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    with broken wings I will fly

    Canoris stepped out of her small pyramid, feeling the cold sun as it beat upon her face. The cool wind brushed across her nose, and she breathed in deep to capture the sharp tang of the desert air. When she'd first joined, her lungs couldn't handle the dry air well, burning with each intake. It was as if the tiny particles of sand were scraping up the walls of her lungs. But now, they've scarred or adapted, and she could breath and enjoy the breath. Just like she enjoyed her life in the Ruins. Things were going okay, despite their failing of the prophecy, Canoris still felt she had all four paws in the right place.

    Despite that, because of their failing, she wanted to be sure it didn't happen again. Her belief in the god had been renewed, and she was intent on not letting the Ruins down a second time. "Ruiners! Let's fight. Sharpen up on our attack skills." She paused, looking around the camp and seeking out Ruiners who were nearby. Hopefully everyone was as eager as her to work on their skills. "Gather around, and we will start!"

  • Arcadia turned his gaze toward Canoris with manic glee in his amber eyes, you see physical confrontation was probably one of his weaker areas he relied to much on his fire due to his smaller size than many of his enemies, so the chance to learn and improve was exciting (it lights us on fire!). Walking over six tails coiling around them selves as he moved he smiled more teeth than anything else but it the genuine excitement in his eyes was childish. "What's first!" (Teach us how to inflict more suffering teach me how to make that suffering stop!!).


    \ Shatter there soft eggshell minds TAGS

  • If your heart tells you to then who are you to question it

    Evangeline heard Canoris' call and immediately made her way over. Battle training was a brilliant idea - especially given everything that had just happened. The Ruiners could prove themselves to be strong once more. Formidable opponents and fearsome warriors. "I'll join, Canoris." The Queen said with a smile and nod extended towards her friend.

    If the world gets you down, don't be afraid to wrestle it



    with broken wings I will fly

    Canoris nodded at both Evangeline and Arcadia, "Wonderful." She was happy to see the newer member so eager to please. "I plan on hosting directed spars that will increase in intensity. While we wait for others, why don't you each show me your best move on one another?" This way, the wolf could get an idea of what she was dealing with and act appropriately. She couldn't ever recall seeing Evangeline fight, either, so that would definitely prove to be interesting.

  • NO BLOOD, NO BONE, NO ASH ——— tags

    "I can participate, if needed." Jace says, trotting forward. It seemed though that there was an even match - That is, unless Canoris was looking for a spar too. The lion smiles softly at Canoris, turning his attention to her.