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Let's Share! has (finally) launched! Our first article is a World of Tanks Guide by Enderclaw!

    This has been my only main account (I have tons of subs for various characters) and I’ve been around since 2013 and actually the 24 will be the sicth year I’ve been on this site (with a few hiatuses everynow and again)

    Her name is Kailin Ynnelt and she’s a laughsassin, well she tries to be but she’s much to friendly. Most of the time

    *bursts in* I’m back for one hour and already I found my homestuck kin i’ve read it like three times and I fucking love hiveswap but um yeah. I’m all in a hs rp.

    Plus i already have a Caprist troll I’d love to use here

    Hey, so I want to get back into rping the ext. game on here, I was going to revamp my oldest character Gavin to do this, but it wants a confirmation code, and the email it says its sending to is one of the internal id emails. This sub account is an old one from 2015 and I’d hate to be no longer able to access it. Is there anything that can be done to help? Or is this a lost cause?

    「 playing alone — in your fantasy world 」

    "Please Actually catch me." Gavin called out to the voice offering to catch him. The hacker would let go and slip from his branch, hurtling towards the ground as he screwed his eyes shut. He hated that this was a potential death for him. He hated that he had to trust the words of someone outside his makeshift family

    「 playing alone — in your fantasy world 」

    Gavin was trying his best to wiggle free of the bracnches, slowly sliding off, then he realized what an utter mistake that would be with how flipping high up he was.

    "Yes Hello! Got sucked through a portal and landed in a tree! Rather not slip out and break my neck!" Gavin called out. Never mind the fact he was immortal and had a quick respawn rate, death sucked

    「 playing alone — in your fantasy world 」

    Gavin had fallen through a portal mid heist, Ryan beside him. Ryan had let out a surprised yell and had tried to grab Gavin, but the ‘brit’ had fallen too fast, leaving Ryan to stand there and stare. Gavin himself watched as he started to fall, before getting entangled into a tree and getting stuck. Gavin tried to get himself on unstuck, but it was all in vain.

    "Oi! Anyone out there! I’m stuck in a bloody tree!" He called out, his british accent more prevalent than usual.

    Riven was used to portal hopping, after all they were a weilder of a Keyblade. So when they saw a mysterious portal open they summoned Time’s Keeper and walked into the portal. They walked straight into grass and looked around the lake, seeing more people and portals. Soon the portals were gone and it seemed everyone was congregating. The lime dressed weilder shifted their grip on their keyblade and began to make their way over to find out what was happening.

    Aevion had been resting, waiting for the next mission when the portal had just taken her away from the commons room. The Galran wuickly turned herself around and barely landed on her feet, tail lashing. The aliean had watched people gathering on the oppostie shore line and had watched, finally deciding to walk over