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    DOVESTRIKE || FEMALE || 32 MOONS || MATES SCORCHEDFACE || KITS: flamekit, emberkit, blazekit || RIVER CLAN


    The queen had prepared herself for a fight, she had unsheathed her claws but prior to both of her daughters spoke up. She was ever grateful and a little surprised by the power and authority held in their voice. Something Dovestrike herself once possessed and something she knew Scorchedface still held. Dovestrike smiled gratefully at her daughters as she took a step back while curling her tail around flame kit in a protective way.

    However it was more of what her daughter had said that caught her off guard. Blazekit's labeled this strange tom as one of her father's goons. Goons were a term labeled for those acting a lackeys, the Pawns working for their higher ups agenda. But just what was Scorchedface up to? Why would he need these rogues? Dovestrike, like many times before, invested all her optimism and faith into her beloved, even if blindingly so.

    Once in her life she had a whole orchestra of joys. But now there was nothing but two chords left of her instruments of happiness and those were her children and her mate. And she would be damned if she let any one or any conspiracy severe her prescious strings. She would simply break and cease.

    She would do whatever she could to keep them safe and strumming along, she had suffered enough.

    Pulling Blazekit's closer to her, Dovestrike sat down and raised an eyebrow, she was a mother on a mission and wouldn't let anyone stop her. She opened her maw to speak but before she could a too familiar voice beat her.

    Dovestrike sucked her breath in and somehow lost it. Her heart lurched and her stomach flipped with the hoard of butterflies. Her knees felt weak and flimsy and she shifted a little to remind herself where she was. It was him it was her love.

    Dovestrike closed her maw and leaned her head forward. She watched the pale tom dismiss the brute with the same force and authority as their daughters.

    She watched the tom go, unable to meet his gaze for some odd reason. She felt like he might be mad she was here... In the moment the orange rogue padded off, it all felt like a silent eternity. They both said nothing. What was he waiting for?

    She heard him speak and held onto every word, leaning in. Waiting for him to say something other than fragments.

    Dovestrike turned her head just in time to see him come forward. She stood up and met his nuzzle, the impact causing her to put out her hind leg for support and to maintain balance. She dug her muzzle deep into his fur, inhaling the nostalgic scent of comfort and safety. The source of her hope. Dovestrike rubbed her head against him, his white and her silver mixing in a way she had missed dearly. She removed herself from his head o lick his cheek gently before returning to nuzzle him.

    She wanted to hold him and grip him close so he would never leave her alone again. Alone to hang on to nothing but the sake of her children. Dovestrike flicked her ear and sighed with content. She pulled away slowly and looked down, a flurry of conflicting emotions raging inside of her.

    "I-it has been so hard. I missed you everyday... The clan was horrible.. I just wanted you.. I knew...I knew that we would be happier together. The cats were terrible to me, throughout my pregnancy... And the day I was giving birth... I hate them for it. But they eased up on the children ... But I... I left. I took them an ran. The camp is flooded, everything is gone to shit. River clan is probably rebuilding.. But you know what's? They left and left my babies behind. Left us behind.." Dovestrike realized she was rambling and stopped talking. She didn't want to overwhelm him, nor did she want pity. Her voice was, unknown to her, older more wary.

    She had caught on to this tone and quickly changed it, trying to add more joy to it. The las thing she wanted was to worry him.Still avoiding his gaze she turned her head and looked at her son, "this is ember kit.. Our only son. And this one, flame kit... She looks just like you Scorchedface. Just like you. And Blazekit's, just like her brother. Youshould see it. They are the perfect mix of both of us.." Dovestrike frowned, as she realized something.

    "But I suppose you have all met.." She needed to get to the point. Exhaling Dovestrike lifted her head and turned to look at him, she was town off. What was wrong?

    "Scorchedface..", she whispered as she took a step closer, "your eye...."

    She had missed his single pool of blue. But it was... He was blind.



    attack or violent move


    Yea this is a revamp of my old one :)



    Cantrin's Pack


    "The year is 2200 and the world is in ruins. Humans have killed each other to exinction. These bipedal creatures who once were so powerful and plentiful, they cured diseases and transformed the world around them. They could tame any creature intelligent enough to be domesticated. They loved. They loved us. But they lacked control. They are all dead. By their own doing.

    In the year 2057 war broke out. The USA had taken over Mexico, many of the world powers began taking up their ancient imperial ways. Resources were running scarce and the natural Earth was suffering. Humans were desperate. A quarrel happened, first in Europe. Spain and France allied against the U.K. for India. The United Kingdom being a strong naval force, lacked land expertise and fell. But as a last resort they nuked Spain, ultimately destroying parts of Italy as well. France was frantic, suicides were high, murder rates skyrocketed... It seemed the U.K lacked control, anarchy everywhere. Russia became involved, offered a deal with France, half of India and China in return for their aid. France agreed knowing it was dire for them. Every little country between the two were running to shit. Yet France wasn't expecting Russia to bomb the U.K. It destroyed half of the island and ruined half of the naval force. Of course things skyrocketed after that, China became involved as well (now a combination of Japan, South Korea, Northern India, and Kazakhstan) thrived. America forced itself in the situation, trying to be a Hero as always. But soon they destroyed each other. Bio-weapons, assassinations, massacres, starvation, poverty, Nuclear weapons.... They ruined the earth. But by doing so, by killing each other off... They allowed the Earth to rid of its biggest parasite. Humans.

    However the Earth was ripped open... The toxic gases that scientist couldn't fathom were released, destroying multiple species. But that was the least of the heathens. Monsters. From Hell. Perhaps the Christians have it right, Hell was there. Demons and creatures crawled out. Some only coming out at night due to extreme solar sensitivity. They were almost as savage as humans. But they didn't love us. They don't. These demons spread some time of disease.. Transforming and mutating almost anything that didn't have immunity...

    Good thing is centuries later, everything alive and normal now is guaranteed immunity. Natural selection. Even deers have evolved, Faster, leaner, and very alert. Almost everything has changed... But us. We are dogs. We come in such a variety that we welcome change... We are all that is left of the normal world before it spiraled down, hitting the crust so hard it cracked open the abyss of Hell. We are dogs. We adapt without changing.... We survive. All we need to do is unite and we can fix what these fabled humans destroyed. Perhaps we weren't meant to serve humans. Perhaps we were taught patience and obedience that is crucial today. Perhaps our ancestors knew in their hearts that there was no use being disobedient. That one day a generation will come where we inherit the Earth. We are God's creatures. Pure and good. Meek we were and now we shall inherit the Earth." A colossus of a dog turns to look at you, his eyes a shade of yellow so deep and rich they almost seem to glow. Probably did. Probably is a trait inherited to survive. Ebony as the night and dangerous as well, he huffs, "Well are to join us?" You couldn't help but be in awe at his confidence, his sincerity. This dream you want to believe. To know and see it become a reality... You tilt your head and flatten your ears. We are to inherit the earth. You look up into his eyes, you are sure of yourself.

    "I know my place. To rule the Earth we are."


    Alone. We all were alone at one point. The only packs we knew of were of the mutated coyotes. They were not for us, so many of us die each day. Alone. We forgot our origins. One day a brute named Cantrinus found another loner, long had he dreamed of having a pack. To return to his roots. He assembled it, spreaded the word, a safe place. Screechers don't attack the lions because they have number. Woe to the lone dog. This is the first generation of this pack and pray they prosper.


    The pack is serious, we love but we try to stay strong. We scorn the weak but are willing to help. We put the pack before ourselves. We show no remorse or regret for killing a infected dog. We breed to procreate not to solidify bonds. We judge through actions not words. We are very obedient to authority and strictly follow the pack laws. We do whatever is necessary to survive. We are not cocky but we are prideful. We feel dogs are superior.


    MAIN DIET: Rodents and what ever we can scavenge. Rarely do we go hunting but if we come across a goat or rabbit we kill on sight if healthy.

    HUNTING: Should a Scout find the scent of a herd we will have half the pack gather to hunt (size of party varies on the type of quarry

    GOATS-- mutated often they are dwarved and breed like rabbits often having 8-13 children per litter. They all have 6-10 legs. They usually never reach the age to gain horns. Very common.



    Not necessarily mutations, just really ugly. We only hunt the adults, they are strong but slow and often fearful. we never kill the babies since they don't breed very often. The adults are very large, size of ponies. THESE GOATS ARE RARE.





    Babies: Are the size of regular goats, you can tell they are not adults because they aren't hideous and their chins don't hang down.


    Usually we kill the calves, but every once and a while we will take on a yearling. These creatures grow large. 2x larger than the once average cow. We steer clear should there be a bull however. Bad news bulls. We focus on young heifers and calves... They are uncommon and hard to kill.


    Bulls look like this (imagine long horns on it.)(yes this cow exists, it is genetically modified)


    Majority of the deer have been mutated by the toxic aftermath of chemical war. Stags grow enormous racks and are a lot larger (height wise) than they once were. Females are relatively the same, occasionally have two heads. They are somewhat common but be careful the stags don't hesitate to fight us. They are relatively hard to hunt because the males fight and the female flee and are very quick.


    does do however, grow horns and are very fast.


    Rabbits. The rabbits seem to prosper there is almost always one to be found. However alot of them are mutated and sick.

    This one has already begun the first stages of infection through the Screechers contact.


    Though hairless this one is healthy


    Rabbits are fast, beware the ones with boils and horns.

    Although rare, we occasionally come across mutated or deformed cougars. They are larger and more powerful but slower. Warning they tend to drop from above. Do not engage alone if sighted, warn the pack immediately.



    Coyotes, wolves, even fellow dogs. None went untouched. They lost their fur and became savage. Aggressive they are infected by the screechers, angry and sputtering language we cannot understand. Coyotes and dogs run in packs together while wolves tend to travel alone. HIGHLY DANGEROUS.

    --They come in many variations depending on the severity or amount of contamination. The ones we encounter today are not original contacts, their ancestors who came in contact when the earth split open bred and bred, creating a large amount/variety of these monsters. They have many many "breeds" you can say so beware. They were infected by a "CANIS" Screecher. Similar to us in structure. The Coyote packs are nomads so beware.



    They escaped from the zoo when the world ran to shit. They bred and bred, of course multiplying. They are not smart (due to serious indbreeding). They remain relatively the same since the Screechers lacked a lion-like or big cat like creature to infect them. They still look like lions but some are white and others have blistering skin. The ones with blisters are extremely aggressive and relentless while the pale ones act like traditional lions. They live together but it seems they have a hierarchy, the pale brutes leading. Tigers died off as well as Jaguars and leopards because they were solitary, easily cornered by Screechers. Lions however had each other and survived by size, strength, and number.

    Also the lions tend to stay in a general area, they respect our boundaries and we respect theirs. Screechers tend to avoid their territory since they are such a challenge. However they are known to kill a lone dog so beware. They will kill us if they see us.



    The Screechers are the enemy of all, they own parts of the city and we DO NOT go there. They horde is subways and the underground rails. WE DO NOT GO THERE. When the Earth split, it appeared they had a world like ours. As above so below. Not quite the upside down.. Just our world, deformed, rotten, and dark. So somewhat like the upside down. Aynways they had humanoid creatures that looked like humans, canines that looked like hell-hounds. They consider everything on the surface inferior. They despise us. They loathe the surface but are greedy and hateful. They had the humanoids infect the humans through contact/airborne, they had the Canis kill of or infect majority of the canine population on Earth. Wolves are all but extinct. They had demon horses that ruined majority of the cattle and equines. They mirrored us. They live in a hierarchy.

    HOW THEY INFECT: No they do not bite. They leave a unseen residue in the air, a virus that sets in a host that meets the specific species (a Canis Screecher can infect a canine just by walking and breathing somewhere and then having that canine breath in the virus or touch whatever they touched. Luckily the pack is immune. Of course touching one would get a creature infected, they can bite you but it isn't the bite that infects you. It is the skin/fur contact. (pack is ummne to this mind you)

    TOP TIER--> these creatures have power over all the Screechers. They are the humanoids.

    At the very top of the pyramid rests the Reptilians. They are extremely fast but aren't the strongest of the Screechers. They can see in the dark and are silent. They can swim in water and walk in sunlight. They are very very very intelligent. All screechers abide by them, they rule. Some have wings but those are rumors. WE have yet to see one. Don't be fooled by their docile expressions they can turn horrifying quickly, they spread the virus to reptiles and humans. They let out a hoarse screech and are not quiet at all, you hear them before you scent or see them. Their sense of smell is better than ours. BEWARE HIGHLY DANGEROUS RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN AND WARN THE PACK. They can run on two legs but often go on all fours, they are very fast and can easily keep up with us. Luckily they usually travel alone. Upon reading this put "The world is over" in the spot ya know .

    They come in many various shades and facial structures. They appear to have races and speak in a high pitched chatter with whistles language that hurts our ears. Some look more snake like, others more like raptors or iguanas. Vary in size and height but the shortest they can be is 6'12




    These are very weak but troublesome. The jester of the screechers they like to toy with us. They are loud and act as the lackey of Reptilians. They will swarm if in a group but usually run and tell the Reptilians. Only come out during the evening and go back inside at night and during the day. Also come out at sunrise when the sky is still gray.



    THE MIDDLE-- These are dangerous, more various, and revered. They don't necessarily hold any authority, the common Screecher.

    Canis are our bigger enemies, or perhaps our main one. They travel in packs and those that travel alone are often large. They are hll-hounds. Coming a various breeds, sizes, and appearances. They hate us, they smell of death and rot. They only come out at night, their eyes glow so beware for two glowing orbs in the night. Stay as quiet as you can, these creatures act on instinct. It is crucial we do not give them a scent to follow. We kill loners by having the whole pack swarm it. We usually don't interfere with packs.

    Below are Alpha Canis, very large, deadly never travels alone. They often can be identified bybeing the largest, most gruesome looking creature of the pack. They always give the orders hh1.jpg   fb79325c4411d3be02525d911e90e59b--demon-dog-werewolves.jpg

    There are multiple ways a Canis can look, beware no Canis feels pain.




    These consist of every Screecher that isn't a Canis, Imp, or Reptilian. They don't belong to a group. Very unique, no "breed" or species and lack a language. Can be minimal threat to highly dangerous. All obey and understand Reptilian. They have no problem killing each other or a Canis and enjoy killing us. Skills vary. Few can walk in daylight most come out at night. There is no limit to their appearance, use your imagination or go off these references!





    Main City

    We live in a overgrown city. In the subways lurk the "screechers" or "demons'". They like the dark. We do NOT go there. Ever, we stray as far from the subways we can, so as to never give them our scent to follow. However there are some who can roam both day and night. Once spotted the whole pack swarms that individual and slaughters it. The Earth has begun to replenish and swallow up the cities. Small plants and ivys as well as weeds and long grass prosper. There is even a tree or two and many saplings. In time the world will be natural again. So upon reading this like a respectful person please put "The humans are gone" in that special spot.

    CLIMATE: Global Warming, there is a lot of water. It is hot, very hot, and humid. Warm rains. Certain areas acid rain.

    WATER: We do not drink lake water, street water, or ocean/sea water. We have a pond that is our only source of water.

    --click on the spoilers to see the territory






    [justify]This city, was once a major point in whatever country this is. It is massive. Almost all of the pack members die without seeing all of it. Skyscrapers are lidded with green. It smells decent, the plants doing their best to remove carbon dioxide. Deers and wild animals run the streets... Some building if not a majority are toppled and act as a den for deer and... other creatures.[/justify]



    The pack resides in a empty "subway" looking thing. It is not a subway! It is sort of like a glass building, the glass is smashed except for the roof of it. Green shrubs and grass grows over the sides. Only one main entrance and it is small as it is, no screechers can fit.. So we think. It is long and spacious although majority of the pack tends to stay on one side.. There is a secret exit that goes into a collapsed building but we never use it and save it for a emergency.

    -- Reference.


    Alpha Male & Alpha Female

    The strongest and wisest of the pack. They decide all decisions and lead with a iron hand. They are understanding but know what is needed. Always thinking a step ahead. They make the crucial decisions of the pack and decide everything. No higher power. Their word is law. Often the male has more say than the female.

    CANTRIN, roleplayed by SWIFTCREAM


    CANTRIN'S "HAREM": TBD IN RP OR THROUGH PLOT (basically the girls cantrin fancies and claims as his who aren't alpha female)

    open roleplayed by tbd

    open roleplayed by tbd

    Beta Male & Beta Female

    The Second in Commands, they are expected to be the assistants of each Alpha. Beta male to Alpha male and female to female and so on so forth. They lead patrols and watch over the pack with close eyes. They enforce the law and keep the rest in check. They are to be respected. Both have equal power. They help decide on decisions and provide useful advice based on facts and inferences. They live unbiased. They are hand selected by the Alpha Male. THE RPERS OF THIS RANK NEED TO BE VERY ACTIVE!!!! THEY MAY ACT AS THE MODERATORS OF THIS THREAD SHOULD BE NEEDED!!!! I REQUIRE A WRITING SAMPLE IN A SPOILER UNDER YOUR FORM OF THE CHARACTER THAT WISHES TO BE BETA.


    OPEN-- TBD

    OPEN-- TBD

    Zetas (5)

    A limited and selective position in the pack. They are the strongest most skilled fighters of the pack. Utilized as a sort of "guard" they keep the peace. They are the eyes and very devoted to the survival of the pack. Often they give their lives for the pack. Only allowed one mate their whole life. They are the first to attack a "screecher" once sighted. Only the strongest largest, males of the pack. max. 5 dogs.

    TBD, roleplayed by TBD

    TBD, roleplayed by TBD

    TBD, roleplayed by TBD

    TBD, roleplayed by TBD

    TBD, roleplayed by TBD

    Scouts (6)

    These are the thinnest, quietest, and best tracking canines of the pack. They are lean and nimble, able to track and observe going unseen. They often watch for screechers and yowl to warn. They track prey and game and tell the Alpha of the scents. Often these are the weakest in strength and hone their tracking and sprinting as well as stalking skills. They never approach a screecher alone for they will surely die.

    TBD, roleplayed by TBD

    Leera, female, roleplayed by Swiftcream

    TBD, roleplayed by TBD

    TBD roleplayed by TBD

    TBD roleplayed byTBD

    TBD, roleplayed by TBD

    Proletariats// Pack Members(xx)

    These make up the majority of the pack. These are the average canines, they are all promising and appreciative. They are obedient and loyal. They follow the strict laws of the pack with care. They make up hunting parties and such as well as patrols. They are the mothers, bachelors, virgins, and studs. They are the general population.

    TBD, roleplayed by TBD

    TBD, roleplayed by TBD

    TBD, roleplayed by TBD

    TBD, roleplayed by TBD

    TBD, roleplayed by TBD

    Pups (5) and Elders(3)

    The absolute weakest of the pack, they are cared for by all. They are the past generation and the future, they are cherished and loved.

    TBD, roleplayed by TBD

    TBD, roleplayed by TBD

    TBD, roleplayed by TBD

    TBD, roleplayed by TBD

    TBD, roleplayed by TBD

    LONERS--all should eventually join the pack (8)

    TBD, roleplayed by TBD

    TBD, roleplayed by TBD

    TBD, roleplayed by TBD

    TBD, roleplayed by TBD

    TBD, roleplayed by TBD

    TBD, roleplayed by TBD



    *you are not to make the perfect dog, I understand there are larger dogs but it gets EXTREMELY annoying dealing with everyone who has a giant "powerhouse of a canine" who has "amazing stamina" and is very "fast" and nimble. NO. Just no. Be realistic, larger dogs (if buff) tend to be heavier footed and slower as well as easily winded! YOU CANT HAVE A LEAN BUT STRONG dog either! BE REALISTIC! Dogs who are said to be skinnier or stronger are to be WEAKER regardless. If one such as yourself has read this please be so kind and but no ones perfect in the special part on your application. I will be somewhat harsh when dealing with this mmk? I'm tired of having people make overpowered dogs/wolves and it is annoying.

    *STICK WITH YOUR DOGS BREED TRAITS ex: border collies are to be more intelligent, and docile and patient. Or presa canarios are to be stronger and more aggressive as well as impatient.. Have their breed somewhat influence them ya know?

    *The thicker the fur of your dog the faster he will overheat, it is very hot in this city . So huskies will struggle as well as tibetan mastiffs but that doesn't mean they aren't allowed. Put "It is beginning to fix itself" in that special spot on your form please!



    1. Your Character will abide by all laws


    3. We only leave after sunrise

    4. We stray far from any subway

    5. No one travels alone

    6. Put the pack before yourself

    7. Don't engage with any screecher or infected animal alone

    8. Don't go out hunting alone

    9. We respect the lions territory, don't push it or they will come after us and we all will die

    10. Don't touch a infected animal

    11. No mating out of season

    12. One male and one female males are not allowed more than one female and that female they choose is their own

    13. The Alpha male can choose whatever female he want's

    14. Feel free to challenge each other for a female, the alpha is free for challenging for a female

    15. A male can challenge the Alpha Male for his position but should he lose he will lose his life

    16. Incest is an abomination and both participating in such manners will be killed along with their offspring

    17. Should you enter a subway and make it out alive you can not return to the pack for surely the Screechers will follow your scent

    19. No small dogs allowed

    20. But all types of dogs are needed! The pack has need for greyhounds even if weak but we also would like great danes cause they are strong! If you know what I mean. Only medium to very large dogs!

    21. There are no wolf hybrids, the wolves have been exterminated ages ago and those who are alive are infected..


    1. No OOC drama you know *eye roll*

    2. Don't try to run my thread! I will tell someone if they are messing up


    4. If you are going to be gone for a few days tell me.

    5. If you are losing interest in this thread tell me!!! Don't just ghost this thread that pisses me off, I won't be mad if you tell me. It is better than wondering where the hell you went.

    6. Any plot ideas? Go and put it on the chat! I love it when you guys come together and make a thread work!

    7. Don't go and kill someone's charrie without permission >8|

    8. Don't attack someones charrie without permission

    9. Dog's can't climb tree's, it is highly uncommon, they can't climb for shit but they can pull themselves up a high wall ya know etc. etc.

    10. Don't go and have your dog killing Screecher's by itself, that will ruin the rp. That isn't a part of it >:{ they are dangerous and your dog should die if it wants to be a hero.

    11. Don't be a mate beggar!


    13. Use one of the post templates for your charrie(s) I have some below if you can't find some has to have a pic of your character *(s)

    14. Don't go and try to change the plot!

    15. Don't include someone's character in something without permission (patrols/hunting parties excluded)

    16. Consider the fact that you have read these please put "we are the future" in that special spot

    17. Ask/ tell someone if it is ok your charrie's can like each other or something of the sort

    18. I have no problem with minor plotting between characters just ask me!

    19. You can't be your own mate

    [center]20. Only one SHP or HP per person (you can't apply for 2)

    [center]21. I will add rules as needed

    [center]22. No small dogs (like a chihuahua or basset hound etc.)

    [center]23. No homosexual animals, im not against it but it isn't realistic. We are in a post-apocalyptic rp dogs are trying to repopulate.

    [center]24. I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH CURSING , curse away my dudes

    [center]25. Don't initiate a fight or make a first move with another's OC without my permission



    Ode to the New Generation --

    When a litter of pups are being born the whole pack will watch and bless the pups promising them protection and sanctuary. They will then watch the mother name them and if during the day they will all howl.

    HUNTING --

    If a scout finds big game (scents it) while on patrol that patrol will send the fastest dog to tell the Alpha and the alpha will assemble a large party if not the whole pack based on what they are hunting. Then they will bring the whole pack to eat because we probably can't drag it all the way back.


    Same thing with hunting, if a scout see's a screecher they will send the fastest scout to warn the pack where Cantrin will bring the strongest dogs to kill it. Only do this if there is one or two screechers. If a Canis Pack is sighted you are expected to silently creep away and take a long trail home going through water so they can lose your scent and not find the pack. If the pack grows we will be able to confront Canis Packs.







    No other packs


    [align='right']ROLEPLAY THREAD coming soon

    [align='right']CHAT/PLOTTING THREAD









    Cause I'm Only Human







    Feel free to @ people who you think would be interested in this rp! Feed back is cherished!


    Name;; Hibiscus

    Gender;; mare

    Age;; 7 years

    Position;; medicine horse

    Physical Appearance;; somewhat small at 13hh, hibiscus is a delicate and feminine mare. she is tri-colored but mostly white

    Personality;; jumpy, nervous, insecure, anxious, kind, soft-spoken, innocent, willing to help





    Plot Ideas;;


    Name;; Narcissio

    Gender;; stallion

    Age;; 10 years

    Position;; bachelor stallion

    Physical Appearance;; very very tall horse standing at 16 hands. Not the most muscular but of a very fine blood line. A "warland" horse bred for fighting and withstanding hits.

    Personality;; very cocky, very promiscuous


    Crush;; Sippy licorice??

    Mate;; *none

    Offspring;; *many

    Plot Ideas;; gets in a fight with Klaus one day?? Or perhaps tries to unify the bachelor herds against him...(fails if ya want)


    Name;; Primus

    Gender;; stallion

    Age;; 18 years

    Position;; herd member

    Physical Appearance;;



    Crush;; *none

    Mate;; *died

    Offspring;; Hibiscus

    Plot Ideas;; dies eventually



    *i think i can make time for this, i've been tracking for a couple months now..