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  • [align=center]уσυя кιιиg мє!

    [font=georgia][color=black] Did I just hear right? It appears that the leader of Azureclan, Ceramicstar has been forced by the deputies father, Darktooth! And it's all so horrible because Darktooth tried to kill her father Azurestar who know resides in the Dark Forest, biding his time. Darktooths dead and it seems Shadowpath is going to take over the position of being the lovely dad.
    But will Ceramicstar or Shadowpath even like these kits? It seems Ceramicstar wants them out and gone but could they really make her love them? Will Shadowpath accept them even if it technically means that these kits will be his siblings? Would the young leader even survive her first litter?

    I say advanced only not because I am mean to all new members, but the fact that this clan is in the advanced boards and you need an advanced bio approved to be able to post there.
    This isn't first in best dressed. Close to when the kits are going to be born we will look over all of the results and decide from there.
    If you want a major plot, something like them being kidnapped by another clan or something like that please PM me.
    More will be added as I think.

    1. Charredsoul - tom - Fearless
    2. Sephiatone - femme - me <3
    3. Open~!


    [font=georgia][color=black]Remember, Ceramicstar wouldn't name her kits something sad and depressing though Shadowpath is nearly the opposite with more mysterious names.

    These kits will not become deputy or leader. They have the chance to become an honored warrior (only reached by being the leaders kits) or a medicine cat assistant. {Both are not considered high positions}

    More about Azureclan is found here. Do not sign up there for the kits, sign up here.


    1. Username;
    2. Kit name (including warrior name);
    3. Gender;
    4. Appearance;
    5. Personality;
    6. Plots;
    7. Roleplay sample;
    8. Other;

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  • My 2nd account Snow of Fire has an advanced bio and is accepted. Could she please have kit 2, Gemkit?

  • I haven't finished this yet. It isn't a first in best dressed, you need to apply. Sorry ;3

  • Username; Dragonspirit
    Kit name; Eternitykit
    Gender; Female
    Appearance; Eternitykit is a long-furred, beautiful black she-kit.

    Personality; Eternitykit is feisty and energetic. She loves to have fun and is often seen having little "adventures" around camp. However, she does have a sterner side. When things get tough, she gets tough. Eternitykit can be playful, or serious, at the right times.

    When she grows up, Eternitykit will be quite the gentle-woman. She loses a bit of her playfullness and starts acting more like a grown she-cat.

    Other; this is kit #2

    {∂ση'т ωαηηα вє ѕℓу αη∂ ∂єƒιℓє уσυ
    ∂єѕєcяαтє му мιη∂ αη∂ яєℓу ση уσυ
    ι נυѕт ωαηηα вяєαк тнιѕ cяσωη
    вυт ιт'ѕ нαя∂ ωнєη ι'м ѕσ яυη ∂σωη

    αη∂ уσυ'яє ѕσ cуηιcαℓ, ηαяcιѕѕтιc cαηηιвαℓ
    gσт тσ вяιηg муѕєℓƒ вαcк ƒяσм тнє ∂єα∂

    ѕσмєтιмєѕ, ι нαтє, тнє ℓιƒє, ι мα∂є
    єνєяутнιηg'ѕ ωяσηg єνєяу тιмє
    ρυѕнιηg ση ι cαη'т єѕcαρє
    єνєяутнιηg тнαт cσмєѕ му ωαу
    ιѕ нαυηтιηg мє тαкιηg ιтѕ ѕωєєт тιмє}

    [img width=505 height=384]http://img687.imageshack.us/img687/8876/cougar16.jpg[/img]

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  • Username;

    Kit name;
    Glowingkit || Glowingpaw || Glowingpath



    is a very fluffy but adorable little thing. With a small- but not frail looking- body build she is quite cute with her fuzzy silver fur that makes her look like a little ball of fun. With large, round, grayish green eyes Glowingkit is rather hard to resist, persuading almost anyone to do anything for her.
    much like her younger self this little silver tabby apprentice is still very adorable, but with a slightly sleeker pelt she is able to move around swiftly with a bit less tangling in her long, flowing fur. Glowingpaw is slender, sleek, and agile, good with balance and quick, oh so quick.
    Is oh so beautiful. No longer bogged down by the cute fluff that chased her in kit and apprentice hood Glowingpath is sleek, her long silver and black fur laying to her slender sides beautifully. Her eyes have grown on her a bit, fitting more naturally to her shape and have dulled a wondrous grey and green.

    Glowingkit is just that, something to brighten your day with. She is almost always bound around with some source of untamable energy, spreading smiles to anyone she can reach. Glowingkit loves to be around others, to sit and talk and just have fun. She can sometimes be a pest, not knowing when to be quiet, ever. Though as a whole she rather is a joy to be around. She tries to best to make others happy and do what they want her to de, but being so small, there is a limit to her power.

    I hope I get to play her. I might edit in some more on her personality once the genetics are up.

    [url=http://warriorcatsrpg.com/index.php?topic=289839.0][font=georgia]The Frost[/font][/url]


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  • Username: |Shadowpath| OR ~|Fearless|~ OR .:Scarface:. ( ;D)
    Kit name: Charredkit, Charredpaw, and then after a long while Charredsoul. :3
    Gender: Tom
    Charredkit is a very large kit for his age. The flaw about his appearance is that he looks exactly like Darktooth, the evil cat who tried to destroy AzureClan. He is of muscular build with long, sturdy limbs with a somewhat royal appearance. His coat is extremely long and pitch black. His eyes are a vivid ice-blue, and their nature is almost always cold. Th only thing that separates his appearance from Darktooth is a small, white dash on his chest, shaped like a broken heart.

    [img width=505 height=373]http://cats290.webs.com/Ravenwing.jpg[/img]

    Charredkit is very quiet towards most cats. He has a quick, intelligent mind and is quite like his father in that way. But he is actually a kind individual and would never seek to hurt or injure someone without purpose, which separates him from the rest of his paternal family. He makes sure that others come first, but more than anything, we will stop at nothing to make sure his clan is safe. He knows that because of his looks, he has a bad reputation with the other members of the clan, but he tries to push past that to become the best warrior he could ever be.

    [align=left]Other: Um... this is the Shadowpath Reserved Kit. XD

    [Center][font=georgia][size=3][b][u]MARCHING BAND SEASON[I]![/I][/size]

    [Size=2][B][u]INACTIVITY NOTICE[/u][/b][/size]
    Because of school, I will only be able to post on the weekends and when I catch a break during the week. Sorry for the inconvience. </3

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  • Bump. Still waiting for Shadowpath and exactly what Darktooth looks like. Ceramicstar is a shaded silver tabby if that gives any help ;3

  • I would rather wait to see the full list of genetics, and seeing as I don't do them I cna't figure that out XD

    [url=http://warriorcatsrpg.com/index.php?topic=289839.0][font=georgia]The Frost[/font][/url]

  • Bump for my post.

    Ok, Heights, I just put in the description for my kit. Charredkit looks E.X.A.C.T.L.Y. like Darktooth. Rawrs.... :(

    [Center][font=georgia][size=3][b][u]MARCHING BAND SEASON[I]![/I][/size]

    [Size=2][B][u]INACTIVITY NOTICE[/u][/b][/size]
    Because of school, I will only be able to post on the weekends and when I catch a break during the week. Sorry for the inconvience. </3
  • Bump
    Genetics are on the way... will post them the minute I get them

  • Username; x cloudy.

    Kit name; Vermilionkit--> Vermilionpaw--> Vermilionlight

    Gender; Female

    Appearance; Vermilionkit is a very long furred mackerel silver tabby with long, white whiskers. Her fur is not shaded, and two somewhat round orbs of amber dot her face. Her two amber eyes both work, and her ears are very large and extend out a long way. Vermilionkit's pelt is very intricate, including many dark grey stripes. Sixteen of the stripes are on her back, twelve on each of her front legs, seven on each of her back legs and five on her face. Some of these stripes separate in the middle, some on the end, and others in many other places.

    Personality; Vermilionkit is overall a bouncy, cheerful kit. She hates being separated from other people and is 100% extroverted. Her heart is a loving, caring heart, and she will be loyal to the Warrior code until the very end. She loves to fight in battle, and will never give up no matter what. If there is something that she has a problem with, she will speak it out. Every cat has their bad side. For Vermilionkit, this means she is pessimistic and a braggart. She always looks on the bad side of everything, never focusing on the good. Also, she is somewhat selfish, never thinking of others and always thinking of herself. Her hunting skills are somewhat off, and she often stutters.

    Plots; I plan for Vermilionkit to perhaps one day go out on her apprenticeship and find a baby fox. She raises this abandoned fox, and one day the fox's parents attack Vermilionpaw [and AzureClan, if that's okay]. In the fight, Vermilionpaw finds the fox cub and leads it out of the fight. Turns out that Vermilionpaw can now speak to the fox and the two visit each other in secret through Vermilionlight's warrior hood but later, AzureClan finds out and kills the fox. Sad, Vermilionlight nearly commits suicide due to her best friend being lost. Her sadness scars her forever until one day, a new fox comes by and it turns out this fox is the other fox's daughter. Vermilionlight tries to teach this fox about his mother, but the fox eventually attacks her and nearly kills her, but the Clan wins the battle and kills it. Then, the fox pack wants revenge on AzureClan for what they did to the little fox's mother and the little fox. They then attack the Clan.

    Roleplay sample; Vermilionkit padded out of her quiet den, the autumn breeze rustling the many tawny leaves. The two pools of amber on her face shimmered in the sunlight, and a whisper of wind brushed her long, silver fur. Purring slightly, Vermilionkit dashed out into the camp. She turned her head left, and then right, and then left, but none of her friends were in sight. She trotted back to the nursery to see if her sibling wanted to play. "Hey Charredkit!" she called out, her loud mew somewhat echoing around, as if it bounced off the walls. "Let's play!"


    [center][img width=489 height=510]http://i39.tinypic.com/2mmwuuq.png[/img]
    [size=5][font=georgia][url=http://warriorcatsrpg.com/index.php?topic=1249153.0]HIATUS - please read[/url][/font][/size]

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  • Woot Genetics! Thankies Reversed!

  • Bump for my post. ^^

    [Center][font=georgia][size=3][b][u]MARCHING BAND SEASON[I]![/I][/size]

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    Because of school, I will only be able to post on the weekends and when I catch a break during the week. Sorry for the inconvience. </3
  • ;; u s e r n a m e ;;
    S e r p e n t i n e

    ;; k i t n a m e ;;
    Brindlekit ;; Brindlepaw ;; Brindlesoul

    ;; g e n d e r ;;

    ;; a p p e a r a n c e ;;
    Long-furred shecat with smokey-blue fur and a pair of gentle light blue eyes. She has a small frame, and can even be considered the runt of the litter. Despite her perpetual small size her legs make up for her size. They are well-suited for hunting; and make up about 3/4 of her size all together. Brindle(kits) tail is a few inches longer than that of a normal cat, used to help balance her body while she sprints. Her claws are also lengthened to give her a useful grip to climb trees.

    [size=19px];; p i c t u r e ;;[/size]

    [size=19px];; p e r s o n a l i t y ;;[/size]
    Brindle(kit) is a generally quiet cat, only speaking when she is spoken to or feels the need to input her own suggestions. She likes to use gestures more than her voice. Brindle(kit) is humble and is very [/size][size=1]obedient, always respecting her elder's wishes. Her biggest problem is allowing other cats to trample all over her for their own enjoyment. It effects her more than they know, but since she's shy personality makes it very difficult to show her discomfort.

    [size=19px];; o t h e r ;;[/size]
    Not that I can think of c:

    [font=georgia]a banner `s h o p[/font][/url]
    [url=http://www.shanzi.nabyn.com]my nabyn[/url] ★ [url=http://shanzinator.deviantart.com/]my deviantart[/url] ★ [url=http://warriorcatsrpg.com/index.php?topic=872331.0]characters[/url][/center]

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  • Good applications all. Love the name Glowingpath Crimmy! Cute picture Serpentine. I'm going to change the application form a bit but none of your applications need to be changed ;3

  • Thanks! I'll think of a few plots & edit my post anyways. c:

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  • Yeah I realised I forgot a few things in the application.
    Serpentine you've been mini-fied by mwah for impersonation week ;3

  • OH MY GOSH WAAAAAAAT THIS IS SO COOL I AM FREAKING OUT ASDFGHJKLJHGFDSASDFGHJ?! Thank you for the kind gesture, may you fare well & prosper in life. /serious philosopher face plz

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  • [fancypost bgcolor=transparent]|x|  E  v  e  r  e  s  t  m  o  u  n  t  a  i  n  |x|


    Kit name;
    Everestkit → Everestpaw → Everestmountain





    Roleplay sample;