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    [Umm... sorry for taking a while, it was the personality getting to me so I kind of... scrapped the idea of explaining it since it is better for me to just do it in post I hope that is okay and even though it says WIP still, it isn't. I just want to make sure it's good before anything. ;w;]

    The King could tell that he was at least making some pleasurable impression of himself in the other's eyes and hopefully dispel any of the possibilities of rumors nor lies affecting his chances of attaining some semblance of happiness through another's company. After all this was the first time he willingly gave information of himself to another living person and even then, he never spoke of his likings as well as think of giving a person a personal tour of the premises. Maybe he found someone who he can open himself with and share the more personal and secretive parts of his life like his ill health and the reasons why he had chosen now to find someone to marry rather than any other time prior which was truly due to him having an inkling of fear that should he perish either from an attempt on his life or from his own body failing him, that his Kingdom would fall and his family's legacy would end up being in ruins and forgotten. Someone needed to be alive and well to preserve what he had long grown up and fought for since the beginning whilst throwing away his chances of happiness and peacefulness along with his childhood. He was getting himself depressed for nothing now and he felt like that was something that could easily be noticed even if his expression did not falter, the mood surely could be felt, and that was why he decided to change his thoughts towards what was asked of him; the garden. "Ah, yes. We do have a garden in the very center of the castle, one could say that the castle walls were built around it. Though could I ask in return if you may provide me a piece of your work? That truly must be the reason why you asked in the end."

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    The lowerblood had already been set on leaving first given he had no vehicle which meant he kind of needed a head start with his legs being his only means of transportation; only one car in his family which was of course used by his parents to carpool to work. But he didn't want to seem desperate or something like that, which he wasn't, and to be honest, he wanted to take his time on getting there since he could just feel the rising anxiety deep inside causing his heart to thump against his chest like a jackhammer. Gosh, it made it seem like he was already falling into the other's grip even with the smallest of interactions and the only thing that could be to blame was his instincts deciding that it was a great time to come up and assume this person as a possible pair (and not something a bit more primal because he would rather die than even think about the term that their animal halves used). A small 'hmph' escaped him as he slipped his sneakers on, which were already tied and ready to go, since who had time to tie the shoelaces?, and headed out the front door and onto the sidewalks.

    It would be an easy trip given his job had him go all around town and it shouldn’t be hard to even find a café in the first place with the smell coffee being present in each and every one that he has passed by on his ways. Sometimes his senses were a blessing in disguise in these certain situations despite the drawback being the stronger scents that plagued his nose… A small vrrrr… alerted him of a new message on his phone and he already knew who it was from before he even looked though he honestly didn’t feel like he had to look given he had already set his course towards their meeting spot. But it seemed like it was acceptable behavior from the response he had gotten for affirmation and if a small smile perked up on his lips from that, well no one who cared noticed.

    He could already feel his nose twitching as the faint smell of sugar and coffee beans bombarded his senses even with the smallest amounts, this is why he barely focused himself on anything in particular… Well at least he would luckily be there before the other male which would give him time to figure out how to go about making himself not seem like a bumbling idiot nor end up getting devoured…

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    Hearing his name in such an intimate and informal way was something that truly brought a combination of both unease and a sprinkle of excitement inside of him; his heart had been truly thumping against his chest throughout their conversation and it only seemed to become more prominent with each new and unfamiliar step he took in regards to relations and trust. His name wasn't anything special for it merely had never been used for years on it's own and even then no one truly knew his name without adding King prior and for that, he never quite felt the warmth of hearing another say just his name and nothing else. Ah, he was glad to be reminded of his guest's name though this time certainly held more formality and wasn't done out of necessity due to one's Kingdom and their inevitable future together. Though now with more thought, it seemed it wouldn't be quite bad to marry someone like them given this was the first in ages that he shared a bit more of personal information/interaction than he has with any others which would help to provide happiness that he had long been deprived of. "Ah, yes, I shall do so, Olivia. Do you wish to ask another question?"

    Sporadic updates of random one offs that just spontaneously pop into my mind. If you want~ I would be happy and accepting of reviews and constructive criticism for I wish to improve myself to the fullest! ╰(*°▽°*)╯

    [Just a first post as a marker, hopefully I will have something up since I want to try and enjoy myself with creating stupid and probably nonsensical rabbles considered my writing.]

    ((This a slight revamp of a thread I had years ago I believe, I didn't check. I liked the plot a bit and I wanted to add some stuff while keeping it mostly the same. So it may not fit completely same as my current means of writing but they are still a bit similar in length and style.))

    Morning was just dawning, the silk curtains yet prevented the light from escaping the crystal clear window pant that laid structured onto the cream-colored wall along with a variety of portraits and pictures that could be considered fairly expensive works of arts. The room was silent and quite dormant for a good while as the only sound was the chirping of birds from outside, but even that was muffled by the walls, though soon there was a soft groan as a figure laid wrapped up in another silk-made fabric, a blanket. This was the next Master in line for his Family's business, which was only two months away from baring any truth, but at the moment, he laid in a comfortable rest as it was the duty of his trusted Servant to pertain to that Position. Who was that? Well, he had been with him since the very beginning from what he knew, and throughout his life. He had never been separated from or left to fend for himself by, this Man and so it certainly was no mystery that he trusted his every word like a faithful Student in training.

    Another couple of grumbles escaped his lips as his eyebrows narrowed downward and scrunched up with the sound of incoming footsteps that faintly came from outside, somewhere down the hallway his room laid. He never was quite a morning person but he also wasn't a snob or arrogant as he was taught well on how his behavior should be for a Young Master like himself and his Eldest Brother was also a good example as he too, never went down to such pathetic levels of immaturity. Though most of the time it had to be the one who was by his side the most, and that certainly was that Man, he even learned most about how a business functions and how to make a good trade and control stocks just from him, which seemed to be quite a shock to his Parents who had no idea where such knowledge came from. It was also not a shock that he told most of his issues and secrets to this certain person, like how he honestly did not want to get married to some Gal from another noble Family just due to his Family's wishes, but he still wanted to run the business despite that. The entire situation was quite a issue, since he was excited to pursue and provide his Family some rest and more name value, but he did not want to marry someone he had no idea about.

    All the quirks of being someone of a high-esteemed Family, it seemed. But he had no tastes in this certain Lady chosen for him, even if he did see her on occasional visits and arranged meetups to get to know each other. She was not bad in personality, he just rather they be Colleagues than be forced to marry each other like some sort of pawns. Yet he never told his Father, only with this person did he ever utter a word of his worries and all his spite concerning his Family and he listened with a smile An all too familiar smile that showed he cared and was not simply replicating it like some of the Maids or Butlers would if he were to even utter a complaint about something. That was why he liked him the most, that is why he considers him what he truly was and was to be, his Protector, his Caretaker for he did just that, care for and protect him. As if they were related in some way or another, not like his Parents who worked more than any sort of machine and barely were around to even have a simple conversation with him.

    The silk blanket shifted as the door was slowly opened, a creak following suite along with another couple of soft groans escaping the Male underneath the bound of fabric, as he did not want to be exposed to the reality he lived and stay in the dreams that his mind produced And yet somewhere deep inside, he knew it wouldn't be that bad. For he had someone who did care, who did listen, and who would always be there by his side with a smile…

    Well... Klein luckily found himself home with enough time to prepare for his unexpected outing, even with the new knowledge lingering well within his head and the smidgen of fear of what the other's intentions really were with their invitation and the fact that he clearly saw and felt the carnal nature directed at him. The only shining prospect when considering everything at this point was that he would be given a free meal and that was it, at least he didn't have to worry about agitating the other's instinctual half with there being bystanders and witnesses preventing any borderline intimate actions to occur for he did not wish to be eaten alive without any sort of connection happening between each other and even then he wasn't too keen on being touched. It wasn't like he didn't want to be cuddled or hugged or anything else for that matter, it just scared him to think of the other stuff after that and how he could possibly lose himself to his instincts, making him completely submit to pretty much anything and not being able to give his say, it drove him to a panic.

    But he would have to try at least something productive and sociable with how little his life seemed to have an impact, the only thing taking up his time was his work and that just made him feel sad and pathetic, so it gave a nice picture with the possibility to attain another part to his life. Kicking his sneakers off, he had to figure what to wear given he now had to give some sort of impression if he wanted to attain something from this but he wasn't too productive on the collection of options with attire with how easy and less time consuming it was to merely wear a hoodie and simple jeans each and every day, his job wasn't quite good with providing money to direct towards outfitting oneself with variety of fashion even at sales and half-offs, it was mostly for his Family after all. Maybe he could make do with what he had thrown around in his closet and drawers, he did believe he had something formal in one of those two places which would give some fragment of care with their 'date', it had to be that now that he thought about it more clearly and that did not help his anxiety and uncertainty.

    Would a simple shirt and dress pants work? It would certainly be uncomfortable and new for him to wear short sleeves without something covering his scrawny figure but he had to try to be decent towards the other Male given it had to take courage to ask him out, not in that way, especially after chasing him down and generally making a weird first impression. A simple white shirt with the print of a silhouetted deer head, ironic wasn't it? And black dress pants to add to the look and with that he had himself weirdly suited and with the thoughts of what would be best to leave shifting through his mind, slowly directing his eyes towards his discarded phone, laying comfortably on the covers of his bed. It couldn't be too bothersome if he decided to text Flynn and ask him if he minded him heading there sooner rather than later with how early he had found himself already raring to go with his clothes okay and he had casually asked, not begged, his parents if one of them would mind picking up the siblings for at least today so he honestly was more free than he usually would be.

    ((Sorry if this is not the best, I wanted to give something given the wait ^-^))

    The first one is a Apollo Councilor and the other is a child of Ares, hopefully that is acceptable while I try to have them finished as soon as I can. (* ^ ω ^)

    The King was quite anxious to hear what was asked of him for he had no idea how personal the questions may become further down the road as their relationship hopefully grew to something comparable to a companionship or more, since he had no true answer if it will end up romantic due to his own faults and incapability to feel the slightest of amounts, never mind love and trust; the very foundation of a relationship between two people. His eyes gazed down at the flooring below as his fingers linked together with his mind abuzz with guesses onto what the question may be and if he could fulfill his part with a truthful answer, and it was clear that it had to be something important for his guest had wanted to ask the question before he had tried to leave and only wanted that from him but also that it seemed the other was hesitating and that was a clear anxiety-bringer in one's case. Oh, he had forgotten to make his own introduction prior to his guest's arrival and they had even introduced themselves which brought him no reason not to partake in familiarity. "Eis, that is what you may refer to me." It was true that he normally would feel hesitant and untrusting towards another if they were to ask for such familiarity in their relations but this was his guest, and who shall soon be his Queen which meant that such feelings and trust issues should not influence them.

    Honestly the King did not believe his presence was of importance nor did he wish to impede further beyond his boundaries when it came to their subjects and words, for he had no idea how to proceed in that regard, with socializing and conversing about each other with each other. He was not keen on showing his incompetence with such and the fact that he held no means of expressing himself through emotions nor feelings given the life he has lived so far and the things he has had to witness and come to the fruition that it was all for his Kingdom, that he didn't know whether or not he truthfully could fulfill a relationship with another, make them happy despite his faults and difficulties. So when his presence was considered needed and wanted, it was quite beyond words to express the flicker of happiness, that seemed so impossible to have ever occur in his life, to flicker inside of him. "I apologize for my rudeness and inconsiderate actions, I had thought it would of been for the best to leave and let you become comfortable here."

    "Though if you wish for my presence then I shall remain." Without hesitation, he returned to his seat as if nothing had occurred and that his leaving was merely a slip of the foot and such manners, though it was more that he had prior wished to remain here and converse with the other so to be given the permission to stay, it was truly a miracle bestowed upon him and he would not let himself destroy his chance of rekindling a part of himself that had long lost and never truly gotten to grow and prosper in the past. "Ask what you wish."

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    Fechter honestly had held false hope that his presence would not be noticed despite the sound but it seemed that he was left with the choice to run while he was within the covers of the trees or show himself and hope that he would not be considered a threat, he didn't want to be considered dangerous like the other times and end up hurt, nor hurt another. And who knows whether or not the other needed assistance given the life of the wilderness and how to survive while not near any sort of civilization, since they did not seem to be well-equipped nor fitting to the lifestyle of such. Taking a couple of mindful steps out from the brush and leaves, he had his hands in front of him to show that he held no weapons nor was hiding any behind his back, and he tried to make a smile despite the anxiety and fear of being in another's gaze since so long and the added fear that they had weapons. "H-Hello..."

    A small warmth emanated from within the King's chest as he watched the other eat the meal he brought over, even if he did not make it himself, it still felt nice to see someone satisfied and happy just in general for he never got see much of such faces and expressions in his life, especially not such genuine and warm-filled ones. Though now with that said, it would be quite difficult to pursue further in their conversation given he wanted nothing more than for his guest to be of good health and satisfied while here, and to push his own selfishness would be rude which he did not want to seem to be, nor give the impression of further negative prospects of himself. "I'm glad. Now though I believe I should let you finish your meal and rest." Standing up from the chair, he made small steps towards the door, finding much difficulty in making each step given his desire to remain even if he was greeted only with silence, it would be fine with just the feeling of another living person in the room with him and not within the seclusion of his self-destructive volition. "I..." He wanted to say where he could be found if needed but would it be for naught if he decided to remain? Though that was his own selfishness speaking false promises...

    The young boy, Fechter, had been scouring through the woods for something edible like berries or plants of any kind but had been startled from the task at hand when while looking and walking around with no specific direction in mind, his eyes caught sight of a Human Male and he had no idea how to proceed past without being seen, even if he was hidden behind the darkness of the trees. He could shift around till he was a decent distance away where his footsteps could not be picked up on, but just as he did a mere side-step, the leaves underneath made a slight crunch and he felt his heart quicken and his mind rattle with hope that the noise did not awaken nor disturb the other to his presence. If he had to run, he did not know he would be able to make a mere couple of minutes before he collapsed as his stomach was empty and his body was wrecked the the hints of weariness and aching of constant walking and moving throughout the day of gathering anything he could consider helpful enough to help him live. It was difficult to be living within the recesses of a abandoned cave that luckily no beasts resided nor took interest in but he knew that it was too out there, that it would be easy to know where he had hidden himself and that scared the young male to death, he didn't want to be hurt.