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    I also don’t plan for Gavin to get this until much later in the rp

    Yes, but he can only use his Default and Hybrid form until he finds an artifact. The minecraft and rtstuck forms and their extended version can not be used by him at this moment. He can only use the Hybrid since it’s so close to his base form, and he technically doesn’t know about any of these yet, as this is from interacting from the multiverse that he gaining these powers

    King and Grimdark are like modifiers to his personalities, whenever he takes these forms his thoughts are shifted into thinking more along the lines of how those forms would think, though at base he is still Gavin

    Oof I’m sorry Gav is a bit confusing, I’ll be sure that when I create Gav’s Fancy to have a space that dislpays his current form and a brief explanation of it so as to help further limit confusion in the theead

    Luther/Kara is the best, also so is Connor/Markus and Simon/Markus, I just see Markus/North as way too forced, especially in the pacifist route where they don’t agree on half the things markus does

    Okay Cool, I have a few forms for some characters I’ll be using

    I have like three different ideas

    These were made in mind for canan characters, but I am willing to use OCs in any of them/or even any plot you have