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  • she went down in ana airplane, fried gettin' suntanned, fell in a cement mixer ful of quixsand.

    Fellwshippaw or Fellowshipstar as she liked to call herself now, yawned and licked her paw. She was getting extremely bore dand didn't know what to do anymore.

    help me, help me, I'm no good at goodbyes, she met a shark underwater, fell and no one caught her, I returned everything I ever bought her.

  • Empyreanpaw wandered into camp, seemingly absent minded. He dropped a rabbit onto the freshkill pile, before he sat down to tease a burr out that was stuck between his toes. Grabbing the burr with his teeth he made quick work of the burr and let it fall to the ground in front of him. Rasping his tongue over his paw twice he looked around to see who was in camp.

    It was a relatively quiet day and not much seemed to be going on right now. A few kits were playing by the nursery and two elders were napping in the sunlight near their den. Clan life could be so dull sometimes. Wake up hunt or patrol, sleep and then do the same thing all over again. Oh wait he had forgotten one thing, training. At least in his case but even that could be dull too.

    The chocolate apprentice smiled at Fellowshippaw. Well maybe he could talk to her, that ought to pass the time. and who knew maybe she had something interesting to say. Something more interesting than the dreary clan life he was living. "Hi," he meowed approaching her. "What's up?"

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  • Fellowshippaw let out a quick yelp as Empyreanpaw approached her. She had been very touchy lately. Even since WindClan had been taken over by rogues and was now anti-Clan she had been flinching away at everyone's touch, even her own clanmates' familiar brushes now were soaked with betrayel.
    When he spoke, she recognized the voice but still stayed an even distance from him. Slowly, ever slowly, she turned to face him. At least his voice wasn't dripping with evil. At least his gaze seemed fairly bored and mostly friendly. Bored. The thought of what cats were to do when they go bored frightened her.
    The petite brown tabby she-cat glowered at the tom, green gaze steadily meeting his gaze evenly with her own. Her small paws shuffled as she thought about how to answer. Her whisker twitched with amusement with herself and she couldn't help but let out a small, yet cheery laugh at herself.
    Oh how stupid she was. She couldn't even stay focused and serious for one minute. She shook her head, as if there was something on it she was trying to desperately to get off. Her eyes danced with how she was so unhappy with herself, if that made any sense at all.
    "Umm. Hey." her voice sounded like she had just swallowed honey, smoothe even after not talking for a while to anyone. She stopped laughing quickly to avert her attention to her paws. She looked around. She was going to say, Oh nothing. Just making a pro-WindClan to overthrow these idiots that rule us. But she knew that even with kits and elders, word could spread and the last thing she wanted to do was get herself killed.
    "Nothing much." she answered, being very careful about what she said. She didn't want to make it seem like she wasn't doing anything because she didn't want to get in trouble so she continued, "I mean, just hunting, but it's kind of boring." she narrowed her gaze as she thought over what she had said. Sounded safe to her. And the other tom looked bored so she might as well say that.
    Hopefully he just thought she was being emotional with her being touchy and then angry and then happy and then serious and then bored and then cautious. She hated that she wasn't being herself but f that was what it took for pro-WindClan to take off, then hell, she'd do it. They, being Flyingspirit, Windspirit, Dante, and Emberpaw, were relying on her to take control. And how they'd be alone if she died would just break her heart.
    So, the she-cat cleared her throat and raised her head to turn her attention back to the tom. She let herself take a minute to look him over. Fairly good size. And she liked the color of his fur. All-in-all she took him in to be quite a handsome tom. "I'm Fellowships-" the she-cat quickly stopped herself and shook her head before looked around to make sure no one had heard her slip-up. No one seemed to be staring or looking surprised. And no big warriors were hustling out to take her away. She ended in a choke to make it look like she coughed. "I'm Fellowshippaw." she said carefully now. "And you are?"

  • Empyreanpaw was surprised by Fellowshippaw's reaction to him. It wasn't like he had stepped on her tail or something to make her yelp. He glanced at his paws as if to make sure he hadn't actually stepped on her tail. Luckily he hadn't. Doing so was just rather rude and bad manners, or at least he thought it was. Only kits could do it without any malice directed at them for doing so.

    Ah kithood. It seemed so long ago. He had been born in ShadowClan, he was the son of Phoenixstar, and a spy for his father in WindClan. No one here knew that though. He kept undercover and almost never had any contact with ShadowClan. He had even had to fight them on the occasional border skirmish. But he was getting side tracked in his thoughts.

    He was doubting whether he should've spoken to the other apprentice at all. Maybe it was just that he didn't understand she-cats. They could be so weird sometimes. Weird was the best word he could think of to describe Fellowshippaw's behavior.

    "Tell me about it. Hunting is boring lately...everything is," he commented. It didn't help that he was worried about his father either. He felt helpless and trapped. Phoenixstar along with Gravelstar had gone missing and all he could do was sit here in camp and hunt! He wanted to help and do something. He needed to do something if he didn't want to go crazy.
    He wondered why she was introducing herself if they were in the same clan. True he didn't know all the WindClan cat's names. The clan was too big for that. Maybe that's just how she-cats were and felt a need to always introduce themselves. Either way Empyreanpaw really didn't know her name nor had he talked with her before. So how could he have known it. "I'm Empyreanpaw," he said.

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  • Fellowshippaw studied him with her green gaze. He seemed fit enough. And hell, if he was bored, then why not join a pro-Windaclan? This was just the cat she needed. "Would you like to come hunting with me?" she asked quietly, but loud enough so that it didn't raise suspiscion.

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  • [no problem.]

    A look of disbelief appeared on Empyreanpaw's face. He had just been hunting! Flicking his ears back he thought about it before answering. While he had been hunting there wasn't anything terribly important he could do right now. Another hunting trip wouldn't be bad, just repetitive and possibly dull like the last hunt he had been on.

    He glanced at his paws and sighed. He was about to say no until his eyes meet Fellowshippaw's. She was kind of cute. Maybe another hunting trip wouldn't be that bad, especially with her coming along. "Alright," he relented.

    He would be paw sore tomorrow after going on so many hunting trips in one day.

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  • Empyreanpaw either didn't notice Fellowshippaw's reaction or he choose not to say anything. Which it was he would keep to himself. He followed her out the entrance close on her tail. It was a sunny day with only a few clouds in the sky. Under any other circumstances the chocolate apprentice might have thought it a wonderful day. But his father was missing.

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  • Fellowshippaw had decided not to tell Empyreanpaw about her leadership of pro-WindClan just yet. She figured that he must know her first before she even thought about trusting him.

    So, the bran tabby she-cat stopped when they were out of earshot and turned to him. "Are you okay? Don't worry, I'm good at keeping secrets."

    She sat down next to him, their fur mixing, tan with black tabby marking and chocolate colored fur.

  • Empyreanpaw could trust no one with his true secret, not Fellowshippaw not anyone. He could not risk blowing his cover as a spy for Phoenixstar, nor his relationship to the ShadowClan leader. He usually had a few prepared statement he always used to wiggle out of any questions like Fellowship was asking him. There was no way he could tell her the truth.

    "Em yeah, I'm just worried about Gravelstar and Blacktwist. I mean no one knows what happened to them or where they are," he said. His response wasn't uncommon. There were plenty in the clan who were concerned for their missing leader and deputy.

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  • Empyreanpaw licked the top of Fellowshippaw's head comfortingly. "I wish there was something we could do. But I suppose Plasmaflare will already be doing all he can to find them. Gravelstar and Blacktwist are tough, I'm sure they are alright..." he said. "I hope."

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  • Fellowshippaw closed her eyes and breathed in his scent faintly and didn't respond. T all. Suddenly, everything was quiet except for the birds, who thought it was a cheerful day and who were bounding about and singing. She opened her eyes and looked down at their legs that were touching and mixing the fur. Beautiful memories. She thought for one second. Everyone had lentoy of beautiful memories but with the sun casting a perfect light on the two, it was beautiful.
    Fellowshippaw closed her eyes agin and buried her head unto the fur on his shoulder and neck.

  • The moment was beautiful, the only thing that ruined it for Empyreanpaw was his constant worry for his father. It was like a burr stuck in your fur that no matter what you did you could not ignore. Despite his worry Fellowshippaw did not escape his notice. In the lighting she looked so beautiful....but she was a WindClanner. He could not allow himself to give his heart to her, he was ShadowClan and his line should stay that way untainted by his father's enemy's blood.

    His heart would not listen to his reasoning though and he found he was falling for Fellowshippaw. Falling for her beauty and the moment that seemed to stand still before them. He nuzzled her softly when she buried her head into his fur.

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  • Fellowshippaw smiled softly p at him, not wanting to say anything but her talkative self came out. "Hi." she murmured softly, loving this moment.

    The brown tabby she-cat stares into his _ colored eyes and then closed her own.

  • Empyreanpaw chuckled lightly when she spoke. "Hi, seems like an odd thing given we've already said our hi's in camp," he said. He didn't meant to be rude or make fun of her and he hoped she wouldn't take it that way. "I thought we were supposed to be hunting," he said. "But instead of stealing a rabbit from it's hole you stole my heart from right under my whiskers."

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  • Fellowshippaw laughed at how funny it sounded. To her, this was perfect. Her honey smoothe voice replied happily, "Ya." And being Fellowship, she couldn't find anything cute or witty to say. So she opened her muzzle one last time, "I like you." she shuddered, brewing in his scent again, trying not the move, trying not to take away this moment. And oops! Turns out she had one more thing to say, "I wish I could stay like this forever."

  • What had he just said. Yuck that was so gushy and silly, at least he thought it was. He chuckled with her, though he was not really amused by it. "Erm I like you too. If it stayed like this forever, Gravelstar would never come back," he said focusing on reality once more. "Aren't we supposed to be hunting anyways? I smell a rabbit to your left, let's check it out."

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  • Empyreanpaw moved in an arc to close in on the rabbit Fellowshippaw was going for. He saw a brown head with long ears peek up out of the grass. He froze and the rabbit didn't seem to notice him, and went back to resume nibbling on the grass.

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