My Boss Loves Me?! [Gay love story| Open to the first replier]

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  • Jakey | 19 years old | He's a model


    Okay this is a thread about a fashion designer/photographer falls in love with the youngest model working for him and He decides to try to win the model over. My character is the model and yours in the other but he must be at least ages 24-30 years old. Um they can do whatever it takes to get my character and anything too inapropriate can be faded out and cussing is going to be starred out. Um so yeah and Here's my first rp post:

    OCC: By the way just post a pic and the name of your character and you can just jump in.

    Jakey sat on the couch in the dressing room. He was bored since He had nothing to do at the moment. He rubbed his eyes tiredly and he stretched and his shirt rose a little revealing his stomach. He was small and adorable and was used to be calling cute. He was very happy that he got this job. It had only been a month since he's started but was really enjoying it.

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  • (I used a cosplay photo so no worries! I love anime!)

    Jakey nodded. " Well I'm heading home now!" He said hopping up.

  • "Lemme walk you home." he said with a smile. He knew Jakey was gay, like him.

  • " I guess" Jakey replied confused.

    OOC: He's actually straight untill the boss gets all pervy

  • OOC: Ok, so can Jakey have a little crush on his boss to make things easier?

    IC: Dustin smiled. "Ok lets go.." he said. He looked at Jakey. He wanted him so bad.

  • ( nah but I'll make him very easy to make him fall for people)

    Jakey nodded

  • OOC: Ok

    IC: As they started to walk Dustin cleared his throat. "So your gay too?" he asked.

  • OOC: What ^-^

    IC: Dustin looked away for a second. He looked back again. "Ever had a love for gay people?" he asked.

  • " I clearly don't mind them and I have two dads and my mom gave me to them"

  • "Ok." Henry said with a big smile. "Would you ever be gay if you found the right guy.....?" he asked.

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  • Dustin looked at Jakey. "Ok heres why im asking...." he said with a sigh.

  • (I'm sorry that's the only thing I could think of!)

    Jakey looked at him waiting for him to say it