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  • **please note that these kits werent suppose to happen**

    Right now there is 5 but there can be more

    Cat name~
    Warrior name~
    Future rank~
    Future plot ideas~

    1.) Lavakit




    5.) Witherkit

    6.) Icekit


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  • Username~ Kelsie

    Cat name~ Deerkit

    Warrior name~ Deerstorm

    Future rank~ Hoping to be a kitstealer like Lovelykit, but if not follower or any other rank she can get.

    Personality~ She is a quiet cat, but loving and kind. She will pretty much do anything someone older than her tells her to do. She also can get kind of angry at times and is kind of a jealous cat.

    Appearence~ light brown tabby she-kit with green eyes.

    Future plot ideas~ Not sure yet, but you know me, my plots and ideas grow as I roleplay the cat. :)
    Activity~ 9-10 :)


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  • [size=7]Attention! Caramelwish, a Kit-Stealer; a high position of BirchClan will be mentoring one of these kits! I will choose the one that I think is best for my Caramel. So, I will be removing my form. Best of luck to everyone.[/size]

  • Accepted. I dont exactly care about genetics because they arent always true. My guinea pig babies were not at all like we expected so

  • [align=center][fancypost bgcolor= here; background-color: here; border-radius: 50px; width: 550px;];][fancypost bgcolor=; bordercolor=#FFFFFF borderwidth=0px; font-family: georgia; font-style: bold; font-size: 29px; color: green; text-transform: lowercase; margin-top: -30px; letter-spacing: -3px; opacity: 0.99; text-shadow: 2px 2px 2px #000000; text-align: left]♀ Dapplekit~Dapplepaw~Dapplefrost ♀[/fancypost][fancypost bgcolor=transparent; border: 4px dotted brown; border-radius: 15px; padding: 5px; width: 487px;]

    Username~gнσѕту ♥ ѕтαяℓιgнт
    But you can call me Ghosty.
    Cat name~ Dapplekit
    Warrior name~ Dapplefrost
    Gender~ She-cat
    Future rank~ She dreams of becoming a cat who can heal (Medicine Cat/Healer) but she does not mind if she doesn't.
    Personality~ Dapplekit likes to be alone, shes caring, sweet, kind, and smart.

    Dapplekit likes to be alone. She is not the best in big crowds. She's a bit small so she gets scared of strange bigger cats. She loves her solitude and R&R. Too many cats will scare her alot and if shes so scared she may even try to hide.

    Dapplekit is caring. If someone injured or hurt, even if she doesn't know them she will go up to them and comfort them. She is kind to any cat even if she is scared by them. She enjoys being caring and helping people. This is why she dreams of being a medicine cat.

    Dapplekit is sweet and kind. She comforts people and will give them a hint if they didn't follow orders. She likes to help people do stuff, like move rocks. She will do anything her leader tells her to, but she knows if it's too 'out there' for her to do.

    Dapplekit is smart. This kit has wits. If you ask her to do something she will think of three ways and do the safest way. She can tell if something is safe or not. If you ask her how to catch a bird she will say how, not like it is as easy as it sounds.

    Appearance~ Look at the picture
    Future plot ideas~ None yet, but I will always find one I like.
    Activity~ About a 8... Im not that active on weekends but super active on weekdays
    Other~ Hi[/fancypost]

    [center][font=pristina]come up to meet you;;

    [img width=510 height=486][/img]

    tell you i'm sorry;;[/font]

    [font=ariel]Ain't no party like a Timelord party, 'cause a Timelord party is not bound by normal temporal parameters and thus, don't stop
  • Accepted. Have any experidnce in a semi advane and anti clans

  • Yep and advanced.

    [center][font=pristina]come up to meet you;;

    [img width=510 height=486][/img]

    tell you i'm sorry;;[/font]

    [font=ariel]Ain't no party like a Timelord party, 'cause a Timelord party is not bound by normal temporal parameters and thus, don't stop
  • Is this still open? If so then I'll sign up!


    Cat name~

    Warrior name~


    Future rank~
    She would love to be a secetary or a boss, but she knows that it may not happen

    Witheringkit is a kit that hates her own name. She calls her self Wither and expects everyone else to call her that too. She doesn't like long names, so even as a warrior, she will call herself Wither. She isn't fond of Wither either, but she doesn't want to change her own birth name. She respects her parents in that way. But beware if you call her Witheringkit, as her claws are sharp!

    Even though she will be furious if you don't call her Wither, she is a caring cat. If she gets too attached to a cat, she won't let them out of her sight. But this doesn't mean that she is controling, she loves to see what others like to do and will let them do it, unless she thinks it is dangerous. On the other hand, she finds herself in a lot of mischeif, and smiles brightly even when punished.

    Her pelt is a pale shade of grey that looks at its best during dawn or dusk, though no one ever sees her at that time. She is off making trouble at dawn or dusk. Her eyes are a pale shade of green that are always bright.

    Future plot ideas~
    Nothing yet, but I'll make something happen!

    Probably 9!

    I don't mind if there isn't enough room for her! I'll make her for Birchclan anyway!

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    "Never cruel or cowardly. Never give up and never give in." - The Doctor, 'The Day of the Doctor'
    "Every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good thing don't always soften the bad things, but vice verse the bad things don't necessarily spoil the good things and make them unimportant." - The Doctor, 'Vincent and the Doctor'

    Avatar: Wildkit - A kit who is waiting for his time to shine
  • can i switch Echokit with Stormkit:

    [fancypost bgcolor=#52F884 bordercolor=#000000 borderwidth=2px]



    Stormkit is a tom kitten with sleek long gray fur and has a small gray nose. Even as a kitten, Stormkit will have long thin legs perfect for running, hunting or climbing. He has a thin lightly muscular frame and has a long whip-like tail. Though looking long lanky and clumsy, Stormkit is quite graceful on his long legs. His eyes are round and pointed slightly at the ends, giving them the look of a bloated almond shape. They are a light pale green color and his eyes are known for showing his emotions.

    Stormkit hates the attention he gets since he's the leaders' son and this attitude has given him quite the rebellious streak. This tom kitten absolutely adores to break the rules. If it's leaving camp, sneaking out of the nursery, disobeying orders, he'll do anything. Anything to show that he isn't the perfect little leader's son.


  • Username~Whitethroat
    Cat name~Icekit
    Warrior name~Icewhisker
    Future rank~Follower. Kit-stealer/smartie? (Wanna try something different if I can ^v^)
    Personality~She's bold; very open and expressive, especially when she's happy or angry—common emotions. She’s caring; willing to help the clan even if it’s only to fetch a mouse for her mother or press cobwebs to another’s scratch while the nurse or healer collects herbs. She’s also devoted; loyal to her family, friends and clan as a whole.
    Appearence~Icekit is a ginger-and-white she-cat with wide, amber eyes and a short, bushy tail. She's called Icewhisker due to her white muzzle.
    Future plot ideas~ c:< I have one... Good girl goes bad. that's all I will say because I might change my mind later in life XD
    Activity~I'm 7-8 now, but now that school is over... more until band camp >D