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    Denise let out a short laugh in response to Donnie's comment. Though she may of been able to give good advice sometimes, she wasn't so sure if she'd call herself wise. She was still a teenager after all and therefore young, she didn't have the life experience that Master Splinter had. Still though, Denise was happy to help ease Donnie in a way.

    "Thanks" She said in response with a slight smile on her face. Unlike some girls, Denise didn't give Donnie a lot of flak. She didn't expect for him to do the impossible for her and he didn't have to tread lightly when speaking with her. She had seen girls like that around her school, the ones who expected their boyfriends to go above and beyond for them while they did the bare minimum. It wasn't really fair. After all, shouldn't relationships be about putting in equal effort? Of course, no girl should have to settle for less than those who treated them right- But some of them had expectations which would be near impossible to meet.

    But then again, what did Denise really know? She was in her junior year of high school and hadn't been on a date before. So when Donnie went on to explain that he had looked stuff up about it, she raised an eyebrow. He was right, reading was totally different from experiencing the actual thing. You could spend a lot of time studying and taking notes and still be unprepared for it. "Well, sounds like we're in the same boat then" Denise told him as she offered him an empathetic smile, "I mean, I never kissed anybody either."

    OOC: That's okay, take your time ^ ^ I understand that you're busy. As for the idea, I was thinking about if Raph walked in on Donnie and Denise. Like he just stares at them in disbelief while they're oblivious to him being there, and eventually he has to clear his throat to get their attention.

    Brian raised a finger as both Theo and Sam began to point out the flaws in Brian's plan. He opened his mouth to speak but said nothing, seeming as if he were zoning for a moment. He soon squinted one of his eyes, "Yyyeah... You're not wrong" Brian said in response, this earning a quirk of Jack's eyebrow. Even if Brian stated that he wasn't on any drugs, a part of him still doubted that. Soon though, Sarah decided to speak, she tossing an incredulous look in Brian's direction. "Okay, why are we letting the guy who crashed through a window come up with a survival plan? I mean, he knows what's going on- But he looks like he's on dope."

    Brian's eyebrows raised at this, eyes widening in the slightest. "No, I... I do not do dope." He claimed, this causing Sarah to frown in the slightest, "I never said that you did, just that you looked like you do." She clarified. Brian blinked a couple of times in response to this, but quickly shook it off. After all, there were more pressing matters to deal with. Like how the hell he was going to help this group survive and get out of here. With both hands, he soon pointed simultaneously at Sam and Theo. "You're both right" He said, afterwards dropping the hand that was aimed at Theo. He turned his focus to Sam, "What we're doing now isn't against the rules. All survivors try to build up a fort at some point. Besides, why interfere with good TV? People like a good plot twist."

    Brian's head immediately lifted at the sound of the doorknob turning, he quickly pocketing his phone as a result. The door was pulled back, revealing Sam on the other side. As he had expected, the other wasn't doing so great. The distress which Sam had been going through clearly showed with his appearance. His nose and cheeks were tinged pink, his eyes puffy, and his face streaked with tears. It was a sight that had Brian raising his eyebrows. But worst of all had to be the split second of hope Sam wore right before it registered that it was just Brian, not Dan.

    His expression quickly diminished to one of conflicted emotion, but Brian could see the disappointment in his eyes. He couldn't blame him though, he was probably hoping for Dan to be knocking. Sam momentarily pursed his lips, "You came" He said, moving aside to allow Brian entry into the apartment, "You want to come in?"

    "Yeah" Brian said in response to Sam's first couple of words, afterwards taking half a step forward. To be honest, he didn't really know what to say. Brian was aware of the fact that he wasn't a very serious guy, even when it came to grim situations. But this was a good friend, two of them actually. There were jokes that could be made about this, no shoulder shrugging that would defuse the situation. Brian was way out of his element here, so he did the first thing that came to mind.

    Though it was a well known fact that Sam wasn't big on physical affection, not unless it came to certain people. But that didn't stop him from pulling Sam towards him. Sam would soon find himself against Brian as he gave him a tight squeeze, followed by a pat on the back. Of course, Brian knew that he probably smelled like Taco Bell- But he was trying here.

    To say things had been hectic would be an understatement. Not only had there been that spat between Donnie and Denise, but in the midst of it- A new member had moved into the lair. The introduction of Ai had been unexpected to say the least. After all, none of them had ever come across a mutated turtle outside of their family. As far they were concerned, before Mikey found her, no others existed. What was even more surprising was Splinter allowing her to stay in the lair with them. Their sensei was a very cautious man, er, rat when it came to who they let into their lives. Just as there was those who were good to them, there were also those who wished to harm them. However, a quick observation of Ai was enough to tell that she wasn't any sort of threat. The turtle was jumpy and seemed ready to tuck into her shell at the slightest provocation. Besides she was a teenager and practically homeless, so letting her stay seemed like the right thing to do.

    Ai was given the spare room they had in the lair. It wasn't being used for anything other than storage, so it was doubtful that any of them would miss it. After getting her all settled in, it was almost as if Ai wasn't there at all. Seriously, there was a few times in which Raph forgot she was here. She was quiet and treaded lightly, as if worried about disturbing any of them. It was all fine and dandy, at least until Ai seemingly appeared out of nowhere. Raph had almost had a heart attack going to the kitchen, having been totally unaware of Ai when he walked in. "She needs a bell or something" Was what Raph grumbled to Mikey when he left, after having let out the most awful shout.

    Thankfully though, while everyone was still adjusting to their new housemate- Donnie and Denise had finally made up. It seemed that Donnie had finally broke and was the one who tried to patch things up. Of course though, had Denise not been in the situation she was in- She probably would've tried to make things right a while ago. She wasn't the type to hold a grudge and had thought that she would've been doing Donnie some good by giving him space. How wrong she was though. One could only imagine her surprise when the masked turtle appeared at her apartment window, visibly upset. Donnie had felt awful about the way he snapped at her, even more so when he found out why Denise had been gone for a while. There had been an emergency within the family, one in which her parents had to fly out to Vermont. Apparently a great aunt of Denise's had suffered a bad fall and broke a few ribs- A feat which caused quite a bit of panic in the family.

    When it came to forgiving Donnie, it was rather simple. He had been more than apologetic and Donnie was a sincere guy. Besides, how could Denise ditch her best friend over a little argument?

    Which brought them to their current scenario- Getting along again. Sitting across from each other, Denise leaned forward a bit as she sat her elbows on top of her knees- Using her palms to support the weight of her chin. She listened to Donnie as he spoke, clearly paying close attention to what he said. Though Donnie was a genius, there were still things about himself that he wasn't so confident in. For example, he wasn't strong like Raph, nor did he have Mikey's sense of humor. He also lacked the charm that Leo seemed to have with others. That along with the fact that he was a mutant turtle had him feeling a bit beside himself.

    "Well, you are a teenager. So thinking about girls is pretty normal, turtle or not" Denise replied as she blinked a few times at Donnie. However, she soon moved to straighten up, stretching her back as she did so. "But I get where you're coming from. You're feeling left out, which is understandable. But, you also need to remember that you're still young; so you got a lot of time" Denise said before she settled back down, "I mean, you've face aliens, a ninja clan, other mutants... Your life is basically one big Sci-Fi, action flick. Why should you finding someone be so far-fetched? Yeah, there aren't a million of you guys out there- At least that we know of. But there are a lot of girls, it just takes time with finding the right one." That said, Denise looked down at her own hands as she picked at the fabric of her jeans. With a slight smile, she chuckled. "I'm really starting to sound like my mom" She told the other as she lifted her gaze towards Donnie.


    Mikey was quick to try and quell Ai's worries. He seemed fairly confident in the idea that his brothers would love her, she was one of them after all. She supposed he had a point there, considering it was natural to be drawn towards members of your own kind. Even though turtles were not social creatures by nature, it seemed that the human part of them took over when it came to the need to belong. Besides, from the way Mikey described it, his brothers weren't somebody to worried about. Donnie would mostly be curious, which Ai wouldn't mind. It was Raph she was more concerned about, but maybe he'd go easy on her?

    Ai was soon pulled from her thoughts however when an unfamiliar voice called for Mikey. She nearly jumped at the sound, but Mikey was there to give her a thumbs up and smile. She gave a nod in response, conveying that she was going to go through with this. After all, Mikey wouldn't let anything happen to her, right?

    She waited for Mikey to head for the lair's entrance first, afterwards following him. She moved at a more cautious pace, brown eyes darting about as she shuffled inside with the other. As she would soon see, the area in which the four turtles lived was quite spacious. It looked to be situated in some sort of large cistern, the area in which they approached having been converted into a common room. Ai leaned forward slightly to better see the sitting area at the center, her eye ridges raising slightly as she did so. They had TV down here?

    Ralph was quick to shoot Mikey a glare in response to his teasing. Normally such comments earned the youngest a punch to the shoulder or a shove. Of course, it was never hard enough to hurt Mikey. To outside eyes, Raph's usual actions could come off as mean. But his brothers knew that he never meant any harm, it was just who he was. Raph wasn't the best at expressing emotions, so he developed his own way of doing so. This often meant that a playful punch was about the same as a pat on the back. However this time Raph refrained from touching Mikey, instead just fixing him with a sharp look. It seemed that he had yet to learn that the only way to get Mikey to stop teasing him about Ava, was to have no reaction at all.

    However, keeping a poker face wasn't exactly something Raph was good at. Despite appearing as the "tough" type, he really did were his emotions on his sleeve- Though he was quick to deny such a thing. Him? Sensitive? No way.

    Eventually Mikey moved on and turned his attention towards Ai. He asked if she'd be okay, a question that had the female turtle looking up at him. She nodded, confirming that she'd be okay. After all, though she was never actively involved in the holiday before; she had seen other teenagers enjoy it. Dressing up in silly costumes and being given candy, what was not to like? Except for maybe the scary parts. Gore and ghouls weren't really her thing. "She's got you, doesn't she?" Raph soon commented as he watched the two, obviously teasing the youngest. It took two to play at this game, and Raph finally had some leverage against Mikey. Even if the two were just friends, Raph still liked to mess with Mikey about Ai.

    Soon the red-banded turtle's attention was brought to Ava. She took the moment to remind him not to break anything while they were at the festival, something which Raph scoffed at. "Hey, give me some credit. I do have some self-control" He told her with a lopsided smile. For a moment, he glanced down at Ava's hand, which she had placed on his arm. Though he said nothing, he did bite the inside of his cheek- As if that would somehow will away the red threatening to appear on his face. Good thing he had this tinted fishbowl to conceal it.

    "First official Halloween for you guys, let's make it the best!" Denise cheered, seeing that they were on the move now. Donnie was already making his way towards the lair's entrance, she soon hurrying after him. Of course, it wasn't Halloween just yet. But the days leading up to it and the actual holiday itself should be filled with all sorts of activity. After all, the turtles never officially got to celebrate it before- It was hard to given their situation. So might as well make it the best, right?

    Denise linked arms with Donnie just as she rushed passed him, tugging the taller turtle along. Ai perked up at the sudden buzz of energy, soon moving to follow after them. "Wait for us!" She called, making sure to glance over her shoulder and see that the others were following.

    (Okay, thanks ^ ^ Also, on a completely unrelated note- Could you imagine if the turtles were brought along for shopping, especially around Christmas time? It'd already be hectic with it being the holiday season, but then you have four teens who've never been in a mall setting before. I feel like they'd wind up running around and looking for Mikey- Only to find him mesmerized by a GameStop.)

    Something had to be wrong the night that Dan didn't come home. Knowing that Sam had a tendency to worry himself sick, rarely did he ever come home late without an explanation of sorts- Or without alerting the other beforehand. So as the night went on and there was no word from him, it was a cause for concern. Some may of believed Sam to be paranoid. Arriving home later than usual shouldn't have been a cause for alarm, at least in the eyes of other people. They would've explained it away as Dan being held back longer than usual, and his phone having potentially died on him. But those who knew Dan, knew that wasn't the case.

    Everyone within their tight-knit group knew that the brunet wouldn't do anything to purposely worry Sam, he knew how anxious he got. For him not to come home and not try and somehow contact the other, it was unlike him. So before long, everyone had begun to receive texts from Sam; asking if they knew where Dan was. Sarah hadn't heard anything from him all day, making her a dead end. Meanwhile Jack said that they texted a few times that morning, but that had been when Dan was in their apartment. So far, no one knew what happened to him- They all just as clueless as Sam was. Seeing that Dan was an adult though, it wasn't as if Sam could go and immediately file a missing person's report. He'd have to wait twenty-four hours for that to become an option, and honestly... Sam probably didn't have the patience for that.

    His significant other hadn't come home yet, no one had heard from him for quite sometime, and Sam had no leads as to where he could be. It was the beginning to one's worst nightmare, the disappearance of a loved one.

    Sarah tried to comfort Sam, stating that she'd be over first thing tomorrow morning; should Dan not return later that night. However, the passing hours became more and more difficult when there was still no word from Dan. That's when Brian winded up getting a text as well, detailing the situation. Now unlike the other three, who were trying to get Sam to settle and not do anything drastic, Brian actually winded up heading for the couple's apartment. As of now, he stood in front of their door, looking over the text that Sam had sent him again. He had already knocked a few times, currently waiting for Sam to open up.

    (So sorry for the late reply!)

    "I'd like to see them try" Raph commented in response to Mikey's words. Though she may of not looked the part, Ava was quite the fighter. He was certain that she could knock a few Foot heads together if she wanted. After all, she had managed to take Mikey out a few times- And that had been on total accident.

    Eventually though, Ava announced that she was ready to go. Raph took that moment to glance around at everyone else, having since crossed his arms against his plastron. Everyone else looked ready to go, at least in his opinion anyway. Leo, Mikey, Ai, and Donnie were all labeled; just like him. Besides, it wasn't as if they were doing anything. He knew most of his brothers wouldn't want to miss out on this opportunity. Mikey, being the social butterfly that he was, had to be excited for all the activities available at the festival. Donnie, well, he'd get to hang out with Denise somewhere other than the sewers. As for Leo, he'd probably say that he was going to keep an eye on everyone- But the truth was that he was probably just as excited for a night getting act as a normal teenager.

    Raph expected for Ai to stick close to Mikey for most of the night, seeing how he was the one she was most comfortable with. This could've been considered odd given their differing personalities. Mikey was going to all over the place when they got there, and he wasn't sure how Ai was going to keep up with him. Out of the five of them, she was definitely the most timid. Raph remembered teasing Donnie when Ai was introduced as a new addition to the lair. 'We finally found someone more awkward than you', He had said- Having received an eye roll in response.

    Soon Ava pointed out that they should probably go before Donnie exploded from overthinking. Typical of the taller turtle. It was anyone's guess whatever was going through his head, but apparently it was enough to make him zone out. Seeing that he had been called out, Donnie quickly stated that he was ready to go as well. Afterwards though, he mumbled something to Denise. She smiled in response, "Thanks." She replied before then aiming a playful punch against Donnie's arm, "Let's go then."