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  • It might have been a lot smoother if he had come sooner, but Icecap felt that with the renovations to the territory and the new common areas, it was easier for them to settle down and prepare their own home on the islands than to ignore the going-ons and working too much. There was much to be done, after all. So, he had found one of the islands that were more secluded from the rest, and began his work on freezing a decently sized igloo onto the grounds- with colder weather coming, he could deal with his own home and restore it as time went on. He needed to keep cool, after all. Perhaps a more cold-loving bird would visit him, one day.

    The man mumbled a soft chant under his breath, etching runes and symbols into the entrance of his igloo as good luck and protection- Odin knows that he needed it, with everything going on.

    With a sage stick between his teeth, the man went about the islands and began to smudge the areas, cleansing the air and purifying it of any bad energies left behind. Once people were here, he wanted them to feel comfortable. He wasn't the most.. Interactive or happy-looking dude, but he was welcoming. Inclusive. He was happy enough being able to have Luci help him with everything, for sure.

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    A soft humming rolled from the hybrid as he flew over the territory as he did his usual patrolling, and as he did so he caught sight of his new ice utilising comrade. Well, there was no reason to remain strangers, and besides if they were meant to be working together he supposed he should actually spend time with Icecap.

    Circling down from the sky he then came in to land beside his fellow Emperor. A grin stretched along his long maw as he held himself with a new air of confidence, though how could he not? He was a leader. His dream had been fulfilled at last... he just wished that he still had everyone he had grown up with. Half of his life had been spent here, but well... stopping wasn't an option. He had to remain strong and push on through.

    "Hey there, Icy-boy, how's it hanging? A lil chilly ain't it?"

    Briefly he wrinkled his nose before he gave his pelt a shake. Nope. He still hated all things cold, he just couldn't tolerate it.


  • Icecap glanced down at the other as Luci flew down, waving his paw briefly in greeting. Of course, it was always easier to pretend he was a grump, but knowing this guy would be the person he'd work with from now on?.. He figure he'd try his best to get along with him. After all, he had no ill intentions. The guy was smart, and very quick-witted. Had defended him when he had taken over.

    "Hey- uh, yeah. Gotta keep my body cold, being too hot for too long can make me sick. So this little area will be home to me. The ice is colder than typical ice, so it shouldn't melt as fast."

    The male muttered softly.

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    i don't wanna see the world tonight β€” bio


    "Whereas the cold makes me ill. I'm half-basilisk and a fire elemental you see. Guess we're pretty much opposites."

    Luci did find an air of humour in that fact, even more so now that they were leading the place. However, the longer he stood there the more he felt the tingling in his toes and tail as the cool air threatened to suck the very heat from his form. Sparing a moment to concentrate he then formed a floating crown of flame above his head to help keep him warm as he stood there.

    "There, that's better."


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    I was in Solaris when the takeover took place, but in all honesty I doubt my presence here would have changed much. There were conflicting thoughts and feeling spiraling around in my mind when an npc informed me of the news, and even now I was still uncertain. A lot had happened over the past few months that made me doubt those I didn't know, and while I wanted to try my best to remain open minded, I no longer had the ability to always assume the best of everyone. Even so, I suppose I should go meet the new emperor. It didn't even take me long to find him, with the way the birds flew away and the jungle was defaced in ice.

    "Hello, I'm Lavinia, it's a pleasure to meet you." I began, crossing my front paws in a curtsy. There was a sadness in my gaze as I looked at the precious plants that had been crushed by ice. With the fire having caused a shortage in herbs it hurt to see a patch of shapumvilla now trapped in a frozen prison. "Though If I may be so bold, why is it you decided to live here? The environment clearly isn't suited for your physique."

  • Icecap blinked his eyes as Lucifer summoned a ring of fire, humming softly at the sight of it. True, fire was a beautiful element, but destructive. His ice could freeze plants in place, preserve them- he had come from a place where plants were worshipped wherever they could be found. A gentle thanks to the land, Icecap didn't know how to deal with the fact that winter would soon come and cause the birds of the Flights to hide for shelter.

    Lavinia's arrival had Icecap's gaze turning towards her, the curtsy familiar- his own large head lowering in greeting to the well-mannered femme.

    "My name is Icecap, it's a pleasure to meet you. As for your question.. I can live anywhere, I just have to use my cryokinesis more often. And avoid hot places, and thankfully, the jungle gives plenty of shade where it can. I figured being here would remind me a little of where my tribe originated from, before they moved to the glaciers."

    i don't wanna see the world tonight β€” bio

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    [indent] Ice may have the ability to preserve life, but just as easily it can destroy it. There's a reason, after all, that there is no green in winter. Elementals as powerful as Icecap and Lucifer where dangerous to the sanctity of the Jungle biome, but unlike Luci, Icecap had yet to earn any form of trust from Grand that his intentions weren't malicious. so far, everything pointed to suspicious, and a newfound paranoia gripped Legrandite's soul every time he looked at the ice lupurica. "Shade doesn't always equate to cool" Legrandite said, all the frost Icecap will ever need etched into every line of dialogue from the snowy owl griffin. He comes to stand beside Lucifer, draping a wing protectively over his boyfriend while staring hard at the massive new Emperor. It wasn't personal, the dislike Legrandite felt towards the man, it was simply a numerous amount of foul coincidences that Legrandite, a religious man, could not so easily brush off.

    For example - he was the complete opposite in image to the Great Phoenix, which made Grand nervous that the ancient figurehead would disapprove of Icecap's reign over It's home and avian decedents. He tries his best, though, to swollow the instinctive growl rising in his throat, but feigning patience and politeness had become...so very hard as of late. Ants and beetles zipped over and under his skin, and quickly the man pulled his wing away from Luci, terrified for a moment that the insects would squirm onto his lover. Only after he stiffly tucked his wing back against his side did Grand remember the ants aren't real. Too late to take it back, though, and he focuses instead entirely on Icecap.

    "It's cool now because it's nearing winter, but the jungles can reach temperatures up to 77 degrees fahrenheit" his eyes would linger angrily on the igloo and frost coating the man's paws, "and I would suggest you keep your powers as close to your own self as possible. Jungles do not experience snowfall, the flora here will not last long beneath your icy touch" he warns. This forest had yet to fully recover from the fire - an ice age would be just as deadly.

    But would this stranger heed the danger? Paranoia grips at his chest, threatening to steal his breath away. Should he have protested this man's take over then? Should he fight him now? What could he do, though, with his smaller size, healing wing and lack of experience? He shook his head, trying to clear away the thoughts. After all, surely the Phoenix would say something? Or was that just Grand being complacent again?

    "But...anyway..." he says with a strained breath, unconsciously scratching vigorously at his arm, "I am Legrandite" he opens his mouth to say the rest of his last names, but falters. He swollows and concludes, "the Swan of healing here." He pauses, scrutinizing the lupurica as he searches for something to say, and concludes, "besides... the weather....how are you liking your stay?"



    The small hybrid arched his back up into the wing as it draped over him in that old familiar way that Luci had grown to love. As of late he had grown to miss such contact, so having it done truly meant the world to him. However, his moment of bliss was short lived when the wing was pulled away again and it prompted the youth to stare up at his boyfriend in shock. Had... had he done something wrong? Luci was honestly afraid that he had done something to upset Grand. He had no idea what the truth was, and if he did he would be utterly shocked. Mortified, even.

    Awkwardly he shuffled his forepaw whilst his ears swivelled forward and back, expressing that his mind was whirling wildly in thought in an emotional manner. His body had a bad habit of giving away his inner feelings and fears, it couldn't be helped. A sigh passed his lips as he forced himself to drop it for now. At least he could focus on the current conversation, and that did give him an idea.

    "You know... if we can find some caves Icecap could fill that with ice to make a better den and environment for him to live in without risking the jungle flora, and fauna for that matter."

    He suggested whilst he shuffled closer to Grand in an attempt to rub his horns against the leg that he had seen his boyfriend scratching at.