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    1. [b]parents/guardians:[/b]
    2. [b]age:[/b]
    3. [b]species:[/b]
    4. [b]slots:[/b]
    5. [b]relations:[/b]
    6. [b]rules:[/b]
    7. [b]other:[/b]
  • parents/guardians: Lucian Maegius-Aerchium x NPC

    age: 18 Months

    species: FFA German Shepherd

    slots: 2

    relations: Lucian was previously a Knight [s/hp] of the Thunderlands. His father, Vanitas, was previously the Deputy [hp] of the Arcane.

    rules: - Keep them in the VF for 2 weeks before any dual alliances.

    - Won't know about their father. They have siblings in the Brigade.

    - Will take the Daremo-Uenm surnames. Optional to have Maegius-Aerchium.


    parents/guardians: Summersend Martell X NPC

    age: Any Age

    species: FFA Domesticated Felines

    slots: 4

    relations: Summersend is currently an Honor [HP] of The Sanctuary and current Head of the Martell Family. She was previously the Queen [hp] of the Empire and Archdruid [hp] of the Overgrowth, as well as a Princess of the Knights of Eden. She was previously married to Kili Everson-Grimm, whom was previously a Lord [hp] in both Westeros and the Empire. Her older brother, Kolumbine, was previously the High King [hp] of the Knights of Eden, and Deputy [hp] of Shadow Veil. Kolumbine's ex-wife, her sister-in-law, was Genie Pendragon, an HP of the Covenant. His consort, Cometophilia Jaeger, was previously his Consort and Princess in the Knights of Eden, as well as a Duskreacher [shp] of the Shadow Veil. Genie's father was Sammy Winchester, the adopted brother of Cainsmark Pendragon, who was a leader of Tidalclan/The Rift. Her other brother, Finnick, was an s/hp of Solaris kingdom, and the adopted father of Gareth, an ex-leader of Solaris Kingdom. Her other brother Centurion was an s/hp in the Coven of Elysia. And the last brother, Elijah, was an s/hp of Sanguine Ruins and the Exiles.

    rules: - Stay in the VF for two weeks before dual alliances.

    - Was a basket litter dropped off long ago at the Volary Flights by Summersend. Will know about her, but she won't know that they're still alive.

    - Will take the Martell-Grimm or just Martell surname.


    parents/guardians: NPC X NPC [adopted siblings of icecap]

    age: Any Age

    species: FFA Species

    slots: 2

    relations: Icecap is currently an Emperor [hp] of the Volary Flights. Was previously a Sunjumper [s/hp] of the Coven of Elysia.

    rules: - Pick any species! This is two kids he adopted to be his younger siblings.

    - Can take any surname, Paga is optional.


  • jives :pensive:

    parents/guardians: chrysantha x lemy

    age: 3 years

    species: f1 savannahs, coulda changed before the world shift

    slots: 4

    relations: chrysantha is the current shepherd[leader] of the sanctuary, and both he and lemy are former kings of sylvanclan. they're littermates to forsythia and nerium.

    rules: i,, idk carry the nemes surname ig