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    Ben hummed understandingly in response to Hank's words, "Policeman or trash collector? Those two jobs are usually the ones where you see some shit" One could've thought that Ben was making a joke in regards to the second occupation, but he actually seemed serious about it. In fact, he winded up turning around to face them again as he said, "People throw away all sorts of messed up things." He explained before focusing ahead again, "I once knew a deviant WR-series who was a trash collector. He said that he saw all sorts of things, a lot of them unpleasant. His name was Harvey." At the mention of the android's name, Ben stopped abruptly in his tracks; seemingly staring at nothing. His LED spun yellow for a moment before he quietly mumbled, "I sometimes miss Harvey..." But then just like that, Ben was back to reality. "Anyway" He said as he continued walking, acting as if nothing had happened. "Here's that back door" Ben announced, stopping once more as he turned to face what he was talking about. Sure enough there was a door, an old metal one that had began to rust with age and poor conditions. This meant that it didn't put up much of a fight when Ben went through the motions of kicking it in, a loud clank reverberating from it as the door smacked against the wall inside. With that out of the way, Ben turned to the other two. "After you. I'll stay out here and distract the cops if they come this way."

    "It'd be worth keeping an eye on" Ethan said as he glanced between the two. If the suspect was willing to attack a police station full of cops, who knew what else they'd being willing to do. They had already set a high standard for themselves and were probably crazy enough to go even bigger with their next attack.

    "Stratford Tower" Ethan eventually said, picking absentmindedly at the fabric on the armchair. "If they want to be literal about sending out a message, they could hack the employees there and broadcast. However, from what they've done so far... They'll probably go the more violent route and start killing people." It was like Connor said, if they were going to attack again; it'd be somewhere populated. Where they would have access to people in order to manipulate them. "We should probably keep an eye on the Stratford Tower. If they manage to attack there and broadcast it, a lot of people are going to see it- And that'll be really bad for both us. It'll make the public hate androids even more and the DPD will look dumb for having not prevented it."

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    "Sorry about trying to kill you" Ben apologized as he turned back around and started walking, maintaining a quick pace as he did so. "But as you can probably tell by my wonderful looks, why I was so quick to jump the gun" Ben explained, his tone sounding very nonchalant for someone who was leading two wanted fugitives. "Believe me, having your face come in direct contact with a rock isn't fun, wouldn't recommend it to you" He said as he they quickly approached the end of the alleyway they were in and went to round the corner. These were one of your more gross alleyways systems in Detroit, the kind with graffiti, trash, and unidentifiable grime caked everywhere. However, Ben was aware that they would soon be approaching the backdoor entrance to one of the buildings here. It would most likely be locked, but nothing that a solid kick couldn't solve; the door would probably be poorly maintain anyway. "Also wouldn't recommend that you inhale too deeply" Ben said as he turned to look over his shoulder at Hank. "There's probably a lot of fumes back here that you don't want in your lungs, because, y'know... Diseases and shit."

    "You're the one who's programmed to analyze people's behaviors, not me" Ethan sighed when Connor pointed out that it wouldn't have made sense to silence Jodie, if their purpose was to gain attention. "I'm really just throwing stuff out here and seeing what sticks" He eventually added, shrugging his shoulders as he did so.

    From there, Ethan became silent, deciding to listen to Hank and Connor as they among themselves. As the former would soon point out, what happened at the station had been a scare tactic- Something to unsettle people. Connor agreed with his, stating that if the police couldn't provide protection, what could? The suspect was looking to assert power over others through fear. So if there was to be a second attack, it would be at another place where people wouldn't expect an attack to take place- A place of importance where people weren't at high alert. "And this is why CyberLife should consider giving you a paycheck" Ethan mused in response to Connor's words. "So that just leaves the question of where. If we figure out where they plan to attack next, we can stop them."

    Ben blinked at Connor as he spoke, pretty much begging for him to let Hank go. It was something that caused the damaged android to tilt his head slightly, his LED spinning as he processed things. However his thinking was interrupted by the sound of an approaching vehicle. Judging by the direction in which the vehicle was coming from, he assumed that it may of been the cop car from before turning back around as it patrolled the area.

    Ben could easily turn them in, he just needed to hold Hank long enough for the car to pass and for the cops inside of it to see what was happening. They'd be arrested and Ben would be on his face. His hazel eye stared down at the mouth of the alleyway, listening as the car came closer. Before long he focused on Connor again, staring intently at the other android. "You're hiding from the cops..." He repeated, his expression remaining unreadable, "But you're doing a shitty job at it." At those words, he metal rod pressing against Hank's throat was removed and Ben let him drop. Ben's eye glanced back towards the alleyway's mouth, able to hear the tires of the car squeak as it stopped somewhere out of sight.

    "They're here" He said, his expression having yet to change. "Follow me" Ben soon instructed before he turned his back to the two and began heading further down the alleyway. However, he was quick to stop when he realized that the two had yet to follow him. "Now unless you want to chat up the cops."

    "Maybe they didn't intend to shoot Jodie" Ethan even suggested as he folded his arms against his chest. For a moment, he opted to stare down at his lap; appearing rather pensive himself. "She could've just been collateral damage" He suggested as he trapped a finger against one of his upper arms. "She would've witnessed the two deaths and probably would've called for help, so they shot her in order to prevent that. As for motive-" He leaned back in the chair, afterwards turning his head to look at Hank. "Maybe they're looking to scare people, that or testing how far they can go" Ethan said, "You either have to have a lot of nerve or be out of your mind to want to attack a police station. It's not an easy target. But they did it, maybe to send a message." To further elaborate on this thought, Ethan decided to straighten himself up; moving himself around to better face the two. "Think about it. When people are in trouble, they go to the police. A lot people feel a sense of security because of that. But what if the police themselves aren't safe from attacks? How would that look to the public? It's kind of like a big fuck you."

    Ben's single eye stared at Connor as he approached in a slow, careful manner. This caused the android to take a step back, dragging Hank with him as he did so. "Mean no trouble" He scoffed in response to Connor's words, sounding skeptical of them. "If you didn't want trouble, then you wouldn't be running around with a human" He pointed out, eye momentarily shifting towards Hank. In the lieutenant's ear, a faint whirring sound could be heard, the source being Ben's remaining eye as it swiveled about. The other one was gone, along with most of Ben's face. His other eye socket and cheekbone were smashed in, revealing the inner mechanisms of the android's head. Clearly someone hadn't been kind to this android as Connor could probably tell, maybe that's why he was willing to attack Hank so readily.

    The whirring within Ben's head sounded again as he focused on Connor once more. Ben still had his LED and it had begun to spin yellow as he stared at the android before him, seeming to think things over. "You're hiding from the cops... Aren't you?" He said, hazel eye flickering between Connor and the mouth of the alleyway. He had seen that cop car roll by, he knew that they had been patrolling for something- And it seemed that Ben was looking at what that something was. "You know humans are supposed to be turned in. Choosing to help one is practically conspiring."

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    IC: "Right" Ethan said in response to Hank's words as he went to stand up from the crouched position he was in. He gave the St. Bernard one final pat on the head before joining the other two. Seeing that Connor already took the other spot on the couch, Ethan opted to sit down on the armchair in the corner.

    They had actually made a decent amount of headway in the investigation of who could've attacked the DPD that day. From what Ethan explained in previous meetings, the android responsible would've had to be within the vicinity of the station. Though the controller wouldn't have to be in the same room as the controlled, they had to be somewhat near in order to maintain connection with the nanobots. Stray too far, and the signal grew faint, resulting in potentially losing influence over the controlled. So they knew that in the event of another attack, the perpetrator couldn't be far. Question was though, who would they be looking for? They knew that the controller had to be an android, just like Ethan- But they had no clue as to what kind. There were so many androids in Detroit, it was like looking for the needle in the haystack. But as Ethan would suggest, the android would probably be one that wasn't legally owned by the modifier; he sure as hell wasn't. The modifier could've easily stole them from a landfill and fixed them up. After all, if it was meant to be trashed; who would miss it?

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    IC: Leaving Hank would prove to be an unwise, if not fatal, mistake.

    Though Hank and Connor may of thought themselves safe after having ducked behind a dumpster, the reality was that they were being watched from nearby. Pressing himself against the grime-covered wall of the alleyway, Ben observed with his remaining eye as a brunet man (most likely an android) rose up from behind the dumpster. He seemed tense and nervous from what Ben could make out as he went to approach the mouth of the alleyway, seeming to be on the lookout for something. The damaged android's eye narrowed slightly with suspicion before trailing back towards the dumpster. He had seen the unfamiliar android talk to someone before poking his head out, but with the way the dumpster was positioned and where he stood; he couldn't see who. Ben was what what you would call a wanderer. Unlike most androids nowadays who strove to put together a normal life for themselves, Ben chose to move from place to place and isolate himself from others. He guessed the correct term was that he was a hermit and most androids who knew of his existence chose to leave him be.

    Clenching the metal rod in his stained, plastic hand; Ben's eye flickered between Connor and the dumpster. Something was amiss, he knew it. If Connor was another deviant android, why did he feel the need to hide? Unless of course he was up to something. Seeing that Connor was oblivious to his presence, Ben began to slowly approached the dumpster in a slow manner. Heel to toe, heel to toe. Ben took very drawn out steps in order to keep as silent as possible, like a cat looking to stalk a mouse. When he was within distance, he leaned forward to peek behind the dumpster, and it was then that he spotted him. Gray hair, a beard, human.

    Hank would wind up getting the most unpleasant surprise of his life when someone grabbed him by the sleeve of his jacket and forcibly dragged him from his spot. It couldn't have been Connor trying to make him get a move on, they didn't speak, and wasted no time in throwing him to the ground. With Hank on his stomach, the cold surface of a metal rod would soon be pressed against his throat. His attacker quickly dragged him to his feet, seeming about ready to strangle him with the weapon. They were clearly shorter than him, judging by how Hank would find himself bent at the knees as the attacker pulled down on him with the rod.

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    IC: From that day, Ethan had agreed to aid Hank and Connor in their investigation. Seeing how he had personal insight with how the modifications worked, he could Hank and Connor information what to look for. Of course, Ethan helping them was a bit of a slippery slope for both sides. Ethan was a deviant and he had Nancy, Paige, and Eve to watch after. If he was found out and traced back to Nancy, things would be disastrous. Nancy could be arrested and Paige would be put in foster care, meanwhile Ethan and Eve would be shut down. Likewise, Hank and Connor also faced consequences. By choosing to work with Ethan rather than bring him in like they were supposed to, they were landing themselves in hot water. Conspiring with a wanted criminal and withholding information from their superiors, both were things that could end with Hank losing his badge. While Connor, well, if he didn't play his cards right with Amanda- Things could get ugly.

    Thankfully though, Bridget agreed to turn a blind eye to what they were doing and cover for them when she could. She seemed to realize the importance of working with Ethan and preventing an even bigger problem. So if needed, she was there to cover their tracks and keep suspicion off of them. Meanwhile Ethan, with the exception of the docks, proved to be exceptionally good at sneaking around- Maybe even too good. They could meet at either Hank's place or Nancy's home, considering that both were private. But one could imagine Hank's surprise when he would arrive home to find Ethan there, hanging out with Sumo.

    "You didn't tell me you had a dog. Man, he makes Maisy look like a chihuahua."

    During this particular night, next meeting was at Hank's house. They had managed to keep this operation going for nearly a week without drawing suspicion. Though Nancy's house was nice and all, here there was less distractions- Mainly no Paige. The young girl obviously found Connor interesting and would make an effort to talk to him when there was a lull in their investigation. She asked him a lot of questions that were mostly about him, seeming to forget sometimes that Connor was an android. So the questions regarding preference and opinion were kind of lost on him- He wasn't meant to have either. Ethan seemed to find amusement though in the relationship between the two, sometimes teasing Connor on having a fan.

    (Yeah, and maybe they could've been getting too close for comfort and so the new android comes to deal with things? Like Paige could call Hank (I'm just guessing he gives them a way to contact him personally, considering Nancy's position) and tell him that someone got into the house?)

    Also, on a more unrelated note I was just thinking about what Amanda's reaction would be to Connor working with the same android he's supposed to apprehend. Like he shows up to the Zen Garden and Amanda is waiting there for him like this:


    (Ack, I'm really sorry to be putting both threads on hold. But I had an idea for them meeting Ben. I was thinking that while they're scoping out a new location for hiding, a patrol car rolls up and they have to take cover. While they go to do that though, Ben apprehends Hank and Connor has to convince him to let him go before the cops can find them. What do you think?)

    Upon hearing the loud crash which reverberated through the supermarket, the PM700 went to investigate right away. "Bradley" The female officer could be heard calling out, concerned for her partner's safety. She was jogging in the direction that her partner was, but soon stopped when she heard what sounded like retreating footfalls. Her head turned in the direction of Connor and Hank's aisle, seeming to debate on whether or not to follow. She could give chase and try and catch the suspects, but she would then be leaving her partner behind; who was most likely injured at this point.

    A conflicted expression crossed her face, but she soon continued on her way to the fallen shelf. The PC200 had tried to avoid the falling object, but proved to be too slow. While diving out of the way, the shelf had fallen on his legs and pinned them underneath it- Trapping the officer.

    With a wordless exchange, the two officers had split off- With the PC200 going one way and the PM700 in the other. They would cover more ground if they went their separate ways and could easily contact the other through their wireless communication. The PM700 went to search the perimeter of the supermarket, while the PC200 continued down the center.

    While they knew that both Hank and Connor were here, they weren't aware of their exact location. So the PC200 had no idea that he was heading directly towards a trap as Connor pressed himself against one of the shelves. "Come out now" The male officer eventually called out, deciding to try and reason with the hidden suspect. "It'll be a lot easier on you if you just reveal yourself. We know you're here" The PC200 said, eyes shifting from side to side as he scanned for something out of place.

    "We'd rather not do this the hard way. But if you don't give yourself up willingly, you'll give us no choice." Eventually the officer stopped in their tracks, hearing something out of the ordinary. A creak, a very loud one at that. He was just about to turn and shine his light in the direction of the noise when his LED spun red. To his left, one of the empty shelves could leaning precariously towards him until it toppled completely.

    "No" Ethan replied when Connor had asked him that question, "No, I don't. To be honest, aside from knowing how to use it, I don't know much else. Everything... Who made the tech, why they chose an android like me as a controller, it's all gone..." Ethan glanced at the floor again after having admitted this. All memories regarding his modifications and who did them were wiped clean, probably as a way to cover their tracks. Why they didn't choose to reset his memory completely though was beyond him. "If there's another android though with the same modifications as me though, then I guess that just made me a prototype" Ethan eventually explained, eyes focusing on the two again. "I was disposed of. Why would anybody simply throw away an android after making major modifications to it? Unless they had something better in the works?"

    Ethan soon fell silent though when Hank spoke, apologizing for his loss. This earned a stare from Ethan, eyes soon shifting towards Connor when he too apologized again. This caused the android's gaze to soften a little, Connor seemed to be going through some turmoil. "Well...I guess Jodie's death won't be in vain" He sighed.