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  • In her dream, evoked at the Moonpool, she had felt very, very alone. More tired and alone than she had ever felt, despite the fact she was more surrounded by love than she had ever been before. She knew this, yet her ever-feeble mind continued to spiral, spiral, telling her that she was alone. So in this dream, she had not felt any prophetic connection to StarClan- she simply believed that her fears had come into fruition in the truest sense that they could, in the most vivid dream that she could possibly comprehend.

    But then the shadows flew overhead.

    Birdbones did not often brush up on her ornithology- she doubted her parents had done so either, since they named her simply Bird and not anything specific- but on closer look, the shadows above her were geese, comfortable where they were, together. But one- one fell from the sky before her, one bigger than the others, and as she approached it she found that it had very kind eyes. She healed the goose with dream-herbs, what exactly she could not recall, but it soon brought itself back up, looking at her with those kind eyes. For a moment it looked as if it might join back with what it knew- but it looked as if it debated it, and shuffled closer. The more she tried to walk away, the more it followed. She supposed it had decided to stay with her.

    And she awoke then, feeling... somewhat enchanted and fearful, just as she always did when StarClan had given her a message. And it did take a few moments for her to realise, but especially on her way over to her home, it finally clicked in her mind. Picking up her pace, she speed walked until her legs hurt, eyes wide in shocked knowledge, insight which she had not expected to have, currently. Her words were trembling, for she hated public speaking, but whenever she was skittish like this the Clan would know that she'd received knowledge very suddenly. It was how she had acted the last two times she had to make an announcement. "At the Moonpool-" she began, voice squeaky and not quite having wormed its way free from the fearful shackles of her meek spirit. But clearing her throat, she exhaled, temporary vitality shuddering through her veins. "WindClan! At the- at the Moonpool, StarClan- bestowed, bestowed knowledge upon me!"

    "WindClan needs a medicine cat right now. One that is not... reviled in the Stars' eyes. So- so they have instructed me that it is time- that it is time once again for me to, to- to choose an apprentice. And- and they have told me who this cat will be." she said, in a shaky tone, in a voice that kept catching and shuddering, her ever-anxious mind refusing her words flawless exit. "The- the new medicine cat apprentice of WindClan will be Goosepaw! If- if he wants."

    It was a mess, muddled and trembling, but she'd gotten to the point. Eventually.

    / GOOSEPAW -

  • A night of dreamless sleep, since the first dream he'd considered odd his sleeping mind had been quiet. Since his return to WindClan, spirit-soothed and his own shackles of a soft life shed and disposed in favor of a life of companionship, family that wasn't family, work.
    A harder life, one of grief and hardship and struggle but one far more fulfilling than meals fed on a schedule, a comforting bed of plush pillows and a warm lap for scratchy grass and moss.
    And he wouldn't trade that for the world.

    He'd known Birdbones had left the night previously for the meeting among medicine cats, he'd bid her well, didn't hover, and quickly became distracted with his own doings. He knew she wouldn't be returning that night, and so her absence (though she was quite the sneaky shadow to begin with that her presence often went unnoticed anyways) was one he could excuse, he could forget, and enjoy the evening training with Brightstar.
    He'd awoken bright and early that morning, roused by no reason other than the rapid resetting of his own internal clock, met with bird song rather than the twinkling of kibble in his bowl. He didn't think he'd ever get bored or lose the enchantment of such a thing.
    A few steps from the apprentice den, a mighty shake of shaggy tabby fur to rid himself of mossy wisps and clumps, and a familiar shadow would make itself known on shaky legs and lungs.
    He waved his tail excitedly in greeting, an excited good morning! prepared on his lips and presented in the eager wriggling of his paws when she began to speak.

    A sign from StarClan, they'd spoken, and what they'd said was... oh.
    The excited wriggling faltered, ears flickering backwards in a moments uncertainty. But... that was Birdpaws role. he was entirely unqualified, entirely unlike her that to assume such a role felt almost disrespectful.
    Honey-hued eyes moved from Birdbones, searching her for some sort of deceit, before seeking out Brightstar, an obvious look of concern. His mentor. Would she be upset? If he left her to train under Birdbones instead? Upset if he were to pursue a different path chosen by the stars?
    Would she still spend time with him?

    It was this uncharacteristic moment of silence and contemplative thought that made his laughter all the more present, a loud and boisterous laugh of excitement to hide his befuddlement. What an honor! "You are silly to think that I might say no!" He finally exclaimed, taking a few excited hops forward to greet the medicine cat. "If StarClan vants me, then I suppose I must oblige! You vill make me one of the best plant-cats I am sure!"
    No, he supposed he would never grow tired of this excitement, would he?

  • The tabby's had been meaning to go over to Birdbones and greet her but she seemed... oddly nervous. Like she had something to say, of course his immediate guess is StarClan gave her a sign. What else would she be so nervous about after the medicine cat meeting? He just hoped it hadn't been about her- and if it was it hadn't been bad. It would've been her first visit there since he joined WindClan and the kits were born... so if StarClan was furious they may have made that known.

    Before he knows it, his mate begins to talk. Stating StarClan had indeed spoken to her, and several moments later goes onto say they have given her a sign on who the next medicine cat apprentice will be. Tawnydove hadn't been expecting exactly this... but he grows anxious anyways. Who'd they doom to the path this time? He can't help but wonder, biting his tongue nervously as he waits for Birdbones to finally speak who the next apprentice will be.



    He was shocked, but maybe he shouldn't be... he didn't feel like the path of a medicine cat was perfect for anyone (he didn't wish the life among anyone, and felt bad for anyone who dreamed of it) but... he didn't seem too much like a fighter to him. Maybe if it came down to it, but him laying harm to another cat seemed weird now that he thought about it.

    His nose twitches, and he lets out a nervous laugh as Goose accepts. "Good luck, Goose." He says fairly loudly, even if the tom was standing fairly far away from him he'd most likely be able to hear it. Well... they'd be sharing a den now!

  • Lizardpaw was naturally curious about the half-moon meeting of medicine cats. What did the Moonpool look like? How did the Moonpool make it so they could talk to their ancestors? Lizardpaw was already skeptical of their ancestors, but that didn't mean she didn't want to know more about the clans' religion and how it worked.

    Thus, it just made sense that Lizardpaw would listen intently as her mother spoke, curious as to what she saw exactly. Had she been told directly who to apprentice? Had she gotten a prophetic dream, something Lizardpaw knew to be a common communication tactic among StarClan? She wound half to ask Birdbones later, when her mother had some time to... process, so Lizardpaw could actually understand what Birdbones was on about.

    Swallowing the piece of rabbit Lizardpaw had in her mouth, the girl's eyes drifted to Goosepaw. "Congratulations." She mewed the word simply, saying nothing more as she went back to eating.

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    Ambrosia had been resting when their beloved healer returned to her home, trembling and nervous and seeming to burst with the need to say something of importance. The Lady turned warrior would push herself up to a proper sitting position, giving her chest a few licks before listening respectfully to the healers words.


    Excitement would cause the she-cats eyes to light up as she settled her heather blue gaze on the tom, "Congratulations, Goosepaw!" The path of a healer seemed a wonderful and honorable thing! She hoped that Goosepaw would enjoy his new role within their home.

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  • Having been up with the sun, Brightstar had planned to take her apprentices out to practice their hunting crouches once they had eaten breakfast. She herself had snagged a field mouse and made herself comfortable atop the Tall Rock, a fine place to look out on her clan and watch everyone rise to greet the day. So there she lay, munching happily on her mouse before her dear friend arrived in their valley of a camp, clearly shaken. Now alert, the calico pushed herself to her paws and stood upright on the boulder, staring at Birdbones with a look that only grew more shocked.

    They were giving her an apprentice already? So soon after Birdpaw...?

    She dismissed the thought, refusing to get down on this day. It should be exciting, for the next medicine cat apprentice was going to be the future of WindClan. They had to be! And it was...


    For a moment, Brightstar just stood there, stunned, with her jaws slightly agape. StarClan wanted Goosepaw to be Birdbones's apprentice? Her green eyes shifted to see that her apprentice had already been looking at her, reflecting her own surprise. But then, in typical Goosepaw fashion, he burst forward with joy and the sight could only bring a happy smile to the leader's face. "Goosepaw! That's amazing!" She called down before bunching her muscles to leap to the ground. Trotting over, she bumped her shoulder against his and purred, "You're gonna make a great medicine cat! Birdbones will teach you everything! And now you don't have to sleep out in the cold anymore! You'll get the medicine den tunnel, isn't that great?" Of course, most WindClanners enjoyed sleeping outside, but hey, he had been a kittypet! Perhaps he'd prefer a den!