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    Ralph was quick to shoot Mikey a glare in response to his teasing. Normally such comments earned the youngest a punch to the shoulder or a shove. Of course, it was never hard enough to hurt Mikey. To outside eyes, Raph's usual actions could come off as mean. But his brothers knew that he never meant any harm, it was just who he was. Raph wasn't the best at expressing emotions, so he developed his own way of doing so. This often meant that a playful punch was about the same as a pat on the back. However this time Raph refrained from touching Mikey, instead just fixing him with a sharp look. It seemed that he had yet to learn that the only way to get Mikey to stop teasing him about Ava, was to have no reaction at all.

    However, keeping a poker face wasn't exactly something Raph was good at. Despite appearing as the "tough" type, he really did were his emotions on his sleeve- Though he was quick to deny such a thing. Him? Sensitive? No way.

    Eventually Mikey moved on and turned his attention towards Ai. He asked if she'd be okay, a question that had the female turtle looking up at him. She nodded, confirming that she'd be okay. After all, though she was never actively involved in the holiday before; she had seen other teenagers enjoy it. Dressing up in silly costumes and being given candy, what was not to like? Except for maybe the scary parts. Gore and ghouls weren't really her thing. "She's got you, doesn't she?" Raph soon commented as he watched the two, obviously teasing the youngest. It took two to play at this game, and Raph finally had some leverage against Mikey. Even if the two were just friends, Raph still liked to mess with Mikey about Ai.

    Soon the red-banded turtle's attention was brought to Ava. She took the moment to remind him not to break anything while they were at the festival, something which Raph scoffed at. "Hey, give me some credit. I do have some self-control" He told her with a lopsided smile. For a moment, he glanced down at Ava's hand, which she had placed on his arm. Though he said nothing, he did bite the inside of his cheek- As if that would somehow will away the red threatening to appear on his face. Good thing he had this tinted fishbowl to conceal it.

    "First official Halloween for you guys, let's make it the best!" Denise cheered, seeing that they were on the move now. Donnie was already making his way towards the lair's entrance, she soon hurrying after him. Of course, it wasn't Halloween just yet. But the days leading up to it and the actual holiday itself should be filled with all sorts of activity. After all, the turtles never officially got to celebrate it before- It was hard to given their situation. So might as well make it the best, right?

    Denise linked arms with Donnie just as she rushed passed him, tugging the taller turtle along. Ai perked up at the sudden buzz of energy, soon moving to follow after them. "Wait for us!" She called, making sure to glance over her shoulder and see that the others were following.

    (Okay, thanks ^ ^ Also, on a completely unrelated note- Could you imagine if the turtles were brought along for shopping, especially around Christmas time? It'd already be hectic with it being the holiday season, but then you have four teens who've never been in a mall setting before. I feel like they'd wind up running around and looking for Mikey- Only to find him mesmerized by a GameStop.)

    Something had to be wrong the night that Dan didn't come home. Knowing that Sam had a tendency to worry himself sick, rarely did he ever come home late without an explanation of sorts- Or without alerting the other beforehand. So as the night went on and there was no word from him, it was a cause for concern. Some may of believed Sam to be paranoid. Arriving home later than usual shouldn't have been a cause for alarm, at least in the eyes of other people. They would've explained it away as Dan being held back longer than usual, and his phone having potentially died on him. But those who knew Dan, knew that wasn't the case.

    Everyone within their tight-knit group knew that the brunet wouldn't do anything to purposely worry Sam, he knew how anxious he got. For him not to come home and not try and somehow contact the other, it was unlike him. So before long, everyone had begun to receive texts from Sam; asking if they knew where Dan was. Sarah hadn't heard anything from him all day, making her a dead end. Meanwhile Jack said that they texted a few times that morning, but that had been when Dan was in their apartment. So far, no one knew what happened to him- They all just as clueless as Sam was. Seeing that Dan was an adult though, it wasn't as if Sam could go and immediately file a missing person's report. He'd have to wait twenty-four hours for that to become an option, and honestly... Sam probably didn't have the patience for that.

    His significant other hadn't come home yet, no one had heard from him for quite sometime, and Sam had no leads as to where he could be. It was the beginning to one's worst nightmare, the disappearance of a loved one.

    Sarah tried to comfort Sam, stating that she'd be over first thing tomorrow morning; should Dan not return later that night. However, the passing hours became more and more difficult when there was still no word from Dan. That's when Brian winded up getting a text as well, detailing the situation. Now unlike the other three, who were trying to get Sam to settle and not do anything drastic, Brian actually winded up heading for the couple's apartment. As of now, he stood in front of their door, looking over the text that Sam had sent him again. He had already knocked a few times, currently waiting for Sam to open up.

    (So sorry for the late reply!)

    "I'd like to see them try" Raph commented in response to Mikey's words. Though she may of not looked the part, Ava was quite the fighter. He was certain that she could knock a few Foot heads together if she wanted. After all, she had managed to take Mikey out a few times- And that had been on total accident.

    Eventually though, Ava announced that she was ready to go. Raph took that moment to glance around at everyone else, having since crossed his arms against his plastron. Everyone else looked ready to go, at least in his opinion anyway. Leo, Mikey, Ai, and Donnie were all labeled; just like him. Besides, it wasn't as if they were doing anything. He knew most of his brothers wouldn't want to miss out on this opportunity. Mikey, being the social butterfly that he was, had to be excited for all the activities available at the festival. Donnie, well, he'd get to hang out with Denise somewhere other than the sewers. As for Leo, he'd probably say that he was going to keep an eye on everyone- But the truth was that he was probably just as excited for a night getting act as a normal teenager.

    Raph expected for Ai to stick close to Mikey for most of the night, seeing how he was the one she was most comfortable with. This could've been considered odd given their differing personalities. Mikey was going to all over the place when they got there, and he wasn't sure how Ai was going to keep up with him. Out of the five of them, she was definitely the most timid. Raph remembered teasing Donnie when Ai was introduced as a new addition to the lair. 'We finally found someone more awkward than you', He had said- Having received an eye roll in response.

    Soon Ava pointed out that they should probably go before Donnie exploded from overthinking. Typical of the taller turtle. It was anyone's guess whatever was going through his head, but apparently it was enough to make him zone out. Seeing that he had been called out, Donnie quickly stated that he was ready to go as well. Afterwards though, he mumbled something to Denise. She smiled in response, "Thanks." She replied before then aiming a playful punch against Donnie's arm, "Let's go then."


    Hello, hello, and welcome to my thread.

    I'm very bored at the moment and have been craving a Spideypool thread.

    So, if you are too, then please feel free to post here or send me a PM.

    Down below I will include some information about me, as well as preferences-

    et cetera, et cetera. Don't worry if you don't have a particular plot in mind,

    we can plot together. Besides, 9/10 times I already have a plot thought out.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. Don't worry, I'm pretty

    friendly :3


    -I am open to darker and more mature themes, just nothing to do with

    pedophilia, rape, and other things along those lines.

    -I tend to mirror however much my RP partners put. So however many
    paragraphs you post, you can expect the same amount from me. But if not,

    I will do three at minimum. Anything less, you can expect an apology for.

    -I am pretty active, so you can expect a post a day from me if not more.

    If something is to happen where I am unable to post for a bit or I am

    lacking muse, I'll be sure to let you know.

    -I do like to chat OOC, since it's fun to make friends with those you RP with.

    It'll definitely make me feel better if you do too, just because I'm a normally

    shy person off site X3


    -I would like to be the one playing Spider-Man/Peter Parker, just because I'm

    more comfortable with his character.

    -That said, if I do play him, then I will be portraying him as an adult.

    -Speaking of portraying, if it's all right with you, I would also prefer to
    play my own interpretation of the character. It's kind of like with the
    three actors who played Spidey, they all portrayed him a bit differently
    even though they're all playing the same character- Y'know? If needed,

    then I'll more than happily make a form for him.

    -Okay, that said- Let's get into what I'd prefer in a partner. The only two

    things I would ask is that you're active and are willing to chat OOC. If

    something happens in which the former may be a difficult (e.g. Job,

    school, etc.), then let me know.


    Hello there! As of recently, I've been wanting to do a thread based around the duo of Deadpool and Spider-Man. Hopefully, if you're looking at this thread, then you are too and we can plot ^ ^ But before that can happen, just allow me to lay down some expectations and what you can expect of me. Cool? Cool.

    What You Can Expect From Me


    Overall, I'm pretty active and you can expect a few responses from me a day (depending on muse).

    If something is to happen where I'm busy and won't be able to reply to the thread for a bit, I'll

    be sure to let you know.


    Depending on muse, I fancy myself semi-advanced. I like to include details within my posts, especially

    when I'm really feeling it. However, I also tend to mirror how much the person I'm RPing with


    Out of Character-

    I do like to talk out of character. It's nice to be able to chat with the person you're RPing with and

    exchange ideas and other stuff. Planning and brainstorming is something I definitely like to do,

    so you can expect some ideas from me as the thread goes on


    I'm a pretty open person and don't mind darker themes. However, things I won't do include

    pedophilia, rape, self-harm, and suicide. If there's ever something you have in mind but

    aren't sure if I'd be okay with it, then just ask.

    What I'd Appreciate From You

    I don't have a lot of demands when it comes to a partner. However, I would appreciate

    if you considered the following below:

    -Be active. You don't have to post every day, everyone has a life outside of the site.

    So if you ever become busy and are unable to reply for a bit, then don't sweat it.

    However, I would appreciate if you gave me a heads up if you're gone for an

    extended amount of time.

    -No one-liners, and decent grammar. I tend to have more muse when responding to posts

    that are more detailed. You don't have to create excessive responses, but I would prefer

    if you're semi-advanced or around that level.

    -Be open to talking. The truth is that I'm a pretty shy person, so I'd really appreciate it

    if you are open to talking OOC. It makes me feel better when I'm RPing with someone

    who is just as enthused as I am. If you want to share ideas, pictures, or videos- Then

    go ahead. I'll be happy to see them :3


    Well, that about wraps things up! If you have are looking to plot with me or have any questions, then feel free to post here. Or, if you prefer, you can also send me a PM. Until then, have a wonderful day! (Or night, depending on where you are.)

    Eventually, after some time spent locked in a standstill, there was activity among the crowd of law enforcement. It was subtle at first, but eventually became more apparent when somebody approached Captain Allen. As Connor would be able to hear, 'it' had arrived- There being no real explanation as to what it was exactly. Whatever the case, Captain Allen didn't seem to need one. Instead, he told the messenger to hurry up and get it over here. They had multiple human lives at stake here and they couldn't afford to waste any time. So with a quick 'Yes, sir', the messenger was on their way back from where they had come from. Of course, it was unlikely that anyone was going to fill Connor in on the situation. As far as they were concerned, he was a tool that hadn't worked, and so they were now changing tactics. This meant that Captain Allen must've made a call while the android was occupied. Whatever he had called for having since arrived. For a moment, he spared a sideways glance towards the android. Both of them had been there for the last time an android had taken humans hostage. However, back then it had been a situation which Connor could handle. The circumstances were different now. The RK800 couldn't be of use if he couldn't make contact with the suspect.

    After a minute or two of waiting, someone had begun to call for everyone to make room. This attracted the attention of the captain, he soon turning in the direction of the commotion. The messenger from before was leading someone through the throngs of law enforcement. But as they drew closer, it became apparent that they weren't a someone, but rather a something- An android to be exact. They were clad in a pale blue uniform with a folded down collar, a zipped front, and two breast pockets. Like with any android clothing, they had the arm band and triangle that told of their position. However what differentiated them from any other android was embroidered on their jacket. Rather than having the word 'Android', theirs instead read 'Vessel', along with a model name that was unlike any other android in production- RX200.

    The strange android followed after the man leading him towards Captain Allen, icy blue eyes glancing about the surrounding crowd. For a moment, his LED turned yellow before cycling back to blue; indicating that they were taking in information. Captain Allen waited impatiently for them to approach, he crossing his arms against his chest. "When CyberLife said that they were sending someone to deal with the suspect, I should've known it was going to be another machine" The disgruntled captain muttered as the RX200 parked themselves before him. The android merely stared at the man for a few moments, as if figuring out what to say. After a second or two, it decided to settle for a simple greeting; right before getting down to business. "Hello, Captain Allen. I was informed of the situation on my way here. The suspected deviant is refusing any contact with both humans and androids, correct?"

    (I just sent the PM ^ ^, sorry if it's a little on the short side. But don't worry, it's all good.

    Yeah, Tyler has to be the one to balance Gavin out XD

    I can only imagine how pissed Amanda would be. Like she's just like, "Did he just kick me out? From my own android?"

    Oh my gosh, imagine how shocked Connor would be.

    "Um.. Aiden?.."

    "I needed a new host and the Eden's Club was the only place with androids that wouldn't be missed. They have, like, twenty others stored in the back."

    "Riiight.. That's why."

    I can tell you some of the idea in the PM if you want?)

    Dan did his best to listen to Sam through his own erratic breathing. The other had moved to touch his back, an action that Dan normally would've appreciated. But instead, he found himself almost wincing away- As if Sam had burnt him. He didn't know what was happening to him. He felt scared and confused and the world around him wouldn't stop spinning. But despite it all, he focused on Sam's voice. The other was right, Dan needed to breathe. Which to his credit, he was trying. But his lungs felt insatiable and the air couldn't fill them fast enough.

    "I can't" Dan choked out, falling silent when Sam spoke up once again. He instructed for Dan to try and breathe along with him, afterwards asking if he understood. The brunet nodded in response, though he soon came to regret that action. A simple nod had sent his head spinning and Dan felt as if he nearly threw himself off balance. Somehow he managed to stay on his feet without stumbling, afterwards listening for further instruction from Sam.

    Breathe in, breathe out. It was that simple, wasn't it? Well, under normal circumstances it should've been. However, in the few seconds they spent running from Pennywise, it was like Dan had forgotten what it was to breathe properly. He was sucking in air too quick and too frequently, he needed to slow down.

    Dan was unable to answer Sam at first, merely sucking in short, rapid breaths. He felt like he couldn't get enough air into his lungs, his throat tightening from the lump which formed within it. The rapid pounding of his heart didn't help either, it honestly feeling like the muscle was preparing to burst from his chest. "I-I can't- I can't" Was all he could sputtered out between shallow breaths. His mind was unable to form a coherent sentence, the scenery around him soon becoming a blur as he stared hard at the ground. Everything felt dizzy and Dan thought he might pass out, but he knew he couldn't. Not here, not when they were in the same area as that thing.

    Overwhelming and irrational fear covered him like a thick blanket, it slowly suffocating Dan and muffling the outside world. Now Dan wasn't prone to attacks or spells of any kind, but he was fairly certain he was having one now. He couldn't breathe, his heart was beating too fast for his body, and his limps felt heavy. For a moment he worried that he may of been having a heart attack, but that couldn't be it. Dan was a healthy, teenage boy and there was no history of such a condition in his family. By all means, it wouldn't make sense for him to just suddenly have one.

    "I can't I can't I can't..."

    Those were the only words Dan could bring himself to articulate at this moment, repeating them over and over again like a broken record. He just wanted to curl up and disappear, at least then all of this would then stop. Sam's normally gentle gaze felt like a microscope that was closely analyzing him, able to see all of his flaws. For a moment, he wished that the other would just continue running and leave him; just show Dan wouldn't feel his stare.

    It had been a wonder they managed to shake Jenny. Much like Connor, she had her orders to remain with the other two at all times during an investigation. This was something she didn't hesitate to bring up when Hank mentioned finishing up some work with Connor. Though the lieutenant must've found it annoying for her to have to run through the explanation again, it's what her programming called for- Apparently it thought that Hank needed a reminder. But nevertheless, gave her the order to stay behind, having explained that they wouldn't be doing any investigative work. What a lie that was.

    But whatever, it got Jenny off their backs.

    A deep laugh rumbled throughout the room, the walls seeming to tremble with it. "Testy... Aren't we?..." The entity mused, there being a purr-like quality to their voice. "You would think that you'd be smart enough not to expose your underbelly. You really are an open book, ain'tcha? "

    Tyler could be heard exhaling sharply through his nose, an indication that he had silently laughed at the other. "I wouldn't have mentioned it if I wasn't" He told Gavin, there being a teasing edge to his tone. Despite the gentle first kiss, it was dialogue like that which reminded Gavin that Tyler had a bit of a bite to him. He wasn't afraid to poke fun at the other, an action that normally would've landed others in hot water with the older detective. But it seemed that Tyler knew he could get away with it. Besides, Gavin might come to appreciate the fact that Tyler wasn't as sweet as his face made him out to be. He had his head angled from when Gavin had been assaulting his neck with kisses, another sigh having escaped him when he past his tongue over his skin. His hands came to rest on Gavin's hips, but this time it wasn't to hold the other closer. Instead, Tyler pushed him back a little. It was about time they made their way out from the alleyway and called a cab, should they want to continue this. For a moment, Tyler tried to remember exactly what state he left his apartment in. Not that he thought it mattered to Gavin, but it'd be pretty embarrassing if he walked into a disaster zone. Tyler bit his lower lip, realizing that he was getting wrapped up in his own thoughts again. Now wasn't the time to be worried about that sort of thing. So in order to remedy this, he took to focusing on Gavin again. "Let's go" He told him.

    (It's all good ^ ^, maybe we can skip ahead to the apartment and switch to PM?

    Gavin is in the background laughing at Connor until Tyler smacks the back of his head X3 That or Connor blurts out that Gavin told him to say that.

    Aiden: Why?..

    Connor: He said it would improve my chances with you...

    Aiden: ... I really hope he doesn't use those lines with Detective Avery.

    Gavin: Hey!

    Poor Connor! It gets even worse when you consider that him acting out might have him deemed defective. Like after hearing how he reacted in response to Aiden being destroyed, he is to be brought back to CyberLife for dismantlement. They may of been for him deviating if it meant finding Markus, but him becoming emotional and therefore dangerous is a big no-no. So Aiden shows up at the Zen Garden to warn Connor. But yeah, him kicking Amanda out of the mindpalace just has me thinking of this XD: Aiden @ Amanda

    They just going window shopping for a new vessel sounds like the most weird, domestic thing ever XD I imagine Aiden will eventually be able to get access to one of his spare vessels at CyberLife, but just think of the shenanigans until then. Like, Connor continually being caught off guard because Aiden keeps changing hosts. One moment he's an ST300, and the next he's an AP700.

    Not going to lie though, I can see Aiden being a little mischievous when it comes to being a projection only Connor can see X3 I already have some ideas in mind.)

    As soon as Sam spoke up, Dan stumbled back at a quicker pace. He could feel his friend gripping his wrist so tightly that the brunet thought he might cut off circulation to his hand. But that didn't matter, they had more important matters- Like getting the hell away from this thing. That's why Dan didn't need to be told twice when Sam began pulling at his arm. Without a moment of hesitation, the teen turned tail to run. He yanked his wrist free from Sam's grip, ignoring how the other's fingernails scraped against his skin. Dan went to grab Sam by the shoulders then, moving to shove the other in front of him to getting him running. For a moment, he was reminded of that day at the bridge- How he tried to get Sam out of that situation. He did that a lot, didn't he? Try and protect the other. But usually his best efforts were in vain, something still winded up happening anyway.

    Sam still got beat up by Roger, that thing still attacked him at Jack's farmhouse. These thoughts had Dan swallowing dryly. Everything that he tried to keep Sam safe from still winded up happening. Was his best not good enough? But now wasn't the time to question his usefulness. That thing, that murderer was behind them- And Dan didn't want to stick around to see what it turned into next. So he ran, making sure that the other stayed by him as he did so. He fully expected to hear footsteps behind, that Pennywise would give chase... But it didn't. Rather, high-pitched laughter echoed from behind them as the two teens ran in the opposite direction.

    This hadn't been about attacking them, no. This had been about exposing Dan, to rip open a wound that he tried so hard to cover up. It knew, It knew. That was all Dan could think about as ran beside Sam, not bothering to grab hold of the other again like he normally would have.

    Funny you should say that, it's what your friends would tell you if they ever found out about how disgusting you were.

    Those had been its words when it had appeared in Dan's bedroom, and just now he was realizing that it had been right. Dan was disgusting, and it was just a matter of time before the others found out. But how, how did it know? And for how long? Dan's best kept secret and the thing of literal nightmares knew it. The brunet wasn't aware of when he had stopped running, nor when he had become bent over. All he knew was that he suddenly couldn't breathe, and it wasn't because he had been running. He felt like he needed to puke, but his body wouldn't follow through. Instead he was left in the middle of the footpath, sucking in choked gasps as the inside of his throat tightened.