twolegs catching warriors on the edge of the territory

  • Mintypaw stared round eyed a twoleg kit. The twoleg kit stared at Mintypaw

    "You have three choices: To give up, give in, or give it your all!"
    "There's nothing fortunate about having your fate decided for you. You have to grab your own happiness."
    "I don't want to run away. Because no matter what, I'd rather be together with everyone!"
    "What's the point of magic to begin with, if I can't use it to protect my friends?"
  • Lightingflash heard of these horble cat catchers so she has left the camp in days! She was sleeeping in the warriors den after a long day claning the elders den out.

  • She stared in horror as a twoleg tried to grab her and her kit

    dont you hate it when people say they will always love you or be your friend, then the dump you, cheat on you, or stab you in the back?...
    my current picture is of my warrior character tia, she is a queen and has 2 kits, little and silence, she is from a thread rp called 'The Creationist'.
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    Trying to make people happy and trying to make a few friends! ^^
  • She woke up and haerd her she rushed out and leapped the twoleg and clawed it hind paw and bite its front paw.