steady wins the race | MEETING, Oct. 17

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  • juba boysen --

    there was a time when i was alone,

    nowhere to go and no place to call home

    The young looking leader made his way up the shepherds stone. He was a week late, but it was only a week. It meant there was just twice the things to report! That would be fun, right? He hadn't been around too much, who knows where he had been, but around wasn't it. Made he had been feeling ill, or checking on his herbs and forgot. But it wasn't important now, the only thing that was important was the meeting.

    " Everyone, please gather around for this weeks meeting! " he called out, his voice still squeaky as normal. " Alright so uh, we have some new comers! That's fun! A warm welcome to Constellationdreamer L. and OLIVE ! " he stated with a smile. " Other than that, not much has happened, but I'm sure things will start to look up soon! " he said with a nod. " Um... so uh... unless S has something she would like to add... I think that might be everything, " he said with a small, nervous grin.

    //sorry about the meeting being so short. it has been, of course, real slow for a while everywhere so not much has happened

    " SPEECH "

  • [ information ]

    Mercy listens quietly to Juba speak, her tail lashing back and forth in a rhythmic manner. The meeting is uneventful, but things have been slow as of late so that doesn't come as much of a surprise. She smiles back at him, encouraging.