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    "Eh, water under the bridge, right?" Dan said in response to Theo's question, giving a slight tilt of his head before he glanced towards his shoes. He was willing to forgive Theo for all that he had said and was ready to put the whole dispute behind them. If they didn't, then it would only prove to affect the group as Dan and Theo drifted apart. Dan had heard what happens when something in a group of friends goes unresolved. It'll eat away at everyone until eventually everything just falls apart, and he did not want to see that happen to their close-knit group.

    Eyes returning to Theo, he watched as the other dropped his gaze, apologizing in a quiet voice for having called him and Sam queers. Dan blinked at him a few times before a small smile came to his features, "Apology accepted." He told him before going on to add, "I'm sorry too... I didn't mean to make you feel as if I was stealing Sam from you. I know you two are practically brothers, I wouldn't want to come between that."

    Only when that projector hit the concrete floor and sent slide chips clattering around it, did Bill seem to snap out of whatever trance he was in. He backed up, wide eyes staring ahead at the empty image cast upon the wall. For a brief moment, there was a resounding silence throughout the garage except for Eddie's irregular breathing. Debbie, having managed to get to the corner where Eddie and Richie were, peeked over the former's shoulder to look in the direction of the screen. They thought it was over, that was the end of it. But the clicking of the projector shattered any hopes of that as a different image was revealed. Debbie whimpered when Pennywise was shown with its face up against the frame, its figure blurred from movement. The projector flipped through a few more slides that showed the same image until landing on one that once again revealed an empty frame. After that once was skipped over, all hell broke loose.

    Before anyone could comprehend what was happening, Pennywise was in the garage with them; its lower half still stuck in the wall as if it had just crawled forth from the image. it turned its head to look at Stan, its mouth stretched into a wide grin overflowing with sharp teeth before it let out a distorted laugh. Everyone was screaming and Richie yelled out for Stan since he was the closest to Pennywise, however its sights were no long set on him. It charged forth, dragging the rest of its large body from out of the image as it went for Beverly. Everyone else was opposite to her and were falling over each other to avoid Pennywise as screams of terror echoed throughout the contained space. No one would be able to get to her, Pennywise was too close and was practically blocking the girl off. The only thing Beverly could do was press her back up against the garage wall, watching as the clown's teeth gnashed together and a glove hand reached forward to try and grab her. It was at this moment, Beverly lifted up her arms to try and block the horrendous sight; her own screams reverberating within her ears.

    Then... There was light. In the last few seconds that Pennywise was closing in on Beverly, Mike and Ben had worked together to lift the garage door up; allowing light to spill into the space. Just like that, the clown was gone and Beverly turned to look at the others after having lowered her hands from her face. Her eyes were wide, as were everyone's else, and in place of screams was now heavy breathing. She stumbled towards the group, one hand against her chest as she reached towards Ben. "Thanks Ben" She breathed out in a hushed voice, right before she leaned over to give the shorter boy a hug.

    As this went on, Eddie spoke up, inhaler miraculously still in hand after all that had happened. "It saw us... It saw us and it knows where we are!"

    Sarah watched as Theo took a seat on the bottom step of the stairs and rest his forehead against his knees. He looked distressed, completely understandable considering all that was going on. Not only did they have a boy from an entirely different decade in their care, but they didn't know how to get him home, and to top things off- They had come to the realization that Pennywise had come back, alive and well in Georgie's time. Though she was normally the one who knew what to do, Sarah felt totally lost at this moment. She didn't know how to help Georgie or make things better for her friends, and not knowing what to do was a position Sarah didn't like to be in. With a sigh, she leaned back against the wall and turned her head to look in the direction of the kitchen. Hopefully Jack had a better clue than her.

    Speaking of who, Jack had stepped into the kitchen to see Georgie still sitting at the table; an empty plate before him. The boy's head turned to look at him and for a second, Jack could see the disappointed in his eyes. "Oh" Georgie said as he looked up at the teen, "It's you, Jack." He nodded in response before moving to approached the table, watching as Georgie's dropped in a crestfallen manner. "Yeah, it's me" He responded in a quiet voice, keeping a neutral expression as he pulled out a chair so he could sit with Georgie. Upon taking his seat, Jack glanced between the table and the boy next to him; knowing that he was upset but was somehow keeping quiet about it. "Y'know... You're a tough kid" Jack would soon say as his eyes fully focused on Georgie, paying close attention to his expression, "I mean... If I were in your shoes I'd be a mess, but here you are... Sitting quietly. That takes a lot of nerve, Georgie. But like with my cousins, there's always a telltale sign when something is wrong. I know there's a lot of things going through your head right now, so I'm telling you... Whatever you're feeling, let it out. If you're angry, be angry. If you're sad, be sad. But no matter what's going to happen, I want you to know that I'm going to be here for you."

    As Sam finally turned around to face him, Dan moved his other hand and placed it on Sam's opposite shoulder. He kept a firm yet gentle grip on him as his brown eyes flickered about Sam's face, eyebrows tightly knitting together at the state he was in. He could feel how Sam trembled underneath his hands, clear streaks beginning to trail down his cheeks while his pale blue gaze dropped to the ground. "Dan" He said, voice wavering from tears, "Fifty years, it's still alive, still killing, still terrorizing this town." By now, Sam was openly crying and his voice broke down into a sob as he added, "I can't do this. Not again. I can't." Dan swore he could feel something inside him break, he soon reaching forward to pull Sam into a tight hug. Chin on his shoulder, he turned his head in order to whisper in a gentle voice, "I know, Sam. I know... And I'd give anything so you wouldn't have to." Slowly, he reached a hand up and held the back of Sam's head; holding him close as he tried to find the words to comfort him. All he could think about though was how he didn't deserve this, none of them did. What they had gone through was something that Dan wouldn't wish upon anybody, and now they had discovered that it would be happening to another generation of kids. It wasn't right, but Dan made sure to keep his own emotions in check. "But you won't be alone in this" Dan soon added, right before he leaned to get a look at Sam's face, "Can I tell you something? It's important you hear it."

    Staring at Eddie after he had dropped the crumpled map onto the floor, Bill was about to say something else when the sound of the projector changing slides caught his attention. He quickly looked down at the device in surprise, as did everyone else. He hadn't touched it, so there was no reason for it to jump a slide like that. But it didn't stop there, again the projector jumped to another slide and then another, until it was flipping through various family photos that were on the projector's wheel. Hearing Stan call his name, Bill lifted up his hands slightly to show that he wasn't messing with it and stepped back.

    After going through a couple of different pictures, the projector stopped at one that showed Bill and his family in front of a church. They were all dressed up with Bill and his mother holding Georgie's hands, meanwhile his father had an arm around Bill's shoulders. They were all smiling for the camera except for his mother, whose hair had been blown into her face by a gust of wind. By this time, Mike had made his way to the projector and was trying to figure out what was wrong with it while Eddie, unsettled by the device seemingly working on its own, had backed away from the wall and towards the others. Bill watched as the projector somehow began to close in on Georgie's face in the photo through rapid flipping, right before panning towards their mother's concealed face.

    It was like the image was somehow mesmerizing him, Bill watching in silence as the projector flipped through slides at an impossible pace; zooming in on his mother as her hair began to move away from her face- Only it wasn't his mother. Richie could be heard yelling as he pulled Eddie towards him, questioning what was in the image while Eddie screamed that he didn't know. Panic had broken out at this point and everyone had left their seats and scrambled towards the front of the garage, trying to distance themselves from what was displayed.

    In place of his mother, was the painted face of Pennywise; the clown staring at them with a crooked grin. Through the rapid clicking of the projector, Beverly screamed at Bill to turn the device off; but he made no movement. Soon Mike rushed forward, taking matters in his own hands and kicking the stand that the projector was on; sending it crashing to the floor.

    Hearing Theo ask the question of whether or not Dan was still angry with him, the brunette turned his head to look directly at the other. He blinked a couple of times before his brow furrowed downwards, a deep frown forming on his lips as he faked a scowl at Theo. "Oh, I'm absolutely furious" He told him, his tone having no shortage of sarcasm to it.

    Having said that, the angry expression soon gave away and Dan cracked another smile at Theo; a laugh soon accompanying it. He looked way for a few seconds as he went to retrieve something else from the bag, pulling out a bottle of grape soda. He busied himself with twisting the cap off, using the hem of his shirt to do so; the drink able to be heard fizzing as it was opened. That out of the way, he glanced back towards Theo and raised an eyebrow when he saw the other's mouth slightly agape. "What?" He asked, a half-smile showing up on his face, "Were you expecting me to yell at you or something? I mean I can if you want, but I think drinking pop is a better activity."

    Soon, Dan lifted the bottle towards his lips and took a brief sip. Once he had swallowed, his focus returned to Theo. "You know I don't hate you right?" He asked, moving to set his soda bottle down on the sidewalk between them.

    Sarah's eyes trailed after Sam as he hurried for the door, stating that he needed to get some air. She looked concerned about him, knowing that the whole conversation they had must of upset him; it had certainly upset everyone else. However, she let it be; a moment's glance towards Dan and she knew that neither she nor Theo were what he needed right now. Though they had all been down in those sewers, Dan was the one that was with Sam when the two got separated. Only he really knew the extent of what happened during the time it took for the others to find them, but everyone else could see the aftereffects. It wasn't like that was the only time Sam probably thought it was going to kill him either. It was him that had been cornered by it when they were camping on Jack's property, and if not for Jack showing up when he did- Well, there would only be four of them here today.

    Dan watched as Sam exited through the front door, being quick to follow after him as he mumbled to the others that he was going to check on him. This left Sarah and Theo as the last ones in the hallway, considering that Jack had already made his way towards the kitchen. Theo asked Sarah if they should on Georgie as well or just wait a little, to which Sarah shook her head. "Let Jack see how he's doing... I think with all he's been through, he could do without being crowded around for a bit."

    Meanwhile, having shut the door on his way out, Dan had followed Sam outside. He saw that the other had already made his way down the porch steps and was currently standing in front of the house, his back turned towards Dan. "Sam" The brunette called as he too hopped down the steps and hurried towards the teen, a look of deep concern etched upon his face. Seeing how quick Sam was to leave and how he had acted during the conversation between everyone, something was definitely wrong. He slowed down once he was just a few feet away, brow furrowing as he reached out to gently touch Sam's shoulder. "Sam, talk to me" He said in a quiet voice, "Tell me what's going on."

    Eddie gave no response when Richie had reached forward to lay a hand upon his shoulder, asking if he were okay. The truth was, he wasn't. This whole conversation was putting him on edge, talking about the Neibolt house and what lived within its decaying walls was not something he wanted to be a part of. But the panic which he felt only seemed to grow worse as everyone continued to talk about it.

    But it was Ben's words that seemed to send Eddie over the edge, he soon rising from his seat without warning before he turned around to face the group. "Can we stop talking about this?" He asked, the dismay that he had been harboring now twisted into his features. His reaction had many of the others looking up at him as Eddie took a step back, blocking the map on the wall. Debbie quickly glanced at Beverly and the others before returning her attention to Eddie, her brow having furrowed at him as she watch him delve into full-on panic. She thought that someone would try to go and calm him down, but before anyone could even make an attempt to; Eddie was stammering out words.

    "I-I can't barely breathe, th-this is summer, we're kids!" He sputtered, seeming to be trembling at this point, "I can bare breathe, I'm having a fucking asthma attack! I'm not doing this!"

    Before anyone could stop him, Eddie had spun around and tore the map off the wall. That might of not have been the most considerate thing to do, but Eddie wasn't thinking straight. He was scared, talking about this thing and remembering his and everyone else's encounters; it made him realize just how in over their heads they were. He didn't want to do this anymore, he didn't want to face off with it again. He just wanted a normal summer with his friends.

    "Yes" Sarah replied as her brown eyes focused on Theo, the frown still ever present on her face. "I don't know if a thin placewould be the best word to describe something like it, but it was the best I could think of, aside from a place where any concept of time is thrown out the window." It didn't make any sense for such a thing to exist, but that seemed to be the case for a lot of things since last summer. The very notion of Pennywise's existence went against nature and any logical thought, but they had seen it with their own eyes. It was real, and the same probably went for a lot of improbable things.

    A quiet voice had everyone looking at Sam, the teen having managed to take his gaze away from the floor to glance at each of them. "Does that mean it's not back in our time, but in the future?" He asked in a timorous tone, his expression making it clear how much the idea bothered him. He wasn't the only one either, none of the group wanted to considered the thought of Pennywise living to kill another day. He may not show up again in their time, but he would once again be feeding upon innocent kids like Georgie and bringing despair to families. Sarah didn't say anything, but judging by how she bowed her head and stared somberly at the ground; the answer was clear. Yes, Pennywise would come back. More lives would be lost and children terrorized.

    Jack tilted his own head back, staring up at the ceiling as he pursed his lips together. His expression was unreadable for the most part but when he spoke, the frustration and anger he must of been feeling shone through. "So after all this... Everything we went through... It's just going to come back and start again? Fuck" Jack hissed before he returned his gaze to the others, seeing the looks that they were giving him. He gave a slight shake of his head while dropping his eyes towards his feet, "Let's just... Let's just do what we had planned for now and get Georgie over to Theo's place, I'll go check on him."

    Staring hard at the map, Bill could see that Stan was right. Judging by the routes around where the well house would of been, it was the same location as 29 Neibolt Street; he recognized it from the map in his father's office. A crease formed between Beverly's eyebrows as Stan pointed this out, she having been chewing the inside of her cheek before she said, "I hate that place... It always feels that it's watching me..."

    The sound of an inhaler being used had her and a few others looking in Eddie's direction, the small boy having becoming hunched over with the blue capsule clutched in his hand. Eventually, his eyes trailed back up to the map; eyes staring at spot where the Neibolt house was located. "That's where I saw it" He said in a quiet voice, feeling his chest tightened as he recalled having been chased around the house's yard. "That's where I saw the clown..."

    Everyone was silent as he told them this, Eddie seeming beyond freaked out, which he must of been if he had to use his inhaler. Debbie had leaned forward in her seat slightly as she gave Eddie a concerned look, only to shift her eyes up towards Bill again. "Th-th-that's where it lives..." The auburn-haired boy said as he stared at the map with a grim look, this statement prompting Eddie to take another puff of his inhaler.

    As Theo sat on the curb with his bag of candies, footsteps could be heard walking down the sidewalk; eventually stopping behind him. Before he could turn around though and check who it was, the person moved to sit himself down on the empty space next to Theo. It was the last person that Theo thought he'd ever see, Dan. The brunette had his own brown paper bag held against his chest as he shifted around to get comfortable, eyes having avoided Theo so far.

    Without a word, Dan went to reach into the bag in order to retrieve the object inside; revealing it to be a bottle of coke. He set it down between them, clearing his throat a bit before he finally said, "I got you a coke. I hope it's terrible." Despite this statement, Dan shifted his gaze to look at Theo from the corner of his eye- A smile soon forming on his face.

    He wasn't here to be nasty towards Theo for what he had done, in fact, his actions showed that he wanted to do the opposite of that. After some time spent outright avoiding each other, it was about time that they set things right for the good of themselves and Sam. He was the one who was caught up in the middle of this, without even knowing the reason why. Dan was certain that if he spent anymore time fretting, it would start shaving years off his life.

    As for Theo, well, Dan couldn't really say if he wanted to see him or not. But he took a chance any way by finding him. Even though his words had hurt, it didn't make Dan despise him like he was probably assuming. Theo was his friend and he wasn't going to let a dispute get between them.

    "Hey" Hau greeted when a familiar somebody slunk up to his fox, looking pretty tired from the flight and having to sit next to a fairy-obsessed chatterbox. Seeing that everyone was together again, Malu was pretty quick to start walking away in the direction of the luggage belt. "C'mon! We gotta get our stuff and get downstairs, time is a wastin'!"

    Tommy watched as Dipper laughed at himself, seeming to realize what Tommy meant. He hadn't formally introduced himself, which probably felt odd to the young ghost since Dipper knew of his name but he didn't know his. The young man shifted around, a look of consideration crossing his features as he got comfortable. He flipped his pencil over so that he could tap the eraser end against his note book. He must of thought that the compromise was fair, because he soon spoke up; his voice causing Tommy to perk with attention. "My real name is technically Mason, but everyone calls me Dipper. Dipper Pines" He explained to Tommy, meanwhile he reached a hand up towards his forehead; fingertips brushing against his light brown bangs. At first, Tommy merely stared at Dipper in response, but it wouldn't be long before his lips had begun to twitch. Slowly but surely, a smile spread across the ghost's face, revealing teeth that were hidden behind his thin lips. This was probably the first time that Tommy had smiled in both encounters Dipper had with him, his small shoulders bouncing with silent laughter. "Dipper?" He asked, his voice making it apparent that he was trying not to chuckle. He didn't mean to seem rude by laughing, but Dipper was just such an unusual nickname. Tommy wasn't sure if he had even met someone who shared the same moniker, so it definitely was unique. For a moment, Tommy tilted his chin downwards; grinning at the forest floor as he tried to regain his composure. "My last name was Atkinson" He soon revealed, eyes shifting back to Dipper as he blinked a couple of times. "Why do people call you Dipper?"

    Having pressed the slide into place and adjusted the projector, the image on the chip was illuminated onto the map. Everybody watched as the red dotted lines representing the sewer system beneath Derry aligned with the map. The results were staggering to say the least. "Look" Bill said as he pointed towards the map, "There's the Ironworks, and then the Black S-Spot... Both overlap with th-the sewers and all that connects with-"

    "The well house" Ben abruptly announced, his statement causing the others to look at him. His eyes were fixated on a particular spot on the map, where the red lines bifurcated from, "That's where all the sewers link up."

    "Yeah, but where'sthe well house?" Richie asked him, clearly expecting an answer from Ben since he was the one to point out the location. There was no way that a place as old as the well house could still be around, that thing had to have been destroyed a very long time ago. If the well house had as much historical standing as it did, then it would of been preserved as a landmark of the town. Richie seemed aware of this fact, soon adding that couldn't be around anymore; otherwise they would of heard about it a lot more growing up.

    Bill was about to say something in response, but Ben had asked him a question before he could say anything to Richie. He asked where Georgie had seen the clown, and Bill swallowed thickly, soon gesturing towards a particular spot on the map. "There" He said, afterwards shifting his fingers to another location, "And there... Both times he said he saw it in a storm drain."

    Dan was managing to keep a neutral expression somehow as Theo questioned Sarah on that theory, his lips occasionally twitching with an oncoming frown. Other than that, he showed no signs of leaving just yet; instead continuing to listen to what they had to say. Right now, they had a lot more questions than answers and any time they thought they had a clue of what was going on- Some detail popped up to shatter whatever guess they managed to piece together. Theo seemed just as lost as to why Georgie was sent back, instead of being killed like any other child Pennywise had come in contact with.

    Sam was also questioning why this was the case. Why? Just why? Simply letting Georgie go did not fit Pennywise's methods whatsoever and the idea of it somehow sending him back in time was even more confusing. This whole situation was just a jumbled mess of questions and no definitive solutions. Sam's lips had turned downwards in the form of a frown as he wrung his hands together. His voice could be heard wavering as he asked if it had something to achieve by sending Georgie back, and they just didn't know it. Dan frowned at this, wanting to say something to Sam since it was obvious that this whole conversation was troubling him. But he knew that Sam would rather not be put on the spot, so his would just have to wait until after the talking was done.

    Theo was quick to scoff at Sam's theory, stating that there was nothing for it to achieve; that it had most likely been an accident. Sarah disagreed with this, lips pursing together as she soon said, "I don't think so... Call me crazy but I'm starting to think that it's not behind Georgie being sent back."

    "What do you mean, Sarah?" Jack asked, a deeply perplexed expression etched onto his face now.

    "I don't think it can send people back in time, if it could, then why hadn't it done the same to us? I think something else in the sewers sent Georgie back to our time, like a rift or a, um, a thin place! Like you know how in some Celtic folklore, there is mention of something called a thin place? Where the veil between our world and the next is at its thinnest? What if there's something like that in the sewers of Derry, but time-related? What if while Georgie was running to get away, he passed through a thin place without knowing it?"

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    After a very long plane trip, their flight would eventually land at the airport where they were meant to met up with Professor Aspen and Aki. Needless to say, Hau could feel a lot of his joints cracking as he moved to stand and follow all the other passengers off the plane- Sitting in such a contained space for an extended amount of time did not do a body good, he felt like he had rigor mortis or something.

    He and Malu would regroup with the others outside of the gate with their carry-ons, waiting for the others to get off the plane as well. The first thing they would see was Elio with his Skitty travel pillow still around his neck, drool dried onto his chin, and Meowth whiskers doodled on his face. He seemed too tired to notice the makeover that his girlfriend had given him, the tight smile on Lillie's face making it obvious that she was trying not to laugh.

    Malu snickered at the sight, cupping a hand over her mouth as the couple approached them. "Have a good rest, Elio?" She asked.

    Eddie moved to try and shove Richie's hand off of his head when the other reach over to pat him. It was now Eddie's turn for his face to flush red just as Richie teased him, calling him cute. "No, I'm not!" Eddie stated as he swatted at Richie's arm, but the other proved to be too quick for him, Richie leaning back before he could land a successful hit. From there, Eddie turned around while mumbling for Richie to stop calling him Eds; knowing all too well of the grin on the other's face.

    It wasn't long before the garage filled up, the remaining three having finally arrived. Ben helped with pulling the door down while Bill turned the projector on, causing it to cast light upon the map that was taped to the wall. Everything that Ben had brought with him had been retrieved from his backpack and set down on a spare chair. The various items ranged from history books, to maps, to blueprint slides for the projector, and even an old Derry phone book. Needles to say, Ben had come well prepared and Bill was really glad to have his help in this.

    Ben had placed the needed slide chip on top of the projector, afterwards taking the time to unfurl the map of Old Derry he had brought along. Everyone who wasn't sitting was soon moving to take a seat, Beverly placing herself behind Ben next to the projector while Debbie opted for the open seat next to her. Mike was the only one left standing aside from Bill, remaining towards the back as the latter got ready to press the new projector chip in.

    Sarah's eyes shifted towards Dan and Sam as the former readily shut down the idea of Pennywise still being around. Meanwhile Sam's face had begun to pale, he siding with Dan by saying that there hadn't been any activity from it in a year- No disappearances, no bodies turning up, nothing. It had to be gone, it had to.

    The corners of Sarah's lips twitched downwards as she listened to them, knowing that out of the five of them here; Sam and Dan had the most reason not to want Pennywise to be back. The last time they had been down in those sewers, they had gotten separated from the the group while that thing was hunting them all down. Dan never liked to talk about the experience, and the only thing he ever said about it was that he thought he was going to die in those tunnels. It was something that affected them both deeply, but unfortunately for them, reality was against them today.

    Pennywise had to be back, there was no other way to explain Georgie seeing him then. He couldn't have made his encounter up, why would he? Especially after just crawling out from a sewer. Theo propped a hand on his hip, soon stating that he believed Jack had a point; what happened to Georgie was linked to the sewers... Where it was.

    "What if it's not as we think though?" Sarah pondered aloud, glancing around at the boys. "I mean, what would it have to gain from sending Georgie back? I think it's out there, but Sam's right, we haven't had anything happen in a year. Maybe it isn't here in our time, but in Georgie's, maybe it came back fifty-two years from now."