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  •   North — tom, deceased, currently visible, energy high


    Another day, another opportunity to stir up some poor, unfortunate soul. In life he wouldn't have been so active with his pranks, but here? He was untouchable. There was no disapproving scowl, no cuffing of his ears. He was able to make his own decisions without worrying what other people thought of what he had done. After all, ghosts were supposed to be scary, right?

    North had been scouting the clans for a little while now, using the lake's shoreline to help him preserve his energy while his gaze swept over the various different territories. The borders weren't as opaque as he thought they would have been, as deciduous trees merged from one clan's home to another– with an exception with RiverClan's watery border to their east. But they weren't his focus today.

    Tall, dark pines loomed over the pallid tom. His pawsteps made no sound or imprint, but just a glance at the earth told him the soil was almost constantly damp and cool to the touch, soon littered with pine needles that made his pelt feel itchy. When he had been alive, he had avoided these kinds of forests. The sunlight barely touched here from what he recollected– perfect for cats who deemed themselves ShadowClan, he supposed.

    It took him a few moments to find the camp, slipping past the laurel shrubs without much thought too it and assessing the members currently out and about.

    North hummed lowly, the sound mute to living ears as his gaze flicked to the honeysuckle bush between two mounds of earth. Some squeals from inside informed him of its purpose, and as he approached, the smell of warmth and milk reaffirmed his thoughts.

    He poked his head in only to be greeted by the odd sensation of a mother and her kits striding through him at that exact moment.

    The tom jumped back, shuddering, casting a glare at the unaware queen before letting his attention once more return to the nursery. Now it seemed like just one kit was left inside, either straggling or just simply relaxing for a bit. The perfect prey for his schemes.

    A smirk formed on his frost-tipped maw, easily working his way into the small, insulated space. It was a lot easier to scare someone when they were alone, and unfortunately for him, he keeps forgetting that night is the best time to strike. The morning and evening only brings unwanted attention to his pranks: but a tired cat could easily hallucinate.

    But, he digresses.

    North stalked to a back corner, well aware that the lonely kit would have noticed if someone had walked in. It almost felt cruel as he leaned over the dilute tortoiseshell's shoulder, lifting a paw and focusing on his presence.

    Once he was certain that his body was visible to the living, he would aim a small poke to her flank before offering a quick, "Boo!" — Cliché, but effective in most cases. Besides, he would rather save his other scare-tricks for someone breaking the rules or who needs to get a stick out of their tail-end.

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    "Speaking." Attack in underline

  • "Bye Momma! I'll be good!" The tiny kit purred as her mother gave her an affection nuzzle, then waving with her tail to gather up her other kits and trot out of the nursery. Usually Wolfkit would be following after her family like a lost puppy, but today she didn't quite feel up to it. During the night one of the younger kits in the nursery had been squealing relentlessly, and it had left the grey kit more than a little tired the following morning.

    She had decided to skip the usual morning outing to see Argo before he left to do patrols, and instead she sunk down into the mossy nest with a soft sigh of relief. It was rather odd, having the nursery all to herself, but Wolfkit didn't really mind. A quiet nap would do her good, and she was eager to get enough rest to soothe her weary limbs. After all, all day play sessions were a lot of exercise for a kit!

    However, the moment she had closed her eyes and begun to doze off she was startled by a poke to her flank and a loud 'Boo!'. Immediately, her amber eyes shot open and she leapt to her paws, fluffy pelt bristling in anger. "Hey!" She hissed, spinning around to give the perpetrator a scorching glare only to be met with... nothing?

    A brief look of confusion crossed the young cat's face as she whipped her head around to scan the nursery, but soon the expression would change to one of fury. "Hello?! Don't be a coward and hide!" She called out, unsheathing her tiny claws. "Come out and I'll show you who you're messing with!" As she lashed her tail, the kit would part her jaws slightly to taste the air, trying to figure out who it was that had disrupted her nap. Maybe it was one of her siblings, hiding among the moss beds, or even her father playing a prank (She wasn't too sure he would be able to hide in the nursery but it was good to consider the possibility). Another wave of confusion crossed her mind, though, as she didn't seem to recognize any familiar scent. Or any scent at all, for that matter! Maybe she was just imagining things?

    When no one seemed to appear, Wolfkit let out a tiny huff, shaking her head and sheathing her claws. "Fine then, I'll let you off easy since you're such a scaredy-kit." She mumbled, still unsure as to if anyone was even there, but figuring it would be good to at least pretend she knew of their presence if that was the case.


  •   North — tom, deceased, currently visible, energy high


    It took everything inside of North not to burst out in laughter right then and there. He certainly knew how to pick them, didn't he? This was probably the feistiest kit he'd seen!

    "Oh, I'm the scaredy-kit? You almost jumped out of your fur!" This time he couldn't contain the laughter that spilled from his jaws, fiddling with his presence somewhere off to the side before making sure he was able to be seen by her this time.

    The small bobbed tail behind him swayed like a happy dog's as he grinned down at Wolfkit. "Here I am! Let me guess, your name is Mouse-something-or-other? Because you sure squeak like one." Despite his rude words, the tom was purring in amusement as he gazed down at her with genuine curiosity. It almost seemed like he spoke to her as if they were clanmates, but this most definitely wasn't the case. She would be able to see right through him, with small particles dancing across his tufted pelt.


    "Speaking." Attack in underline

  • After her mumbling, Wolfkit was ready to flop back down into her nest when the voice came again, this time laughing. Laughing at me! She thought furiously, her fur now bristling to the point where she looked like a grey sea urchin. She spun around towards the voice, flattening her ears. "No I didn't!" She protested, "You better watch what you say or I'll claw your fur right o-" Her words were suddenly cut off as she caught sight of her antagonizer. Her tiny maw gaped open in shock as she took in the sight, mind reeling as she tried to comprehend what was standing in front of her.

    First off, she noticed that he looked quite funny. She had never seen a cat with a bobbed tail or curled ears like his. Second, he didn't look like anyone from Shadowclan. It's not like she knew everyone in the clan, but she was certain she would be able to remember if someone like him had been roaming about the camp, especially in the nursery! She knew everyone that came and went from the enclosed thicket, she was, like, the nursery guard! And, last but not least, he was see-through. She could literally see the nests behind him as he stood there, laughing at grinning. What was he?

    Maybe a Starclan cat?

    With this thought in her mind, the tortie grew excited, and her demeanor did a complete 180. Where she had been angry and bristling before, she had now forced her fur to lie flat and had puffed out her chest, holding up her head in her most 'regal' pose. "My name is Wolfkit." The young cat responded proudly, the only indicator that she had even heard his mouse comment being an irritated twitch of an ear. "I'm the biggest kit in the nursery, and my parents are the two strongest Shadowclan warriors!" She boasted, looking up at the ghost with gleaming amber eyes. "I'm ready for any prophecy Starclan gives me!" Oh, she just knew she was destined for greatness all along. Now, she was standing in the nursery with a Starclan warrior, who was going to give her the great task of saving her clan! Oh, and he would give her powers. She definitely wanted those.


  •   North — tom, deceased, currently visible, energy high


    North proceeded to listen to Wolfkit with an unwavering smirk, a metaphorical brow quirking at her final statement. So she thought he was a StarClan cat? It was definitely an angle he hadn't thought of before– perfect for pranks, but a small part of him felt a bit uncomfortable going under that guise. He was on the same level as any other dead cat as far as he was aware, so angering them didn't sound too fun.

    "I hate to burst your bubble, but I'm not a StarClan cat." The short banner behind him flicked, flagging the tassels of pale fur while he somewhat circled Wolfkit in a curious manner.

    "Actually, I belong to no clan or group. I'm just me, North." At the pronunciation of his own name, the tom would stop and puff out his own chest. "So... StarClan cats come here often?" She would be able to see the brief uncertainty in his silvered hues before he masked it with curiosity again. He wondered if he could actually see them, but at the same time, he didn't want to find out.


    "Speaking." Attack in underline

  • As North admitted that he was not, in fact, a Starclan cat here to send her on some amazing, dangerous mission the kit's tail drooped in disappointment. Turns out she wasn't going to be a hero yet after all. But, even with this small letdown, Wolfkit wasn't going to let it dampen her spirits too much. After all, a dead cat was standing right in front of her! That wasn't normal by any means, so that had to indicate that she was special in some way. Maybe her Starclan given power was to see the dead? Oooh, orr maybe they wanted her to help this cat move on from the mortal world! Perhaps that was her destiny - to guide wayward souls into the afterlife. It wasn't as glamorous as she had hoped, but it was pretty cool nonetheless.

    As the tom circled her she would watch him with unbridled curiosity, examining his see-through pelt and silvery eyes with a thoughtful expression. "North?" She echoed his name as he spoke, tilting her head to the side slightly. His lack of a warrior's name shouldn't have come as a surprise, seeing as he had already mentioned that he didn't belong to any clan, but it still filled her with a sense of wonder. She had never been outside the Shadowclan camp, and it baffled her to think that there were cats that didn't live amongst others like herself.

    "Are you a kittypet?" The kitten would question, wrinkling her nose slightly as she asked. She had heard her clanmates talk briefly about twolegs and the cats who decided to live the cushy life with them. She had always pictured a kittypet to be plump and lazy, and North certainly didn't fit that image. Not to mention, he didn't have a collar on him. She was told that all kittypets had collars. "What about a loner?" She searched her mind desperately for answers, as she stared at the starry cat before her. She paused her questions for a moment, as the highland cat then asked one of his own.

    "Um, well, yes and no," Wolfkit responded thoughtfully, watching his expression with narrowed eyes. What kind of cat didn't know about Starclan?! "Medicine cats can talk to Starclan in their dreams, and so can leaders. There's also someplace you can travel to - I forget the name of it - any cat can talk to Starclan there, I think." She repeated the information that she knew with a slight frown, "But most cats don't see them walking about like you are."

    "Hey, speaking of, can anyone see you other than me?" She questioned, lifting a paw, "And, if you aren't from Starclan, where are you from? How are you here?" After asking her last questions, Wolfkit grew silent, a thoughtful look upon her face. She stood still from a moment, paw still lifted, before swiftly leaning towards North and attempting to swipe her paw right through him.


  •   North — tom, deceased, currently visible, energy half


    The young she-cat's momentary disappointment had been very clear, but even despite the sudden disinterest she seemed to perk right back up. Was being a StarClan cat really so important to these groups?

    He was completely unaware of the existence of powers, not to mention a location where these other dead cats supposedly could interact with the living. If he had known about such a place while he was still flesh and blood, he would have tried to speak with every ancient cat under the sun!

    North was quick to snap out of his thoughts as she asked him if he was a kittypet: his maw displaying his obvious distaste. "Ew, no! I was a loner with my parents and sisters." Judging from the progress of undergrowth on the gathering island, however, their time has likely passed many moons ago. There weren't nearly as many lake-side clans as there were nowadays during his time.

    "I mean... I can see all of your group. But if you're asking if I can see other ghosts, that'd be a negative." North paused before glancing around. He didn't feel any other presences at least, so if there were dead clan cats watching, he'd be completely unaware.

    Blue-gray fur would bristle down his spine for a second, dismissing that chilling thought with a shake of his head. Theoretically, he should be able to see other dead cats– unless he was in some weird in-between state, but he'd rather not think about the implications of that.

    "Well... I think I've always kinda been here. I woke up again not too long ago but a lot of time has passed, so I'm not sure what's going on." The tom would shrug, but not even halfway through the action he could feel the small limb swing through him.

    A significant chill would pass over the length of her paw that had gone through North, and even the apprentice-aged loner would shudder and tense at the lack of contact. To the tom, it had been like a sudden streak of air passing through him; it would have taken a good amount of his focus to keep himself present.

    "Brrr–! Did you think I wasn't a ghost or something?!" His tone was a mere, annoyed hiss, but he was quick to calm down. If a ghost had presented itself to him, he would have probably done a lot more than lash a paw through it.

    North shivered, his fur fluffing out in various different places before he settled again. "Geez, it feels weird being passed through. It's one thing when I'm invisible, but I'm like... zoned in on keeping myself like this, you know?" Not to mention, it was a bit of a disorienting feeling when you expected to get a smack in the chest but instead just felt an uncomfortable lurch in the direction of the swing.


    "Speaking." Attack in underline

  • Wolfkit almost jumped straight out of her fur as her paw passed through the ghost, and a shiver ran down her spine. "Wow! It feels like I just dipped my whole paw in a cold creek!" She exclaimed, rather oblivious to North's annoyance at her actions. He eyes were as big as saucers now, staring at the tom with a sense of wonder. "You have to focus on... existing?" She questioned, before a teasing smirk played onto her face. "Does that mean if I bat at you enough you'll go away?" She wouldn't do that of course, but the thought made her feel a bit better, thinking she might have some measure of power over North. She was mulling over the idea of giving him an apology for swiping at him like that, but as he then began answering her questions from earlier the thought was soon forgotten.

    A slight look of relief crossed the kit's face as North confirmed that he wasn't a kittypet. She didn't want to be discussing Starclan with one of them, it just wouldn't feel right. And then, as he talked about not being able to see other ghosts, she would perk her ears up, unable to hide her confusion and curiosity. That sure was weird. She was always told that when a cat died, their ancestors would guide them to Starclan. Where were North's ancestors? Were they not guiding him because he didn't believe in Starclan?

    "Well, thats just not right." Wolfkit stated, quite unhelpfully, as he mentioned his own confusion about the after-life and how he had ended up in this time period. She felt a prickling sensation in her paws, perhaps a feeling of excitement, as she contemplated what to say and what to do.

    After a few moments of silence, the smokey she-cat would leap up to her paws with an eager expression. "I'll help you figure out whats going on, then!" She declared loudly, startling herself slightly as she then remembered that she had an entire camp full of clanmates walking about outside the nursery. She had to keep her voice down, especially if she was going to sneak out of camp to help out her new friend. "Do you remember where you died?" She asked, making sure she was speaking in a bit of a whisper. "We can go there and search for clues to help you get to Starclan! Or wherever dead cats like you go, I dunno. But we'll figure something out!"