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  • ★ ― domino

    i dont wanna be your friend i wanna kiss your lips

    Stretching her wings in the sunlight felt, well, good. Her cool white fur was fluffed up, her rosettes shining gold underneath the fireball. Her eyes lifted to the sky, then back down, turning to her side. A slight grimace came across her muzzle, her fur fluffing up a bit, and she retreated back towards the camp. She used the same tracks she did before, avoiding adding more snow to her paws.

    Once back within the warmer clutches, she shivered a tiny bit and dragged her wings closer to her body. The smaller cub looked out towards the snow again. A quick huff left her muzzle, a frown upturning her face. "Stupid cold air. Stupid snow."


  • ❀ ❁ ❀ Frankly, Chrysantha still isn't sure how close of an eye he should be keeping on these kittens. In typical fashion, he blames this on his refusal to be at all good at social norms in his youth, and is so forced to figure it out his he goes.

    "Aw, it's not so bad," There's a bright sort of softness to his voice as he looks down at Domino, ears pricked and smiling almost uncertainly. This is, of course, a lie. Chrysantha is used to the cold, but he's still been having an awful time. "M - maybe we can, uh we can .. make .. hot .. chocolate ..?" .. He hates having to make suggestions, take initiative. Better than just going well, that sucks, what's up? at least.

    Nauseating, nauseating.

  • Autumncub --

    Boy with many imaginary friends

    Unlike Chrysantha, helping comes as easy as breathing to the boy. Bounding over, the middle child is already a ball of anxiety, fretting over the whispers his firefly friends told him about his sister treading outside into the snow without anything to protect herself with. "Domino!" the boy whines, skidding to a halt behind Chrysantha. He smiles politely to the male, before squirming past him to his littler sister's side. Having been informed of his sister's actions, Auto had been quick to procure a solution- and without hesitation he pulled off the blanket he'd had draped over his shoulders (carefully avoiding it grazing the icy floor ) and bundled up his sister immediately. "You should be careful Domino, the fireflies told me - they told me the snow can be real dangerous" he shudders, trying his best to push back the knowledge he'd not happily received from his glowing companions. Though he was greatful they warned him of his sister's actions, he wasn't sure he could handle the weight of the horrifying reality of snow and ice. Hipno...hip-a-no-ther-ma! Something like that, a big scary word for such a frighteningly quiet death - so the fireflies say.

    Not reassured by the power of the blanket, Auto wraps his sister up in a tight hug - for her sake or his is unknown as the boy sniffles. When he at last focuses on Chrysantha, he mumbles, "Hot chocolate?"


    "I'll have to knit some mittens for you and your brothers, won't I?"

    The soft voice of the mother sounded as she padded over, a kind smile on her face- a low purr in her throat as the woman gently leaned forward and attempted to nudge Chrysantha's neck both out of affection, and greeting before she turned to her two children. Her worrywart of a son and her sullen little girl had been outside- briefly, Summer wondered where Carmen was. Perhaps he didn't want to be out in the snow.

    "Hot chocolate is a wonderful idea. The kids would love trying that for the first time. Wonderful idea, Chrys."

    Anything to bring up the mans confidence, she was happy enough he had decided to begin to interact with her children as it was.

  • "mmm, hot chocolate and marshmellows sound so good right now!" the pregnant girl chirped, a big grin on her face as she approached the growing band of members. kairi was still in awe at the pace of which the children were growing. they hadn't even been her own, but it stjll seemed in the blink of an eye they were in an entirely different stage. first cute little wet swimming balls of fur. now they were walking and talking, forming relationships, and learning how to navigate this thing called life.

    carbonated feelings bubble up

    -- biography & plotting

  • ★ ― domino

    i dont wanna be your friend i wanna kiss your lips

    Worry, she supposed, was the most qualified response. Her eyes swept towards those that came towards her, ears twitching as she took her gaze upon Chrys first. She had seen him, perhaps, the most in the few first months of her life. She honestly couldn't believe that he actually liked the snow- if that was what he was implying. It was cold, it hurt, it made her not feel her toes. A frown crossed her muzzle. "Snow sucks. But hot chocolate sounds.. nice." She mumbled the last bit- for she knew who came next, simply by the sound of him arriving.

    Her eyes shifted towards her brother, inhaling a bit to brace herself. He always came in like a ton of rocks- not in a bad way. She grumbled gently as she was wrapped up in said blanket, her ears laying down and bright eyes shining out from beneath it. She grumbled a tiny bit as he complained, eyes sweeping towards their mother as she arrived. Her head tilted towards Kairi, then nodded a bit with agreement. She had no idea what it tasted like, but chocolate was the best.


  • ❀ ❁ ❀ Sometimes, it feels like everytime, Chrysantha offers something without thinking it through, and is instead left to flounder to actually provide it. Not to say he can't -- Chrysantha excelled at this kind of thing, but it hits him far too late that maybe, maybe he should plan for this sort of thing.

    "Cool, okay! Hot chocolate!" He chirps, leaning into Summersend's greeting nudge with a wagging tail. Desperately, he racks his brain -- it shouldn't take too long, should it? With all the junk in his pocket dimension, he should surely have enough ... "W .. we," He fumbles for a moment. His stutter had improved since his early days here, but sometimes, sometimes sometimes. "We can ... can sit around the fire as we wait," It's not as though he had it just lying in wait.

    For a moment, his only further acknowledgement of his clanmates is him glancing wildly between them. Then, with ears turning, he smiles.

    "Uh. It's in the kitchen, let's go," And with that, without waiting, he trots off, clearly expecting those who wanted it to follow. It's not too far, at least.

    Fortunately, there's already a fire on. Despite what he may insist, Chrysantha could probably not be trusted with starting an indoor fire. He seems to fumble for a minute, haphazardly spawning things from his pocket dimension to toss into a pot. He hadn't ever tried making this from scratch, but he got the idea. So it's within a few minutes that it's over the fire, ready to be spooned to whoever wants it.

    "... Sprinkles," He mumbles with a snicker, and it'd almost seem innane if he hadn't just summoned a bottle of the stuff to his paws. He's not sure why he has it. But it'd be charming to put into hot chocolate, right?

    .. Doesn't matter. He shakes his head, and begins, in usual haphazard fashion, spooning it out for those who wanted it.

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    Kairi's voice caught Summer's attention, the woman humming softly- she remembered she had a chocolate bar on her.. Pregnancy cravings were a bitch.

    Reaching into her satchel, she pulled out the bar of homemade chocolate and offered it to the female, not sparing her a glance- perhaps it was her more tsundere side, a mother to another mother, but part of her wishes she had some other way to help her.

    When Chrysantha moved, Summersend nudged her children after him, gesturing for them to follow the man- but the sight of sprinkles had her shaking her head.

    "Wait until after the whipped cream is added before you add sprinkles. They'll melt. I can make it."

    Summersend meowed softly, telekinesis lifting a bottle of milk from the fridge, packets of hot chocolate mix from drawers- she left the can of whipped cream on the counter, but the marshmallows were soon ripped from the pantry; they had a large stock of marshmallows, from all the bonfires.

    Pulling a pan out, Summer decided to warm the milk up in the pan before adding the cocoa mix to stir it. She watched the mixture bubble a bit then took it off of the stove, sprinkling a little bit of extra sugar in for sweet tooths before she moved to pull a few mugs from her satchel, settling them onto the table with the whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and sprinkles. The pan soon was set onto the table with a warming mat beneath, a ladle settled in the pan to spoon out the hot cocoa so people can head to the fire.

    "There we go.. Now you can have some, everyone."