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    "I don't th-think a black bear could've of t-taken her arm" Bill admitted, siding with Ben. Maybe a grizzly bear could, but those didn't live in Maine, and there would of definitely been sightings if that was the case. At the suggestion of it being an escaped zoo animal by Eddie, Stan looked to be in disbelief.

    "That can't be what happened!" He exclaimed as he looked around at everyone, "You can't even be considering that." Eddie turned his head to look at Stan, a frown on his face. "What do you think it could of been then? Because it obviously wasn't a black bear" Eddie told him, waiting to see if Stan gave him a response. Would it be highly unusual for an escaped animal to go unreported? Definitely, but what other options were there? Whatever killed Susan, had torn her to bits. It had to be a sizable creature with enough strength to overpower an adult woman, nothing Maine could naturally supply.

    However, before a debate could start between Eddie and Stan, Richie spoke up. He had a point, the police and townsfolk here did the bare minimum when someone went missing or turned up dead. It was just like Richie described, they searched for a little bit before calling it quits. No real progress was ever made, who knew how many unsolved case files were in the police station, just collecting dust.

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    Sarah was unaware of the ordeal that two of her friends had gone through, as well as the shocking confession which followed. As far as she knew, they were all okay, or at least she hoped. She felt bad for not being able to check up on any of them today, but her parents had wanted her home.

    Her mother, Mary Jo, needed some help around the house; having decided to do some very late spring cleaning. This took most of the day, until Mary Jo sent her out to the grocery store. They were running low on milk and eggs, so it was Sarah's job to pick up what they needed. Sarah didn't really mind the chores, she and her mother were close, so they chatted throughout before Sarah was sent off with her task.

    She was heading home now- A paper bag containing milk and eggs held securely in her arms. She had passed by a few people on her way back, so it wasn't as if Sarah was alone. But as she kept walking, she spotted less of them until she was the only one on the sidewalk.

    Sarah didn't take notice at first, not until the telltale hairs on the back of her neck rose up, prompting her to stop. Sarah glanced over her shoulder, only to see nothing. She gingerly touched the back nape of her neck, uncertain what had caused her hair to stand on end; perhaps she was just imaging things.

    Sarah had done this sort of thing for her parents dozens of times and she was always okay, so there was nothing to scared of, right?

    (Okay, cool. Good to know I'm not alone on this ship XD)

    Beverly had been looking over the papers while the others talked, not seeming to notice how Bill had clammed up near her. After a few moments, he finally managed to look at the redhead next to him, glancing about her as he opened his mouth to say something. However, he was interrupted when Beverly looked towards Ben, hearing him and Stan talk about Susan Fischer. Like everyone else in Derry, Beverly had heard of her death, and from what details the police released to the public- It wasn't pleasant.

    Surely Susan Fischer had suffered in her final moments, having apparently been mauled and left to bleed to death. It was an awful way to go, pretty much everyone could agree with that. However, one thing that was left up for debate, was what killed Susan. This being Maine, there weren't a lot of animals who could do the damage that was done unto Susan.

    Beverly's brow raised as Ben explained to Stan that the largest predator in the state was the black bear, but there hadn't been a fatal attack by one in over a century. Even if you weren't an expert on bears, it was almost common knowledge that black bears weren't as aggressive as some of their cousins. They could easily be scared away if you came across one, but that was usually unnecessary since they would probably run away on their own accord.

    Besides, if a black bear had been in the area, wouldn't there have been reports? Surely people would notice one wandering around a suburban area, especially if they were uncommon.

    "But if a black bear didn't kill her, what did?" Beverly asked him, Susan had been mauled; there were teeth marks, scratches, the whole bit. It had to be an animal of some sort, even if it wasn't one native to the state.

    Eddie looked between her and Ben, Beverly had asked a good question. However, despite how smart Ben seemed to be, it was doubtful that he was also researching animals in his spare time- Or maybe he was, who knew. The fact still remained though that he wasn't a zoologist and he hadn't seen Susan's body, so how could he know what killed her?

    "Could of been an escaped animal, from like a zoo or something" Eddie suggested, glancing around at everyone. Bill seemed to think this over, biting the inside of his cheek in thought. "Wouldn't that have b-b-been on the news though?" He questioned, if an animal had escaped, then the zoo would of been looking for it, right? They would of said something on TV, warn people, tell them to keep their eyes peels.

    "I don't know, people around here kind of suck at their jobs" Eddie said, "Why else do so many people go missing? The police don't really do anything."

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    The next day, Bill managed to meet up with Richie, Eddie, Stan, Ben, and Beverly at the Quarry. Admittedly he worried that he would have to cancel, seeing what happened with Georgie, but Debbie offered to help out. She gave both of the Denbroughs her home number, so if Georgie needed anything or something happened, he could call her and Debbie would get in contact with Bill. Was Georgie very fond of the idea? Probably not. But it was better safe than sorry, if he had another encounter with his "monster", then he should have someone to turn to. Besides, it wasn't like Bill was setting Georgie up to be babysat by Debbie, she was there to provide reassurance.

    As of now, all six kids had finished up their swim and had been drying off, having a radio set up near them with music playing. Beverly was sunning herself on a towel she had brought along, shades pulled down over her eyes. She was completely unaware of the fact that all five boys were staring at her, at least until she turned her head to look at them- A movement which caused all of them to scramble for a place to look elsewhere. Unfortunately for them, they were all horrible at trying to act natural. Beverly turned herself over, watching as Richie began to shift through Ben's bag. At first, he took out a postcard, something that Ben was quick to snatch away from him. That off limits, Richie went on to retrieve a folder from the bag, opening it up to look at its contents.

    He asked why he had a history project with him, to which Ben replied that when he first moved here he didn't have anyone to hang out with, so he went to the library. This of course drew a questioning look from Richie, who went to the library during the summer?

    Everyone passed around the folder to look at, Bill soon being handed it. He briefly skimmed over it until Beverly spoke up, prompting him to look in her direction. "I wanna see" She said as she got up, moving to sit beside Bill. This caused him to go quiet, quickly looking down at the papers as Beverly leaned over to see Ben's research.

    (I apologize if I don't really include the Bill and Beverly moments from the movie, I don't dislike them together, it's just kind of weird to play out romance between two characters that you're in charge with X3 Also I'm more for Ben and Beverly because I loved their dynamic in the film.)

    (Okay, so maybe we could do the part of the Quarry scene where Ben shares what he has on Derry, because that’s important. My only worry is if we follow the movie’s plot too closely, then it might become boring. But there’s a lot of ways to throw our own twist into things, like maybe Debbie does show up to the Quarry (not when everyone is swimming, but afterwards, she’s still going to question why everyone didn’t bring swimsuits). Or maybe she or her mother is mentioned in a conversation between everyone, because I think at this point, Susan’s death was ruled as an animal attack. Which is something I could see Ben pointing out as dumb, because the largest predator in Maine would be the the Black Bear, one of the most docile species of bear. Like, I think it said somewhere that the last fatal attack committed by a black bear in Maine was during the 1830s.)

    OOC: I went because I was visiting New York and went into the city, they had a lot of weird stuff there X3 Another example would be a piece of wax that the artist literally bit into. I also saw a taxidermy rabbit on stilts.

    Also, I'm going to skip ahead in this post, hope you don't mind X3

    IC: "I'm pretty sure the artist had a snow shovel and was like, I wonder what will happen if I hung this from the ceiling" Nat said in response to Donnie musing. Of course, there could of been a deeper meaning behind the exhibit, but Nat just took it for what it was. "I'm pretty sure you could sneeze onto canvas and it could be worth something" Nat soon added in a joking fashion, "You could make a piece and call it Turtle Boogers in Springtime."

    Even Raph cracked an amused grin at the thought of some of the exhibits they had there, he often heard people poke fun at modern art, stating how weird it was. So, Nat honestly had a point. Perhaps they could try their hand at it and create some modern pieces, how hard could it be?

    However the turtle soon turned his attention to Layla, blinking when she mention that she was a fan of music, though she didn't have an exact favorite genre. Raph could understand that, he liking various types of rock music, there was too many diverse groups and artist out there to really dedicate yourself to a sole type. However, unlike Layla, he wasn't one for singing. Raph could sound decent sometimes, but he wasn't talented, if anything he was better with instruments.

    Eventually though, the two groups did have to part ways, it was late and both had to return to their respective homes. However, they had plans to meet up again. It was rare for the turtles to meet people who proved to be so accepting of them, especially ones that were interested in them as individuals and not because they were humanoid turtles. Even Leo, the one who was normally the hardest to convince, seemed okay with the idea of meeting with the girls again. It made his brothers happy, and a good leader made sure to consider the feelings of others, right? So why not?


    However, in the week that followed, the turtles found themselves to be pretty busy. Between the Foot, the Kraang, and finding information on Night Claw's gang; they had a lot on their plate. They still manage to fit some time in to visit the girls, mostly because of Mikey's insistence, but being so many places at one could prove to be very draining.

    As of now, they were finishing up another patrol. Tonight had been uneventful aside from an attempted hijacking and purse snatcher, things which prove to be pretty mundane in the turtles' line of work. They had been hoping to find more of Night Claw's underlings, but they never did, suggesting that they may of been laying low for the time being. In their brief meeting with her, it was obvious that Night Claw was not stupid, she knew what she was doing when it came to running a gang. She probably figured that the turtles would be on the look out for her, so she instructed her grunts to stay hidden. That was the course of action Leo would of taken, if he was being honest.

    "Okay, that about wraps up tonight" Leo announced as he looked to his brothers, everyone seemed tired and ready to head on home. Leo didn't blame them, he was eager to do the same. "Good job, everyone, but... Um, Raph. Next time try not to be so rough with the guy" The leader in blue said, looking at the turtle in question. "What did you want me to do, Leo? The guy was resisting" Raph stated, seeming to stand by his actions. "You knocked him into the car, he almost left a de- You know what, never mind, let's just go home" Leo responded with a sigh, not in the mood to argue with Raph. "Fine by me" Raph said, having his arms crossed against his plastron.

    Without another word, Leo went to lead the way from the roof top they were on, hopping to the next with ease. Even when worn out, it was still important to keep on your toes, something could always happen on the way home.

    "I hope not" Dan stated as the two walked in the direction of the town, which Dan was being honest. Having a broken nose would require actual medical attention, from a doctor. Which Dan wasn't exactly enthralled with the idea of having to tell his folks that he got into a fight and Roger Haynes broke his nose. He could already hear their scolding, but he supposed it would be better to face that than to have his nose heal into a misaligned shape.

    The brunette soon glanced towards Sam from the corner of his eye, having a rather mischievous smile. "Y'know, we could get back at him by slashing his tires when he leaves his car unattended" Dan suggested, "I doubt he could keep up with us on foot, he is pretty pudgy." Of course, he didn't expect Sam to be on board with the idea, he didn't have a death wish. It was mostly meant as a joke, but if given the chance, Dan probably would deflate the tires to Roger's car. After all, he couldn't prove what he didn't see.

    "While we're at the drugstore, feel free to get yourself a soda" Dan told Sam afterwards, "I can pay for it." Normally his father was okay if Dan helped himself to one or two things within the drugstore, but if it was meant for friends, it was entirely different story. He didn't want Dan handing stuff out, the stuff in the store cost money after all.

    "Maybe" Debbie responded before she looked towards the living room where Bill had disappeared off to. She guessed neither of their parents were home, otherwise they would of heard Georgie when he had been panicking. But he seemed to have settled down, at least a little, and soon Bill came back to pop his head back in to check on them.

    Admittedly, he did feel bad for making it seem as if he didn't believe Georgie. But what he said was the truth, monsters don't exist, there had to be some logical explanation behind what Georgie saw, and what has been going on around town. If he had to guess, he'd say there was some creep abducting children. It was no less horrible, but it was the most realistic.

    Debbie blinked when she saw Bill pop up, the other soon approaching without a word. "I should be going now" Debbie told him before she looked down at Georgie, she had already taken long enough, it wouldn't be long until her grandparents wondered where she was.

    (Would you want to skip ahead soon?)

    Dan looked back towards Sam after he had followed him out of the alcove, commenting about how upset his parents would be when they saw him. Dan gave him a half smile, "Just tell them that you fell... Into a fist... Multiple times" He told him, though that would be a terrible explanation, it was Dan's attempt at humor after all that had happened. "Let's get to the drugstore, we can get some stuff there" He said, afterwards turning his head back around in order to start walking.

    However, before he could, he felt a hand grab him by the wrist. Dan could be felt jolting slightly at the contact, before he moved to look back at Sam again. He listened closely as he promised not to tell the others, stating that it was Dan's business, so it was his decision what he decided to do. Dan offered Sam another small smile before he gave him a grateful nod, "Thanks, Sam. I appreciate it." To be honest, Dan didn't know when he would tell the others, or if he ever would. The only reason Sam found out was because Dan had been ratted on, it wasn't with his own free will. Besides, he didn't know if the others would be as accepting as Sam was. Coming out as homosexual was serious business, and some people's lives were ruined by it.

    But it was time that they start heading for the drugstore. Sam needed an ice pack it seemed, while both of them could use bandages and something to clean the blood off of them. Besides, Dan just wanted to move on. It was going to take some time for him to accept the fact that Sam knew what he was, as well as time for Sam to adjust to one of his friends being a homosexual. However, out of everyone, he was glad that it was Sam who found out; he being the one that Dan was most comfortable with knowing.

    "You know, if you tell people that you got a black eye from Roger Haynes and lived, I'm pretty sure they'll be impressed."

    Debbie nodded when Georgie had asked if her mother saw something, seeming to need her to clarify that. The confirmation made his eyes light up, seeming hopeful now that he knew that someone went through the same thing he did. However, this led to Georgie asking if her mother was in an asylum, if she was normal. Debbie went silent, eyes glancing away from Georgie momentarily. He wasn't aware of what had happened to Susan, or the fact that she was her mother, and Debbie didn't have the heart to tell him of her fate.

    So, she opted to reply by shaking her head. "No, she's not in an asylum" Debbie told him, "But some people had trouble believing her too. You know, sometimes people choose not to believe because it's less scary to do. That, or they don't know how to understand. See what I'm getting at?"

    That said, Debbie straightened up, now looking down at Georgie. "Even if it seems like he doesn't believe you, I'm sure a part of him does. He's always watched after you, right? I'm sure this is no different" Debbie continued, "But don't think that you're alone in this."

    OOC: Okay, thanks for understanding :3 I'll try to post more often for you, but my posts might just be shorter.

    IC: "Did I say I was mad at you?" Eddie asked Roger, in all honesty, he understood where he was coming from. He didn't want to see anyone get killed, because as anyone knows, humans don't bounce back the same way Toons do. "He's probably long gone, Rog."

    Dan could be seen looking at Sam from the corner of his eye, but only for a few seconds before he averted it to the ground once more. Although he should of felt relief to hear those words, his own vulnerability got the better of him. Sam could of just been saying that, he knew all too well that people could say one thing but think something else entirely. Of course that didn't fit Sam, he wasn't two-faced like a lot of people could be. He was sincere and honest, if he disagreed with something then he would let you know, he wouldn't lie.

    After a silence that seemed to last forever, Dan finally spoke up again, though he failed to drop the flat tone he had taken on. "Listen. I don't blame you if this causes you to think differently about me, I get that it's not exactly normal. But I'm really sorry that you got dragged into a shitty situation because of me" Dan told Sam, eyes remaining downcast. "I should of told you about Roger and his friends and how they don't like me, but that would of brought of the question of why, and... And I was scared to tell you. I already lost friends once because of what I am, I didn't really want to go through it again."

    That said, Dan went quiet again, this time looking out from the alcove and listening. "I don't hear them anymore" He said to the other before he went to crawl out from the alcove, "I think we're okay to leave." Surely enough, the screaming that had been coming from Roger had died down- Meaning that he had either given up or was looking for them in a different area, far away enough to where they couldn't hear his voice.

    He turned back to Sam, seeing if he would come out as well. They could walk to the drugstore and get bandages to patch themselves up with, and maybe snatch some cold medicine for Theo. Overall, Dan seemed ready to drop this conversation and pretend that it had never happened, but he was aware of what the reality was.

    (Aw, thanks ^ ^)

    Debbie had waited until Bill had left for another room, giving them the privacy to talk. Afterwards, she put her focus onto Georgie, paying no mind to the tone he used when he asked her what she wanted. Debbie frowned as she approached the young boy, bending so that she was face-to-face with him. "Don't be mad with your brother, okay? I know it's frustrating what you're going through, you want somebody to believe you. Bill is just having a hard time understanding, that's all. If someone told you the same thing, would you know what to think?"

    She went quiet for a few moments, allowing Georgie the time to think over her words. Meanwhile Debbie glanced over her shoulder, checking to see if Bill was near. Seeing that he wasn't, she looked at Georgie again. "I'll let you in on a secret... I believe you" Debbie told him in a hushed voice, "My mother went through the same thing when she was really little. She saw something scary, something that was hard to explain. You're not alone, Georgie. People all over the world see strange things, but not all of them are brave enough like you to say what they saw."

    Which was true. Think of the all the reports from around the world, where people saw something impossible, then take into account all of those who saw something but said nothing. Of course, what Georgie saw was probably no Bigfoot or Loch Ness Monster, but it sure was strange. Yet in a weird sense, after experiencing what her mother went through, Debbie believed him.

    Master Splinter's ways of keeping the turtles in the sewers may of been controversial, but it was to prevent the boys from sneaking up there and potentially landing themselves in hot water. Of course now, they were no longer children, but teenagers-Capable teenagers at that. But the fact still remained, there were hundreds of stories to be found online about people who had run-ins with unidentified creatures. Bigfoot, Mothman, the Jersey Devil, and Chupacabra were just a few examples, but they all sparked some sort of phenomenon. What would happen if the turtles found themselves as the focal point of something similar to Bigfoot Fever, or Mothman Mania? Investigations on these beasts were still ongoing, despite how ago the initial sightings were. The only differences was that it would be harder for the turtles, they lived in a highly populated area. There were eyes everywhere in New York, it would be disastrous for their survival if a whole city was looking for them. If you took that into account, then it was definitely understandable why Splinter took such lengths- He was just trying to protect his sons. Seeing that another silence had begun to settle between them, Denise went ahead and playfully into Donnie's side.


    If anything, they probably could used Ava right now, seeing that she seemed to know how to reason with Raphael- In a way none of his brothers could. Raph was the definite risk taker of the four, which could often land them in trouble, kind of like what was happening now. Because of Raph's inability to think ahead, they were now sneaking up on what was most likely just a homeless man. However, he didn't seem to notice that Ava had been calling for them, too focused on the presence nearby. He didn't even notice when Mikey had snuck off to meet up with Ava. All he saw was that person retrieve a crowbar and he reached for his sai on his belt. He was well aware that the building they were near was a residential one, and there were some apartment at ground-level. So this potential robber just had to pick his choice of windows and he could break in, but Raph wasn't about to allow that. As Mikey spoke with Ava, thanking her for the thoughtful gifts, a loud metallic crash came from where he had left Raph... Looked like their hothead had once again decided to take action.