.:is this what you do with eternity?:. {Arceus characters}

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  • "We could get some help for this," said Dimity. "The source of the power should be looked into. Maybe my parents."

    "Well, I'll leave that to you--your folks don't dig me," said Xap. "If Lucas had them pulled into his antics, I guess they're probably learning now the full extent of how he screwed them over, whatever he did. That's how Lucas works. He gets you to agree to do stuff, without having any clue what you're getting into. Hm, maybe that's why we haven't seen them since your grandfather died. I know he always had Sigil in there supporting him on just about anything."

    "If you're going out there again now," said Dimity, "there's where you can start looking into it."

    Lully chased the light-ball, which seemed to gently blow away from the two babies, over the grass.

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  • Icyspiral looked at Dimity and then at Xap. She didn't want to interrupt.

    Eonia let out a squeal, chasing the light.

  • After parting gestures of affection with each other, the two adult arceus parted, and Xap gave a goodbye to Lully as well.

    "You be good, okay? Well..not too good." Xap gave his daughter a playful nudge.

    Lully turned to look up at her father. *No go...*

    "Aw...this is the part I hate," said Xap.

  • Icyspiral couldn't help but smile at Xap.

    Eonia had grown fond of all of them, particularly Xap. She reached a paw to Xap.

  • Eonia let out a squeak which sounded like a purr.

    "Good luck, Xap." Icyspiral said.

  • "Thanks." Xap touched his face, sort of, to Lully's fluffy little mane, then he was gone.

    Dimity sighed and stepped over to the children. "He'll be back soon." Her voice was sad.

  • Eonia let out a quiet wail. *I want my daddy!* She already administered Xap as her father.

  • *Awww....I wanna play!* Eonia reached out a paw to Icyspiral. *I wanna fly!*

  • A flash of light in the sky heralded the arrival of another arceus. Down from the sky she came, consolidating from light into a body of light orange-yellow, and golden and pink touches on her wheel. As Dimity watched, she lit on the ground a safe but near distance from her and the two babies. Lully blinked, staring in guarded curiosity.

    "Hello." Dimity greeted the other alpha. "Who are you?"

    "My name is Sundance," said the other femme. "You don't have to fear me. I'm a friend. I come here because you three are in danger."

  • Eonia looked at the newcomer with curiosity.

    Icyspiral nodded to Sundance. "Hello," she said.

  • The arceus gave a regal nod of her head to the articuno. "Oh, I didn't see, you have a young latias too there. But let me explain. Something's happened. Dimity, you should take your daughter and yourself away from here. Your parents and everyone else at the Nexus have been taken hostage."

    Dimity stared, her two wheel gems now glowing in alarm. "What...By who, what--I don't even know where the Nexus is, do you mean the Nexus Planet?"

    "Yes. You have a young one of your own--don't go there."

    "What happened!"

    "After your grandfather Lucas's death, management broke down at the Nexus and my daughter, Silvestra, used her powers and alliances to take control of it. She wanted control of it for eons but it's been eons since she's even shown up in that sector or anywhere near it."

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  • Icyspiral and listened, seeing Dimity's alarm. She heard it; this must be bad news for them.

    Eonia looked at the newcomer. *Who are you?*

  • *Pretty,* Lully agreed, capering around her.

    *Justice may have died, tragically but necessarily, but my other daughter, her older sister, is still alive, well, and has taken over the Nexus,* said Sundance.

    Moonvail and Wonderbread my new babies!!

  • *The Nexus is the great planet of power,* said Sundance. *Guarded heavily. But after Lucas was killed, that guardianship was weakened, and it allowed my daughter, Silvestra, to take control of this place.* She was addressing everyone, though, primarily, the adults present--Icyspiral and Dimity.

    Moonvail and Wonderbread my new babies!!