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  • Dimity emerged from the cozy cavern into a bright, sunny day. Right outside on the grass lay the pokemn and the egg, just as her mate Xap had told her they'd be. Xap was off on yet another battle somewhere--even though he had promised her more time here once the baby had been born.

    And she had been born. The young Arceus foal bounded out over the grass and stopped, before the wounded bird and egg. She looked back uncertainly at her mother.

    ooc: Currently putting this open to one more player, maybe two, who love Arceus and want to RP a pokemon character who is an Arceus. In this verse, Arceus is more or less a kind of pokemon with god-level powers, some more powerful than others; there are multiple arceus. You can create one and jump in--the current situation is there's more or less a face-off between evil and good among these deities. You can come into it not knowing anything--that's fine. Just jump in!

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  • Icyspiral regained consciousness. "Xap?" she asked, her vision blurry. It wasn't Xap. It was another arceus. When she tried to get up, she couldn't. Her wings were charred and no frost appeared on her wings. She groaned. "I'm a terrible excuse for a guardian."

    The egg began to glow harshly.

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  • Dimity put her face close to the egg, sensing the goings-on inside it. The white arceus deduced it was not this bird's egg--but then whose was it?

    "What happened? Who are you--I'm assuming you're Xap's friend. Was there an ambush?"

    She didn't worry too much for Xap himself--he'd been in worse situations than this.

  • "I was ambushed, I'm Icyspiral, guardian of the north." Icyspiral said, staring up at Dimity. "You're Xap's mate," she guessed.

    The egg made a crack.

  • "Yes--I am." Dimity smiled as her daughter then crept shyly forward again. "I'm Dimity. I guess guardian of this area, though I've never actually claimed a universe for myself. I guess it never really mattered. This is our daughter, Lully."

    Lully, still too young to talk or do a whole lot otherwise, watched intently as the egg began to hatch,. She was a very light aqua-white colour, mostly, with some grey markings and a wheel of 5 arms.

    "Looks like your mystery charge is revealing itself," said Dimity.

  • "Lully is very cute," Icyspiral said, then nodded quietly.

    The egg hatched, revealing a small shell that ebbed onto the body part. It was a Latias. There were both red and blue triangles, indicating it was bred by a latias and latios. It let out a cry.

  • "It's adorable," said Dimity, gazing gently upon it. Lully stepped forward to get a closer look.

    "Don't get too close," said Dimity, and Lully stopped, and just watched, blinking her large eyes.

  • Icyspiral churred, touching it with her wing. "I will call it Eonia," she said.

    The newly-named Eonia let out a small cry, eyes still closed to the world. She stumbled toward Dimity.

  • "Eonia..that's a beautiful name," said Dimity. "Hi, Eonia." She reached out telepathically as well to help sooth the new hatchling. For all her experiences, she'd never witnessed a Latias hatching before. It was a beautiful thing.

    *Eonia,* Lully repeated the name, in her very young-sounding voice.

    Just then, Xap himself reappeared. "Oh--good--you guys are okay. Cool. I'm sorry I was out there with all that fighting, has to get those dudes off Scratch--Dim, you okay? Hey Lully!"

    While he exchanged greetings with his mate and child, Lully kept her focus on the newest member of their little group.

  • Icyspiral got up weakly. "Hey, Xap."

    Eonia faced Lully. *Hi.* She could speak telepathically as well.

  • "...Hey." Xap shook his head. "What did a nice kid like you do to wind up with an evil dialga, a crazy lugia, and their posse trying to kill you anyway?"

    "What HAS been happening over there?" Dimity stared at her mate. "I mean, here we are, and there's not a whole lot we can do here except hope you get out of it unscathed."

    "Oh--I don't know, buncha crazies came out of nowhere, they're trying to kill my buds and I got no idea why. You'd like Scratch, he's cool," said Xap.

    Dimity looked at him with more thought. "Bunch of crazies out of nowhere? I wonder if it has to do with my father's death."

    "Doubt it." Xap's expression soured at the mention of him. "They didn't mention him, there were no arceus there with the loony bunch. Why--did he...know guys like this?"

    Dimity shook her head. "No, it's just that he was helping manage things at the Chaos planet, and if management is breaking down over there, it could be where some gang got enough strength to make this kind of trouble."

  • "I suppose I was tricked," Icyspiral said ruefully.

    Eonia stumbled toward Xap, reaching out a paw.

  • "Tricked how?" said Dimity. "By whom?"

    Xap reached out his hoof towards Eonia. "Aw, what a cutie."

    Lully bounded after Eonia herself. She reached out a hoof to poke at her gently.

  • "By a dialga, a jirachi, and some other goons," Icyspiral said. "Even my own sisters."

    Eonia let out a squeak, nudging Lully.

  • Lully giggled and gave the baby Latias a little nudge back. Typical of her kind, she had been born well developed, able to run around only minutes after birth, and she just wanted to play.

    "There's at least one unnaturally powered pokemon going around, a lugia." Xap frowned. "I've heard of that--shadowing. Something humans do. Anyway that lugia's bad news."

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  • Icyspiral sighed. "I won't be going anywhere for a while." She weakly got to her talons and sighed again. "Talk about a lame excuse for a guardian of the north," she told herself again.

    Eonia tumbled over, squeaking. Then she opened her eyes. They had a greenish-hue to it. However, her wings had not fully developed yet.

  • "Careful," said Dimity, looking after the newly hatched, bird-like creature.

    "Not your fault," said Xap. "I wasn't able to tackle them all either. That one pokemon was the reason, that lugia HAS to die. I got to get back there soon and check it out. I don't know where he got to."

    "Can't get here, can he?" Dimity was ready to use her own powers to defend this place, but they had babies here.

    "No." Of that, Xap was certain. But only for now. He needed to check out what was going on with the loose ends that Lucas had left...only he knew virtually nothing about it. "Tell you what--we need to start looking into the whole business with what Lucas was doing when he died."

    "The things he was doing when he died," said Dimity, "he was doing long before that. He's--he was ancient. But I can look into it." She'd ask her own parents to, but didn't know how much they'd even want to tell her. She had always got the feeling they strove to keep her in the dark to protect her.

  • Eonia fixed her green eyes onto Dimity and made a squeaking noise.

    Icyspiral listened. "Was that jirachi and dialga hard as well?" She feared not.

  • "Not as much," said Xap. "Mostly that lugia. And no I'm not done with the son of a bitch. I'm going back out there."

    Dimity created a little warm ball of light and sent it gently down before her daughter and Eonia. Lully stepped forward and reached out a hoof to touch it.

  • "Good luck," Icyspiral told Xap quietly.

    Eonia reached out a paw to touch the light.