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    ** Cantrin | Alpha Male | Male | No Crush/Mate/offspring **「 — I am the Lion ruling the Sheep and under my rule we shall inherit the World 」

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    Cantrin snorted, as she instantly cowered into submission. He was pleased but still considered it pathetic, didn't even defend herself. He watched her a few moments before pulling his lip back over his teeth and leaving her. She wasn't worth it, poor pup won't be quick to talk again. Cantrin looked at the large brute, there was no intention of putting the pup in place. He wasn't trying to show off, it was a competition, he usually didn't participate is such elementary trials, he instead fought if needed or ignored them. Usually the latter.

    Cantrin watched Rose walk to the brute, there was a small chance he would attack... But Rose had her looks and beauty going for her. It was expected of his beta's to assert there dominance and the keep the law amongst their fellow dogs. If not... Then changes would have to be made.

    ** Leera | Scout | Female | Crush:Open No Mate/Offspring | IN season **「— The most dangerous of snakes use their tongue over their poison 」

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    Female || Alphess || 29 moons (2 1/2 years) || No Mate || No Crush

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    Time of Day: morning

    Season: Winter (females can still be in heat or are starting to show pregnancy)


    "The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves and the contrast between what they say and actually do"



     Chandrari had been relaxing, mostly thinking of the boundaries. Last night when she had accompanied the patrol a scent had reached her, it was alarming. It shocked her and no doubt Llarico had noticed, she was on edge. It was the familiar scent of her old pack, what were they doing here? Surely they wouldn't have been so avid in following her scent? She has escaped! No. There was no need to stress but... But the scents were so close to the borders, and she would never forget the scent of that pack. The borders closest to the Bitter Mountains... She couldn't ignore it, she still feared her old pack and feared her old Alpha.

    Noctis with his bitter self. Always judgemental, hypocritical and aggressive. He made all abide by him, seeing them as pawns rather than individuals. He hated her from the start didn't trust her. Chandrari sighed, she couldn't ignore this. Her pack was a threat, they were an elite force in the plains and no pack challenge them. They had the experience advantage, number advantage, and of course the moral drive. Let them kill the "pup murderer" when they are too blind to see the true murderer is amon- Then her thoughts were interrupted when she felt the wind of momentum hit her neck and flow over her head as a figure flew above her. She was casted in the shadow at first. For a brief moment she thought it was an ambush and her heart sped up, only to see the familiar orange pelt.

    "Oh what a way to wake up Kachina, feeling good I see?" She smiled softly, getting up. Trying to ignore the cold air that put her on edge, it was a combination of things that had made her a little jumpy lately. The old pack of course was one of them, but she was also still in heat. This wasn't the first time however, that she had to deal with it longer than most females. She had never bred and didn't really make advances and wasn't so avid in breeding as some she-wolves.

    Chandrari shook her pelt, a wonder it hadn't snowed yet. No doubt majority of the herds had migrated as well as almost all the birds excluding the rare owl here and there. Chandrari tried not to look at the horizon it reminded her of Samael, it brought bad feelings and remorse. She hadn't spoken to the dark brute since the encounter with Banshee, it didn't even seem like he wanted to speak to her. But, she still had the advantage of her season, it was at it's strongest point now. To the point of being uncomfortable, like a ripe peach or something. The dirt was hard and frosty as well as the stiff needles of grass here and there.

    Llarico snoring away ma doods

    also deluxe it drpends on when the pup was born but I think we can have a pregnant she-wolf (if perilloux ever comes back dhe could nurde the pupper)

    Oh toxic no apolgy.needed!! Im completely done with it just would like a heads up. Also to keep the rp from getting stale I'm gonna have minor events and complications and what not. Weather,prey,hunter,lions etc.etc

    Also I plan on chandrari killing one of her old pack mates to get the plot moving on

    ** Cantrin | Alpha Male | Male | No Crush/Mate/offspring **「 — I am the Lion ruling the Sheep and under my rule we shall inherit the World 」

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    He looked at Ophelia, there was nothing to say, her duty was obvious a screecher was a screecher. He huffed as he continued to charge. Then Truth yelled out, what the hell? The little fey wanted to question him, he snarled the anger at being slighted only increasing his speed. He would deal with her later.

    Cantrin slowed a little as the creature turned. A dog? A dog. It was a damn dog! He skidded. He had heard Rose speak as he stopped. He was breathing heavy. As he turned, "Well Rose what if that wasn't a dog. You can't blame me I have never seen a dog so damn big." His tongue was dripping. The poor brute looked ready to fight even with a pack charging at him he wasn't gonna run. It impressed Cantrin.

    He wasn't sure what to say, he wasn't going to apologize and wasn't so good at speaking. He looked at Rose, "Since you seem so concerned why don't you go console him? Let him know it was a misunderstanding. Our cause and what not, we can always use recruits."

    It wasn't a offer, it was an order. He was pissed off, he glared at Truth and looked at Rose. He pushed past Leon and snarled at her. Now he could smell it was a male dog but he already felt stupid because of it.

    "Who gave you the authority to speak Truth? Who!" His amber optic glaring into hers. His tailed was raised and he was inches from biting her. Wily pup needed to shut up. She talked too much and he tolerated it but in a situation like this. A situation which a screecher had been sighted (even if it wasn't) all abided by the Alpha. It seemed Truth may have to be the sacrificial lamb. Cantrin didn't feel bad at all, his blood was rushing in his ears and all he could hear was his heart pounding.

    "WHO! Next time you better STAY IN LINE! I won't tolerate the slightest offense." He made sure to look at Rose, she would know his displeasure.

    aaaahhh i never play assholes I feel terrible DX

    ** Leera | Scout | Female | Crush:Open No Mate/Offspring | IN season **「— The most dangerous of snakes use their tongue over their poison 」

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    Leera fought the urge to flee, making sure to stray to the back. She hated fighting! She hated screechers. Truth and Rose and one other had yelled out. She couldn't even see what the Alpha was going to attack! She could barely see over Cedar's shoulders. But by the sound of it a screecher had been sighted... but if that was the case why did the pack stop? She saw Cantrin speaking to Rose he looked angry.

    Gulping she lowered her tail and backed up pinning her ears to her head. No doubt he would be angry with the scouts. We should've been the first to scent the Screecher... But I didn't smell anything! Then Cantrin seemed to be charging right toward her she closed her eyes ready to feel him yell at her. Yet he didn't.

    She peeked a eye open to see him staring down Truth.. Gulping once more she relaxed a little flinching as he raised his voice. Ah, poor Truth! She was such a sweet pup... A new pack member... Just promoted and this happens. Hopefully it didn't hamper her mood. Leera's tail was still tucked as she walked up to Cedar, it was slight comfort for her.



    Female || Alphess || 29 moons (2 1/2 years) || No Mate || No Crush

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    Time of Day: morning

    Season: Winter


    "The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves and the contrast between what they say and actually do"



     Chandrari yawned, she was the first to awake this time. It was late morning and she contemplated leaving the warm bodies and heat of the den... It seemed that everyone slept deeper, longer in the winter. It was chilly outside and every one of her wolves slept as far from the den entrance they could and huddled so close with each other. Chandrari had been in the middle of the den closer to the entrance but not in the warmth of the farthest wall back. Sighing she got up careful to not bother any in her movements.

    She walked into the cold weather, the chill penetrating her coat and chilling her bones. Well at least I'm awake now. Ever since the little run off with Samael she had left him and his pack alone. She no longer bothered with him, only keeping him in her mind to remind herself that his imprisonment was the goal. That the fall of Banshee was the goal. She hadn't been near their territory other than to strengthen the borders which were much stronger now, she had them refreshed twice a day. The scent of her pack's urine rivalling the scent of decaying flesh. She had some what hardened over the course of the month. Pushing her once-held feelings towards Samael back, reprimanding herself for a good week because of it, she considered it weak. Instead changing her feelings about relationships, smiling on the outside whens she saw her pack pairing up. It was only natural of course. But she felt relationships were no longer for her. That Samael wasn't an option anymore. But of course there was a persistent sadness about it. She did miss being touched by him even if once and nothing warms the body up more than some warm soul and the heat of another.

    Chandrari sat by the den and ultimately laying down as she stared into the frosty trees her mind wandering. But mostly just empty.

    *Chandrari is going to capture Samael tonight. And..... yea ToxicSoldier1996 pm me so we can work out the details




    Female || Alphess || 29 moons (2 1/2 years) || No Mate || No Crush

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    Time of Day: night

    Season: Spring


    "The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves and the contrast between what they say and actually do"



     Chandrari looked at Eros, her expression changing. The brutes had got her to run, one even snapped at her heels but oh she didn't forget. They injured her pride, and made her look weak. They didn't give her a chance to fight and instantly shut down and reverted to chasing out with their tactics when she confronted them with rationality and some logic.

    She looked at Eros, what was he even doing out? It was night... Well she shouldn't expect to limit him or any other member so much... They all were loners after all. Sighing she looked at him, laughing softly, it was a forced laugh but gentle all the same.

     "Ha, perhaps. You'll never know though." It was a ominous thing to say but she didn't mean it in any way to be rude, "So why are you out here Eros? You know what.... ah nevermind you didn't ask me so I shouldn't as you." She padded alongside him as the pair headed back in the dark. No doubt the white fey's scent lingered on her, and so did the rest of her pack. At least the rot scent faded away from her leg, a dark thing. That Alpha belonged in the damned trees. So did Samael.

    They entered the camp as she looked around, every seemed about to rest. She yawned, "Goodnight Eros. I'm glad you joined. You belong here. The world needs more good hearted wolves like you." With that she turned and went to the den and curled in the corner, easily succumbing to sleep. Anything to forget about today.

    -Llarico -



    Blunt | Confident | Dominant | Intense | Flirty | Skillful | Formal | Loyal | Mechanical


    Male | Crush: Open | Guard | 47 months (4 years) | Pups: 2 far away

    Interacting: Silkswift  


    "Where duty is plain, to delay is both foolish and hazardous "


    He smiled at the little she-wolf, "Ah, sometimes we need to think every once in a while. I used to think more than I spoke."

    Llarico nudged her softly with his giant paw at her little comment, "I hope so, I really enjoy Kenna.." He looked warmly at Kachina, his eyes a little glossy with lethargy. The night was young and it seemed no one was going to keep watch. But in strode Chandrari with Eros... weird. A few theories went in his mind... Some going off on a tangent others being completely reasonable. Either way he concluded that none of it was his business. But she smelled... He scented foreign scents.. Like a whole other pack and that same brute. What happened to her? She looked a little bothered and ruffled.. Did they attack her? He felt anger rise in his chest. But he knew the plan and the Alphess would want him to wait.

    Sighing he dipped his head to Kachina.

     "Good night. I'm gonna go keep watch over the entrance and... You should probably head to bed." He said as he watched Chandrari beeline to the den. Poor fey.

    OOC:TIMESKIP TO A MONTH LATER!!! IT IS NOW WINTER!!! (females can still be in heat and some should be in early pregnancy.)

    Rakao followed eagerly, almost stumbling over a root. God he hated trees, the rustle of them made him anxious and the roots were deadly. Finally the two stopped and he was happy, but the only way out was... More trees of course. Snorting the brute walked over to his mare and nuzzled her, a random act of affection but a reassuring one all the same.


    The pack is forced to move because the Canis attack and half the pack escapes only alive because the sun saved them. Either way they move to a redwood forest that is pretty far away (a mass migration out of the city basically)


    What I plan to have it happen:

    The prey doesn't come back because overhunting, Screechers are killing off the babies and Lions are killing the adults. LEaving nothing but weak and unhealthy ones.

    Then the watering hole becomes infected and extremely unhealthy (black starts bubbling out, in fact it is oil. A oil geyser has cracked through the soil and is running through the sewer system pushing out Screechers which makes it extremely deadly at night.. (someone's dog will die.) We leave in the middle of the day. We have to cross a desert (someone's dog'll die here too (i am willing to volunteer Leera.)) Then we make it to the bay area (after 2 weeks or so) (we are in the bay area at this point) and....... We find a large redwood island and find it uninhabited and wildlife is flourishing. There is also a small geyser that we can drink out of. At this time, pups will be born and I expect more people to have join or more OC's being made.

    ** Cantrin | Alpha Male | Male | No Crush/Mate/offspring **「 — I am the Lion ruling the Sheep and under my rule we shall inherit the World 」

    Currently Interacting With: Orokana  

    Cantrin watched Vega go beside Bruno, of course the dashing brute tried to lighten the mood with a compliment. It was a weak one but still it seemed to lighten the mood. If the pack had a Omega that quality may have fit. Either way Cantrin was panting hard now and breathing fast, the poor brute was over-heating. Sighing and then snorting he yelled, "Alright let's all head to the pond. A little water for this celebration." 

    The brute led the way, going the safest route possible. Far from the lions and even farther from the Screechers.. Sighing he licked his nose. It would've been a terrifying sight to the humans, a pack of large dogs padding through fallen buildings. The green vines and moss and covered so many buildings and flourished under the overpasses of the ever still freeways and highways. There was large chunks of cement everywhere. Occasionally the city would rumble with the sound of a collapsing skyscraper, it was a terrible sight to behold but mesmerizing. After that the immediate area would be hazy with dirt and lifted dust. It would settle of course. It felt nice in following the overhang to the pond, the pack was shielded from the sun.

    **** (10 minute timeskip)

    Cantrin walked to the half toppled building leaning against a taller one, the pond was shielded by buildings. No doubt it had been a plaza in the time before the Earth's ruin.. But now it was a vital source for nearly every life that wasn't from below.. Did the screechers even drink water? Cantrin was breathing heavily now, he could hear his heavy breath much more now. But still his trot did not slow. After he turned the corner he stopped, a giant creature was at the watering pool. From this distance (about 200 feet) he couldn't tell what. It could be a screecher for all he knew, or a lone Canis... The pack had to dispose of it.

    Cantrin slowed to a stop. The pack would know what to do in this situation there was no way to sneak upon the creature. Cantrin inhaled, it smelled like a dog but there was also strong scent of dust in the air... But there wasn't a rotten scent. Cantrin growled, his tail raised. The dog was much bigger than him, almost like a pony. Or the size of a full grown Gulabi goat..

    Cantrin's growl deepend and built up, the tension exploding in a deep aggressive bark. He charged to the dog, his paws pulling him forward slowly, but flexing as they did so. It was a charge and it always warmed him up for a fight.

    Sorry if this seemed like powerplaying..

    ** Leera | Scout | Female | Crush:Open No Mate/Offspring | IN season **「— The most dangerous of snakes use their tongue over their poison 」

    Currently Interacting With: ~~~Whisper~~~  

    Leera's tail wagged hard as she watched the surprised expression on Vega's face. Oh she loved that expression! She wondered what joy was going through her mind at this moment. No doubt surprise but the fey couldn't be that surprised. Could she? Leera walked over to Cedar and nudged his shoulder, "I feel like you were meant for greater things than Beta.. Don't worry, this doesn't mean the end." She said reassuringly as she pressed her side against his.

     "Jeez I'm parched! Can't wait to visit the pond! I wouldn't mind wading in it either. It is getting hot now... You'd expect to be used to it by now! But nope, can't ever adjust to near hundred degree weather." She looked up at Cedar with her big brown eyes, nothing but joy and excitement. She remembered when she first came across Cantrin. She was terrified and almost ran... But something...Something told her to stay.

    It was about 3 months ago and man had the pack grown. It was a spectacular thing really. Leera was happy, she walked ahead of Cedar eager to get to the water, following behind Cantrin as the Beta's trailed behind the Alpha closely. All the pack needed now was a Alphess... But did Cantrin even see a female worthy of such status? Her spotted white pelt was softly rustling in the gentle breeze, a hot breeze. In fact she had never really felt a cool breeze. Perhaps it was because the city was no where near a large body of water.