.:is this what you do with eternity?:. {Arceus characters}

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  • "My kind has to travel around space," said Dimity. "Little bit different for us. We need the energy that can only be harvested way out there. But a lot like to live planetside most of the time too."

    "I just live here," said Anggun. "...Gets a little lonely though..there's nobody my kind around. That said, I couldn't find that on any world. Oh--by the way, all those little seed-looking pokemon you see? I'd be careful with the two babies in there. Those things hunt in groups. They're small but I've seen them take some pretty impressive prey."

    "I'll be right back then. Thank you." Xap zoomed back into the bush. He was followed quickly by Dimity.

    "Lully!" cried Dimity.

    Moonvail and Wonderbread my new babies!!

  • Eonia squeaked. Her friend had disappeared. "Lully?"

    Icyspiral gasped. "Where's Lully?"

  • Lully stopped in the forest. She had heard something. The young arceus found several small plant pokemon surrounding her. She looked slowly at them, backing away.

    "Lully!" Dimity caught up with her daughter and quickly picked her off the ground.

  • Icyspiral flew over, then saw the plant pokemon. "Will they attack?" she whispered.

    Eonia, in curiosity, followed after them.

  • "Yes," said Dimity, flying back out over to Anggun's front yard area with Lully. "Those pokemon are trouble, whatever they are."

  • Icyspiral tensed, following after them.

    Eonia flew after them, then cocked her head to one side.

  • Dimity placed Lully down back out in the sunny patch of grass. "There you go. Stay out of those woods for now."

    "...*Okay.* Lully wandered back over to Eonia.

  • Eonia looked at Lully. *Let's play!*

    Icyspiral looked at the two, letting out a small sigh but then looking at Dimity. "Where to?"

  • OOC: It's fine :)

    IC: *Let's play attack the adults!* Eonia said excitedly.

  • Lully giggled and was about to make a dash towards her mother--not to really attack, but to pretend to--when out of the sky there came five flashes of light, followed by several more as large pokemon--arceus, Giratina, Dialga and Palkia--emptied downwards through a portal. They quickly closed around the small family.

    Dimity gasped and quickly ran towards the babies. "Xap!" she cried. "Come on."

    Xap, himself was nearby and a look of relative panic showed on his face. "Thought she said this place was safe." He opened a portal. "Well we're not sticking around for an interview, guys."

    As Dimity made to pull herself and the babies up towards the portal, the surrounding pokemon fired attacks around them that combined, forcing them into a sort of bubble of light that imprisoned them. Lully screamed and huddled against her mother.

    Moonvail and Wonderbread my new babies!!