My Little Pony- The Mane 6 & Friends *OPEN*

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  • [justify]My Little Pony-The Mane 6 & Friends *OPEN*[/justify]

    [justify]This is a My Little Pony RP for Bronies/MLP Fans.[/justify]

    [justify]All WCRPG rules apply[/justify]
    [justify]PG 13- No cussing and back-sassing.[/justify]
    [justify]No copying other's characters/ponies.[/justify]
    [justify]Alicorns are allowed, but only if your pony is "royalty".[/justify]
    [justify]Ponies cannot be perfect.[/justify]
    [justify]You can have as many characters as you want, but you have to keep them updated.
    [justify]You can roleplay the mane 6 characters.[/justify]
    [justify]Your parents CAN be one of the Mane 6 characters, but only the person RPing them can make them talk and do things.[/justify]
    [justify]Have Fun![/justify]
    [justify]NEW! If you don't post after 3 pages, I will PM you and see if you still are going to RP on this form.[/justify]
    [justify]Post "The Mane 6" in other if you read all of the rules.[/justify]

    [justify]Pony Name:[/justify]
    [justify]Age: [/justify]
    [justify]Cutie Mark:[/justify]
    [justify]Parents (If known):[/justify]

    Shining Star-12-pony luver
    Fiesta Pie-8-Makes me wonder (In School)
    Citrus-Teen-єህєиìиɠsтяìᗪє :3

    Dragonspark-Silver Crow

    Princess Dawnlight-15-Trixie The Great
    Princess Nightskies- 10- TACOS!!!

    [justify]My Ponies:[/justify]
    Princess Summer-15-~Star~
    Princess Golden Rose-10-~Star~
    Princess Celestia-~Star~
    Derpy Hooves-~Star~

    [justify]The Mane 6:[/justify]
    [justify]Twilight Sparkle[/justify]
    [justify]Rainbow Dash-єህєиìиɠsтяìᗪє :3[/justify]
    [justify]Pinkie Pie-Fiesta Pie[/justify]
    [justify]Fluttershy-FlutterWonder-Shining Star[/justify]

    [justify]Princess Celestia- ~Star~-Princess Summer, Princess Golden Rose.[/justify]
    [justify]Princess Luna- ____-Princess Nightskies[/justify]

    [justify]Cutie Mark Crusaders:[/justify]
    [justify]Scootaloo- TACOS!!![/justify]
    [justify]Apple Bloom[/justify]
    [justify]Sweetie Belle[/justify]

    [justify]Other Characters:[/justify]
    [justify]Spike-Silver Crow[/justify]
    [justify]Cow Cake[/justify]
    [justify]Pumpkin Cake[/justify]
    [justify]Mr. Cake[/justify]
    [justify]Mrs. Cake[/justify]
    [justify]Big Macnitosh[/justify]
    [justify]Diamond Tiara[/justify]
    [justify]Silver Spoon[/justify]
    [justify]Granny Smith[/justify]
    [justify]Dr. Whooves[/justify]
    [justify]Derpy Hooves-~Star~[/justify]
    [justify]PM me for others![/justify]

    [justify]Lily-єህєиìиɠsтяìᗪє :3[/justify]

    (If no one claims Twilight Sparkle after P.4, I will RP her.)


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  • name:shining star
    username:pony luver
    description:will have avatar pic for her later
    cutie mark:a music note
    history:would help fluttershy sing to her animals
    other:mane 6


    You can send me invites! I don't count them as spam!
  • [img width=510 height=377]…by_lugiaangel-d4y81k3.png[/img]What makes you different makes you special not odd

    Name:fiesta pie(her moms pinkie what'd you expect)
    Username:makes me wonder(in school)
    Description:[img width=510 height=271]…by_lugiaangel-d5870vj.png[/img]but as a filly and doesn't have her cutie mark yet
    Cutie mark:it will a cupcake with fireworks popping out
    Parent:pinkie pie
    History:has been helping with the bakery since she was in diapers she has been up for parties and it was er first word
    Other:mane 6

    To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first. And, whatever you hit, call it the target.



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  • AJ please

    [fancypost borderwidth=0pt;font-family:arial;letter-spacing:-1px;font-size:15pt;color:white][url=]
  • Username: cassielovestosing
    Pony Name: Princess Nightskys
    Age: Young adult
    Gender: F
    Description: [img width=510 height=399]…ielovestosing-d5bhh7c.png[/img]
    Cutie Mark:it's the second one

    Parents (If known): Princess Luna and unknown
    History: Her mom took care of her in secret, because a colt had tricked her and she had become pregnant, so Nightskys learned to hide in good places. She was not introduced to the kingdom until she was around eight years old, and Celestia was surprised and a bit disappointed in Luna, but she fully supported her.
    Other: The Mane six

  • Username: єህєиìиɠsтяìᗪє :3
    Pony Name: Citrus
    Age: teen
    Gender: girl
    Description: lime-green mane + tail; plum-colored body

    Cutie Mark: (top-right)

    Parents (If known): nope
    History: eh
    Other: The mane six

    & RainbowDash

    [img width=415 height=510]…708_wallpaper-1024310.png[/img]
    [img width=510 height=286]…y_shelltoontv-d3g75wp.png[/img]

    Join StormClan~
    Join The feral cats of Magic Kingdom~
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  • (:) Thank you all for singing up. You may RP now.)
    (All accepted.)


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  • Username:outrun_anemony
    Pony Name:lunar eclipse
    Age: about 12(human)years
    Gender: mare
    Description:looks a little like luna but instead of a kind of bluish color she is dark purple and her hair is a darker purple with streaks of pink
    Cutie Mark:stars
    Parents (If known):luna
    History:none i guess
    Other:she is an alicorn/the main six

    this vessel, this vessel is a lie

    a shapeshifting beast, a lesson in fluidity

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  • and i also wanna be

    Pony Name:sun down
    Age: about 7(human)years
    Gender: filly
    Description:a light orange with a darker orange hair,always in a braid and with yellow and red streaks
    Cutie Mark: a sun going down
    Parents (If known):applejack
    Other:the main six

    this vessel, this vessel is a lie

    a shapeshifting beast, a lesson in fluidity

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  • Can I play spike?

    Also are we limited to just regular pony speciesfromtheshow or can we use a fan species.

    [URL=] [img width=361 height=510][/img] [/URL]
    Read the rest of the comics at [URL=]Snafu-Comics[/URL]

  • (@Tacos- Yes, we do.
    silver Crow-Yes, you can play spike and you can be an earth pony, unicorn, pegasus or alicorn.
    @outrun_anemony- I'm not sure you read the rules because you did'nt post "The mane 6" in Other:, so please edit your form please.)

  • Ok. ONe more question if the manes 6 are older nnow would that make the cutie mark crusaders the same age that the mane six to be? I'm ask because if it's ok with whoever plays the crusaders I would like for my character to make friends with them in the thread?

    [URL=] [img width=361 height=510][/img] [/URL]
    Read the rest of the comics at [URL=]Snafu-Comics[/URL]

  • (@ Silver Crow- I would say that the CMC would be about teenage, or young mares by now...
    Whoever wants to RP one of them, feel free to ask and we'll discuss on their cutie marks.)

  • Username:Silver crow
    Pony Name:Dragonspark
    Age: Teenage Stallion
    Description:He looks like a mix of Soran, and spitfire. He has a flame colored pelt, and his mane, and tail color looks like a mix between a blue and amber flame. His eyes seem, and wings seem a little dragon like in nature. Explained in history.
    Cutie Mark: A flame forming around some fast moving animals.(He's a speedster that like to take care of animals.)
    Parents (If known):His parents are known to him.
    History:Family had once had a run in with discord before he was born with an unusal appear. His parents feared for his safety so that they sent him away to go stay at his aunts place were he could be safe. However a terribly stormm hit while he was being sent to his aunts, and he was left stranded in the ever free forest. Lucky for him some of the animal took a liking to him, and took him in as one of their own. He was later found by Zokara.If that's ok with whoever plays her.)
    Other:The mane 6

    [URL=] [img width=361 height=510][/img] [/URL]
    Read the rest of the comics at [URL=]Snafu-Comics[/URL]

  • (Thank you! Will get right on it!)

  • (So does that mean I'm accepted?)

    [URL=] [img width=361 height=510][/img] [/URL]
    Read the rest of the comics at [URL=]Snafu-Comics[/URL]

  • (Oh, yes!)