.:is this what you do with eternity?:. {Arceus characters}

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  • "Your own daughter is against you?" Icyspiral asked.

    Eonia was too young to yet comprehend what was happening.

  • Sundance hung her head. "They both turned. And I fear that it is my fault."

    "That's pretty harsh," said Dimity, stepping over to her. Lully had gone back over to her mother to nurse, seeing as she was hungry and all that was going on right now was adult talk. "Why do you blame yourself for the poor choices of your children? If they did these things as adults, then they were masters of their own fate."

    Sundance paused. "It isn't like that. This isn't a normal situation. Both of them, due to my own imbibing of power from the Nexus before I had them...they were born wrong. The power--I thought that it was long gone from me by the time I became pregnant with Silvestra. She was born unusually powerful and ruthless, and Justice was born even darker and wronger. There are unlimited ways that the power from the Nexus can change you, sometimes it changes you in a good way, sometimes bad. Sometimes the changes don't seem to last. But it always changes you, and it never leaves you."

  • Icyspiral fluttered over to Sundance, listening intently. That didn't sound very good.

    Eonia looked at Lully. *Boring grown-up talk!*

  • *Yeah,* said Lully as she had lunch.

    "Why do people use the nexus to get power then if they have no idea whether it'll even help them?" said Dimity. She was thinking of places they could go for safety. Many places were known to her. But what was safe?

    "They do it because there's a chance that the power could agree well with them, not do any harm and could make them very, very strong," said Sundance. "But they do it at their own risk."

    "I know a place we could go," said Dimity. "Just that Xap needs to know where we're going." And Xap was not going to like it.

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  • Icyspiral looked at Dimity. "You sound as if Xap will be disappointed...in a way," she said.

    *Booooring! Why do they have to have those boring talks? Why not play?* Eonia wondered.

  • *The best place I know we can avoid them is my ex's home,* said Dimity.

    "I see," said Sundance. "Well, I'd just do whatever you can and during that time maybe you can work out better arrangements."

  • Lully finished suckling, and bounded back over to play with Eonia. She reached out and tagged the baby latias gently on the side and then dashed away, giggling.

    "All right," Dimity knew she had to make a decision. "We're going now."

    Just then, the portal opened and Xap reappeared.

    "Uh...did I miss anything?"

  • Icyspiral glanced at Dimity.

    Eonia squealed and tried to run after Lully.

  • "We have to leave," said Dimity as Lully ran around her and now Xap. "There's danger, coming from the Nexus."

    "..The Nexus? That thing's real?"

    "Very much so," said Sundance.

    "...That's awesome," said Xap. "Uh, do I know you?"

    "I'm Sundance," she said, "your grandmother. You must be Xap."

  • Icyspiral looked at Dimity. She nodded.

    Eonia was too young to yet comprehend what they were talking about, but instead reached out a paw to tag Lully.

  • "Yeah, that's the name, uh...cool," said Xap. He'd never even known he had a living grandmother. "Uh, so you came by to get in touch and just hang out? Cause yeah, this is awesome."

    "Unfortunately no." Sundance explained the same thing she'd told the others.


    "And we have to leave for now, and I know the best place we can take refuge." Dimity told him where.


  • Icyspiral looked at Xap. He seemed to be hesitant. Or so she thought.

  • "Why there?" said Xap. "Out of all the millions of places. There's got to be somewhere better. You think this chick doesn't know about Aranuka's family? Sure, she might not, but shemight, IK mean, i got no idea."

    "Well, there's a bigger chance she knows about you," said Dimity, "being as she's on your side of the family."

    "She knows about you to some extent," said Sundance. "You are not a target, but it is best that you get out of the way of being noticed by her as soon as possible."

    Xap sighed. "Fine. It's to Alcatraz we go then. I guess we can be okay with that. If he's okay with it. Kind of a stretch. I guess we could just hole up nearby if he's not."

    "He will," and Dimity's voice was sad.

  • "I used to sort of...have a relationship with him," said Dimity. "Till he was sent off on training and my family moved us away too. My family didn't really approve of him. Then when I went to find him anyway..." She sighed. "He'd run off with a suicune."

    Xap snickered, then stopped. "Sorry."

  • "Oh." Icyspiral said, then glanced at Xap, icy blue eyes surveying him for a second as he snickered. Not the right time, she mouthed.

  • Dimity looked at Xap.

    "I'm sorry," he said. "But yeah that's just pathetic., who would do that? Guess I'm glad he did, wouldn't want you winding up with that."

    Dimity frowned. "Let's go."

    She opened up a portal. "Lully, you ready? We're going on a fun little trip. Eonia?"

  • Eonia let out a squeal, thinking it was some sort of game. *Yes!*

    Icyspiral fluttered closer to Dimity and Xap.