Bats vs. Owls and Birds

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  • Fathon hung upside down in a tree. These wonderful creatures called humans had shown him this place that they called north america. They had left him on top of his cage for a minute and he just coudn't help but take off on an adventure. When he was done and came back, the humans were gone. And he missed them very much. What he didn't know was that there were feathery owls that lived in this area.
    He tried using the echolocation like how the small bats taught him but he couldn;t seem to use it. Giving up he loosened his grip on the branch and slowly glided, enjoying the sunset and the pink streaks around it. He didn't mean to cross into an owls territory, but he could see a apple tree in a farmer's garden. He landed on a comfortably branch and picked some of the fruit. Finding it difficult to do with his claws on his wing.

    Ahoova yawned as she climbed out of her home in a great oak tree. It was getting close to night and she was getting hungry. She never thought of hunting bats even though they were tiny, she had heard that they were very quick and hard to catch. Even if she could manage to find one, she wouldn't waste all her time trying to catch the leathery prey. She spreaded her wings out as she waddled towards the end of the branch and prepared to jump/fly.
    Ahoova flapped her wings once in a while to stay in the air, and she used her sharp eyes to keep a look out for prey. "Stupid mice, where are you?" She muttered to herself, thhis was probably the second day she was going to have to eat insects or an apple. She suddenly tensed herself as she heard a little squeak from a small mammal. Once she saw where the small mouse was, she dived at around 20 mph with her claws stretched open.

    Nova flew at the highest point he could go in the air. Becoming sleepy he decided to go back to his nest near a cliff. He dived until he was finally 5 feet off the ground and flew north.

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  • Miyaka a young barn owl, shook her feathers before jumping off the branch before flapping her wings to gain altitude. Heading to her usuall feeing grounds the apple orchard. She landed in the same tree as Fathon but didn't spot him. She listned for a mouse and swooped down quickly as she heard one.

  • Ahoova snatched the mouse off the ground, and returned to the sky, looking for somewhere to eat her prey.

    Fathon finished his apple and let it drop to the ground and looked for another red one. He climbed up and used his front claws to scale the trees, in search of a red apple.

    Nova continued to fly home.

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  • Startled by the alike suddenly falling she lost concentration and the mouse got away. Screeching in annoyance she flew back into the tree upset, waiting for another mouse to appear.

  • Star flew through the night sky and saw an apple drop from one of the trees.She flew in to take a look and saw Miyaka and hooted a greeting.She kept flying trough the orchard and saw Fathon.

    OCC:Star is a white snowy owl with black spots on her chest

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  • Staira saw Nova flying home and decided to follow

    Grizzly hung from a mango tree, in Fathon's sights. he used his echolocation to make sure Fathon knew of his presence.

    Crypt looked over her shoulder, she saw the owl dive for the mouse. Crypt has just moved to this big oak tree from another a few miles away. She at least wanted to try to make friends. She flew down to Ahoova and said "Hello!"

  • Fathom couldn't sense the echolocation Grizzly sent him, like all fruitbat(FlyingFoxBats), Fathom couldn't use echolocation. He climbed higher into the tree in search of a perfect fruit, using his good eyesight.

    Ahoove smiled,"Hello," back to Crypt before landing in an apple tree and digging into her mouse.

    Nova hovered over a bare cliff before landing. Then waddled over into the corner, where his nest was locatated.

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  • Miyaka eats her mouse before noticing Fathom. Shaking her head she hoots in confusion before moving over a few branches to confirm that it is a bat.

  • Grizzly followed Fathom to the fruit. "why, Hello there!"

    ((could Staira and Nova already know each other?))

    Crypt smiled, "How are you? I just moved here and wanted to know if you would like to be one of my friends, I don't have too many." The owl said.

  • Isay: Sure.

    Fathom stopped for a second, smiling.

    Ahoova chirped,"I'm fine. And I can be your friend."

    Nova sighed deeply before taking another look into his empty, lonely nest.

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    Bataila (Buh-tail-uh) moved through the air swiftly, using her good eye site to slip through tightly-woven branches. She moved almost effortlessly, having many years of practice. She spotted some bats in an apple tree not far off. On Owl territory. She'd had her own experiences with Owls, and they'd never been good. Because she couldn't use echolocation, she fly as fast as she could to the tree to alert the bats.

    Sheera was silent as she soared through the sky. She looked around carefully, listening intently. Her claws were poised to strike, ready for a swift kill when she could catch one.

  • Minyaka hopped onto a branch above the bat's. "They are bat's." Minyaka whispers. "Bat's on owl territory. They have tresspassed without knowing." Minyaka knew to defend owl territory and got ready to swoop down on at least one of the two bats.

  • [size=11pt]
    "Fly!" Bataila squeaked when she reached the other bats. "Fly for your life!" she cried, spotting an owl. Her eyes widened, and her heart raced. She angled as she flew, flapping her wings frantically so she could fly away.

    Sheera heard a slight commotion not far. Flying in that direction, she spotted a few bats. Bats? On Owl Territory? She shook her head; this could not be allowed.

  • Minyaka dove at the one Star wasn't aiming for. Her talons out stretched ready to grab the bat.

  • Fathon made the bat's way of threatening, a loud clicky noise. He dropped any fruit he had in his claws, and tried to take an advantage with his large size. He waited for the write time before jumping and the tree and flew towards Minyaka. He then let out a hissing sound as he felt the owl's claws dig into his shoulder connected to his right wing. He started looking at these strange unfriendly creatures.

    Ahoova dug into the prey she had caught and stared back at Crypt with her large round eyes. She listened to a commotion a little whiles away. "Sheesh, those gangster wanna-be owls need to learn not to have a party in my hunting grounds. But, I guess the apple trees are very poplar this time of year," she smiled to herself as she spoke softly.

    Nova took a look around before climbing into his nest and resting. His eyes slowly shut, and his feathers ruffled slightly.

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  • Minyaka flew to the edge of owl and bat territory and tossed the bat into bat territory. She screeched as a warning before with one flap of her wings she had turned around and silently flew towards her home in the owl territory.

  • Occ: There is no bat or owl territory, everyone has their own territory. :)

    Rp: Fathon lunged into the air, and started flapping his big wings. Still hungry, he flew back to the apple tree. "Why do they have to be so defensive of something they probably don't eat," Fathon spoke barely audible to himself,"Maybe they do eat it."

    Ahoova finished up her mouse, and started scanning the ground again.

    {Still sleeping~)

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