail him. The 'secrets' weren't the problem but it was the audacity of it. Trying to pull a fast one on him. Bad choice. Old reliable will make sure of that and more. They'll learn not to mess with him if he's still living. Hasn't decided on that yet.

    He'll have to find them first. This place was huge, he could even see a joke shop here. Making a note of that. Now where could this dumbass be. Probably with others. This screamed ambush loudly and clearly. He's done it enough to know.

    "So how is this going, hide and seek or you coming here" He yelled with a chuckle as he spun around on his heel. "Will say nice lair, bit filthy though, might need to hire a cleaner". He paused waiting to hear a response. Hide and seek then.

    That's good. More fun that way. He drew his pistol and knife out before walking further into the building whistling while doing it. Might find something fun here. Might as well have fun with this.

    Good to see ya Jumpsuit, hope this villain is ok