.:is this what you do with eternity?:. {Arceus characters}

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  • "Right, let's go. Um, grandma? Is it okay if I call you grandma? You coming too?" Xap looked at Sundance.

    "I will be there shortly," said Sundance. "There is business I must first attend to."

  • Dimity had been the first to enter the portal, and she was the first to arrive out the other side, transporting Lully alongside her. She flashed into the sky and descended, the wind flapping her mane. There down below was the humble-looking home that she knew must belong to Alcatraz.

    Xap arrived beside her and had a look down there, spiralling to the ground. He stopped before the entrance, a 'safe' distance away.

    "Let me handle this," said Dimity as she landed and set Lully down beside her. She knew that were it not for Lully, Alcatraz would likely have turned them out. He might still turn most of them out, allowing only Lully or maybe Dimity and Lully to stay.

    Then again, it had been him who had given up on Dimity first. He knew that, and he would always know it. It was why he was alone now.

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  • What came out the doorway of the little cozy-looking cavelike place was not Alcatraz. It wasn't even an arceus...not quite.

    She looked more like an arceus than anything else, but did not radiate the full-spectrum elemental energy of one. Her tail was instead, two long ribbonlike features, and there were other signs of Suicune heritage on the strange blue and white pokemon.

    "Hi...Alcatraz isn't in," she said. "I'm...guessing you're here for him?"

    "We were," said Xap. "Uh. We got a situation here, I'm Xap, this is my mate and daughter, uh, it's a long story, she can tell it." He nodded to Sundance.

    "We headed here to take refuge and hide from Silvestra, who has at this time taken over the Nexus with her minions," said Sundance. "We don't know what she's going to try and do next."

    "Oh, uh..." The hybrid shook her head. "Wow. Um, yeah you can stay here. I'm Anggun, Alcatraz's daughter. My dad's been gone a bit."

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  • "Greetings," Icyspiral said to Anggun. "I'm Icyspiral."

    Eonia squealed. That was a cool Pokemon!

  • "Hi, Icyspiral." Anggun smiled and stepped over to meet her. She cast more wary looks up at the arceus present, knowing how her father's choice of mate had been frowned on, and to some of them, that was all she would ever mean. It had been questioned early on in her life whether she was a true arceus or a hybrid; but over time her powers had failed to manifest as they would have had she been a true alpha. And she was doubly screwed over: She could not purify water either. Who knew what her life span would be--would it be fleeting like her mother's, or eternal--provided all went well--like her father? "You can all stay here."

    "Thank you," said Dimity. "Do you know when he'll be back--Alcatraz?"

    "Soon, should be soon," said Anggun. "He went off somewhere to look into some kind of arceus emergency business. I guess that's related to why you're all here?"

    Sundance gave a nod. "Yes."

  • Eonia looked at Anggun. "I'm Eonia!"

    Icyspiral smiled at Anggun. She wasn't bad.

  • Xap was already bored. "Well, I guess I can round up some good fruits or something to feed us, if that's okay. Anyone wanna come?" He turned around and zoomed over into the nearest area of trees and bushes. There were pechas, Liechis and Rowaps growing like crazy here. "Hm, Al has good taste in berries. I'll give him that."

    "Help yourself, it's a whole planet after all," said Anggun, giggling. "Hi, Eonia. Nice to meet you."

    "Did you grow up here?" said Dimity.

    Anggun shook her head. "No... We moved here after my mother died."

  • "I'll come!" Eonia said, walking after Xap.

    Icyspiral looked at Anggun.

  • "Sure I can take the kids," said Xap, waiting for Eonia and Lully.

    Lully bounded after them, into the berry grove.

    Sundance felt that her work was done here for now. "I'm going to be departing soon. We need to take a look at what to do about Silvestra and I need to get in touch with pokemon who could help overthrow her and her minions, all of whom are likely overpowered with the energy of the Nexus planet."

    "There anything I can do?" said Dimity. "We do have a child, so she comes first."

    "All pairs with a child will not be taking part in any battle," said Sundance. "That is still not that many, most families do not have children at any given point in time." Arceus children grew up relatively quickly, in only a few years. Their training took much longer, however, and many of them had powers that continued to strengthen for a longer period.

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  • Icyspiral was confused. "But, Sundance, what about Eonia? I'm not necessarily her mother." she pointed out.

    Eonia spread her wings for the first time, gliding toward Xap.

  • "No." Icyspiral said. "I found the egg in the moorland. I know someone who incidentially could find one, but it's not a great idea. It's an enemy, of course, who keeps track of all the wishes."

  • "They do not need milk," said Sundance, "so she should be fine living with you here for now. I am sure there is a good chance there may be some living on this planet, as well."

    "If not, my dad can help us find her kind," said Anggun.

    "Wouldn't be hard," said Xap, coming back out of the berry grove. "If there aren't any on this world I know a few where there are."

  • Sundance parted with them then, and Dimity returned her attention to the two youngest members of their group.

    "Maybe it is best we find Eonia's kind," said the white arceus. "They would be the ones best able to help her out as she grows."

  • "Yeah." Icyspiral said. "You're right, but how do we find them? I don't know any, to say the least. They rarely fly to the cold northern region."

    Eonia looked at them.

  • "I can take a sort of tour over the skies and look," said Dimity. "What sort of climate do they even like? I don't really have much of an idea."

    "Northern region of what world, though?" Xap grinned. Someone who wasn't used to doing a lot of space travel needed to get used to world hopping. Many pokemon were found on many different worlds, due to portal use by some legendary-power pokemon. Even if most pokemon could not create portals, or teleport through space, if portals were opened, occasionally pokemon would slip through and arrive in a foreign world. Assuming they survived in the alien environment, they could sometimes start a new population, and in time, develop new species. For Anggun and her dad to have settled here, this planet had to be within common knowledge of some. "I'm thinking. Does it even get cold here?"

    "Not really," said Anggun, giggling. "It's really nice here. Though sometimes it does get a little hot. And yeah I think Latias and Latios live on this world. I think more near the water than anywhere else."

    "I know there's like a million and one little green and brown or seedy-looking little pokemon running around in those woods," said Xap. "I have no idea what they are, but there are a lot of pokemon that look like that."

    "There's one wonderful thing about this world," said Anggun. "That my dad says. There are no humans here. At all."


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  • "Eh, I don't usually travel to different worlds too much. Only occasionally." Icyspiral said. Listening to Anggun, she grinned. "That's great. No humans to worry about."