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  • It's Kingaison98 here with some AWESOME news!

    I'm creating a game for the Warriors series, "Warriors: The New Code."
    Which will feature customizable cat colors, hunting, fighting, and other cool features!

    Look here for more info:

    *Cool site but all ads go into the ad directory and/or your siggie!*

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  • That is seriously cool!
    Can I play now? Or are you still working on it?

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  • Okay this is an ad, meaning you have to place it into the ad directory. I'll be around to check/approve it. I wasn't sure about this one so I talked to the staff first. So, you can place the link in your sig too if you like. :) That's allowed.

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  • Oh, sorry Groovystar, I was thinking of it as its own RPG, just not an actual forum-based one. So how exactly do I put it in the Ad Directory?